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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 36)

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Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

^^ I Demand Parts Each Week ;) LOL Hug

for that you all have to give biggg replies...and bribe me to give an early updateLOLEmbarrassed as i said. the bigger the replies are the sooner the update keep replying and keep bribing me...(i hope there are no police in this forum or else i m arrested for asking bribes, wo bhi khullam khulla! heheLOL)

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^^ Haha, You Got Lots Of Big Comments This TIMEEE ! ;) Embarrassed Dancing
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hey very nice!!!
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Very nice ff love it.
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 This update is dedicated to Sanzz  (..-Sanzz-..) thanks for promoting my ff dearHug





"I am sorry sir. But the visiting hours are closed for the visitors." The cop knew who was infront of him but rules were rules.


"And I am not a normal visitor, cop. You know me." the last sentence was the indication that they couldn't stop him from meeting the one he wanted to.


The cop swallowed hard and turned towards the computer screen and got the cell number in which ASR's culprit was locked. "Its cell number 1299, sir."


Arnav started to walk in the dimly lit corridor and saw the first cell, 1291.


He took long strides as soon as the jail rooms started to come in front of him. He just couldn't wait to see him. And he just couldn't stop the itching in his hands just to punch the life out of that man.


1292..93..94..95..96..97..98.. finally, 1299.


He immediately looked down and saw it was immensely dark. So dark that he couldn't see a face. Soon the cop following him turned a light on which made the room dimly lit, at least he could see faces now. But Arnav Singh Raizada was not here to see faces, but to break one.


There was an iron bed and vij, in his gray uniform was sleeping on it. As soon as the lights were on he made a face and got up with anger. He saw a cop outside and yelled.


"What the hell is wrong with you, scoundrel! Cant I even sleep nicely!!" vij came near the bars and stood just in front of ASR.


ASR looked at him and felt all the muscles that held his patience move away. He just glared at the cop beside him and the poor chap just fumbled through the keys and opened his cell door.


ASR got in and vij looked suspiciously at him.


"I bet the sleep you got till now would be your best sleep ever! Coz now onwards I am in your life Vijendar Thakraal. And I promise I wont let you sleep a blink from now onwards. The only peaceful sleep you will ever get now would be when you die!" ASR said, as he was just an inch away from his culprit, from her culprit. And moreover anji's culprit. Anji and Khushi may forgive him but ASR? Nah! He never forgives, he punishes.


"Oh come on! Can we not continue this tomorrow? I m really tired!" saying this vij started moving towards the bed when ASR just held the bed and threw it across the room, like it was nothing. The iron bed clashed with the bars and made a big noise. Hearing noises 3-4 cops came running to his cell and were about to enter when Arnav's one glare stopped them in their tracks.


"You have no idea what you are putting yourself into!" vij gritted his teeth. And ASR glared at him equally.


"Then I think you don't know me. I am Arnav Singh Raizada! And I like to play rough!" he said boring his eyes into vij's and for a second a small shiver ran into his spine. But vij recovered it and looked at his eyes that were spitting fire into his soul.


"And I don't play fair either!" vij said again looking at him and now he moved forward to see closely who this ASR was. "Well what have I done to you? There are a lot of people with whom I have played. But you are something interesting!" saying this vij had a cunning smile on his face and ASR felt so bad for his cunning smile that he was just about to rip it off from his face!


"I am Asha and Aarav's son." There was a fire-type glint in Arnav's eyes and he had a got-you-off-guard smirk on his face.


Vij's eyes narrowed a second for redirecting the info Arnav gave, soon he had a fake mask on "ah! You are Aarav's son! Oh my god! You have grown so big, son!" he said with fake smile and fake affection.


Hearing him say son, Arnav lost himself and gave a tight punch on his face and for a second vij felt his teeth and gums dislocate but soon recovered and was about to reply back but Arnav held his hand and twisted it on his back. Vij let out a small scream as he held his wrist so painfully that soon it started to get numb.


