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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 5)

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@muskan can u plz write next part...plzzz
m eagerly waiting...also can u finish ur other FF on maneet aggressive & arrogant..

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Originally posted by -AdiYalicious-

Originally posted by MastiMuskaan

Originally posted by -AdiYalicious-

OMG Muskaan 1st lemme talk about the Concept Shocked ! MAn it seems like a sad FF ! n Man I LOVE reading Sad n intense stuff esp related ArHi ! man Im so gona be hooked here <3 !! 

now lemme read 1st chapter <3

thanks dear! glad you liked it!!!!my first commet on my new ff! this feels great! ahh!Embarrassed thanks alot dear...part 1 is on page 2...
OMG Read it <3 ! n Commented <3 !! hehhehehe i never commented on ur Maneet FF's ! cuz ur Fans were ALOT n my commment would have been lost :P ! buh Atleat im 1st here ;) !! 

Originally posted by MastiMuskaan

Originally posted by -AdiYalicious-

Well u actually on my real account !! which i hardly check :) !! n i will sure be hooked wid this FF as it seems sad <3

its a bit sad but not entirely...hope u like it!Big smile
 its sad na ?! chaye Little ya more ;) ! i will love it :) ! 

Originally posted by MastiMuskaan

Originally posted by -AdiYalicious-

@characters : Okay Seems Like ASR is still Same here ! which will be fun reading ! as i can not imagine ASR like some1 else !! 
about Khushi DARLING <3 ! im sure im gona be attached with her <3 !! 

now About UV !! Uday Veer *imagines Ashish *blush* * !! anyways OMG He is Like So FREAKING Sweet ! n YES PLEASE PLEASE do not turn him negative <3 ! he actually sounds a darling <3 ! but Man I wanna See how Arnav is here :/ ! n how ArHi 1st Meeting will be !! 

dont worry me too love uv and i ll not make him a negative character! he is and will be poisitive!Embarrassed
 Now even more xcited <3

hey no matter how much fans dear everyone is special for me...i would love to read everyone's comments! well lemme go for now as im updating it...Embarrassed
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Originally posted by -AdiYalicious-

OKAY muskaan ! reading the 1st bit of how Khushi's father abandoned her n not accept her n blame her :( ~man it bought tears in my eyes :( ! i could actually imagine something similar might have happened to khushi :/ !! now coming to Shashi man ! even in the show he is my MOST FAV character !! THE BEST father ! n Glad u made him like tht !! i can See Khushi /Payal Bond already <3 !! 
Beautifully described khushi's Life when she was born Clap

Now 2nd Part !! Awww im xcited to read more on UV&Khushi's friendship <3 !! Man How can Vij be so heartless :( ! Good Shashi told her !! but its so Heart wrenching to see her Cry for her fathers love :(!! man its just so sad to see her like this ! going every year to apologize yet come bk crying ! u surely know how to show emotion ! cuz along with khushi i too had tears in my eyes :/ 

OKAY :O ! I think u gona confuse me in future in ur FF !! to either Drool over Arnav Khushi ! or UV/Khushi :O ! cuz man ONLI if there was some1 like UV in the Show !! <3 but dil will always be ArHi-ian <3 lekin its not a crime to imagine UV/Khushi Wink ROFL 

OMG OMG :O NO i take BK my WORDS :O !! thnk God there is NO real father for Khushi :O !! cuz if her father is like Vij ! I WILL Kill the CVs !! HOW COULD HE DO THIS to tht Kid :@ !! man Im in tears :(* ! love how protective UV is ! n shashi/Garima ! man SHASHI kill VIJ :@ !! :( ! poor Khushi :( 

Im confused ! how old is UV @ the moment ? ! Man thnk god Khutta vij is arrested :@ !! agar Baap aisa hota THNK GOD he Abandoned Khushi thn :@ !! 

Okay Just Read ! UV is in grade 12 ! which means he 17 ! n man u just making me love this IMaginery guy even more :/ ! n Payal <3 !! 

hahahahaha Payal is hilarious ' U SHOULD HAVE BROKEN his HEAd' ! ROFL im gona love this trio ;) <3

OKAY :O ! Precap if JATKA :O !! Jaldi Update <3 ! man I loved it <3 !! 

man tht was a long comment ROFL ! this is wah happen when im into something ROFL 


wow i would be dying of your comments dear!!!! loved it and uv is of present age metioned in his character sketch...23...thanksss laooot for liking it dear,... i m sooo touched...i have no words...ahh!!Smile

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Originally posted by veil_of_roses

