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Arshi SS:'Such Ki Saamna - Facing The Truth' Pt.23 (Page 22)

shabriya Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 3:52am | IP Logged
loved it yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 2:26pm | IP Logged

Hi people


How are you all

So Part 5 I hope you like it and enjoy it how much I enjoyed writing it loool anyway here is part 5 read and enjoy and people who want PM you have to buddy me cuz I only pm the people on my buddy list of when people nicely ask so yeah and please do leave a comment and a like as I do work very hard on this well I think all writers to so we need people to comment and tell us to continue ok enough of my lecture I should let you read part 5 oh and the arrival of the person will be in the next update ok sorry and yeah the person is NK



Zaynah Embarrassed


Part 5:  Shayam Plays Cupid

Anjali and Nani burst in laugher while that stupid Shayam was giving Ina dirty looks and looking at Khushi with his lustful eyes

Arnav thinking: it is the first time when Ina has asked me something that I can't give to her

Khushi sat down and so did Ina and Arnav

Shayam: so Ina how long is you going to stay

Ina: well...

Khushi: Jijaji Ina can stay how long she wants as it is here house

Ina looked at Khushi and smiled

Shayam: oh Khushi ji I didn't mean it in that way

Khushi: just looked away and smiled back at Ina

Arnav: di I will be late today

Ina: no bhai please come early

Anjali: yes we are keeping a party for Ina return so she would like her brother there

Arnav: but di

Ina: please bhai. Khushi di tell him

Khushi looked at Arnav: Ina what can I say

Anjali: chote you are coming home early and that is final

Arnav: fine

Akash and payal comes and join

Akash: bhai we have that meeting today

Arnav: yes I know Akash

Nani: I will be going to aunty house cuz she isn't feeling well so I need you guy to be careful

Arnav: Nani we are not little kids

Anjali: yeah Nani

Nani: you guys are having a party so I wanted to make shore nothing bad happens

Khushi: Nani you go we will be fine

Nani: I know when you and payal are here I don't need to worry ok so I am going to pack my clothing Nani said getting up and moving to her room

After breakfast Arnav and Akash went to office and Anjali was making arrangements for the party and payal was helping her

Ina and Khushi were sitting upstairs talking and getting to know each other more

Ina: bhabi we need to make a plan to make his secrete come out

Khushi: but how?

Ina: we need to get evidence

Khushi: the video

Ina: yeah but we need more

Khushi: why do we need more?

Ina: we need to trap him

Khushi: trap who Shayam but how

Ina: we should wait for NK so when he comes

Khushi: when will he come?

Ina: well I talked to him he said the next flight he can get to maybe tomorrow

Khushi: ok




It was 7 and Arnav wasn't home yet people was already coming Khushi was in her room getting ready Ina and Anjali and payal were down with the guests

Ina was wearing a green dress and tights with high heel

Ina dress 

Anjali was wearing a dark purple saree

Anjali dress: 

Payal was wearing an orange and purple saree

Payal dress: 

Khushi was in the room getting ready she was late a bit as she was busy with the arrangement with Anjali

She was a wearing a red saree as it was Arnav favourite colour but she didn't wear it for him she wore it cuz she liked the saree it self

Khushi Dress 

Khushi looked at herself in the mirror she was ready

She was thinking about what ina said how they will make a plan to expose that Shayam but she was scared what will happen to Anjali and how will she take it and will she be fine and then she thought that she will be there for her and she will make her stand up for herself for her and the baby

She got up and went down and while she was going down everyone was staring at her she left everyone dumb struck all eyes were on her admiring her looks and then that timing Arnav walked in while walking in he saw Khushi coming down the stairs she looked beautiful wearing his favourite colour he could take his eyes off her and he walked up to her

Ina rushed up to Khushi

Ina: bhabi wow you look beautiful

Khushi: thank you Ina

Ina: bhai you go and get change and then come back you can stare at bhabi later

Khushi and Ina both left and joined Anjali

Everyone were greeting Khushi telling her how beautiful she was looking 

And Shayam stood there just staring at her with his lustful eyes

Arnav came down and this didn't go past Arnav eyes so he rusted up to Khushi and stood in the way so Shayam couldn't see her

Khushi: thank you for coming early

Arnav: Khushi I didn't come for you I came for my sister

Khushi: well thank you for coming early for Ina and then Khushi walked past him to the table were all the drinks were and Arnav when to Ina and Shayam also walked to her

Shayam: oh Khushi ji why are you so angry

Khushi: Khushi looked at him: stay away from me

Shayam: oh Khushi ji I just want to be with you and tell you that you look so beautiful today

Khushi: I don't need you to tell me how I look like

Shayam: but Khushi you looks so beautiful and he touched her arm

Khushi move when he touched her: don't you dare touch me

Shayam: or what

Khushi: I will tell Arnav ji everything

Shayam: ok I won't touch you just have this drink you will calm down

Khushi: I don't want to have anything you give me and with that said Khushi walked past him

Shayam: well I will make you drink this Khushi ji

Shayam went up to the waiter and told him to give the drink to Khushi and only Khushi and waiter just took it and took it to her

Shayam: no let see how you stop me from touching you Shayam had his filthy smirk on his face


Khushi was standing in one of the corners while everyone was smiling talking and Ina and Anjali was with Arnav and payal but Khushi wanted to be alone cuz one was Shayam being a disgusting jerk and Arnav being ASR and hurting her feelings

Waiter: madam

Khushi: yes

Waiter: drink

Khushi looked at the waiter and then took the drink that the waiter was offering her

The waiter walked away and Khushi took a slip of the drink

Khushi: Coughing and then she drank more

Shayam: now let see what you will do now


Shayam was looking at Khushi with his lustful eyes he wanted to just touch her so the only way to do that was to make her drink alcohol so she will listen to him so he got a drink and mixed it with the alcohol and walked up to Khushi

End of Flashback


After drinking the drink Khushi started to feel dizzy and weird she was walking funny as well her vision was a bit fuzzy

Shayam: Khushi

Khushi: what is happening to me?

