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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 45)

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He then did a mistake, looked at her eyes, which were giving him permission the second earlier, were now giving him the forgiveness. His eyes welled up for a second. Innocence can be lethal. It can provoke you as well as kill you. If he died looking at those eyes, he wouldn't complain, ever!






The party was over and Khushi returned back to her home. To her surprise she didn't see Arnav after that incident. After he wrapped her dupatta on her and walked out. She controlled her heart and went outside once she saw herself in the mirror. There were everyone, Payal, uv, and her friends, everyone except him. She somehow felt sad but UV then joined her and made her enjoy the whole party. Then he dropped her and Payal home and went away too.


Khushi still shook by the fact that she gave in to him completely. What if he shouldn't have stopped? She would have been destroyed! He virginity would have been taken away. But, why didn't he? He used to manhandle her. He threatens her. He kisses her forcefully and even – but why did he stop now? Why? WHY?


Khushi was damn confused of this man's mood swings. She needed a hot shower, desperately. She went to her bathroom. Again! The big mirror mocked her. She looked at herself in it. She slid down her dupatta, and had an image of ruthless Arnav throwing it away, like he did few hours ago. She clutched it tightly and again wrapped it around herself, then again she had an image of caring Arnav wrapping it around her. She closed her eyes in order to forget any image of him stored in her mind. But she dint knew she could forget what's written in the brain but not what's written in the heart.


She then closed her eyes and being strong she took all her cloths off. She was standing on the hard-cold floor, naked. She saw herself. She opened her eyes and tears escaped as she saw his ruthless and heartless bites on her pale-pink skin. She gasped as to what has she done? WHY DID SHE ALLOWED HIM TO DO THIS TO HER? But her heart was screaming happily. What and why she dint knew but somewhere her heart was screaming. She felt as if she dint understand herself anymore. He heart was contradicting everything she has ever learned! Her amma (Garima) told her at a young age about what relation a boy and a girl hold when they get married. But she just knew! She dint experience it! SHE WAS STILL AN INNOCENT! She knew what usually happens! For god's sake, she was in her biology class when the chapter "Reproduction" was taught! But having information about a tornado and EXPERIANCING a tornado is a total different fiasco.


Khushi looked at herself in the mirror. Her first dress from him lying on the floor, her hands that were held by him hours ago, her hairs that were still shaking on theirs roots after having him so close to her, her lips that still anticipated to be on his, she was still looking or rather finding it in herself, the fact which attracted him towards her. Was it her body? Was it her voice? Was it her smile? Or was it her eyes? Then she looked at her bites. There were several new ones now. She unknowingly touched the one, which was deep red and hissed in pain. These were surely going to hurt more than the first one did. She closed her eyes and went to the shower. As soon as the hot shower touched her skin she hissed in pain again and again. Tears again formed in her eyes and were streaming down furiously. She was now angry! WHY? Why was he doing this to her? Did he do this to ONLY HER? Or he was a creep who went on doing this to every other girl he meets? How did she attract him? What did she do to have his attention in the first place!? She was fed up of these questions. He could only answer these questions. But Khushi wanted answers, NOW.


She dressed in her night cloths, which was the pale white salwaar kameez. (Which she also wears in the show at night.) She looked here and there; the room was empty as usual. But today these empty things would eat her out! She wanted him, to ask her questions! And now, RIGHT NOW. She pulled the door of her room determined and walked out in her night suit and sleepers. As soon as she walked out of her house, London whether showed itself! It started raining heavily in the middle of the night! But Khushi was determined! She would get her answers today.







As soon as Arnav came back from the party he was greeted by nani, who was out on her trip to India to meet someone. She saw some type of eagerness in his expressions. She questioned about it but Arnav turned the topic successfully from him to her, asking how her trip was and how were everybody in India doing and nani was surprised as to chote never asked about anyone before then why was he behaving differently? Nani answered him everyone was fine and asked about Anji and he told she would be late as there was a 'friend' party going on. Nani sighed and left for her room and now Arnav was all alone in this big fat house of his. He shared everything that came in his mind with nani, as she was the only one helping them when even his dad—Arnav groaned violently as he thought of that person.


