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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 65)

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Fab update luvd it
Plzz cont soon x

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aw that was awesome!!love the precap!!update soon!!
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thankyou so much guys!! you guys rock! it was only because of you that i got to write such a long part! thanks alot... your reply means alot to me. thanksssSmile





"Dinner is ready. Please join us soon." Arnav said and moved out, without even a glance at Khushi.


Dinner was a silent scenario. Khushi didn't even dare to sit near Arnav. Nani was sitting on the head of the family's seat. She kept glancing at Arnav, sitting in front of her, eating quietly. She was now tensed. Why was Arnav so silent? His silence was not good, its better if he kept yelling. Something was going on in his mind. Maybe Aarav. But still, when Arnav stayed quiet, a storm was about to come.


Anji and Khushi were the ones exchanging glances with each other's, asking in expressions what was wrong and what happened while they weren't there. But UV and Dan saw this and just kept their fingers on the lips indicating them to stop making faces and expressions.


"If you guys want, you can talk. No need to be so quiet." Arnav said still eating his food, not looking above. For once Khushi searched his head for some extra eyes, how can he know everything without looking!


Khushi gulped and drank water. She knew he was in a foul mood but how much foul she didn't know. She just tried to finish her food quickly and leave.


"Arre arre Khushi betiya, what happened? Why are you eating so quickly? Want to go somewhere?" nani said as she saw her finish her food quickly.


"Um-I wash thhinkhing tho-" she drank the full glass of water and forcefully gulped the bite in her mouth. Everyone looked at her amazed, "Naniji I was thinking to go home today. I was, I was missing my amma and bauji." Khushi said and wiped her mouth with a napkin and got up.


"Uv want to come along with me?" she asked UV who was sitting just besides her. He looked a bit lost. "Uv?" he didn't listen. Everyone stared at him, "Udayveer!?" saying so she kept her hand on his shoulder and he came out of his reverie.


"Huh! Han Khushi? I am sorry I wasn't listening." He said looking everywhere but her.


"I asked, will you, come with me, to drop me to my house?" she said explaining him in sarcastic tone but UV was silent. "Uv?? Where are you!" she said nudging him harder. Everyone was confused at his state now.


"Umm I forgot to tell you. I mean I was about to tell you." He said looking at her. But not really telling her.


"And that is?" she said asking him what he forgot to tell her.


"yo-your parents, I mean Garima aunty and Shashi uncle are off to Sydney today." He again said without looking at her. And she was surprised.


"What! Sydney! Why?" Khushi asked as she sat besides him again.



"Umm yesterday when you were in the party, Payal received a letter from her college. Payal said her college were opening in 2 days so she needed to complete the formalities there so it was an abrupt decision to go there." Uv said in one breath.


"And?" Khushi asked still expecting him to continue explaining.


"And then they called me, telling they are planning to go so I came to tell you but then, Arnav asked me if he can take you with him and looking at Anji I thought she needed you more so I told uncle to carry on and leave. So they did and I told them that you would be staying with Anji. Right Anji?" he said looking, rather staring at Anji in a way that said cover-my-lie-for-me and Anji foolishly nodded. Arnav saw this exchange of expressions and was sure something was wrong.


"I don't believe they left me here?!" Khushi said dejectedly.


"No! I mean they insisted me to take you with them but Anji then pacified them and convinced them that she would take care of you. And promised that she would stay with you in RM and then they agreed. Right Anji?" he again asked with same expression and Anji again nodded.


"Don't worry, Anji needs you in her homework too so she asked them to leave you here." Uv added.


"But we don't have any homework, Do we?" Khushi asked Anji.


Anji was a bit scared to lie but she tried " um.. hehe." Anji laughed foolishly again. "I lied." She said and Khushi was shocked, so was UV. "About- about homework, I lied about homework!" she clarified and got up from her chair and hugged Khushi from the back, glaring at UV giving him you-re-so-dead-after-this look. "Come on Khushi! Don't you want to spend some time with me? I-I would share my room with you too, if you want!" she said leaving Khushi and asking her.


"No, no thank you! I know how you sleep, by the way. I don't want to wake up strangled by you." Khushi said as she imagined herself knotted between the sheets of the bed.


