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Arshi SS:'Such Ki Saamna - Facing The Truth' Pt.23 (Page 29)

Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 3:41pm | IP Logged

Hello people

Thank you for all the people who comment and like I am much appreciate it so thank you. And you I write the updates in my book and now it full loool so need to buy a new one loool but down worry that will be done oh I am so touched with today's episode (1st.05.12) I did cry big time I feel so sorry for Khushi I wish Arnav soon finds out the truth about Khushi and that snakewa relation

I hope you enjoy it and like it and people who want PMs just buddy thank you


Zaynah Embarrassed

Part 7: Plan

The sun glazed through the poolside window and reached to Khushi face making her face glow making her resizable beautiful she woke up and she looked at her so called husband sleeping on the recliner but there was something different yesterday there was a glow and peace but now they nothing a blink face she sat up and stared at him and she whispered why is does he look so different and why does he hate me so much what did I do to make him hate me. Like yesterday he was nice at first and then he becomes all rude and such a laad governor why? And tear creped down her face and she wiped it and got up from the bed and fixed it she then took her clothing and when into the washroom
Arnav opened his eyes and got up thinking why do I always hurt her feelings and always make her upset why and why do I feel there is something more than just what I heard that they it feels like I missed something no your ASR you can get things wrong he then got up and moved to the poolside to take some fresh air with he really needed

Khushi came out of the washroom and sat herself down on the stool of the dressing table and wore her bangles her earrings and most two important things for a married woman sindoor and mangalsutra but in a marriage they need love trust and hope but it seem in Khushi marriage it didn't seem to have that right now she applied her sindoor and put on her mangalsutra
Arnav then walked in the room grabbed his towel and clothing and rushed into the washroom

Ina was in her room getting ready she was sitting down on her bed thinking about what Nk said "you have to be brave" but what am I suppose to do what if he touches me or does something

Knock Knock
Ina got up and walked to the door and saw Nk
Nk: good morning beautiful
Ina: hey
Nk: what wrong Ina moving his hand on her shoulders and removing the free hair on her face
Ina: I am scared Nk
Nk: of what
Ina: what if he touches me
Nk: I won't let him Ina I will be right there you may not see me cuz I will be behind the door and if he get out of line I will come in
Ina: Nk you will be there
Nk: I promise
Ina: Nk I love you
Nk: love you to Ina. Ina hugged Nk and he hugged back
Ina broke the hug
Nk saw tears in Ina eyes and he wiped them
Ina: ok stop with the lovely dovey dialogs and let move on to the plan
Nk: ok Ina we should go to Khushi first
Ina: yeah
Nk and Ina made their move to Khushi room

Arnav came out of the washroom and started to go through some papers and files and with his comer of his eye he looked at Khushi she was folding some clothing and putting them in the cupboard she was reaching for something but it fell on her hand
Khushi: ouch
It was a heavy box
Arnav rushed to Khushi and took her hand
Arnav: cant you look what you're doing look what you did to your hand with gone all red
Khushi looked at Arnav who was blowing on her hands and she just stared at him she then when back in the moment and pulled her hand away
Khushi: it not the first time this has happen
Arnav looked at her and remembered that time when he shut the door on Khushi hand and when he grabbed her arms and making them red and always hurting her
Arnav: Khushi let me see it
Khushi: no
Arnav: Khushi
Khushi moved away from him but Arnav took hold of her arm
Khushi: ouch your hurting me let go
Arnav: let go off Khushi and took hold of Khushi hand making her sit down on the recliner he then got up and got a first aid kit and came back and opened it and applied a cream
Khushi: what are you doing it not that big of a wound?
Arnav: it will get effect with the way you look after yourself
Khushi: why do you care let go
Arnav: Khushi
Arnav pulled her hand closer and aided her hand
While Khushi was looking at Arnav when Arnav was done he looked up and looked at Khushi who was staring at him and she stared back
Rabba Ve...
Knock Knock

Khushi and Arnav snapped out of the long eye lock and looked at the door
Arnav: come in
Ina and Nk walked in
Ina: good morning my bhabi and bhai
Khushi got up and walked to Ina and Nk
Nk: we should start after breakfast
Arnav: start what Nk
Ina: the plan
Khushi eye widened and so did Nk and Ina of what they have just done
Arnav: plan
Nk: yeah well Khushi bhabi and Ina wanted to go and buy so stuff
Arnav: what stuff
Ina: girly things
Arnav: then why is Nk going
Khushi: no well no we are going to teach Ina how to cook
Ina: what
Arnav: so you're going to teach Ina how to cook
Nk: yep were going to make jalebi
Arnav: ok Arnav walked pass them and and walked to the door and whispered UNBELIEVEABLE
Khushi: that was close
Nk: sorry
Ina: yeah me too

After breakfast Arnav went office and so did Akash and mama then as Nani was still at one of the relative house and payal went to bua ji house to visit so at home there was just Ina, Nk, Khushi, Anjali and Shayam and this is how it was the whole of the week they couldn't make their move as Anjali was at there at the time so they didn't make a move for a week now but they made plans again and again making them better.