"Don't you dare call me that! I am nobody's son!! And let me remind you- I am not that 7-year-old that would not know your real intentions. I very well do and don't you dare underestimate me! You poisoned my mom's life by filling Aarav Mallik's mind with doubts and even at that time I saved my mother and sister by the evil clutches of you and I am very sure I would save my love from you, too!" saying this he pushed vij in front of the bars and his head got hurt. Some amount of blood started oozing out.


Seeing the blood and violence in the cell the cops tried to catch Arnav, "don't you dare step in the prison!" he warned the cops and they stilled. They were aware of ASR's bad temper and now it was not only bad but also the worst.


"YOU!! - " he was about to hit him again but Arnav very easefully dodged and moved behind him and pushed him to the wall, hurting him on the same place of the head again.


"You have no idea how much I am loving this." Arnav said as he had his victorious smirk on his face.


"What have I done??" vij said frustrated, then it clicked "your lover? Who is your lover, huh??" he said venomously.


Arnav smirk the best of his and answered, "your biological daughter! Khushi!"


The floor beneath vij slipped and for a second he tripped, "easy, easy there, Thakraal!" Arnav said holding him, "I am not going to let you fall so easily. It will be the most painful one for you! Coz you tried to hurt the 3 most precious women in my world, my mom, my sister and my love! So technically your fall would be 3 times worst than how it should be!" saying this Arnav smiled but again he felt Thakraal getting up but this time with full force.


"You love that b*tch! Oh forget saving her! You can't do anything once I am out of here! Save her till I am locked but after that she will breath her last!!" vij said in anger.


Arnav was just too furious. He held his collar and pushed him towards the walls. Vij cried in pain. Arnav was about to punch him on his face when the face of smiling Khushi hindered in between. He again tried hitting him but he saw Khushi smiling in front of him. He couldn't hit him. Not because Khushi loved her father but because Arnav loved her..


"Don't you dare use a word against my love! Be grateful to her that because of her, today, I am sparing you! Or else I would have killed you right now, but killing you in here would be so less fun, Thakraal! Lets see how you play outside this lock up. And I would wait till you get out. But the day you try to harm ANYONE around me, be it a little kitten also, I swear I will make your life living hell and that is a promise, Arnav Singh Raizada's promise!" he said nearing vij's face.


"Oh then you don't have to wait for long, Raizada! I am going out soon. And remind you! When I am out! I m so, so going to kill her." vij also moved further towards Arnav.


"We'll see. Who is going to be killed by whom!" Saying this Arnav stepped out and took long strides near the exit.




After hearing those negative words for her, Arnav was furious! So raging furious that he had to take every ounce of self-control present in him, to not to turn back and tear that man into pieces. He needed to see her, kiss her, maybe that would calm him down. ONLY that would calm him down. Without any delay he went towards her.


He opened the door of her room and saw her still sleeping in her deep slumber. He went near her and sat on the same bed in which she was laying. He again saw her in the same state. White and white color around her and different wires connected to her body and a small machine beeping in every beat of her heart. He kept his hands on the either side of her shoulders and dipped his head towards hers to have a taste of her mouth. Yes, he would just taste her and then would run away before he preceded any further.


He dipped his head more and more. And finally found the corner of her lips. He lingered over there, taking in her warmth.


Khushi, who was asleep, felt something soft and warm on her lips. It was like something magical, like something was breathing life into her. She could feel it in her deep slumber too. Unfortunately, she was unable to move her lips so that the warm thing covered her lips fully. But as if he heard her, Arnav couldn't help but cover his lips on hers and take her full warmth in him. He licked her lips and sucked at the bottom lip. That's when her mind roared and told her that she was being kissed, again. But the mind, this time, was not roaring due to fear but due to happiness.