"So it's decided! YOU ARE STAYING!" Anji announced really happy. Finally something good happened after the constant hard work of lying! Nani and Dan smiled looking at the two friends so in love! I mean so in love with the company of each other!


But Arnav, Arnav witnessed all the nervous stares UV gave Anji to come up with an excuse to help him. But why? He knew UV was lying to Khushi. And the reason must have been so severe that UV LIED. He was now sure, Uv was hiding something.


Khushi sighed and seeing her UV too.


"Wait a minute!" Khushi said and UV held his breath. "What about my cloths, mister!" Khushi said looking keenly at him and folding her hands.


Uv sighed, this was easy. "oh I forgot! (uv held his head) I will bring them tomorrow, for sure. Anji will lend you her cloths for the night. Right Anji?" he again looked her with his 'right Anji?' phrase and mentally pleaded her to support him one last time. And Anji nodded, again.


"Come let me show you my night suits!" she held Khushi by her shoulders and took her in her room.





After the 'sensational' dinner, Dan retired to his house and Khushi to her room, wearing one of Anji's dresses. Anji was more than happy. She always wanted to have Khushi in her house for some days so that they would chat all night! And now it was happening! But the look on UV's face was someway disturbing. He was looking worried. And why would he lie to his best friend, to his Khushi? Anji shrugged the topic off and slept.


Arnav had a lot of 'stuff' to talk to with UV. So he requested him to stay too. At first UV denied politely but on the clear insistence by nani, he stayed.





Khushi was about to scream when the two pair of arms held her tightly and pulled her in a dark room in the middle of the night when she was searching kitchen to have some water. She was silenced by a horrifying sound of "shhh!" and she was quiet!


"Scared?" asked the mysterious person and as he came to light, it was Arnav.


"You!?" Khushi took a laud gasp. Her lips parted and he was drowned in them.


How badly he wanted to smash his own to hers and kiss her till eternity! No other girl managed to make him this desperate for just a kiss! But this girl, she was exceptional, in every sense of the word. Even though he was tensed and worried and what not but this girl distracted him from every tension of his, just by passing a mere look in his direction.


"Yes. Me." came his husky voice as he still stared at her lips.


Khushi for the first time felt it, a sudden want, a desire to touch those lips, to kiss them. But she was not sure. How would he react!? Screamed her heart. What if he did what he did last time? She then averted her gaze from his lips.


"What happened, Khushi?" Arnav continued in his husky voice, and the way he said her name, it sent chill down her spine.


Khushi nodded a no and looked the other way.


"You too very well know you can't ignore me! Specially when I am right in front of you!" he said and looked through her eyes. She was trying to control her feelings, which were suddenly aroused inside her.


"wh-what do you want, Arnav ji." Man! Now the way she said his name for the first time! It sent chill down his spine too. And that so cute 'ji'!


He smirked a bit and brushed his lips to hers and said "you know." She looked not sure at him, "you know, what I want. I want you." Khushi gasped at his comment and looked wide-eyed to him. Arnav looked at her parted lips again "don't do that Khushi, you will regret later." He said looking at her lips. "I may not control myself every time you gasp."


Khushi closed her mouth immediately, and looked the other way.


"Why are you doing this?" he asked completely changing the topic.


Khushi looked at him, "what? What am I doing?" she asked.


"You know I don't like seeing you with anyone else, other than Me." he said looking at her and the seriousness was dripping from his each word.


"Uv? Are you speaking of him?" somewhere anger took place in her eyes.


"Yes." Came his sudden reply.


"Then mind you, Mr. Raizada! He is my best friend and I am not going to leave him!" she didn't know from where but she got enough courage to back answer him.


"Don't. Talk. To. Me. Like. That." He gritted his teeth to stop himself from yelling.


"Why not! You are the one asking me to leave my friend! That too my childhood best friend!" she said.


"I am not asking you to leave him, Khushi. I am just telling you that I can't see you with anyone!" he wanted to make her understand.


"And Uday is not anyone. He is Udayveer, my best friend! We became friends when we were mere kids. And since childhood UV didn't let me feel alone in this world. He knows my darkest secrets and has even saved me from them." She said in one go. She took a long breath, "he loved me even though my own father didn't!"