Later on that week

Ina and Khushi and Nk wanted to start their plan but how Anjali was present at the time
Nk was about to give up but then Anjali came and told them that she was going to the mandir and she left
Nk: today is the day we should make the plan start
Khushi: ok
Nk: Ina put this in your ear we will be able to talk to you and there is a little camera on it so it will be recorded
Ina: ok Ina put on the Bluetooth thing and
Ina made her way to Anjali room where Shayam was she was scared and worried she walked into the room and Nk and Khushi were standing behind the door so they won't be seen.

Shayam saw Ina and made his move to her
Shayam: oh Ina you here with one of his dirty smirks moving closer to her who was making Ina scared
Khushi was disgusted by his deeds and Nk he wanted to kill that man for setting his lustful eye on his Ina and Khushi
Ina: hhhi
Shayam: oh Ina and before he would of continues he saw Nk and Khushi behind the door well half but it was showing through the mirror and he smirked again
Ina Anjali is not here right now
Ina: huh yeah
Shayam: I am busy so could you please leave
Ina: ok ok
Ina rushed out of the room

Nk: he saw us
Ina: crap
Khushi: don't worry

Arnav was at the office when he just remembered that he left his other file at home and he needed it so he made his way back home

Khushi was in the kitchen making food for lunch while Nk and Ina were in Ina room
Khushi she was wondering what she will do with her life thinking about it made her tear up then suddenly she felt something on her shoulder she turned around and saw Shayam
Khushi: you! Don't touch me
Shayam: oh Khushiji I haven't seen you in time let me just have time with you before Nk and Ina come
Khushi: don't touch me Khushi pushed him
Shayam: Khushi I know you're upset who did it Arnav
Khushi: don't say his name on your dirty tongue
Shayam: ha Khushi I know you don't care about him you love me as I love you
Khushi: love and you oh please
Shayam: Khushiji what are you saying you know I love you
Khushi: shut up Anjali loves you so much and you do this to her you should be ashamed of yourself

Arnav was driving back home and was half way there when he got a call from Ina he stopped the car and picked it up
Arnav: yes in what happen
Ina: bhai hurry and come home
Arnav: why Ina what happen
Ina: bhai please
And then Ina hanged the phone call
Ina and Nk were standing outside the kitchen and didn't want to go in cuz Shayam was there some minutes before they saw him walking in his draw to get something (you will find out later)
And got worried of what he may do with it so they wanted more back up so they called Arnav

Shayam: but Khushi I love you and only you
Khushi: shut your mouth

Arnav walked into the house and saw Nk and Ina standing behind the kitchen door he rushed over to them and saw...

Arnav see something and get angry
Khushi find out the truth
Ina and Nk and family get shocked
Someone get hurt

Yeah it going to be a maha episode next update so it may be long as it will be the near the end of this SS but if people want me to continue I will but I thing I would if I get more ideas so don't worry I will be updating soon oh and i made ina and nk a couple this is why they were so close and she told him about shayam and the video scene but i promise you it is going to get very intresting and lots of drama  

Leave a comment and a like and tell how it was


Zaynah Embarrassed

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sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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wow loved it!!!
awesome update
cant wait to read the next chapter
when r u updating the maha chapter please do it asap cant wait to read

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virmanforever Goldie

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I can't wait until the next update please PM me when you update

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Diaphanous Senior Member

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Dude! U always end in the worst places!!! Does he see them? Thank u for the pm! Plz update soon!!

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ASR6262 IF-Sizzlerz

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it was awesome cant wait for next update continue soon and thank u for pm me

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update so Ina and NK Wink
Arhi had a cute moment
oh well one plan failed but now he got trapped all on his own

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Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update but I don't get why Ina and NK are a couPle cuz like they are cousins after all! Anyway I loved the precap and I'm very excited for the maha update so update soon!

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Ishrafan11 IF-Dazzler

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Nice update was very good cant wait for the next one looks intreasting. Thanks for the pm.

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