Khushi tried hard in fighting the sedatives, which kept her from coming to consciousness. And soon she was out of her slumber and tried opening her eyes. Arnav who was unaware of her inner war, was busy taking in her lips fully, all the thoughts of leaving jumped out the window. He felt her lips moving slightly. She was responding! For the first time! Arnav opened his eyes, removing his lips from hers. He got a bit away to see her face, when he saw the wrinkle on her forehead, He thought she dint like him kissing her but what he saw in her eyes totally stumped him! There was desire! A pure and innocent desire to be kissed. Maybe she liked it! The thought itself made him hard. She liked him kissing her.


She frowned a little, while waiting him to kiss her. And he obliged!


Arnav dipped his head once again and neared her lips. Seeing him come forward, she closed her eyes in submission. Arnav saw her submitting herself to him and he fell in love with her all over again. He brought his lips on hers and stayed there still, not moving or not making any move to proceed. She felt him stop and frowned a little again, she was still under sedatives, and looked like they were taking a toll over her senses.


She tried moving her heavy lips and he felt it, Her responding to his kiss. He started licking her lips slowly and sensually. As if trying to heal her. But Khushi, she wanted more of him. She opened her mouth unknowingly and let out a weak moan. Hearing the sweet voice of her wanting more Arnav smirked inwardly and started to play along! After all, he was also tortured by her not responding-ness, now its her turn.


Not feeling him move she started moving her lips again but failed. It was like she had no control over herself anymore. She let a weak frustrated sigh. Suddenly Arnav heard the heart monitor of hers beep faster and he knew she wanted him desperately. The second he realized his love for her, He promised himself that he would fulfill each and every wish of hers, and if this was her wish right now, then why not! After sweet torture Khushi felt bliss, as his lips finally parted and he started the real kiss. Khushi felt fireworks inside her and her body going numb in his presence. He opened her mouth with his tongue and entered in her secret territory. His hands moved from the bed to the back of her head and moved her face more into his. Getting his support Khushi moved her lips just to caress his. That was enough of the light kissing. Arnav broke through all the barriers and started getting into the intimate journey. He sucked her tongue and teased it to get up and fight for dominance but at the moment dominance was not what she wanted. Khushi just sighed into his mouth but Arnav was not satisfied. He thrusted his tongue into her mouth deeper and deeper, unlocking her hidden treasure- her sweet taste. Khushi again let a satisfied moan escape her mouth and finally felt the eternal bliss of being kissed perfectly. Their first-perfect-mutual kiss.


Suddenly, Arnav pulled Khushi carefully in a sitting position, the wires were attached but he took so extra care that nothing came in between. Arnav then half-hugged her while still continued his soft kiss. Arnav nibbled on her lower lip just to make her respond nicely but she was just lost in him. He again bit her softly and Khushi just moaned again. His body was going hard to the aching point. She tried to respond and just licked his lip with her tongue, just for a second and Arnav was so in her that he forgot all the anger, frustration and even the revenge. The sedatives again dominated her senses and her body fell weak into his arms. Her head jerked back a bit and Arnav knew she was again falling back in her deep slumber. He broke the kiss and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then slowly and steadily he made her lay on the bed again and he took his hands back that were holding her face and her back and looked at her now-swollen and red lips. After seeing them, he again wanted to kiss her senseless but knew he should not. She has just started falling for him, he dint wanted to scare her again. He just adjusted her blanket, looked at the heart monitor, which was now at peace and without any noise, moved out of the room.




Closing the door, Arnav peeked inside the room for the last glance and there, she was again in her peaceful sleep and now due to him, there was a whole new redness on her cheeks and lips. Maybe she was blushing in her sleep. He wanted to control his urging desires before he harmed her in a drastic way, the way, he too would not be able to forgive himself. He closed his eyes tightly and turned, now his back facing the door. He saw here and there but there was no one. How come? Why was there no one out here for her? What if she needed anything!


He tried seeing someone here and there again but couldn't find anyone. But then UV came from one of the rooms, which was actually Dan's cabin. Uv saw Arnav and was surprised to see him here at this moment.


"Arrey, Mr. Raizada you here? At this time?" UV looked at him suspiciously, and looked at the time in his watch. It was 3.30 am.