Shayam: come let me take you

Khushi: no don't touch me

Khushi pushed him and walked past him

Khushi saw Arnav a walked to him and she dropped on him

Arnav: What the

Khushi: what the laughing looking dopey

Arnav: Khushi what is wrong with you

Khushi smiling like a drunken lady

Ina: bhai what happen to her

Arnav: I don't know

Anjali: I think she is not feeling well take her to her room

Arnav: ok di

Khushi: but I don't want to go to my room I want to stay here

Arnav: Khushi you're not feeling well

Khushi: oh laad governor

Arnav: Khushi come

Arnav took her to the stairs

Shayam saw this and got jealous

Shayam: no I don't think so Khushi you are not going with him he was about to follow them when Anjali came and stopped him

Anjali: where are you going come let go I want you to meet someone

Shayam went alone with Anjali as his had no choice

Arnav took Khushi up and stopped at the door

Khushi: I don't want to walk

Arnav: Khushi

Khushi opened her arms: pick me up

Arnav: what the

Khushi: please Khushi pouted

Arnav: fine

Arnav picked her up and took her into the room while Khushi was staring into his eyes and her heart beat getting faster Arnav looked at her and

Eye Lock

Rabba Ve...


Khushi: arnavji why don't you love me

Arnav was shock to hear her words

Khushi:  and why don't you care for me like you did before and with that Khushi started to cry tears rolling down her cheeks

Arnav: Khushi... Arnav put her down onto the bed

But Khushi didn't let go

Arnav: Khushi let go

Khushi nodded her head in negative: no

Arnav: Khushi!!

Khushi pulled him closer to him

Arnav was shock at her acts

Khushi: Arnav...ji Khushi started to laugh

Arnav: smelt her and she smelt like alcohol: Khushi have you been drinking

Khushi: what me no I just drank what that man gave me he he

Arnav got up but Khushi pulled him to her and he fell on top of her

Khushi moved closer to Arnav and kissed his cheek Arnav looked at her in shock Khushi...

Khushi put her finger on his lips: ssshhh

Arnav then got up and then so did Khushi he sat up

Arnav thinking: omg Khushi doesn't even know what she is doing I think someone spiked her drink he turned to her: Khushi look lay down

Khushi: no and she moved closer to him and grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to him she looked into his eye and kissed his cheek again Arnav looked into her eyes and got lost into the moment she then opened one of his shirt button and kissed his chest and then again she opened his other button and every button she opened she left a wet kiss Arnav cupped her face: Khushi he said in a soft light voice

Khushi closed her eyes and Arnav kissed her eyes then he cheek moving down to her lips Khushi opened her eyes and wanted to know why he stopped she planted her lips on his and she kissed him passionately and so did Arnav she opened her mouth a little so he could go in a bit and Arnav did there tongues twirled into each other mouth tasted each other Arnav laid her down and took of her pallu off he kissed her neck and left wet kisses Khushi moan his name which made he continue even more he opened her blouse and kissed her stomach Khushi messed his hair up

Khushi pulled him up and took off his shirt and roamed around his back she kissed his neck she then turned him making her on top of him she kissed his chest and face Arnav moved around her back and opened her bra he made him on top of him and then night when on as a beautiful and romantic night and they became one



Will Khushi remember anything?

What will happen next's?

What is the plan of Ina and Khushi?

When is NK coming?


Hope you liked it guys I know it was not that romantic but I dont really know how to write romantic scenes like that so I mostly stay away from them but I had to do this scene *wink wink* Wink i am not as good as the other writer LOL

So like and comment please


Oh I nearly forgot



Moring after ' Khushi confused Sleepy

NANAV!!!! Tongue

Expose Shayam Plan Starts Angry




Zaynah Embarrassed

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sweetvanie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

OMG this just happen ...woww...they DID it ...

wonder whats gonna happen to the snake ... bahahhahaha
can't wait to know whats gonna happen the next morning between ArHi ...
Do update soon ...

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-Koeli_Appy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
i want her to feel pain in her lower abs and then remember a liitle bit about the night
NK is going to come in your nk update...

EXCELLENT again...lovely...continue soon dear.

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Diaphanous Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Yea! U updated! Ina will get her wish and now this marriage cannot be annulled because they consummated! ;);) lol. How r they gonna expose Shyam. Wat will Arnav do when he finds out the truth? Does NK kno about Shyam? Plz update soon!!

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
beautiful update
loved it
ahhh they kissed
thanks for pm
cont. soon

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Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
She better remember or what will happen to Arnav he will feel so used! Oh I can't wait to read more so please update soon Zaynah!

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 5:12pm | IP Logged

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