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Arshi SS:'Such Ki Saamna - Facing The Truth' Pt.23 (Page 72)

summaiyasayed IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey people

I think I am but in the mood to write yay I am so happy loool anyway I descried to update on this and do a Maha update enjoy it, hope you will like it and love it. So here we go.


Zaynah Embarrassed

Part 16: Arshi DAY OUT

Khushi was in her room she was getting ready it had been days since Arnav took her out for a day out together she was so exited she was going to mess around and annoy him today they also needed to visit the doctors she was sitting in the stool of the dressing table putting on her light make-up and was fixing her hair. She had her mangalsutra on and she applied her sindoor she didn't wear much jewellery as it would be too heavy for her so she just wore Arnav's mothers bangles and some light chudiyan not glass as Arnav would shout at her as she nearly hurt herself on payal and Akash havan.

Khushi: Arnavji hurry up we are going to get late
Arnav shouting from the shower: Khushi I just got in
Khushi: just hurry
Arnav: well I would of have woken up early if it wasn't because of you
Khushi: it not my fault I wanted ice cream
Arnav: yes it was
Khushi: shut up and have your shower
Arnav: yeah yeah
Khushi was smiling in the mirror she was glowing and just the over day Nani had told her people said you glow the most when you are going to have a boy which she was happy about but Arnav was a bit annoyed but still loved his baby more than anything.

Arnav came out of the washroom and saw Khushi smiling in the mirror Arnav loved her smiled and was happy that now days she was very happy and always happy.
Arnav: thinking about me.
Arnav said while fixing his tie
Khushi looked at him and gave him a 'oh please' look
Khushi: oh yes I was dreaming about my darling husband she said sarcastically
Arnav: you know you love me
Khushi: do I really
Arnav: I do
Khushi got up and moved to Arnav and smiled
Khushi: really Arnavji I am so happy, I can't wait to our baby comes
Arnav: finally
Khushi: what?
Arnav: you normally would say my baby my baby
Khushi: oh Arnavji shut up and hurry up we will be late
Arnav: Khushi if you wasn't pregnant I would have killed you by now
Khushi: then I will just have to be pregnant all the time
Arnav: Khushi you have to come close to me if you want to do that. Arnav pulled her carefully near him and kissed her cheeks
Khushi pushed him away from her
Khushi: get your mind out of the gutter Arnavji and hurry up please... look we will again miss our appointment and then you will have a argument with the nurse please please don't embarrass me again
Arnav: I am embarrassing Khushi she was saying you were late and she didn't care about you. She is a nurse she needs to care
Khushi: it was your fault for being late you just had to go to your meeting
Arnav: Khushi
Khushi: ok ok sorry come lets go
Arnav: fine
Khushi linked arms with Arnav and they both made their way down so they could have their breakfast and also they could leave

At the table there were all laughing shouting at each other while getting excited to see the new sonograms of the baby. Anjail was feeding Karan while Khushi was making him smile Arnav was busy fighting with Nk and ina they was saying that he will name the baby but Arnav said no way and so on. Payal and Aakash were just busying sharing each other looks. Nani was busy eating her food.

Arnav: yeah whatever Nk, Khushi come let's go
Nk: we will see
Ina: yes bhai watch
Arnav just nodded
Khushi: come let's go

Khushi and Arnav both walked out of the house and into the car, the whole way there Arnav and Khushi were fighting about what to name the baby Arnav saying something unique and Khushi was say yes but she like the name Arav because it was like Arnav and Arnav said no are you mad he said he liked Pari but Khushi said yeah but Pari could be her nickname if it is a girl and said what about Suraj but then Arnav said no way and it continued like that until they reached the hospital.

They reached the hospital on time for their appointment the nurse took them in to meet the doctor.
Khushi was lying down on the bed and Arnav was sitting next's to her while holding her hand and watching the sonogram of their baby.
The doctor told them where the baby's head was, legs, feet, eye, nose, mouth, ears, hands, arm Khushi had tears in her eyes she was so happy to see her baby safe and Arnav was trying to hold back the tears not to look weak but he just held on to Khushi hand.
Doctor: look the baby is also in its down position ready to come to his parents
Arnav: but doctor isn't it too early I mean it just 8 month right then
Doctor: no there is nothing to worry about, well its good as we can see the baby is moving a lot and its very active which would also be good for Khushi when she is in labour.
Khushi: so our baby is healthy
Doctor: without a doubt, and if you want you can also know then gender of the baby
Khushi: am well...
Arnav: no its ok we don't mind if it is a girl or a boy so there is no need for that.
Doctor: as your wish
Khushi: but do you know what gender it is
Doctor: yeah of course
Khushi: ok
The doctor smiled and helped Khushi to set up.
Doctor: but Khushi just because the baby is healthy is doesn't mean you can stop looking after yourself, because you are just month away I think it would be best if you joined the yoga group so you will be relaxes.
Arnav: alright doctor
Doctor: alright I think that is it so here we go I have got some new medicines for you as you said that you have pains in the morning this would please do look after yourself see you in the next's two weeks
Khushi: thank you
Arnav helped Khushi to get down and helped her to the door said bye to the doctor and walked towards the car making Khushi sit down with her seat belt and himself sit down on the driver seat driving off to the mall.

Arnav and Khushi were walking in the halls of the mall looking at what shop to go to while in arm in arm together. Khushi was telling Arnav lets buy something for Anjail and Karan well everyone she was very excited to go and shop with Arnav.