@muskan can u plz write next part...plzzz
m eagerly waiting...also can u finish ur other FF on maneet aggressive & arrogant..

dear that ff is stolen.Ouch..some other guy is posting it in other sites! so i m not updating that ff..Dead.but be glued to this one...okay...thanks for your reply dear...loved it!!!Embarrassed
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Hey guys I was happy to get this feedback from you all! I was happy' but I expected more replies'come on guys'I am writing this ff in the middle of my final exams!!! Come on I need appreciation and criticisms to improve you know'or else I will update after the exams! That's 30th April'if you want to get update before that then please kindly reply'. and reply doesn't include one-liners! Please feel free to tell me how you guys were feeling while reading my work'I need to know that!! Please'


Well those who commented: Thanks alottt guysss''it meant a lot!! Really'Love you all! Muah!


This update if dedicated to



aka MANAL'.Your replies and comments appreciated me in such a way that I couldn't explain'thanks a lot! Only you were the one who replied to the fullest'and shared how you felt while reading! I loved that thanks a lot manal'


Hey to clear the confusion: the previous update was the back-story of Khushi's life. And from now on this is the present track in which the characters have reached their age given in their character sketch. There are going to be flashbacks but the storyline is on present.


Part Two.




"Go right now! And don't forget to bring me his answer."



It was UV and Khushi's little secret! They dint let anyone know. Not even Payal. It was just between him and Khushi.

Uv held the letter in his hand as he stood outside his destination. The place where he needed to deliver this letter, Jail.


From 3 years UV was the one who took Khushi's letter and delivered it in the prison, to none other than the man he hated the most, her father. She was 15 when that accident happened and he was sent to jail. Khushi was heart broken. On her birthday again she wanted to meet him! Uv was flabbergasted. But Khushi was adamant on meeting him. Uv then somehow managed to console her and make her understand that she can't go in jail, so should write a letter to him and he will personally go and give it to him. Khushi agreed.


And even after 3 years, here he was again, holding the letter and going to give it to him. But this year as he saw her writing something on that 'heart-shaped letter pad' he was curious to know what was written in it.


As he stood outside he opened the envelope and took out the letter. He was mesmerized! Khushi took an extra effort to write this! Her handwriting was not that good though but in this letter it was like awww! And she made smiley and faces everywhere!


(The letter)


Dear daddy. Smile


I know you couldn't bring yourself to forgive me daddy but I m really sorry! CryI really am! I too blame myself for killing my mother! I dint wanted to! I was unknown to the fact that time. Please forgive me. Daddy, please come back. CryI need you here with me. I want you here Even though bauji (shashi) takes a great care of me and amma (Garima) never lets me feel that I m not their child. But I know I m not! I am your daughter. You're my father.Smile I need you here! Everyone takes a good care of me here, don't worry. You just take care of yourself. Come back soon.Embarrassed









As UV read the letter he clenched his fists and was about to kill himself for not understanding the inner turmoil Khushi held. But more than that he was angry with her for thinking that she was the reason of her mother's death. There was a mad rage in his eyes. He entered the jail and met with the incharge officer who took him to vij, and then suddenly UV started to feel utterly disgusted at this man in front of him. The daughter who loved him so much, he tried to kill her, and even after suffering a major accident, Khushi loved him!


"I bought you a letter Mr. Thakraal!" UV voice was venomous. He narrowed his eyes as he came near the rods of the prison.


Vij took the letter and without even seeing it once he tore it into pieces and threw it out on his face. Uv instantly held his collar and was about to hit him when the officer came and pulled UV away. 




Khushi waited for UV desperately. She wanted to read his reply. That's when she heard his car coming and rushed to the door. He saw her coming out, held her hand and shoved her in his car and drove away. After few seconds they reached the beach where there was no one right now. Uv pulled her out and pushed her on the sand, although he was careful she doesn't get hurt.


"ARE YOU GOING TO EXPLAIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" UV shouted on top of his lungs and was about to explode in anger. He wanted to punch something so hard that it breaks into tiny little pieces just like his heart was right now.


"What have I done?" Khushi asked casually, getting up.



"What have you done? Khushi you wrote you were 'guilty' and 'sorry' and what not!! Care to explain why??" uv said controlling himself from giving this girl a piece of his mind.


"You read my letter! That's bad manner UV! You shouldn't - "


Uv held her shoulder and bought her near his face and spoke in deathly tone "believe me - right now, I m far from my manners Khushi.! Don't challenge me to show that to you!! Now EXPLAIN why you wrote that stupid stuff in your so called letter!!"