"Ah. Actually my sister, Anjali, was so worried about her friend that She wanted to stay here but I took her forcefully. Then she became angry and I came to check on her friend on her behalf." Arnav lied so innocently that UV dint even doubted. Arnav then looked closely and continued, "I hope you don't mind me coming here at this awkward time."


Uv's expressions changed suddenly and he said casually, "ohh no Mr. Raizada! What are you saying? I know you love your sister very much. And Anjali is so caring about Khushi too. I still remember when Anji came to know about Khushi's past, she was broken herself. And I really don't mind your presence Mr. Raizada." He said.


"Well, thank you. But I don't understand, why isn't anybody of her family here? I mean they love her a lot?" Arnav asked and UV smiled.


"Yes they love her a lot and they are here too. Actually they are in the next room. (Uv showed Arnav the room next door and he was shocked to see all of her family- Shashi, Garima and Payal sitting on the sofa.) Actually Khushi didn't wanted to trouble them by staying here so she insisted to them to leave but they just couldn't and so do me! That's why they are here in the next room, if she needed them anytime. But they wont tell her." UV smiled.


Arnav was touched to know that she had a great family inspite of having a horrible biological father! Infact he is not even worth it to be called as the father of that angel. Arnav clenched his fists and controlled his rage, which just erupted at the mere thought of him.


"Are you her boyfriend?" Arnav just couldn't stop himself from asking.


Uv laughed and Arnav looked confused. "Don't even say that infront of her! Her friends just keep teasing her with my name and I am ok with it! She would just kill you if you mentioned it too. She loves me and I love her but just the way friends do. Khushi is so nice that she sees everything through the positive-ness inside her! So she needs someone to protect her from the harshness of the world. And I am her protector."


Hearing UV like this Arnav just got the positive vibes from him. He was sure Khushi would be safe with him. And he did not need to worry about their relationship anymore. And he was not that ancient minded, when people believed that a guy and a girl cant be friends. Infact he was happy Khushi had someone to protect her from the world before he came in her life. But now she had him. And he was just going rip off the harshness altogether from her life.





Arnav was trying hard to sleep but sleep was far far far away from him. He tossed and turned on his king sized-soft bed that he loved the previous nights but today, this bed was biting him to get up.


After 2 minutes he got up and headed towards the gym. May be he can tire himself to an extent that he might fell asleep easily coz sleeping at mind's peace was not a question for him right now. Coz his mind was not at all in its place after hearing those ridiculous words from vij's mouth.


He entered his personal gym in his house, which was full of latest equipments, he could work on but he went to the most favorite of his, the treadmill. He went to it and climbed on it and put the maximum speed he could run on. He had that rage inside him building up that he could burst in anger any moment. He needed to let out his anger soon or else he would just destroy something around him.


He was running and running to his high speed, legs aching, muscles hard and sweat - it was like a shower was pouring water on him. His track pants were soaked and vest- which just hugged his chest as a second skin. His shoes screaming at him to stop the torture but the raging ache inside his heart was not letting him stop for even a nanosecond also. His breaths were uneven and his sweat-wet hairs were jumping up and down on his each step and the room was full of heat. His heat. The heat of his rage inside him.


Soon his legs gave up and he stopped himself from running. He went to the boxing area instead. He punched and punched the bag, which hung loose in the middle of a roof. The bag got punched so many times that the machines were looking at it sympathetically. But Arnav was nowhere near stopping. He ought to let out his anger. But he himself didn't have that energy to let out his full anger. The final punch and the bag was thrown out of the sight by him. The loose knot on the roof buckle tore and the bag went go-went-gone in the room.


Soon in 2 hours or so Arnav went to his room and slept, not because he was sleepy but because he was hell tired.





Soon the much-awaited sun shone bright in the sky, making its rays enter the white room, where the angel was sleeping.


Khushi opened the eyes and found UV infront of her. He was smiling brightly at her and was looking at her face, which had the unusual happiness. Khushi smiled back to him and he was again infected by her smile.