"I love you! And you don't need anyone else to love you! Not even Uday!" Arnav said and kissed her but this time it was a slow and healing one.


Finally. He lost all his control and kissed her, but this time he knew he had to control himself, or else-


Arnav felt her lips move on his. She kissed him back! He couldn't believe! He circled his arms around her and bought her closer. She too let him explore herself. He held her waist tighter. He couldn't believe she was responding! After so many kisses they shared, she responded to this one. She parted her lips, inviting him in. But Arnav resisted, trying to tease her. He sucked her lower lip and Khushi groaned. He chuckled inside her mouth and Khushi held his shirt tightly, trying to make him understand what she wanted. But Arnav smiled slightly and continued his assault on her lower lip. Khushi now left his shirt and held his neck for support. Arnav too roamed his hand on her back, sending chills on her spine and making her toes curl in pleasure. Khushi pulled him close so that he may deepen the kiss but Arnav smiled again and tried to tease her by stop kissing her but then what he felt crushed his insides.


Khushi pulled his mouth to herself and entered her tongue inside his mouth. If heaven was anywhere, it was here, in her arms. Arnav sighed and sucked her tongue hungrily in his mouth. Being all warm and slow, he played with her,. But Khushi wanted him to be what he was. Fast and furious. She wanted a proper Arnav-kiss, which was powerful, fiery, wild, painful, suffocating and satisfying at the same time. But this time Arnav was treating her like a glass doll, thinking that she would break if he held too tightly. And Khushi didn't like it. She moaned loudly to tell him that she needed more. Arnav could not be happier. He knew what she wanted and he granted. Soon his hand held her nape and he tilted her head to let him more access and then hit his tongue inside her mouth, fiercely. He then took control and nibbled on her lips, sucking hard. Khushi sighed in satisfaction and let him do what he did, completely take over her senses. It took every little ounce of self-control in him to stop himself from going any further.


He slowly moved away and placed a sweet and lingering peck on her now swollen lips. Khushi closed her eyes and hugged him. They stayed like that till their heartbeats became regular. Then Khushi looked at his eyes. They were sincere, truthful and honest. She knew he loved her. He was not fooling around to take advantage of her. Even though she could see the lust in his eyes, but she felt safe too, cause she knew it was just for her. A sudden jolt of satisfaction drew inside her heart, knowing he felt like this only and only for her. She kissed him on his lips, just trying to portray that they belong to her and only her lips to kiss.


Arnav looked in her eyes. He was sure she loved him too. But he wanted her to figure it out herself and believe that she loved him. Coz if he asked right now, maybe she would refuse. But he wanted her to explore her own feelings and then come up to any conclusion. Till then, he would wait. Wait for her to discover, what he already knew about her.



Arnav then kissed her forehead, reassuring that he would be there for her even though she wouldn't want him to.




Uv was not able to sleep. He lied to Khushi for the first time in his life. But it was for her own good. He was sitting on his bed when he heard a knock. He glanced at the clock; it was 2, in the morning. Who could that be?


He got up and opened the door.


"Not able to sleep?" said Arnav.


"Umm, yeah." Said UV scratching the back of his head.


"Lying to Khushi must be a difficult task no?" he said looking at him.


Uv was surprised. How did he know? "No. I mean, I didn't lie to her."


"I know you lied and I know there must be a very good reason to it." Arnav said and came in.


Uv sighed, "not a good reason Arnav. Infact a bad one." Uv said. Then he says, "Its good Khushi is with you."


"I don't understand?" Arnav said confused.


"Vijendar Thakraal! He is out. He is trying to hunt her down." Uv said as he closed his fist tightly not to burst out in anger. "He came to me last night! He said he wouldn't leave her." Uv closed his fist so tight that the white bandage became red from his blood.


Arnav was just able to widen his eyes, again that rage and anger was back inside him. Only one word came out of his mouth. "How?"


"His imprisonment is finished! So he was free. I came to know about this after the party, that he was out, that is why I was with her every second." Arnav looked at him shocked. "It was good you took her with Anji, Vijendar visited gupta house as soon as he was free. He – he tried searching the house while Shashi uncle stopped him. Then he came to me. He knew I was the only one Khushi would go to if she was not in her house. He was furious. He broke the delicate items to show he was angry, so that if Khushi were with me she would come out hearing noises. But she was not there."