"Stupid!? That's the biggest truth of my life to which you are calling STUPID!" Khushi freed herself and spoke to him looking in his eyes.


"That's not truth! You dint kill your mom!! So why are you sorry to that man!" uv's eyes spitting fire.



"That man is my father!!" Khushi said as a tear fell from her eyes.


"ohh! On birthdays usually a father gives presents and gifts to their child and what did he gave you! This!!"  Uv said as he tore the shoulder-sleeve of her top and a big wide cut mark came in sunlight.


Khushi quickly hid it from him and moved the other side.


"Closing your eyes to the Sun doesn't mean it isn't the day anymore!" he raised his voice but then understood that he did wrong and calmed it again, "Come on Khushi, I know you are hurt that your father doesn't love you. But it's not your fault! He-"


"Its not my fault?" Khushi said turning, "it is totally my fault! If I were not born then my mother would be happily alive with daddy. She gave me birth on her deathbed! I was the reason of her death!"


"NO!!" uv shouted again. "YOU were the reason of her love! She loved you more than her life itself! She wanted to give life to you even if it meant death for herself! She loved you in every way a mother would! And if this little thing is not understood to that man then it's not your fault! You can't keep blaming yourself for the crime you never did." Uv tried making sense to her.


"Did you bought my answer!" Khushi asked him in mere whisper.



"Yes I did!" saying so uv pushed his hands in his pocket and Khushi looked at him with a hope in her eyes.


Uv took the torn pieces of her letter and kept them in her delicate hands. "What's this?" Khushi looked at him unbelievingly.


"Your daddy tore your letter without even sparing a look at it!!" uv said and Khushi fell on the sand again. Quickly UV held her up. He felt her shoulders moving. And then he heard her faint sobs and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes and was crying. He immediately regretted himself for making her cry.


"Khushi, he is not worth your love, sweetheart! He is not even worth your mere look." Uv said in utmost lovable way he could.


"He loved my mom that's why he hates me." Khushi tried to reason with him and uv smiled at her.


"Do you really think if he did loved your mother, then he would have hated you? The only person on this earth who resembles his wife the most." Khushi looked at him teary eyed. "Yes sweetheart. I saw your mom's photo. You look exactly the same. Same eyes (uv said kissing away her tears) same nose (he said kissing the tip of her nose) and same lips (before he reached Khushi smiled and blushed away)"


This was his way to divert her attention from their fight and bring smile to her face.


"You have her photo?" Khushi said excitedly as she sat mostly on his lap as he held her.


"ofcourse I do!" uv smiled to her and himself that he finally once again was able to make her smile.


"Will you give it to me? Please!" Khushi said as a 5-year-old asks for his favorite candy.


"ofcourse I will, anything you ask for sweetheart!" and finally gave a quick peck on her cheeks barely touching them. Khushi blushed away and was highly happy now. She finally will see her mom's photo. She could have never asked Shashi or Garima about it as they might get worried and hurt thinking Khushi still lived in her past. But uv was different case. She can share her anything with him. After all he was the one who took her letters secretly to her father!


"Then lets go!" Khushi said excitedly and got up from his embrace.


"Where?" UV asked confusedly.


"To see the photo!"


"Not so easy, dear. I will show you at the dinner time when we go out with Payal. Ok?" UV said holding her hand.


"Please uv, now!" she whined like a child.


"Nope. Right now we are going home." He said as he slid his jacket on her shoulder covering her sleeves that he tore in his anger.


Khushi was disappointed but she could wait.






It was like a tradition in gupta house now. First they would cut the cake in home with Shashi and Garima and then UV would take Payal and Khushi out on dinner. Uv's father owned a big chain of hotels but UV aspired on becoming a doctor. He never had any interests in business thingy.



As they reached the Uday-niwas hotel, named after uv, they got out and entered the dinning area. Khushi stopped and stood infront of uv. He understood she is not going budge until he gives her the photo. He pushed his hand once again in his pockets and Khushi was again filled with hope.


He took out a photograph and gave it to her. Payal looked suspiciously. Khushi snatched it and turned the photo just to see herself in utter traditional wear. She couldn't imagine! She was exactly the same! Like a rebirth! Khushi soon had tears in her eyes and saw Payal looking at her.


"Jiji, that's my mom!" Khushi said excitedly and Payal smiled even though she was sad of being reminded of fact that Khushi was not her real sister.


"You both are exactly the same!" said Payal hugging her.


"I know!" Khushi said happily.


