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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 37)

Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Heyya i just now read all the parts in one go. it was the most awesome FF i have ever read.
Plz add me to ur pm list. I've sent u a buddy request.
It was nice to read ur FF. Loved it so much man.
Plus Khushi's and Anji's friendship, the Arnav's caring for Anjali and Khushi and his greed to Kiss her and care for her at the same time reminds me about Edwards character (twilight).
He too cares the same way for Alice. Bella and Alice share the friendship same way. and he also wants bella to stay with her and leave him at the same time.
Refreshed my memories about twilight.

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Ace11 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged
U write a very gripping story. Waiting for the next update
pinky89 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome update !!!! Continue soon...
I ve send u buddy request... Plz PM me whenever u update...

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MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Part Eight


Soon Anji returned with Dan and everyone was sitting in a circle, as the famous food of Garima aunty's hands was going to be served. Dan also joined in with Anji. The food was simple as it was for Khushi but still it was delicious. Garima specially went home in the early morning, as she knew Khushi dint liked the food that was served by the hospital. So she went with Payal and made food for everyone. This was garima's hobby ' to stuff everyone with food!


Khushi was so happy seeing everyone around her happily chatting and eating together, except one. She thought - How nice would it be if Arnav joined them too? . . . . . . . .


Khushi slapped her head and finished her eating.




After 2 days.



Khushi was back home and everyone was happy. Uv decided to throw a party. He knew Khushi loved surprises and hence he threw a party without her knowledge. Khushi was busy in her home working on a project. Khushi just passed her high school and got admission in a college. And as soon as their semester started they were loaded with projects. So she was working on one of them when Anji called her and asked her to get ready as she was taking her out on shopping and then to a party. Khushi agreed, as she was so tired resting in home. When she was discharged from the hospital she thought she would finally join her college but she was locked in her house just to take REST! Everyone, even along with UV were on the side to not let her join college for her regular classes. And the traitor Anji was with them too.


In the late afternoon, Anji came and took Khushi along with her to shopping. They were roaming around in the mall when Khushi saw a beautiful short dress and was very excited to see it. Usually she does not wear short dresses but she had two of them, which she hid from everyone and wore them at night just to admire herself, and Anji knew this. Anji smiled seeing the Khushi finally back with a bang.


Khushi excitedly took the dress to try it on. She was in the trial room when the door opened and Khushi gasped! There he was! Leaning on the doorframe and smiling at her.


He looked at her mesmerized and was awestruck! She was the girl who can make Arnav Singh Raizada stare! Arnav looked at her, her long bare legs, her short dress ending above her knees, hugging her waist and breasts extremely well, and had thin stripes on the shoulder just to support it, letting her neck and a bit of her cleavage visible.


Soon his mouth dried and he wanted to wet his lips with hers. He moved closer to her and then turned to lock the door. As she heard the door lock, it sent a long shiver through her spine and her knees wobbled a bit. She moved back as he moved towards her. The room was so small that she hit the cold wall in the second step itself. Arnav moved closer and raised a hand to touch her bare neck. His hand lingered there and her knees gave up. She was about to fall when Arnav quickly held her waist tightly, supporting her. He held her closer and looked at her face, she was looking away.


"You wont be wearing this dress in the party!" he said a bit sternly and again! A shiver ran through her body.


Khushi concentrated her mind in understanding what he said and then figured that he was ordering her! She opened her mouth, "but-".


Before she could complete Arnav said "I said, no, then it's a NO!" he looked directly in her eyes and was surprised to see a hint of anger in them.


"You are not supposed to order me Mr. Raizada!" she said narrowing her eyes and Arnav was again furious. No one talked to him like that and got away with it! But her! It could be JUST her.


He closed his eyes in order to suppress his anger. Then he abruptly left her and turned, thank god she composed herself from falling and looked angrier now! Arnav again turned to her and now with a bag that had a box in it, in his hand. She looked at it and looked confusedly towards him.


"Wear this at the party tonight!" he said and it was clearly visible that he was trying hard to control his anger.


"And why would I do that!" Khushi said equally angry at his dominating behavior.


"You won't really want me to answer that!" Arnav said with a hint and she shivered again. Why in the world, he is only able to do that to me! Khushi thought.


Arnav looked at her eyes and saw a genuine urge to know the answer.