"I didn't knew you liked this hospital so much that you are waking up with a smile." Uv pointed it out for her and she was in deep thoughts.


Why was she smiling? Oh my god!! She remembered being kissed by him last night. Even though she was in deep effects of the sedatives, she couldn't forget how gentle and soft his lips were. And the kiss- she blushed.


Uv saw the changing expressions, from surprise to realization to shock then to shyness.


"ohh ho do you realize how happy you are Khushi??? If you be so happy coming here then I myself will knock you down every other day, just to see you so happy!" uv joked and got a hit on his arm.


Just then Shashi, Garima and Payal came in.


"Oh my god you are up! I was thinking of you all night in that room!" Payal said and got a secret nudge from UV. "I mean in my room, in the house." Payal said making an excuse.


"Oh leave that Payal, Khushi would be tired and bring that homemade food for her." Garima said as she wanted to shoo Payal off before she spilled the beans of them being here all the time.


"Yes and you know last night all the neighbors were asking of you, sweetheart." Shashi lied.


"Oh come on, bauji. Do you really think I was asleep when you came in and turned off the AC and put a blanket on me!" she said and Payal and Garima gasped at her. "And you!" she turned towards UV "don't you have any manners to knock on the girl's door! You came 3-4 times, all without knocking!" she said with fake anger and UV smiled.


"I knock on a girl's door right! But you (he looked at her) I even doubt you are a girl!" UV said playfully and again got hit by her on his arm.


Everyone laughed as the real Khushi was back and Garima had her signature tears on.


Just then doctor Dan entered the room, full of laughter. "I see, the things are now under control. And you Khushi Kumari Gupta! Scared the hell out of us. Next time you plan to go unconscious, inform any of us!" Dan was also a family member to them as he was handling her case from years and hence had an affair with her best friend, who was now in a serious relationship with him but there was no seriousness in Anji and him, they were as playful with everyone as they would be in kindergarten.


"Hey where is Anji, Dan!" she asked and he blushed at the simplest mention of her name.


"She told me last night that she would be here soon, I wonder what's taking her so long." Dan said glancing the door.


Seeing him so impatient Khushi cooed, "oooh someone's having late night talks too! Maybe I should tell anji's brother about you and your secret heart which beats only for my dear friend." Khushi said innocently and that scared the poor guy to the core.


"No no no… don't tell him! He is just so protective of his sister that he might kill me, no wonder." Dan suddenly got scared and everyone laughed heartily at his frightened expression.


"I don't get it how badly you are scared of him! He is so nice!" Payal said to Dan and he gave an annoyed look to her.


"Yeah yeah he isn't scary but his temper is! I have read, he once shot her boyfriend, in the heart, who just tried to kiss Anjali in a dance pub. And he was stalking his moves and when he came closer to her and held her hand, he shot him dead!! The cops came and were present there! But he is Arnav Singh Raizada! Who dares to touch him!" Dan told everyone with wide eyes imagining the live scene infront of him and everyone again laughed at his cuteness and horrified face. He was just too childish to be a doctor.


"By the way, let me tell you! That boy was a criminal and had 2-3 rape-attempt cases going on him. He moved infront of Anjali to harm her. Firstly he warned him to not even move in anji's direction, and what he did was right. He first shot him on the foot, as a warning. When the guy, saw ASR infront of him he again moved towards anji and that's when he shot him on his heart! Dirty heart though!" UV said expanding on the scene and Khushi looked at him horrified once again! The person who kissed her so sensually was a murderer!!!! Oh em gee!!!


"And how do you know this exactly!" Khushi asked now as terrified as Dan.


"That dance pub was in Uday-niwas hotel!" Uday said scaring the wit out of Khushi.


"And you did nothing!" Khushi said not believing.


"What would I do!" Uday asked confused.


"I mean, he KILLED someone in YOUR HOTEL!! And you dint even tell me!" Khushi said widening her eyes.