He went straight to his room and changed in his nightwear as well. He sat on his recliner and was thinking of how he would have hurted her today! Arnav sighed again and again as her frightened face came infront of his eyes. He was roaming in his room like a caged lion. But all he could do was sigh! He ran a frustrated hand over his hair and went to nani. Only she can help him now! She was the only mother figure he had after his mother left. Nani was so kind and supporting that Arnav even forgot at times that his mother wasn't there with him. After his mom passed away, Nani was the only person Arnav would go in any problem. Even as a kid if he struggled to tie his shoe lasses, nani would help. He went and knocked. To his surprise nani was waiting for him by the edge of her bed.


Arnav went in and sat on the floor and put his head on her lap.


"I was waiting for you to come." Nani said knowingly and Arnav looked surprised.


"How did you know I would come?" Arnav asked and nani smiled.


"Your eyes speak volumes, Arnav. Even if your mouth fails." Nani stroked his hair lightly.


"I think I am in love, nani." Arnav said not sure of his own statement.


"I know." Nani said slightly rubbing his forehead and he looked up surprised again.


"How do you know?"


"I knew it when you entered the house itself." Nani looked the confusion on his face, "I told you, your eyes speak volumes." Then she smiled.


Her smile was infectious. Arnav smiled unknowingly and tells her-


"Nani, I know I am in love with her but I don't know what to do? I just can't forget what happened in the past! I mean- I -" Arnav was unable to complete but nani understood.


"Don't think about it Arnav! You are not like him! You never were and you never will be! He was a creep and I was a fool to marry my daughter with him but I can see you. You are not like him. Don't worry you will never hurt the one you love!" nani said confidently but Arnav dint believe her.


"I already did! I hurt her! I made her wear my favorite dress by threatening her.!!" nani laughed a little and Arnav looked disappointed.


"Sorry-" nani controlled her laugh and continued. "Arnav, forcing her to wear or do something you like is not hurting, unless you don't soothe her pain." Arnav looked at her "Arnav, dear you know how to be protective and caring. I see you are over protective of Anjali and so caring for me. But now you have to be concerned. Concerned for her wishes and desires, for her dreams and fantasies. If you force her to wear a dress, its okay but never force her to accept you." Nani said directly looking at his eyes.


"Nani, I know but I am so -"


"Insecure?" nani completed it for him. "I can understand Arnav. Being insecure is natural but being insensitive is what you have to choose. Be nice with her, be caring, and show her your love, not dominance. Girls love the guys who set them free. Not the one who is after them everywhere." Arnav looked proudly at her, as to how nicely she understands him.


"But nani she never listens to me. She talks to me like I am no one! But I am Arnav Singh Raizada I can't stand a word against my decision and she just disobeys me every time! And then I am tend to get angry on her na! She just rubs the bad side of mine." Arnav said like a little child.


"First of all get this straight Arnav, you are in love with her! You do not own her! in future, You are going to marry her, not adopting her, Like you want her to obey you! Why would she? She too has her own life to live!" nani said sternly and that shut him totally up.


"But nani she never listens to me!" Arnav whined literally.


"Have you ever asked her? And mind you I am talking about 'asking' not 'ordering' okay!" she looked at him "and as far as I know, you are far away from asking people their consent! You just give orders. This type of behavior is not going to work for her!" she was right. Arnav remembered whenever they met either he kissed her or forced her.


"Nani I just want to be with her but I am -"


 "Confused?" nani again completed it for him. "So is she." Arnav looked at her frowning. "Yes. She is confused to enter Raizada mansion or not! That is why she is walking left and right of the gates of RM from last one hour!" nani chuckled and Arnav widened his eyes. He got up and opened nani's room's curtains just to see the direct sight of her. She was squeezing her fingers in nervousness and walking hence and forth of the RM gates. She was murmuring something too. Arnav looked closer as the rain was hindering her clear view. Then it stuck! Se was not murmuring! She was shivering in the rain! Stupid girl standing in the rain from past hour!


"She wont enter on her own. Go, get her in." nani said from back and Arnav looked at her surprised for the umpteenth time. He went to the door when she spoke again.


"And one more thing!" Arnav turned to see her smiling "I like her." Arnav then came to nani and hugged her tightly. Then nani reminded him of Khushi and he ran out. And nani was left alone shaking her head negatively on Arnav.