"You have given me the BEST gift of my life!" saying so she stood on her toes and gave a kiss on his cheek. And this time UV blushed!





Payal, Khushi and UV sat to have dinner and Khushi noticed something different about the surrounding today. She frequently visited this hotel as UV owned it and it was different from the time before.


"What's the matter? Why so extra decorations and why is everybody running here and there." Khushi asked seeing two waiters running taking bouquets in their hands.



"Khushi, there is a big meeting held in our hotel, from AR fashions." Uv said excitedly.


"AR fashions?" Khushi said confused.


"AR fashion is the leading fashion company. They usually hold their meeting in our hotel only. The boss of AR is very strict and wants everything strictly as per his demand."


"Oh." Was all Khushi said and then started looking at the menu and checking the item she should order.




It's been half an hour and the food was not arriving! And Khushi was really hungry now. Then she heard a waiter yell, "ASR is coming! HIDE!" ASR dint liked to see the army or waiters around him, just one who would take the order is fine. As soon as he yelled all the waiters ran in the kitchen and hid.


For Khushi it was first time to witness this much chaos in UV's hotel, usually everyone worked sincerely and quietly.


ASR finally arrived and everyone in the dining area started gossiping and looking at the door, holding his or her breaths.


"As if some laad governor's arriving!" Khushi muttered under her breath, looking at the people staring at the door. Finally ASR arrived and her food too.


Khushi forgot about the ASR when her food was brought to the table. She looked at the food hungrily and the waiter started to serve them.


Khushi's eyes twinkled at seeing her favorite jalebis and she quickly held one in her hand and fed herself.





Arnav arrived in his car and was followed in the hotel by his four armed bodyguards. As he looked inside a familiar site was waiting. Every head turned towards him, every man envying him and every girl eying him and drooling over him. But just one minute! Did he notice a girl who was staring at the jalebi in her hands, rather than him! HURT! His ego was hurt, instantly! What was in that jalebi, so exciting that she missed a chance to look at him..the ASR!



But then he reminded himself that he should not be affected by a mere girl holding a jalebi in her hands! She thinks she affects him!! NO!!!


He then saw forward and took long and fast strides towards the lounge area where his meeting would be held.




Uv and Payal had their dinner but Khushi ate so slowly that even snail could win over her. Having the time UV asked Payal for a dance. Khushi had dinner. Just then Payal came and sat around her. Now uv asked Khushi for a dance. And she accepted.


As soon as they went to the dance floor it was a slow song playing. Uv held Khushi's waist and she put her hand on his shoulder and they started to swing to the music.




ASR just getting annoyed by the thought of the jalebi girl not looking at him but the jalebi. He was looking here and there and was getting restless, as if something is calling him. He was so damn annoyed, and he himself dint knew why it affected him!


It was then he called off the meeting and went to the open area of the lounge floor.

And he could clearly see that girl again!


He looked away but he noticed a hand on her waist! He dint knew why but it irked him to no boundaries.




Khushi who was happily dancing with uv was now aware of herself.  She suddenly felt as if she was being watched. She looked here and there and suddenly her eyes fell on the figure standing on the first floor. He was watching her as if he would eat her alive! Khushi was feeling uncomfortable under his heated gaze.


She just smiled at uv and told him to catch-up with Payal. He complied and took her to the table. She was thirsty and seeing the chilled orange juice sitting on the table silently, she smiled and took it. As she was drinking it, her eyes went to the figure on the first floor. He was still looking at her. Seeing the audacity of him and the intensity in his eyes, she choked on her drink and spilled some on her dress. She quickly got up and went to the restroom to clean herself.





Arnav was watching her intently dancing from the first floor when she suddenly looked at him. She was now aware of his stare on her. But he dint give a damn. She was the first one in his life to behold his eyes on her. She should be proud that the great ASR was staring at her!


Then he noticed her saying something on the man's ear. His fist tightened again and he was on his aggressive mode now. Then he saw her going to the table and having a glass of juice. Then suddenly she choked! Oh my god! She looked so beautiful while she choked on her drink. Her eyes closed like a baby and she coughed spilling some on her dress. That was enough! He wanted her! NOW! Right now!


He saw her going to the restroom area, which was little secluded and followed her.






Khushi went to the restroom and started cleaning her dress with water, when she looked up for tissue, she saw Arnav standing behind her in the mirror holding out one for her. She was shocked, Moreover scared! She quickly turned and was pinned to the basin. He was just inches away. His eyes sensually staring into hers.


"wh-what are you doing here? This is a ladies restroom!" she said trying to put some sense in him but he was totally unaware of anything but her.