"It bares more than it really covers!" he said looking sensually in her eyes and she was shocked at his confession. But it was half of a confession, she wanted more. But he said "And I would kill any other person rather than me to look at you like this!" Arnav's eyes became dark at the last comment and Khushi was fed up of his attitude to bully her around. She lost her senses in her anger.


"And how it affects you even if I go nude in front of them?!" Khushi asked furiously and the thread by which he controlled his anger finally broke into pieces.


"Wrong move, Khushi!"


He quickly came towards her and she closed her eyes and hid her face in her palms. Arnav hovered over her with his hands on the either sides of her head. When he did nothing she slowly peeped out of her hands and looked at him. His eyes were so dangerous that she was again afraid of him.


"If you dare say that again, I will make sure you are nude, with me inside you!"


There was a strange sincerity in those eyes that meant he would do exactly what he said. He took the bag and forced it in her hands and moved out.


Khushi was shocked and a sob escaped her mouth as she collapsed in the room. She hugged the box unconsciously and sobbed further, but tears refused to come in her eyes. She took a deep breath and changed herself in her previous dress and came out of the room. She kept the short dress back into its place and went to Anji who was busy selecting shoes for herself. Anji saw the bag in her hand and said


"Oh you bought the dress! Very good, I bought one too. I will show you, once we got home. I was just seeing the shoes-" Anji saw Khushi distracted and deep in the thoughts. "What happened?" Anji said scanning her eyes for answers.


"Nothing." She looked at her and changed the topic "wow nice shoes Anji!" looking at the gray high hilled sandals.


"You like it! Should I buy?" Anji asked excited.


"Yeah go ahead! They look nice." Khushi smiled as she finally changed the topic and was successful in her tear-controlling practice.


"Hey Khushi look at the royal blue ones! They would look good on you too." Khushi saw at the direction where Anji was pointing. They were really nice. Simple royal blue sandals with no sparkly or glittery stones. Just simple! As she liked it. She smiled and bought them.


Once their shopping was over they went to Khushi's home. They chatted on various things. Payal was in her room when she heard Khushi laughing and chatting with Anji. She went to her and saw her smile. She was laughing heartily but for some reason the laughter was not reaching her eyes. Payal looked at her from the door. Then at a comment made by Anji, Payal laughed from the door and Khushi turned terrified, thinking he was there.


"What happened?" Payal asked seeing the look in her eyes.


"Nothing." Khushi said and looked away.


"No. Something is wrong. You look lost since I saw you in the mall." Anji said reading her face.


"No. I m fine guys! I m fiiinneee." Khushi said whining. And seeing her so desperate to make them believe it they both laughed.




It was evening and everyone was ready, except Khushi. Payal and Anji came to her room in their dresses, Anji wearing a gray Punjabi suit which was nearly backless and the sandals she just bought with them. Payal wore an elegant salwaar kameez that was enhancing her beauty.


They both entered her room and were shocked!


"WHAT IS THIS!!?? You are not ready yet!!!!" Anji said yelling.


"Khushi what are you doing!!?? Get ready this instant!" Payal said.


"I don't feel like going!" she said looking at the bag, which was given by Arnav. "Why don't you guys carry on? Anji take jiji along with you! I m not feeling well." Khushi said as she clutched her head. This worried the heck out of them. They came rushing towards her.



And then it happened! They both showered her with their questions!

How are you feeling exactly? Are you sick? Do you feel headache? Are you not eating properly? Did you take medications as prescribed!?


Khushi fed up, sighed - "OK OK OK!!! I m going.! Happy!" she stood up and shooed them away before opening the bag he gave.


The bag carried a black box, in which "AR Designs" was written elegantly. Her hands shivered as she opened the box but she was more scared to see what it was. If it has something too revealing, then? Then you have to open it and see. Duh! Her mind retorted.


She opened the box and saw a royal blue anarkali suit! It was not at all revealing. Infact it had a decent neck with heavy embroidered full sleeves, she looked closely and found that it was fully embroidered. A royal blue suit with elegant black embroidery. Simple but stylish. She hated to admit but it was awesome! The dress was so nice she couldn't take her eyes off. She quickly changed in it and found it exactly of her size! As if it was designed for her!


She was confused. How come he knew her exact sizes! Again the nervousness stuck her and she was deep in thought! Whether she should wear it or not! IF YOU DINT THEN IT WILL ANGER HIM MORE! Her mind screamed some senses into her and she wore it nonetheless.




