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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 31)

pinky_blueskies IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2012 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
this keeps getting a lot more interesting Smile
loving the story.
can't wait for the next part.

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 June 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Can't Wait For The BIGGG Revelation Embarrassed 
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Part 6 B




The doctor got nervous, "listen Mr. Raizada, psychology is the science that can not be explained. Her mind is behaving that way and we cannot do anything about it. Every brain has its own working power and a way of being. We can not interrupt it in any way and we can not do anything about her mental condition! We can just make her calm down and prevent her from being hyper and getting panic attacks. Before or after that we can do nothing, everything is up to her and her family!"


"I just cannot believe, being one of the best psychiatrists of London all you have to say is you can do nothing! Unbelievable!" Saying so Arnav went out and moved to his car and drove off in the silence.




It was late night now and Arnav was still missing from the morning, when the truth was disclosed in front of him.





Somewhere in the city where there was no one around, just jungle and jungles and jungles. In the big, dark mansion near the river and surrounded by big and dense forests. There was a room messed up like there was a war going on in there, yes war was going on, not in the room but in him.


The antic, black-glassed vase, which was his favorite, was now on the floor, broken in uncountable crystals, just like his heart. But the difference was that now his heart was not black but red, due to bleeding. Yes his heart was bleeding since he knew he had hurt her. Since he knew she was an innocent angel and for a minute he was about ravage her innocence in that room of his where he was about to take her then and there if she had just not turned her face away and showed him his cruelty in front of him in the form of a bite he gave her.


There stood him. With a grim look on his face and a heart which constantly accused him of being the culprit while his brain just tried to convince it of being a victim.


Yes. Arnav Singh raizada's heart was accusing him of making her life more miserable while his brain was just convincing it that he was just a victim of her beauty and thus couldn't control himself in her presence and couldn't see past her lips and the beautiful eyes which just carried an unknown desire to be kissed the same way he did.


If she had not looked at him that way he would have not proceeded further. But what was done, was done. He could not reverse the time, he could not change her past, but he would surely change her future. Now Arnav Singh Raizada would write her destiny along with his. Now she would just get happiness, just happiness and laughter. Any tear she would ever shed now would be only when she would be laughing out loud.


But before that he has to hurt himself. Hurt him for hurting her. For giving her that bite which might have bleeded and hurted her. so he picked up a black piece of that vase which now stood near his foot and slashed it near his neck, exactly where it was on hers.


Blood oozed out furiously. And slid on his chest, dripping on his black shirt and making it soaking wet. The sensory nerves sent a message to the bran that they were being hurt on the neck, so that it gets acknowledged. But the brain refused as the heart was ruling at this moment.


Before dropping the glass piece he held it so tightly in his hand that it dig inside his palm and then fell on the lifeless ground of the lifeless room. But the darkness turned red as the blood started oozing out from his palm and fingers which dared to hurt her.


Then he went down the room and sat in his car to get some answers, which he needed to know. He wanted to know who was the bloody bast*** who wanted to kill his Khushi even before she met him. He would just finish him off that instant! The man she dreamt of living with but he was the biggest threat to her life. The thing she thought was a dream, in actually was a nightmare!


Now the car was driven by ASR, who was out to protect the one he loved and destroy the one he hated. And once ASR got started he could not stand still until he achieved what he wanted. And now he wanted the answer to a simple question ' who is he? Who is the that man in her life?


The car went crazy on the roads of London. But who sat inside was going crazier. 


The car came to a sudden halt, in front of RM. He knew the person who can tell who that man is, was sitting inside.


Anjali. Anjali was sitting on the sofa when she heard the gate fly open and a stranger with a murderous glint entered who looked just like her brother! For a second she just saw his eyes that spelled M.U.R.D.E.R. and then she saw her brother, taking long steps towards her. His shirt was wet due to something and oh my god his hand was cut! His eyes suddenly soften seeing her worried and scared. He took a long breath and tried to sound normal.


"Who is Khushi's dad!?" he tried but failed to prevent the hatred his question spilled for him.


"What?" for a second Anjali dint register his words, as it was unexpected.


"I asked, who her dad is? Who is he? THE NAME." Arnav unknowingly gritted his teeth.


"Bhai, why are you behaving so different?" Anjali looked the man in front of her who resembled her brother but she failed to recognize him as the ever so soft, loving and caring eyes her brother held were now red with anger and desperation. Desperation to kill someone.


