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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 61)

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Hope To See You Back Soon Embarrassed Hug

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i love ur ff plzzz update soon!!
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hey muskan...i m a new reader of ur ff!!just read it all at once!! love it from da core of my heart!!i already add u as a buddy!!will plz do pm me when u update nxt!!
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Wow amazing part... looking fwd for the me please
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he confessed...nice...

continue soon...
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A very very hearty thanks to these people who commented on my last part. Star






































(sorry i couldnt name the previous part's commenters, but a real hearty thanks and a hug to all of them. so sorry if i forgot someone! dont mind please.)

and what do i say to these two! just a BIIIG HUG to them for leaving larger than life comments! i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 








"You are Arnav Singh Raizada, owner of AR designs, the best fashion house, you sit and stand with world's best models and heroines, you can get any sort of girl, any model, heroine, beautiful, any type you want! Why do you want me! I am just a simple girl with no looks and nothing to attract!" she said crying bitterly and was now broken down but Arnav was shocked to hear her misconception about herself.


"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, Khushi." He said sitting on the bed, besides her.


"NO! I am not beautiful." Khushi screamed.  "If I was, why- why" her voice broke "why doesn't he loves me! Why?" the last word was a mere whisper and she just fainted in his arms.



As she lay limp in his arms, he felt intense protectiveness swept through him. For an instant his heart feared loosing her. Why? Why was his heart so scared of loosing her? She is not going anywhere. At least without his consent or permission, she is not even stepping out of this place, forget leaving him. But then his sensory nerves moved! She fainted and for Khushi's mental condition, fainting is not good, IS NOT GOOD!!! Screamed his brain. He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed Dan's number.



Dan was in his hospital, ready to give an injection to a patient, when his phone vibrated. He took it out and saw 'private number' flashing. He picked up, "hello?" he answered.


"Daniel!" Arnav said hurriedly.


"Yes, who's this?" Daniel questioned.


"Arnav Singh Raizada, Dammit!" for a second Dan's mind went numb, and the phone was about to fall from his hand when he caught it in mid air "hello! Dammit Dan are you there?!" Arnav barked through the phone.


"Ye-yes I think so. I mean, yes I am. Yes." He fiddled with the words.


"Listen! Come home! Its urgent!" Arnav said breathless.


"Why is something wrong?" he asked doubting that he might came to know about him and Anji being together.


"That's what you are for! Khushi fainted in my arms! She- she is unconscious and in her case its not good. You are her doctor can you come RM, right now!?" that sounded more of an order than to a request.


"Okay, I am on my way! (He handed his injection that he held in one of his hands to a nurse and gestured her to continue while he went out of the room.) Just sprinkle some water on her face and keep her warm. She becomes cold when she faints." He was already in his cabin taking some of Khushi's medicines, which were always present in his drawer and ran out.



On his way to RM he called UV to join him. Uv too left out his work and rushed towards RM.


Dan reached, and saw Arnav holding her hand and rubbing it furiously.


"What happened?" he asked when he entered the room.


"I don't know! She- she just fainted." Arnav tried to hide what happened between them.


"But still, you said she fainted in your arms?" Dan questioned.


"Um- actually, I, she came with me and Anji last night and stayed here. When I came here- in the- morning I saw her standing and then she stumbled and she was about to fall when I held her and she fainted right away!" Arnav lied.


"Oh. Ok let me see." Dan came and saw her face that was little pale and was now a bit cold. "Can you please turn off the AC, she's cold." Dan said touching her hand. As he held her wrist to check her pulse Arnav was getting uncomfortable.


"What are you doing?!" he asked as Dan dint leave her hand after few seconds.


"Checking her pulse. When did she faint?" Dan asked fully concentrated on her and missed the angry look Arnav passed him.


"In the morning, when I came to check up on her." Arnav said hurriedly.


"Did she said anything about her past, I mean, about her-"


"Father?" Arnav's eyes softened a bit and he answered. "Yes. She said, he doesn't love her." Arnav looked the other way, as he could imagine the sadness she had in her eyes as she mentioned him and fainted.


"Oh. Its okay. At least she dint go in her past memories." Dan sighed and gave an injection to her.


Arnav again saw the mysterious injection being injected in her arm and couldn't stop himself from asking, "what's that for?"


"Its to calm her nerves. So that she could sleep peacefully." Dan looked at the Arnav Singh Raizada in front of him and for a second he couldn't recognize him. Was this the vulnerable Arnav that was hidden behind the mask of ASR? "She would sleep for hours due to this." he showed the empty syringe and disposed it in the near by trashcan and the door flung open. There stood UV in his hyper mode.


"What happened to her?? Is she okay? What is wrong now??" he quickly threw questions at Dan and went near Khushi and held her hand in his. "Khushi? Khushi wake up!" he nudged her shoulders. "Why isn't she moving?! Why is she quite??" uv looked at both of them and then at Khushi. He demanded serious and true answers from them. EACH one of them.