Khushi was walking here and there just in front of RM in order to decide whether she should go in or not. it was past midnight and she was not sure to go in at this hour but at the same time her heart was not letting her leave without getting her questions asked. What should she do? She was thinking from god knows how much time when she saw someone from the inside run towards her. She looked closely in the rain and figured out it was a male figure but when finally the gates of RM opened she was shocked! It was Arnav!













hey guys I know I updated a small part and that too after a looong time but I m just not satisfied with the comments. That is why I thought I would just end this story in next 3-4 updates. I think my story is not nice enough for people to comment. so thought of ending it. But don't worry, will give happy ending. I thought of extending the story by reading some replies but other people are just not bothered. So here is my deal. If you want the story "I thought" to be posted then you have to reply and comment! Criticism is also welcome and mind you not only one liners please. I want a comment! Not a formality. I want to know how you guys feel while reading the story. So if you guys do not comment then I will cut short the story.


So decision is upto you guys. You want a nice story for this ff or just 3-4 more updates and happy ending.


You decide,




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MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Ohh, SO Anjali & Khushi Went To Shopping ?! How Come Arnav Was There Too; I'm Sure He Stalked Them, Rather Khushi Naa ; P Poor Khushi Arnav Is Getting Scared Again . She Was Totally Terrified In The Mall & Couldn't Forget The Whole Accident :( Hug UV Is Such A Sweetheart; Throwing A Party For Khushi :) The Best Friend Khushi Ever Could Get . Can't You Make ArHi Friends ?! ;) Maybe Arnav Should Try To Let Her Feel Comfortable Around Him & Maybe He Should Try To Come Closer To Khushi Mentally & Become Friends With SO She Can Share Her Pain With Him As She Did With UV, Is Khushi's Birthday Coming Up Soon ?! Embarrassed Cause I Want Arnav To Know About The Letters She Send To Her Father . I Just Wish Arnav Reads Those Letters; Those Were SO Touching Man, I Almost Cried When I Say Those Smilies & Blaming Herself For Her Mothers's Death; She's Such A Child :) BUT Vij Just Teared Them Apart & Threw Them Broken Heart I Feel When Arnav Get To Know About These All Things He Will Melt Completely & Will Understand Khushi Moreee & Not Being Close To Her Psycally :) SHITTT, Khushi Doesn't Know What Happened In The Party, She Was Too Innocent To Understand :(( Will ASR Use His Power & Make Vij Pretend To Love Her Daughter So She Becomes Happy & Her Hope & Dreams About Getting Father's Love Gets True Giving Her False Hopes ?! PLEASHHH Updatee Son . I'm Having Vacation SO I Want To READDD Many Parts Dancing Haha, I Wrote This SOOO Fast LOL This Os Gonna Be Hell Of Journey & I'm Already Liking Rtaher Loving ITTT . Interestinnnggg Embarrassed

wow wow wow sanz...aahhh my one more commmeeenttt i fell off my chair reading your comment! i loved it am just stunned... thanks alot sanzz... you are a great motivator. thanks alllooottt i will surely make arnav understand (atleast in my ff)LOL and her birthday is still far away but you gave me a good idea.. i will surely use...i will make arnav read her letters...but a different way...Wink thanks for the suggestion yaar...loved it!


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No doubt, Nani is the hero of this chapter..i just luuuvd her...i love the bond between nani n arnav...nani here is like the anjali of the hope from now onwards arnav will be careful of his actions towards khushi...i sooo wish arnav opened up like this in the show too...LOL khushi came 2 RM n a rain scene in the nxt update..mmm my gutter mind is working hardLOL but guess arnav will b a gentleman now after nani's i soo wish he 4gets itWink waiting eagerly 4 the nxt update!!

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Man Arnav is so full of himself. He really don't know how to treat a girl.
It's always your FF that holds me close to forum.
The sweet part was when he came to nani and confessed his feelings like a kid.
I totally loved this innocent side of Arnav.
The other part of his I mean the lust full one is so scary and horrific.
Also loved the way he says to nani "she won't listen to me" it reminds me of my post childhood crush of raizadas where he is stubborn and innocent like this.
Thanks for the PM sent you a buddy request
Plz plz plz update it soon.
Want definitely a longer and longer update like I wanna read it for an hour.
When I first saw your post I was so determined that I wanna read this FF though it has seven parts.
And so I was regular on ur post from eight one.

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samia19 IF-Rockerz

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finally arnav realised that he loves khushi, just fabulous update
thx for the pm
casker IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Brilliant update. loved naani. Pls dont stop this. Love this ff
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it to the core
i am loving the way the story is ahping up
keep writing
and thnxx for the PM
sorry my like button isnt workingCry
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nice !!!!!

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