Uv closed his eyes controlling his anger on the very person his best friend loved without any reasons.


"Then he asked me where she was. I had to make sure he was away from her so that I may get some time to relocate Khushi somewhere, and that too without telling her that his dad is out, or else-. So I acted scared of him and I lied she was in Sydney, starting her college there. And the shame of a man, believed. To make him believe my lie more, I made Shashi uncle and everyone leave for Sydney that instant. He must have enquired and found that entire gupta house has gone to Sydney, confirming my lie to him. And he left for Sydney too. But today morning when Dan told me that Khushi fainted, I- I – was- " Arnav kept a comforting hand on his shoulder realizing what he must have gone through. "I thought Vijendar visited her here. Then I realized he doesn't know you and Anji yet." Arnav saw the satisfaction and calmness on his face but felt guilty as he remembered he went to meet him in the prison. Vij knew Arnav loved Khushi! It was Arnav's turn to gasp now. But UV didn't see it.


"I am sorry Arnav. I am involving you into this. But please understand, I had no other option to save Khushi. I can't keep her with me too. Vij knows we are best friends, she would be with me, if not with her family."


Arnav had tears somewhere, his eyes were moist. He was misunderstanding UV when he was protecting his Khushi. He kept his hand on his shoulder and assured him. "Khushi is going nowhere, Uday. She is staying here until this whole fiasco ends. Tell the gupta's that Arnav Singh Raizada is there for Khushi too. I will do whatever I can do. After all -" Arnav was about say 'she is my love' but he stopped himself. "After all, she is my sister's best friend and I would like her to be with Anjali as we are going from a rough path of life too."


Uv was very much grateful to him. But he could not stop himself from asking Arnav, "what is it, Arnav. If you don't mind me asking." Uv knew it was his personal matter and if he chose not to tell him, it would be fine. But instead, Arnav told him.


"My story is no different, Uday. Khushi's father wants to kill her and my- (Arnav couldn't say Aarav was his father but said anyway) my father, wanted to kill Anjali. Except the fact that Anjali doesn't know about this, like Khushi does."


Uv was dumbfounded. He too had no words to speak. He placed his hand on his hair and looked at arnav to start telling him everything from the beginning.





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Arnav and uv sat near the fireplace in uv's room. And Arnav started dictating his story.



Arnav's POV~~~~


It all started when I was 5. My dad was a great businessman. He never signed a deal in which he was at loss. Always profit. We were doing well, until that man entered our life. He was my dad's business rival. The biggest threat to our business and so were we to him. So he very cunningly put forward the proposal of merging the businesses of my dad's and his. He said if we came together none would be there in our competition. It would be our monopoly in the market. And my dad agreed. Soon in two years they became fast friends from rivals. Butthat man wanted his sole right on the business as well as the market. So he started to eat my family like a termite! He never showed his true self to us. He knew my dad's power and strength resides in his family. If his family is broken from him, he would be no more. And the whole business would be his.



When I was 7, that man poisoned my father's mind with doubts against my mother. And that time my mother was pregnant with Anji. Slowly-slowly he became successful. He showed some morphed photos and fake love letters, telling him that my mom was cheating on him. (Arnav closed his eyes and a lone tear fell from his eyes, UV moved towards him and kept a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.)


One day my mom was knitting a small sweater for the upcoming baby when that man urged my dad to kill her and the child which he believed was not his. So, so ' he- (Arnav's voice shook from pain) he pushed my mother from the stairs and she came crashing down on the bottom ones. She screamed for help. I was doing my homework when I heard her screams and came down. I saw her nearly dying in front of me. I even saw my dad standing mute on the above stairs and standing behind him was that man. I quickly called the ambulance and they took her with them. When we reached the hospital I called my nani. She supported us throughout everything! In that accident which happened with my mom, my father died, for me, for Anji, for every one of us. Then we came here, London. Expecting everything would change.


It changed but just for us, me and Anji. My mom still believed my father; she did, till her last breath. She even closed her eyes in hope to see him from heaven. She loved him so much. But he, he was a stone hearted and cold-blooded creature. Mom left Anji with me, when she was merely 2 years old. Since then we haven't looked back. Anji, nani and me were happy family.