He got up quickly and went near Arnav, "tell me how did this happen? She doesn't faint easily. She is a strong person! Then how?" UV looked directly in Arnav's eyes and Arnav looked with equal passion.


"When I came she was stumbling! And then when I held her she fainted!" Arnav said not wanting to explain himself but at this time what mattered was Khushi not the damn explanation. After being half satisfied with Arnav's answer he looked at Dan demanding the explanation from his side.


"Mr. Raizada called me when she fainted and I came, gave her her injection. And right now she is sleeping." He said the last sentence as he kept a hand on UV's shoulder and UV became quite for a second but fired his next question immediately.


"What's wrong?"


"She just remembered her father and fainted. Mr. Raizada heard her saying that her father doesn't love her."


"What?!" uv said an moved back a little. He ran his hand on his hair in a frustrated way and mumbled to himself, "that bast*rd! I swear if he weren't Khushi's dad, I would have killed him with my bare hands! That SELFISH BAST*RD!!" saying this he punched his hand on the wall nearby and his knuckles started to bleed.


Seeing him bleeding Dan rushed to him, "what are YOU DOING!" he turned to Arnav, "do you have a first aid box?" Arnav nodded and bought the box.


"I don't need it!" he pushed the box away and screamed "I just need his blood! I just want to kill him! IF HE WAS NOT THERE- IN THAT HOUSE!!! IF I HAD ANY CLUE --- ANY SINGLE CLUE! Of what was happening inside with her! I would have gone to her help!! I- I --" Uday started to curse himself now. Only the matter related to Khushi can make him loose his patience, other wise UV never lost his cool. Never. But when he saw Khushi in that hospital bed, not moving, every other day, just because of that bast*rd in the prison, he panicked to hell. He just wanted to punch the daylights out of him! For doing this to her. But as he knew she loved vij so much that she would not see his face even as much as a scratch happened to her father because of him!


Arnav who always knew UV was a calm and composed person, was shocked to see this sudden outburst. He never imagined the heights of hatred UV had for vij. But now he knew, he and UV were the travelers of the same path, path of hatred, and that path had no end. Only DEAD END, dead end for that man.


Arnav believed he would kill vij on the very first opportunity he got but now he felt same for uv too.


"What happened, chote?" nani came hearing the noises from the guest room downstairs.


Arnav saw nani who came in and then Anji followed. Anji saw Dan and was surprised. She quickly asked him through expressions that what happened and he gestured her that everything was fine.


"Umm, I think we should move out of the room. We might disturb her." Dan said looking at a sleeping Khushi and everyone nodded and moved out but Dan stopped UV, "Not before YOU get that bandaged!" he said looking at his still bleeding hand. Nani gasped and Anji widened her eyes. But Dan gestured Anji to take nani out and Anji did.







Everyone was out in the living room. Uv finally was calm and had his hand bandaged and Arnav explained nani why Khushi kept getting those panic attacks and how she fainted in the morning, well, he of course lied about the morning incident.


Nani was in tears as she came to know about Khushi's past. How can a father be so cruel to his own daughter! But whom was she fooling? She herself saw an example in her very house, aarav! He too tried to kill Anji. But the fact was that Anji dint know about it!


Yes, Anji was told that her father was dead in an accident. Well it was true, he was dead when that accident with her mom happened, but still Anji dint knew the whole truth about her father and moreover herself.


They were all silent in the living room after a long discussion on Khushi, when a guard in black uniform, holding a gun, visited.


"Sir, there's this man waiting for you." He gave a card to Arnav and Arnav quickly smashed the card in between his fist. He glared at the guard and he looked down. Now it was Arnav's turn to loose his cool. How dare he come to his house! He drank his anger for a second. "Nani, please take Anji in your room. I have a guest to deal with!" Arnav said and walked out with the guard.


"HOW DARE YOU LET HIM IN!!?? I TOLD YOU TO SHOOT HIM AT SIGHT! YOU HAD MY SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDERS! THEN WHY HE IS STANDING OUTSIDE! IS THIS I PAY YOU FOR!" Arnav said as soon as he was out of the living room. Uv and Dan followed him when they heard him yelling.


"How dare you!?" Arnav seethed holding his voice down so that Anji wont hear him. He walked in front of Aarav Mallik, and held him by his collar.


"You committed a big mistake this time Mr. Mallik! I still have the restraining orders against you and if don't follow them I have the right to shoot you!" he said looking at the old man in his eyes.


Dan and UV were shocked to see these things in front of them. Arnav then left his collar and took out a gun from the back of his waist and targeted the man in front of him.