"Yes and the person who was killed was a CRIMINAL and he was trying to harass ASR's sister, Anjali Singh Raizada. The outcome was expected! I would have been surprised if he left him breathing." Uday said casually. "And one more thing, why would have I told you! You cant even handle killing a mosquito and he – well leave it. You wont understand! Guys are just so protective for the people around them. I would have done the same if I had a gun and someone was misbehaving with you or Payal." Uday said with determined eyes as if he was not at all joking.


Khushi took in all the information. And processed it in her brain. The man who kissed her last night was a murderer and moreover she liked the murderer's kiss!! Double oh em gee!!


While she was processing the info, Anji came in and greeted her.


"Hi Khushi. How are you feeling?" she said casually and then saw Khushi's and Dan's faces. It was white from fear. "What happened guys! Did you see Payal without her makeup!! Omg Payal!!" she looked at Payal who gave a fake glare to her.


"Actually, uv told her about your last boyfriend who was shot dead by your brother!" Payal said giving tit for tat and high-fived UV, Who was also laughing at her remark but Anjali was unaffected.


"ohh that! His name was Vivek and let me clear! He was NOT my boyfriend. I just met him 2 times and I liked him. But I dint made him my boyfriend! If bhai knew he was my bf and we were dating then he would have shot him 10 times."


"And you are telling me now!" Dan was now all the more scared.


Payal and UV laughed and Anji pacified him. "Come on! he doesn't know about us! I mean not yet! And you are not even any type of criminal trying to harass me. Why would he harm you! And I am there with you Na! He won't shoot you! I promise." Anji said sensually and everyone broke into laughter and Dan left the room in a huff. And Anji followed him.


"Oh my gooddd!!! They are not going to change EVER!!!" Payal said and UV laughed too. Khushi who just pretended to laugh was nervous again. She liked being kissed by him, and the problem was HE KNEW IT!!!


He knew it she liked it last time and wanted more of it! And the way he looked at her, was just- .. Khushi got Goosebumps all over her, at mere thought of him. What if he came infront of her now! Triple oh em gee!!




Soon Anji returned with Dan and everyone was sitting in a circle, as the famous food of Garima aunty's hands was going to be served. Dan also joined in with Anji. The food was simple as it was for Khushi but still it was delicious. Garima specially went home in the early morning, as she knew Khushi dint liked the food that was served by the hospital. So she went with Payal and made food for everyone. This was garima's hobby – to stuff everyone with food!


Khushi was so happy seeing everyone around her happily chatting and eating together, except one. She thought - How nice would it be if Arnav joined them too? . . . . . . . .





Precap:  Uday throws a party in his hotel for Khushi.


Everyone was enjoying when Arnav grabbed Khushi's hand and pulled her in a room.


"Why are you avoiding me!?" Arnav asked narrowing his eyes.


"I don't want to talk to you!" Khushi said and started walking off.


"I told you many times, don't you dare talk to me like that!" Arnav said controlling his anger.


"Oh I will and you can not stop me!"


"I very well can Miss Gupta!" saying this he moved closer to her and she was moving back. Soon her back touched the wall and she was unable to move further. Arnav came close, grabbed her dupatta and threw it across the room.





hey guys!!! How are you all…see you all posted long replies and here's the update…so keep giving long replies and get early updates! (I know I m so nice na…thank you thank you! hehe) well keep commenting for early updates.




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Once again!!!!!!!!!
will res in a couple of hours!!
Edit :
Sorry for the late "edit" stuck wid xams!!
This by far is my favourite update...i alwez had doubts wether khushi felt the same 4 arnav but this update confirmed it n OMG they KISSED!!!!!!!! im sooo happy it happenedEmbarrassed
waiting eagerly 4 the nxt update..the PRECAP is just sooo promisingLOL

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Awesome Update
Continue Soon
Thank You So Much For The PM
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that was a brill update way to go arnav and the classic shooting scene hahaha... poor dan pls pls continue soon

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