Everyone arrived at the venue. Payal and Anji went in first and Khushi was helped out by a man in white sherwani. The place was totally dark, just some candles were lighting the path towards the entrance. And Khushi felt strange as Anji told her that she was going to a party but here it was full dark. The face of the man holding her hand was also not visible. But his hand felt familiar.


Due to dark Khushi couldn't see anything but guessed that she was going in a room. As soon as she entered the whole place burst with lightings and Khushi closed her eyes for a moment, adjusting her eyes for the sudden lightings. Then she heard everyone yell. 




She opened her eyes and saw UV, Garima, Shashi, Giriraj (uv's dad), Anji, Payal and all her friends clapping for her. She smiled and gasped for the umpteenth time of the day! She realized this all was arranged for her! Just for her! She then looked at the person holding her hand; it was none other than- Dan! That's why she felt it familiar.


She hugged each and everyone present there. And the last one was UV.


"I cant believe you did all this?!" Khushi said as she held tears of happiness.


"Anything for you, sweetheart!" UV said and she hugged him tightly. Every other girl burned with jealousy, seeing the two together.


"Enough of the romance guys! We are in public, Behave!" Anji said sighing fakely and they broke the hug.


"Well, how do you know everything was done by him!?" Anji said disappointed.


"Everyone is in traditional dresses tonight!" she looked around. "Only uv knew I always wanted a traditional party." She looked at him. "He knows me!"


Hearing it Anji said, "You and only you two can be so fond of each other! Don't you guys get bored! Ever?"


"Nope!" they both said at the same time and laughed.


Soon the party was in full swing. Everyone was enjoying and dancing. Even the girls were flattered seeing Khushi. They were jealous of her every inch! Khushi had minimal makeup and she let her hair loose which was adding to her beauty.


She danced and danced with UV and he, not for a second left her side. She felt weird. As if she left him then Arnav would come and take her away. Uv felt something wrong, as Khushi was not leaving his hand, not for a second. He held her more firmly and closer to himself. Khushi felt safe in his warmth. He then took her to a corner table and made her sit.


"Khushi, What happened?" he asked concerned. But Khushi got angry.


"What's with 'what happened''what happened' phrase?! Everyone is asking the same thing! I am fed up! Cant you guys just stop worrying like I m a 3 year old!?" Khushi said as she suddenly got up from the chair and UV held her hand.


"Come on Khushi! Everyone is worried coz you have just returned from the hospital!" UV said a bit hurt.


Khushi sighed and regretted talking like that. "UV, I m sorry." She looked at him. "Its just that everyone, Anji ' Payal, literally everybody asked the same thing to me! I shouldn't have talked like that but- please understand." Khushi said as she looked at UV and he hugged her.


Khushi then hugged him tightly. Uv also embraced her to him. He placed a soothing kiss on her forehead and cheek.


"You can talk to me in anyway you want. Just keep talking! Its when you are quiet, everyone is worried." He said and Khushi hugged him again. Then they sat in the same table and saw everyone dancing on the dance floor. Garima and Shashi left with Giriraj, as there were only youngsters in the party. Uv and Khushi laughed as they saw nervous Dan dancing with Anji. Dan was born with two left feet. He was just stepping on her foot every now and then. Uv laughed and made Khushi forget everything. Payal was dancing with someone and was looking admiringly towards them. The way UV kept Khushi happy was just like a miracle.


Suddenly Khushi felt him. Her laughter and smile died. She saw towards the entrance and there he was! With his armed bodyguards around him. He just looked at his bodyguards and they got the hint to wait out side. They went out and UV took Khushi towards him.


"I am glad you could make it, Mr. Raizada." Uv said extending his hand.


Arnav took his hand in his and shook firmly and replied, "Call me Arnav, Uday. I don't feel good when near ones call me by formals." He said looking at Khushi and she remembered she also called him "Mr. Raizada" in the mall. She ignored it.


She then looked at UV and said, "I will be just back." And left.


Arnav dint like it that she left without greeting him. But as UV was talking to him he ignored it too.


Uv made Arnav meet some if his friends and businessmen. Arnav was meeting everyone so formally that it looked like a business party to Khushi. She was stealing glances of him, without making him notice it.


Arnav knew she was ignoring him as whenever he neared her she just left. This followed 3-4 times and Arnav was angrier than ever before. How dare she ignore him!! Wasn't the warning he gave at mall, enough? He got to do something!


Everyone was enjoying when Arnav grabbed Khushi's hand and pulled her in a room. Firstly Khushi was shocked and scared but then she was angry too.