"Don't compel me to become the one like you, a killer, Mr. Mallik! I don't want to be the reason of my mom's husband's death! That is why I left you the last time! But if you compel me, I have no other choice but to kill you!" he said and loaded his gun, ready to shoot.


The man in front of the gun looked pale white, like a ghost, seeing so much hatred for himself from his own blood. He closed his eyes and spoke in barely audible voice, "Kill me." that was not a sarcastic comment, nor an order, not even a request; it was just a helpless plea. "Kill me, son." He said pleading him urgently.


Hearing the word son from that filthy mouth, Arnav was disgusted. "That's the difference between you and me, Mr. Mallik." He said removing the gun from his forehead. "I can't destroy my own blood, even though I desperately want to. That's the difference between you and me. You tried to destroy the very own existence of my sister! But being the son of Asha Singh Raizada, I can't destroy you! My mother won't forgive me! And even if she did, I can't forget her values, and despite of what you did to her, she valued you the most. So this is your last chance Mr. Mallik, leave before you leave the world. Coz I don't want the blame of killing her husband." He said and turned to leave.


"I am your father!" aarav pleaded helplessly.


"NO!" Arnav turned screaming. But aarav dint even flinch. "You are nothing to me! You are just my mom's husband. And that's all you will ever be, to me and to my sister."


"I want this man out of my house this instant!" Saying this to a guard nearby, Arnav turned on his heels and went inside, ignoring the two pair of shocked and speechless eyes.


Dan and UV. They were beyond being shocked. They never knew this side of Arnav Singh Raizada. He dint even showed a hint of mercy on his own father! His hands didn't even shiver when he was pointing his gun on him! It was clearly visible that he wont even regret shooting him! He was so angry on him; he could have surely killed him. But the question remains, - WHY?


They saw towards the man whom Arnav referred to as Mallik, another question how could Arnav be a Raizada if his dad was a Mallik, they saw the guards moving towards him and he stopped them putting his hand forward and walked away.



Soon UV and Dan entered the living room where Arnav was pacing like a caged lion. How desperately he wished to see him in pain! The same pain he saw his mother in, the pain of death. The way she screamed for help and being just above the stairs he didn't even move! His mother and sister would have died if he were not the one who knew the ambulance number! A chill ran down his spine as he thought that he wont have had Anji with him if that man succeeded in his plans, and that man here was not aarav, but Vijendar!



Arnav was in rage. He dint believe himself that he let him go that easily without even teaching him a lesson for coming at his door! He would have! But the morals of his dead mother came in front of his eyes. Whenever aarav was in his bad temper, he slapped or hit Arnav, and then his mom used to console him by saying, "beta, people tend to make mistakes, so you ought to forgive them, and you should forgive them, not for them, but for yourself. For your own good, and peace of your heart and soul. And as far as your dad is concerned, he is a nice man. You should not look at his bad side but at his best. He is not bad at heart. Its just his bad temper." Then she used to smile that smile to him that shoed every grudge from Arnav's heart. But now she was not there to smile at him, so that grudge will remain, that scar will remain, that anger will remain.


Uv and Dan saw Arnav pacing here and there. Nani came to check on him. And she was right; he was in his worst of tempers. She came and stood in front of him, strong and determined.


"Chote, go to your room." She said as if nothing happened.


"Nani? Have you seen his audacity-" Arnav tried to reason but nani dint let him finish.


"I saw everything that happened from the window above. And I still want you to go to your room! Go. You are not in your senses right now! You are angry!"


"I should be! I have every reason to be angry on him!"  He reasoned.


"You have every reason to be angry but your sister needs you more! She is suspicious as to what is happening! And she is waiting for you in your room!" nani said sternly and as soon as he heard it he went to his room without further argument.



Arnav hated aarav the most but he loved Anjali more. He went up to his room, took a long breath, closed his eyes for a second and let his breath out. He did it 2-3 times and imagined Anji's smiling face in front of him and his anger vanished. He smiled slightly and opened the door. Anji was sitting on his bed and she stood up seeing him. The way he walked out and the way she heard noises of him shouting, she thought he would be in his worst of moods but he was smiling! This confirmed her suspicion, something was wrong! Very wrong!


She maintained a straight face though his smile was infectious. She looked at him as if reading something in his body language, finding traces of his anger, to be particular. He smiled again and this time her lips curved a bit, but she cleared it to him before he misunderstood, "your smile is infectious to me, bhai, and I am smiling too but that doesn't mean I don't demand answers!" she came straight to the point!ASR's true sister!


"What's going on!?" Anjali asked.


"What? Where?" Arnav said looking around as if not understanding anything.


"There!" she pointed towards him. "In your head! What's the matter? What's wrong?" Anjali asked again.


"Nothing is wrong Anji. Why do you ask?" he said casually and walked towards his laptop.