(Arnav sighed)



Some year's back, Aarav Mallik tried contacting Anji. He came to her college to meet her. Anji didn't recognize him. Why would she! She dint see him ever! He used to follow her from home to college then back. Then my driver one day told me about this man who followed them regularly. And this time I was with her, as her driver. I went to drop her college and picked her up too. But he didn't stop. Then I threatened him and found a gun with him. I was terrified! What if I didn't know he was following her! Then I took a restraining order against him and used my sources to restrain him from even entering London. But now he is back. I don't know why he wants to meet her now! After what he did to her! But I surely don't want Anji to know that Aarav Mallik is alive, her father is alive. I want her to believe that she has no one other than nani and me in this world. I want her to live in this lie than to ever come to know the truth.



Arnav's POV ENDS~~~~



Arnav looked at the fire in front of him. It was burning similarly as he was. He had the burden of this hidden truth since Anji was born. But he won't tell her this truth. No matter what!


"And you know who that man was?" Arnav asked sarcastically. "Vijendar Thakraal!" Arnav said still looking at the fire.


Uv gasped out loud. He couldn't believe his ears. Can this man stoop any low! Trying to kill his own daughter! And then trying to kill someone else's too! Can he be so after money that he would forget all human feelings like, love, sympathy, care, honesty - every bloody thing!  Uv sighed.


"Being that man's daughter, you- you don't- I mean, you don't blame Khushi in these things, right?" UV knew he didn't but wanted to hear it from him.


"Of course not, Uday! When I came to know that vij was her father, after that kitchen incident, my hatred towards vij grew and so do my sympathy towards Khushi. After all this, at least Anji doesn't fear anything or anybody to an extent Khushi does. I know she is too a victim of that monster. I do not blame her." Arnav said and smiled at Uday, who was still worrying about Khushi. "And this is my another reason that I want to protect Khushi. I am protecting her from that monster, I am protecting her from that man!"


Uday didn't know why but he felt to hug him, and he did. Uv hugged Arnav, even though he was taken aback, Arnav hugged him. Soon Arnav felt a brotherly bond brewing between them. But that doesn't mean he wont get jealous whenever he is around Khushi. (*Wink*)




After a week.


Everything was normal since that night when Arnav confronted both, Khushi and UV. After that hug UV asked Arnav to call him UV rather than the formal 'Uday', and he agreed. Arnav knew that UV had a soft corner for Khushi but that was just for her good only.


Khushi was now more than happy. She was living with her best friend Anji, in her house and everyone from Anji, nani and even Arnav, used to pamper her a lot. Arnav was a changed man from their last kiss. He was more cautious after it. He used to pamper her with ice creams, rather than flooding her with expensive dresses. He would give her her space rather than following her everywhere. And he would kiss her gently rather than forcing her.


Everything was going great. Vij was finding Khushi in Sydney while she was here in London. It would take at least a week more for him to realize that he was fooled. From that day UV and Arnav divided their time to be with the 2 most important persons in their life, and to never leave them alone. In these 7 days the trust level between UV and Arnav grew to no bounds. They trusted each other with their most important people. Khushi believed it was magic! Arnav laughed and hugged UV more often; he looked more comfortable around him. They would exchange their own language of expressions.



Khushi was happy in a way but there was one topic between her and Anji now days. Why do uv and Arnav try to stick with them EVERYTIME! THEY DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE! Even for a second. When they go to college, either they would stick to drop them or make en excuse that they would enjoy a ride to their college. When Khushi planned to go movies, they told they want to go too, even when the movie was a kid's movie. It was funny how hey reacted now days. They thought of joining them every time Khushi or anji went out of the house.



Khushi found it little fishy but Anji told her that Arnav received threat from a business rival so he was taking precautions. But Khushi knew Arnav. He was not the one to get scared by a mere threat! But alas! Everything was going very very very good, she had no problem. They even hang out together!