"Why are you avoiding me!?" Arnav asked narrowing his eyes.


"I don't want to talk to you!" Khushi said and started walking off.


"I told you many times, don't you dare talk to me like that!" Arnav said controlling his anger.


"Oh I will and you can not stop me!"


"I very well can Miss Gupta!" saying this he moved closer to her and she was moving back. Soon her back touched the wall and she was unable to move further. Arnav came close, grabbed her dupatta and threw it across the room.


Khushi was surprised! How can he do this! But what came next surprised her more. She felt him grabbing her and pushing her on the bed.


Arnav held her shoulders and pushed her on the bed and got over her, kissing her furiously on the lips. Khushi was unable to make out any action of his. And the kiss was not completed yet, she also felt him opening her top. Her yes widened and she looked at him. She couldn't see his lips but his eyes were smirking at her. Arnav's hand went back and he opened the chain of her top. He quickly slid it down revealing her shoulders and her black innerwear. Khushi was so shy and shocked that she forgot to even react. She just clutched his shirt and tried pushing him but was unable to.


He kissed her shoulder and she tried screaming but his hand came crashing down on her mouth to stop her. Her mouth was covered by his hand and she was not able to scream now. He kissed her neck, shoulder and upper part of her breasts. He left many wet kisses and Khushi just squirmed under him. Feeling her protest he left his marks, some bluish, some reddening and some bleeding.


He heard her cry out in pain and saw what he has done! He was again after her body and he scared her away again! He abruptly left her and moved away from the bed. Khushi quickly sat on the bed hiding her shoulders and his bites. Arnav ran a frustrated hand through his hairs and said in hoarse voice


"Just leave Khushi! Leave me here and go away. If I saw you once again I wont be able to stop next time. Please go!" he was too compelled in front of his own desires for her. He dint wanted to harm her like this but she- he looked back. She was still there! She dint go? He looked at her again and saw her clutching her top for her dear life and turned his head, frustrated at her.


"I told you to leave Khushi. Please. I don't want to show you the monster in me!" he literally pleaded her but she dint budge.


"You just compel me to show you the monstrous side of mine." Saying this he came to her and made her lay again and just slid the stripes of her innerwear down too.


Khushi felt most vulnerable in his gaze. She felt him hardened more and his hardness pressed her lower part. Her breasts were revealed to his mercy. But he was just far away from giving mercy at the moment. He looked hungrily at one and then at her eyes. They had fear, indeed. But there was a faint permission, for him, to go on. Her ignorance angered him but her submission scared him. Not because he knew he can destroy her. But because he came to know she was willing to be destroyed. At that very moment he came to how nave she was! She dint even knew what was happening. She was just giving in to his desires. She dint knew what was waiting ahead for her. She knew not a single consequence of going a step further. And if he continued, he would become unstoppable, even for himself. The faint permission in her eyes, even after what he just did to her, was the reason he was scared to loose her. For the first time he was scared to look at her eyes. Coz if he saw that submission once again he would just consume her. For the first time he was afraid of his own capability. He just pecked her lips once, just touching them with his. He dint look at her eyes and pulled the stripes back up and closed her chain from behind and again moved away. He picked his coat from the ground, which he unconsciously threw away and walked towards the dupatta. He picked it up and wrapped it around her. She looked at his eyes that were genuinely sorry for his deed and he was forgiven instantly. Yes, she forgave him.


He then did a mistake, looked at her eyes, which were giving him permission the second earlier, were now giving him the forgiveness. His eyes welled up for a second. Innocence can be lethal. It can provoke you as well as kill you. If he died looking at those eyes, he wouldn't complain, ever!




Precap:  guess what! AARAV MALLIK IS BACK!!

 (thanks indiavizion for reminding meLOL i corrected itWink)


Hey all.

Here is the new update.

This is my special piece of writingStar and I want LONG COMMENTS! CoolIf no long comments then forget the update!Shocked Yes I m serious.Smile


Waiting for your criticism/appreciation.Embarrassed



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nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Update
Continue Soon
Thank You So Much For The PM
ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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y is she not telling anyone abt arnav's harassment ?! atleast to uv ?
Arathy-V Goldie

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Edit: OMG luuuvd it as usual...y cant arnav b less animalistics atleast 2 khushi..but then tats wat i luv in him...he is sooo Arav malik will b bak??? gawd...hope it doesnt negatively affect ArHi's relationship!!

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awesome update, thx for the pm

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