"Do I look like I am convinced?" Anji said closing his laptop.


"There is nothing to convince you for! Everything is fine! Nothing is wrong."


"You are behaving strange since yesterday! All day you were on your alert mode and then you took me to your party then we abruptly left and then the sudden increase in the number of guards, then a man's visit and your unusual smile! Now you're telling me what's wrong or should I give a detailed list! Tell me the truth, right now!" Anji said determined to know the real matter.


"Ok okay!" Arnav said keeping his laptop down. "There is this guy who wants to harm me and my family. So I am taking precautions. I don't want him to even see or touch you, let alone harm you." Arnav said and this answer finally managed to convince his detective sister. It was true, as she wanted but only half of a truth.


"So, that's all?" Anjali said still expecting more from him but she just got one line of information.


"No, that's not just all. If he were after me, I would have handled. But he is after my family too. And Arnav Singh Raizada will not forgive the one who tried to mess with his family's happiness. So now onwards you are going out with at least 4 of my guards, and I want you to cooperate." Arnav said the last sentence in a serious tone.


"Yes SIR!" Anji stood straight and gave a salute to him and smiled. She knew he was overprotective but Anji understood. Arnav hugged her and sighed inwardly. His sister was so innocent to believe him with blind faith. But what he did was not wrong either; after all it was for her own good.






It was night now.  Dan and UV stayed in RM as nani and Arnav asked them to stay with them for some time. Today was a long day for everyone. Arnav was still on his high alert mode and somewhere UV and Dan knew what was wrong but they didn't knew the reason for it. Uv sat beside Khushi the whole day while Dan kept checking her in fixed intervals. Arnav was busy whole day in Anji and phone calls. He was making arrangements, but nobody knew what sort of. He then asked UV and Dan to stay for dinner.



Khushi woke up, she slowly opened her eyes. She found UV besides her and smiled. Uv smiled back and helped her sit. She then looked around and found herself in RM. The horrific memory of Arnav forcing her came crashing down on her. But somewhere she knew it was her mistake too. She knew he was in foul mood and he told her to leave too. But she stayed. And then, that happened. She knew it was not right but somewhere it felt right. She didn't know why but it did.


"How are you feeling, sweetheart?" UV said as he caressed her hair.


"I am okay." She said weakly. "What happened to me?" she remembered her trying to escape then her conversation with Arnav and then an unknown type of sleep taking over her senses, she looked out, and it was night! She surely dint sleep that much.


"You fainted. Maybe because you didn't have your dinner last night and your feeling weak too, right?" UV asked holding her hand firmly. As he held her hand Khushi saw the bandage. And just then Arnav came to check up on Khushi when he heard her talking to him.


"Oh em gee! What happened to your hand UV?" she tried to examine it. And Arnav dint like it even a bit. She was holding his hand, that too so lovingly!


"Nothing, nothing much. I got hurt by – umm by a sharp thing." He was about to say knife but thank god he made up some excuse.


"You think you are smart!? Not enough I think! I know you fought with someone! Right? You should stop doing this! YOU ARE NOT A KID ANYMORE! You are so careless for yourself UV. This is not done!" she said and faked that she is angry.


Uv smiled at her childishness and said, "uff! Your anger is always on your nose! Its nothing much. It would be good in some days. Don't worry sweetheart." He said and hugged her tightly, nearly choking her. Arnav saw this and clenched his fist in anger. Sweetheart, my foot!


"Ah! Uv!" she said and noticed Arnav on the door. She was shocked and She knew he would be angry! Very very angry!


"Sorry." Uv smiled again and helped her get up from the bed. As he turned he saw Arnav on the door.


"Dinner is ready. Please join us soon." Arnav said and moved out, without even a glance at Khushi.



 "I love you! And you don't need anyone else to love you! Not even Uday!" Arnav said and kissed her but this time it was a slow and healing one.


 Anji comes to know the full truth. The person she is being saved from is none other than her dad.


 Aarav brings police to meet Anjali and take her back to India with him.


 Uv says, "Its good Khushi is with you."


"I don't understand?" Arnav said confused.


"Vijendar Thakraal! He is out. He is trying to hunt her down." Uv said as he closed his fist tightly not to burst out in anger. "He came to me last night! He said he wont leave her." Uv closed his fist so tight that the white bandage became red from his blood.


 Hey all! Thanks alllooottt everybody for the comments and appreciation! I love you all! Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome you know!

 I am so so so happy!! I celebrated rakshabandhan! I am sorry I couldn't update when I was gone! I dint get any time to write anything! The schedule was so hectic Na. But I am sure you people would understand, wont you guys? And I m finally back! So that was a long part with a long precap! So what say? Please leave your comments!



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YAAAY <3 loook who Updated <3 :D !! will Read Tonight :D n Land with Long Ass Comment <3 !! 

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