Anji saw the growing friendship between UV and Arnav so she decided to blackmail him in manaofying Arnav to get Dan in the house too. (She was missing him coz they dint get meet more often now! thanks to Arnav accompanying them everywhere!) Uv told Arnav that Dan helped them a lot with Khushi and knew how to handle her mental condition when she had her panic attacks. So Arnav decided to call Dan to live in their house too. After all they would have one more person to protect them! Anji came to talk to Dan, at first he told her forget it! He was not going in the lion's den, that too for his own death! But then agreed as Anji made a cute puppy face which Dan can never refuse.



Today they all had breakfast together. The laughter that followed the dinning table was EPIC! Arnav and UV tried to make the atmosphere as light as they could. Nani too was proud of both of them. Specially UV, he was protecting Anji like his own sister. Nani somewhere felt the sparks between Arnav and Khushi. But she knew they wont do anything they shouldn't do. She looked everyone sitting in front of her and having a good time. Arnav, Khushi stealing glances at each other, UV and Arnav having confidential talks through expressions. Dan was always nervous in front of Arnav and Anji used to nudge him slightly cheering him up. And etc etc.



Breakfast finished and they all retired to the living room where they decided to watch a movie as it was a Sunday, and everyone was home. The guys were getting the DVD players and the lounge ready to sit and watch, whereas Khushi and Anji prepared their favorite, cheese and butter popcorns.


Arnav was fixing the player when he received a call from his security on the landline number.


"Sir, there are two men, c-came here to meet you." He stated in his nervous tone, knowing what is coming next.


"What men?" Arnav asked.


"Um, po-police men sir." He stammered.


Arnav thought it must be his men who bought some info about Aarav or vij. He glanced at the kitchen where the girls were laughing, making popcorns and said, "Send them in."


The men entered with one mysterious man. Aarav.


As soon as Arnav saw him entering inside, his temper rose to no bounds. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" he yelled at his face.


Anji and Khushi came out hearing Arnav yell at someone. Uv and Dan looked shocked.


"Sorry to disturb you Mr. Raizada but he is here with me." A man in the uniform answered.


"You must be sorry and you will be!" Arnav said gritting his teeth.


"Arnav beta, I -" aarav started but Arnav dint let him finish.


"Don't call me your beta, Mr. Mallik! You are no one to me." Arnav said shooting fires from his eyes.


Aarav looked at Arnav and sighed, "well in that case, I have this for you." Aarav said forwarding a piece of paper to Arnav.


Arnav dint even touch the paper and asked. "What is it about?"


"Its regarding miss Anjali Mallik." The cop answered.


Arnav folded his hand to his chest, clenched his fist in anger but tried to be calm. "There is no Anjali Mallik in this house. Its Anjali Singh Raizada."


"Changing your last name wont change who you are!" aarav said getting irritated by his calmness.


"Please let us do our work. Read the notice you are been handed." The cop said sternly. Arnav took the paper but dint read it.


Aarav loosing his cool said, "this is a legal notice, Arnav! In this, it says that you have my daughter in your house, and thank you very much for taking care of her in these years when I was not here but now that I am back, I want her back to me. And I would like to take her back to India with me. So would you please step aside and let me take my daughter, Anjali, with Me." aarav said in anger.


As soon as Arnav heard that he wants to take Anji away from him, his body shook with cold rage. His eyes turned dark and his hands itched to break the bone of the man standing in front of him but he just kept them folded on his chest. And he knew it was not the right time. He would get a lot of opportunities to break him. So he closed his eyes and gulped his anger down and smiled, a wicked smile.


Aarav was confused as to why was Arnav not reacting? He expected him to break the things and yell his lungs out but here he was standing calm and smiling! Then he saw Arnav walk away and climb the stairs. He took two stairs at a time and went in his room. And come out in a minute holding a file.


He came up to him and handed the file to the cop. The officer read the file and sighed.


"What is it!?" aarav asked disturbed.


"Let me tell you." Arnav said and grinned. "The girl, named Anjali, who lives in this house, is a Raizada." Arnav smirked coz here was the final blow, "because she is MY DAUGHTER."


The blood drained out of Aarav's face and he shuddered, looking at the cold expression Arnav gave.


"What did you think Aarav Mallik? You would come up to me and show me a paper and would snatch away my Anjali from me?" he said directly looking in his eyes and laughed. After his laugh he became damn serious, "No one! Remind you; no one can take my sister- my daughter away from me! I will keep my daughter in this very house, and no piece of paper can stop Me." he said glaring at him, shooting daggers.


