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Arshi SS:'Such Ki Saamna - Facing The Truth' Pt.23 (Page 25)

rina25 Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
they become one Day Dreaming

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Zaya.Beintehaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged
brilliant update...

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akshiankita IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
amazing update

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..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
Oh my they played ludo
i wonder how awkward their morning will be now
i am dying to know how shyam is going to be exposed
please update soon and thanks for the pm

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PhoenixRadar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Ola Jalebi Sobti!! Hug
Hahahah...If someone asks a question like that, then people will of course burst out laughing!!!! :PLOL
Oh ho! So NK is coming, eh?? Cool!!

Sheesh!! *slapping forehead* Seriously?! Shyam spiked her drink with only alcohol?? Only???Wacko
Crap man!! Should have been something more stronger!! :P

HAILAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked D'oh Zaynah, you at last wrote up scene of the next level!!! Good start, by the way!! Clap I like it yaar!! And let me tell you that it was really good!! Cool A lovely start for an amateur!!! Way to go gal!!! You'll get used to it if you keep practising!!Wink
And Aha!! Khushi took initiative, eh??Wink Hahahah...That's good! Really good!! Really really Good!! Blushing And Arnav couldn't control himself!! Heheheh...Nice nice!

Now gal, I want more of Ina, Khushi and NK next, please!!Big smile I know it's a Weird demand, but I really want to see the status of Ina's relationship with NK, and also the way hers and Khushi relationship develops!! Embarrassed

Thankoo for the PM, mah papi!!
Lovely update!!Clap

Big smile

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DarkDove Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 11:48am | IP Logged

wow!! omg! thats snake spiked her drink!!?? when will shyam be exposed!!?? 

and it was an lovely update dear, i loved it! 

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Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged

Hi people


I have to say you guy must be annoyed with my pms loool anyway I am going to update all 4 of my FFs including this one anyway people must be wondering what is the plan and stuff don't you worry it will so be out when NK comes so I people who want PMs then just buddy this friend of yours loool (stop talking Zaynah and let them read)




Zaynah Embarrassed

                                    Part 6: Nanav!!


The sun was up and it was shining through the room then bells tingled (the one that Khushi put in his room) after it was silent and you could hear their breathing it was about 6 in the morning.

Khushi was sleeping peacefully in her husband arms with her head on his chest and leg wrapped around his and his arm around her they both had a peaceful night in days both felt safe in each other's arms. Khushi was wearing Arnav shirt with the first few buttons open and Arnav just his boxers *Dreaming Face* Khushi yawned and slowly opened her eyes she was looking around the room looking for her husband and realised that she was on top of him she blinked twice she looked at his face she was stopped and just stared he looked so cute and peaceful. Moved the hair on his forehead and smiled she slowly got up and she looked at herself and found to be wearing Arnav shirt she gasped and quickly closed the opened buttons she looked at Arnav and saw his half naked she then touched her forehand "what did I do" and last night blurry images put into her mind thinking: did I and Arnavji Do it omg I hope I didn't force him that wound be rape Hai DM save me. She then looked at Arnav she wanted to wake him up and ask him but she didn't want him to disturb him he looked so cute and at peace so she sat there waiting she tucked her legs in and hugged them and she slowly feel asleep again



Arnav woke up he stretched his arms and yawned he turned his head and saw Khushi sitting with her legs tucked in hugging them and sleeping he thought did she sleep like that but then remembered that they fell asleep in each other's arms then thought is she crying and regrets what happen last night he slowly sat up and he touched her shoulders she shucked and looked up and saw Arnav and she rushed to hug him Arnav was shocked that she hugged him and now that she was crying now he really did though Khushi regretted what happen

Arnav: Khushi he said softly

Khushi crying: sorry I didn't know what I was doing someone put something in my drink please forgive me if I forced you

Arnav: no Khushi I should of stopped it breaking the hug and wiping her tears it my fault to.

Khushi looked at him in shock thinking: he didn't push me he didn't shout at me either

But Khushi just hugged him again

Arnav smiled at her innocence and smiled and hugged her back and closed his eyes and the pictures of Khushi hugging Shayam on the rushed back into his head and he opened his eyes and pushed Khushi out of his arms and rushed into the washroom leaving Khushi confused and letting a tear leave her eye she got up and picked up the clothing on the floor from last night she was crying thinking why did Arnav change so quickly she put them in the dirty clothing basket and fix the bed by then Arnav came out of the washroom and Khushi got her clothing and went in to have a shower.