He put his hands on her waist where uv's hands were a minute ago. He held her and pulled her to him, her chest collided into his and he felt heaven for a second.


She just wanted to scream. Yes scream! She opened her mouth to scream but his lips closed it. She just looked at his eyes, shocked at his audacity. But then again she felt heated in his gaze and her eyes closed at their own accord. Khushi felt his hands roaming and for once she even felt him licking her lips. He was devouring her, slow and steady. Then he again licked her lips and she just stood there doing nothing. He increased the pace of his lips on her, as she was not responding. He sucked at her lips and wanted them to open.


That's when realization stuck her. She tried pulling away but Arnav sensed her and pulled her more close, now their body glued and his hand went inside her top and he started roaming his hands on the place uv touched her, trying to remove his traces. Khushi was all shocked. She tried wriggling in his arms but he dint even budge, instead he pinned her to the basin slab and kissed her more furiously, demanding entrance. But Khushi was stubborn she dint open her mouth.


ASR was getting impatient! He wanted entry now! He pinched her hard on her waist and she gasped. That's it! He entered her sweet mouth. By the time his tongue entered she lost herself to the pleasure. Her toes curled and she was about to fall when he held her in place and kissed her completely.


It was after eternity she again came to her senses and started beating her hands on his chest but it was mere tingling sensation for him. Then she scratched him on the chest where he had two buttons open but it dint affect either.


Arnav just lost himself fully. He was just tasting her and was on cloud nine today. She was something to die for. He traced every corner of her mouth and teased her tongue to get up and fight but instead her teethes interfered and he felt sharp pain on his tongue.


"Did she just bit my tongue!" he thought and moved away leaving her.



He saw her breathlessly dropping on the ground and she held her herself below the throat for oxygen.


Anger and rage ran through him. "Nerve of that girl! She bit me! This not going to happen! She is not going without a punishment." He thought.


Arnav pulled her up again and pinned her against the wall.


"How dare you!!!" he held her hairs and yanked her face to a side, exposing her neck. He started biting and sucking her neck. Leaving a red mark on her white skin. Khushi tried pushing him but was not able to. She felt his hands all over her waist, shoulders and stomach. Then suddenly he bit her again but this time it was harsh, coz she was not responding.


He was frustrated! No girl in this world resisted him! But this unknown jalebi girl did not respond to him!


He heard her cry loud in pain as he bit into her skin. Finally a response! He licked the area and tasted blood. He opened his eyes to see if he hurt her badly. He saw her tight shut eyes, pressed lips and tears slipping down her chin. He looked at her hands that were holding his shoulders trying to push him away. She felt him stop his assault and slowly opened her eyes. She saw him looking at her lips again but before that she pushed him hard and got out of the bathroom.


As soon as she got out she looked at herself, swollen lips messy hair and a hurting shoulder!


She quickly adjusted her clothes and rubbed her lips to make them normal and went to the table. Uv came to check on her as it took her too long. As soon as she saw him, she ran and hugged him hard. Uv instantly held her close and felt her crying again. Khushi's tears made their way to his shirt.


Just then ASR came out and started to search the girl who pushed him away. He cam out to the dining area and saw her hugging the same man with whom she was dancing and his blood boiled.


"What happened sweetheart! Why are you crying! What happened.." uv said as he held her more close and Khushi sobbed.


ASR clenched his fist. He was bout to go and snatch her away when a girl came in between. Payal.


"What happened Khushi? Why are you so scared!!" Payal asked worried.


"i..i want to go ho-home. now!" Khushi said clutching uv's shirt.


"Okay!" uv said and held her from her waist again and Khushi started to walk but her feet wobbled and just then uv held her in his arms, picking her up and walked out. Everyone around them looked in awe. But one. One person looked in rage. The ASR.




Precap: "you pervert type of a guy!! You are following me!!" Khushi said to ASR when she entered Raizada mansion.







How was it guys!!!


Please reply'


Next update will be on page - 16-17 (till then keep commenting..hehe)


 PMs will be late.Ouch


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Originally posted by Punkin22

Stunning beginning!  You truly have gift of writing.  Favorite part, "Khushi somewhere down under where her heart lives she was sad, very sad".  Most people don't see that in Khushi but is never the less true.  Thank you, enjoyed.

thanks dear to read it so carefully and replying...i hope you have more favorite parts ahead...Embarrassed thnks alloootttEmbarrassed
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Awesome... But babe decide are u continuing this or you will vanish into thin air like always ...EX; I m still watting 4r arrogant n aggressive's update

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