In the clothing shop

Shop worker: madam what would you like
Khushi: oh could you show me some light but beautiful saris please
Shop worker: sure
He took out and showed lots of different types of coloured and designs of saris Khushi loves all but none was good for Anjail she wanted to ask Arnav but he was busy on his Bluetooth talking to Aman. Khushi gave him unbelievable look and continued to look at the saris dresses.
Shop worker: madam this colour would look beautiful on you
Khushi smiling: oh thank you I really like this colour
Shop worker: I think every colour would look good on you.
Arnav was over hearing the conversation with Khushi and the shop worker he was angry he knew the shop worker was flirting with her and Khushi was smiling back he was so angry.
Arnav: Khushi I don't like that colour
Khushi: oh now you are listening
Arnav: I told you Khushi come lets go
Shop worker: I could show you some other colours
Arnav: no
Khushi: why
Arnav: come Khushi lets go
Arnav took Khushi hand and took her out of the shop making Khushi angry and wanted to know why.
Khushi: what is wrong with you Arnavji I liked that and I was going to buy it for Anjail di
Arnav: Khushi... do you know what that man was doing
Khushi: yes he was trying to sell me that sari
Arnav: oh gosh Khushi you are unbelievable
Khushi: say the man who was on his phone when his wife is sitting there confused and needed help
Arnav: we can go somewhere else
Khushi: fine
Khushi and Arnav made their way to the next shop and Arnav made sure it was a women.
Arnav: Khushi this one would look nice on you
Lady: sir you got really good taste
Arnav: thanks
Khushi: Arnavji I like it but I would bit be able to wear it. It is very heavy
Arnav: oh yeah Khushi I forgot
Lady: what a shame
Khushi: but Arnavji I could wear it later
Arnav: sure
Khushi walked the other side to see some more clothing while Arnav was waiting there for her.

Khushi came back and saw Arnav talking to that girl who was interfering before, she saw him answer back and smiling but it was small one but she didn't like it one bit and she rushed over to there paid for the clothing and dragged Arnav out of the shop.

Arnav: what's wrong now Khushi
Khushi: nothing
Khushi looked around wondering what to do next's as she couldn't be angry more than 3 minutes. Her eye caught on a shop mother care (I don't know if there is on in India but still I always go there for my nephew here in London)
Khushi: Arnavji look mother care comes let's go
Arnav smiled: oh yeah come
Arnav and Khushi both went into the shop and started to look and buy baby grows, bottles, dummies, bibs, hats, gloves, socks, tops, trousers and little teddies and soft toys and some toys and clothing for Karan and car seat and a push chair, cot, blankets and lot more they couldn't stop all the things were too cute and plus they needed them.
Khushi: Arnavji don't you think we have a lot of nappies
Arnav: Khushi cannot have enough nappies
Khushi gosh...oi Arnavji don't you think I am only going to change our babies nappy
Arnav: yeah whatever
Khushi: yes you are
Arnav: did I say no...No right then ssshhh
Khushi: awww look at that baby grow. Khushi picked up the baby grow that said 'I have mommies looks and daddies intelligence'
Arnav: that true
Khushi: I think it should be I got mummies looks and intelligence
Arnav: no
Khushi: ok but still it is cute nah
Arnav: yeah
Khushi: and this bib looks at it...its say I love mummy
Arnav: hey we should also buy I love daddy
Khushi: if there is one sir...oh Arnavji look that is so cute 'don't look at me...that smell is coming from daddy' Khushi smiled and giggled
Arnav: ha ha but no I don't smell
Khushi: yeah sure oh look 50% Mommy and 50% Daddy = 100% Perfection
Arnav: now that cute Khushi
Khushi: yeah... Arnavji I think it is enough

Arnav went to pay and made their way to the car linking arms smiling and talking about the clothing they bought for their baby
Khushi sat in the car she was tired she walked so much and now she just wanted to go home and relaxes.
Khushi was looking out of the window looking at the people walking and letting the wind blow on her face.
Khushi: oh Arnavji look look
Arnav: yes Khushi
Khushi: look gol guppe 
Arnav: Khushi no not again
Khushi: oh Arnavji please I really want some please please
Arnav: Khushi no it's on the streets it's not nice
Khushi: so what Arnavji
Arnav: Khushi
Khushi: please I want it no your baby wants it look he is crying now
Arnav: do you think I am dumb
Khushi: yes now come please
Arnav: fine
Khushi clapped her hands with joy and opened her door
Arnav: oi Khushi let me park
Khushi: ok
Arnav parked and Khushi rushed over to the stool asking the man again and again for plates of gol gappe more and more
Arnav just stood there smiling he was amazed how she could eat too much but then she saw jelabi's and shrieked with joy and rushed over to that and ate and ate.
Khushi: Arnavji thank you but I am stuffed
Arnav: your stuffed and now
Khushi: yeah I am feeding two
Arnav: it looked like you were feeding 5
Khushi: shut up
Arnav paid them and walked Khushi to the car she was smiling and she was happy and he loved it, her smile and everything
Arnav made Khushi sit down and then made his way and he made his way back home from the long and beautiful day with the person who he loved the most


I don't know yet

Thank you for beautiful comments and I hope you liked this update thank you so much for reading and hopefully you would like the nexts


Zaynah Embarrassed


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so cute. loved the clothes they found. mommies looks daddies intelligence. 50% mom + 50% dad = 100% perfection! cute!!!!
loved the precap ;) hehe update soon!!!!

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Awesome update ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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ClapClapthanks.fabulous...well done...ClapClap

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awesome update
loved that monnys look and daddys intelligence
loved the update a lot

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