Arnav saw her closing the door and a tear fled from his eye thinking to him: did she think I was Shayam (That is offensive Arnav is nothing like Shayam) then he walked down stairs

Few minutes later Khushi came out of the washroom. She wore a pink and green saree and just her mangalsutra and bindi and Arnav's mother bangles she walked down to the dinner table and walked into the kitchen and found Anjali helping Ina to cook

Ina: good morning Bhabi

Khushi: hi di you go and sit down I will bring and serve the food

Anjali: ok Ina I will teach you later on ok

Ina: ok di

Anjali walked out of the kitchen

Ina: bhabi I phone NK and she said he has a flight today

Khushi: that good Ina I think we should start the plan today I can't see di not knowing the truth

Ina: me to as soon as NK get her we will start the plan

Khushi: what is the plan?

Ina: NK has one

Khushi: ok

Khushi and Ina took the breakfast and placed it on the table payal came down and also helped

Mama and mami, Akash, Shayam, Anjail and Arnav were sitting down and Khushi told Ina and payal to sit down she would serve the food

Anjali: Khushi sit down us will help our self 

Khushi: ok di

Khushi was going to sit down but there were only two sits left one were Nani sits and then other next to Shayam she got scared she didn't want to sit on Nani sit as that is the head of the house place and didn't want to sit next to Shayam. Ina saw Khushi face and looked at the table and realised why Khushi was so scared

Khushi: di I am not hungry

Anjali: why you haven't ate anything

Khushi: di will I don't feel well

Payal: Khushi what wrong she asked worriedly

Akash: Khushiji have food and then take some medicine you will feel better

Ina: bhabi come sit down I got up and went to Khushi

Ina whispering to Khushi: I won't want to sit next to him either

Ina made Khushi sit down on her sit which was next to Arnav. Arnav looked at her with a worried face

Ina plated Khushi food and also feed her and Khushi smiled at her

After every one had eaten but Ina

Arnav went into his room and Anjali and Shayam when to their room Akash was in his room and payal was cleaning up mama and mami were in the living room

Khushi got up and sat Ina down

Ina: bhabi you go I will eat myself

Khushi: no

Khushi plated her plate and sat down next to her and feed her

Khushi: I always wanted a little sister and now I got one Khushi touched her cheek

And Arnav was noticing this

Thinking to himself: is Khushi acting or is she really telling the truth 

Ina had finished her food and Khushi and she started to talk about Salmaan khan

Arnav smiled and was about to leave when he saw

Nk: Nanav!!!

Arnav eyes widen: Nk

Ina and Khushi turned around and saw Nk

Ina got up and ran toward him

Ina: Nk Ina rushed into a hug

Arnav and Khushi were shocked

Khushi smiled

Arnav: Nk what are you doing here

Nk: well Nanav I heard that Ina was here so I came to meet her

Arnav then realised that Nk was still hugging Ina and he pulled Ina away from him

Ina: bhai

Nk: Khushi

Khushi: Nanheji 

Nk was about to go and hug her when he saw Arnav face and he backed off

Arnav: well I am going

Nk: ok bye

Ina: bye Nanav

Arnav gave Ina a dirty look and walked out of the house

Mami and the rest also meet Nk

Nk saw Shayam and smiled and went to shake his hand and when he did she holed it hard

Shayam: ouch

Nk: sorry

Ina and Khushi were laughing but quietly 


Later on that day


In Ina room


Nk: so Khushiji you should of told me

Khushi: Nanheji I didn't even tell Arnav

Nk: Nanav doesn't even know omg

Ina: we need to start the plan

Nk: I got one

Khushi: and that is

Nk: we got the video for Khushi but for Ina we need proof so I think we should plan something and trap him

Khushi: but how

Nk: that where we need Ina to be brave

Ina: what

Nk: we need you to go to Shayam

Ina: no I don't want to go near him I don't know what he will do

Nk: but we need to do this

Khushi: then

Nk: we will bring di

Khushi: and she will hear everything

Ina: and find out the truth

Khushi: but will she be fine after that and the baby

Nk: but we can't do that now

Khushi: we need time I mean you will get more evidence this week and then next week we should tell everyone

Ina: yeah but I just want him away from di

Khushi: same

Nk: yeah




Arnav was in his room on his laptop he looked at the time and realised it was late he looked at the door wanting Khushi to come but he knew she wound come late as Nk was her so Arnav went into the washroom and then came out later on and that when Khushi walked in Arnav saw her and smiled

At first Khushi was shocked and she smiled back she went into the washroom to freshen up and came out to see Arnav in the same spot

Khushi thinking: what wrong with him

Arnav thinking: I need to know the truth

Khushi walked past him and she slipped into the bed sheets and laid down Arnav then when and sat on the recliner and lies down and fell asleep




Plan Number 1

Arnav and Khushi ' Cute

Shayam being Shayam



Thank you people for reading I hope you enjoyed it.

So I made Khushi remember what happen as it would be silly if we don't make her remember anything and we did get a hug loool so anyway so if you want me to continue then comment and like




Zaynah  Embarrassed




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sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
loved it
continue n please update the next part very soon

Edited by sulochana90 - 30 April 2012 at 2:39pm

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