Arnav said and looked at the cop to explain him further.


"Mr. Raizada is right, Mr. Mallik. These are the legal documents of adoption of miss Anjali Mallik, by Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. These paper say that miss Anjali is his daughter legally and hence you don't have any right on her and the current notice you used against him, would be invalid." The cop said and handed aarav the file.


Aarav looked at it and it read



Raizada Orphanage


This is to certify that Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, (18, son of, Mr. Rajesh Singh Raizada and Mrs. Devyani Singh Raizada) is adopting a child, Miss Anjali Mallik, 11, from our organization. He has promised to protect her and keep her loved throughout his life and this organization is delighted to let him adopt this child in supervision of the authority.


From now on, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is the legal father of this child, and hence, this child would be named after him, her name now onwards would be

Miss Anjali Singh Raizada

in all of her official and unofficial documents.



Signed by the authority

(Raizada orphanage)




Then it stuck him ". . . . Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, (18, son of, Mr. Rajesh Singh Raizada and Mrs. Devyani Singh Raizada). . . . . . . " Aarav turned the page and found the same type of certificate. But this was for Arnav.



Raizada Orphanage


This is to certify that Mrs. Devyani Devi, (55, wife of, late Rajesh Singh Raizada) is adopting a child,master Arnav Mallik, 8, from our organization. She has promised to protect him and keep him loved throughout her life and this organization is delighted to let her adopt this child in supervision of the authority.


From now on this child would be named after her late husband, hence, from now, his name would be

Master Arnav Singh Raizada

in all of her official and unofficial documents.



Signed by the authority

(Raizada orphanage)



The truth dawned upon him. Now he cannot claim to be the father of either Arnav or Anjali as Devyani and Arnav legally adopted them.


The file dropped from his hand and he had his mouth open.


"I knew you would try such a cheap thing on us. I know you better than anyone else. So this was my first step as soon as I became eighteen. I adopted her on my eighteenth birthday itself. You know, the orphanage I adopted her from was Nani's, She is the founder of Raizada orphanage. So I knew Anjali would be safe there for a day. So I let Anji live there for 24 hours, just to make the legal documents ready, and then the next day she was back! But now, as my daughter not yours." Arnav said and gave a victorious smirk to him. Aarav opened his mouth to say something but Arnav dint let him. "I don't want to hear a single word from you now! Get out! I said, GET THE HELL OUT!" Arnav screamed and this time, aarav flinched.


After hearing everything aarav left dejectedly. Arnav still folded his hand to his chest. Uv who was silent till now came forward and placed his hand on Arnav's shoulder. Arnav unfolded his arms and UV saw blood. His nails were dug deep into his palms (as he tried controlling his anger by clenching his fist) and his palms were bleeding.


Uv looked questioningly at him, Arnav answered, "it took every bit of my self control to not beat the hell out of him when he mentioned that he wants to take Anji away from me!"


Hearing this UV hugged him tightly imagining how much he has gone through even though he stood strong in front of him. After a much-needed hug they turned, to see 3 shocked pair of eyes (Khushi, Dan, and Anji) and the proud ones too, Nani's.


Arnav saw Anji's shocked, confused, and proud expression. He knew he has to do a lot of explanations today.






Uv came running to Arnav's room in the middle of the night. He knocked and a sleepy Arnav opened the door.


"VIJ! He is back from Sydney!" UV said out of breath.







So how was it guys!??????


This was a hell long part, which I posted in 2 posts! Let me tell you guys. . I am not receiving enough replies! I pm this link to atleast 170-200 people but they do not reply and comment! So now after this part I would note down the names who replied and would pm them only. So no silent readers please!


Thanks a lot to those people who replied and motivated me! (Motivation ka asar dekha? Sucha long part!!) so keep giving me long comments and keep getting long parts!



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Originally posted by -Tintin.


i am glad you cant wait!LOL i mean do you really like so much? i am soo happpyyy... Embarrassed
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I'm Gonna Comment LONGGG For This One Later ; P Embarrassed LOVEYOUUU For This Hug

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