"Anjali, not today, just tell me the name of that b-" Arnav was about to degrade him but he never even spoke loudly in front of Anjali, forget speaking the curse words, and today also he dint wanted to scare her. So he didn't.


Anjali as soon as heard her full name from him sensed something was wrong. As he never took her full name instead of when he was introducing her to someone or she was in trouble for some mischief.


"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said.


Arnav's eyes went wide "who?" he asked once again, thinking he might just heard something she dint say.


"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said casually.


Arnav was now on new heights of hatred and rage. If he were a bomb he would have blasted at the name of that man.


The name of that man in his life and the name of that man in her life, MATCHED.


For a moment his eyes went wide and he was filled with a lightening force to kill someone and his eyes held so much hatred that Anjali felt scared of her own brother. The brother who was always like a father figure to her and who always had a fun-filled relation with her. But today seeing his alien eyes she felt a shudder run through her spine and her knees buckled and her eyes became teary.


Arnav sensed her when she took a little step away from him in fear. He closed his eyes and gulped down whole hatred and rage down his throat.


He opened his eyes. He looked at his sister who was currently terrified. Anjali saw his eyes again and was stunned to have her brother back. The same loving and soft eyes were back. She went near him to touch him to be real and Arnav just hugged her and took her in his embrace. Anjali couldn't think for a second.


"I am sorry." Arnav whispered to her as he ran a soft hand in her hairs. "I am sorry. I didn't wanted to show you that side of mine but- - I am sorry." Arnav sighed. And ran his comforting hand on her back and felt her sobbing.


"bh- bhai, you were- so- so angry. I ' got scared. I am sorry." Anjali sobbed between her sentences.


"shhh. I am sorry for scaring you. I didn't mean to. But- - sorry." Arnav just tried twice to explain it to her but just said sorry. Coz he also didn't knew why he was reacting this way for her. He knew he loved Khushi the moment he saw her on that white bed. But he dint knew to this extent. Can love be this powerful?


Soon he saw Anjali closing her eyes as she drifted off to sleep, while hugging him. He always did this to her unknowingly. Whenever Arnav hugged Anjali for long, she would just drift off to sleep peacefully.


"Its so comforting to sleep while you hug me, bhaiya." One day Anjali told this to him.


He took her in his arms and went up to her room. He made her lay on her bed and sat there for a while beside her. Just stroking her hair while she was fast asleep. Then he saw the clock. It was 11 in the night. But still sleep was far away from him. After which looked like an hour he again looked at her, his little beloved sister. What would have happened if he was a second late that day. The thought itself made Arnav shudder. And he hugged the little form of his sister in reassurance that she was with him, alive and healthy. His slight stubble poked on her arms and she laughed a little as she felt it tickling. Arnav also smiled slightly and pulled the quilt over her and gave a good night kiss on her forehead and went out of the house, running.



He couldn't hold it any longer. He drove to a secluded area to a hilltop, and screamed his lungs out.

"AARRHHH!!!!!!!!" his voice shook with the amount of rage and he again screamed to control his shaking nerves, which wanted to hit something to shreds.



FLASHBACK (that day in Arnav's life.)


When Arnav was nearly 7 his mom was pregnant and was about to give birth to a baby in a month. That baby was Anjali. Arnav took care of his mom a lot and was told by her that if he saw her in any pain and in case dad was not in home then it was time for the baby to come out and call the ambulance.


Vijendar Thakraal and Arnav's dad, Aarav Mallik were friends. Not the best ones but still they were good friends, as Aarav thought they were. But in reality Vijendar Thakraal just considered Aarav as his enemy and god knows why. He was poisoning Aarav's mind with filthy thoughts. He was filling him with doubts, that his wife (Arnav's mom) Asha was having an affair.


And as Aarav considered him to be a good friend, he believed him.


That day vij came to aarav and told him that Asha was cheating on him from ages and that the baby she is carrying now is also not his but of some other man she was in love with! He was poisoning his mind from so long that aarav lost all thoughts of rationality and just went to Asha who was sitting on the stairs, knitting a small sweater for the new one to come and pushed her. The eight-month pregnant Asha fell from the top stairs to the ground and screamed in pain.


Arnav who was in his room, doing his homework came out at her scream and leaned down seeing her crying. He looked at the stairs and saw his dad standing there mute, seeing his mother die. And behind him was the culprit! Vijendar Thakraal, smirking and smiling at him mockingly. That look on his face, Arnav dint even forget now. The smirk was asking out loud to him- "how are you going to save your mom, little one."


As Arnav was just 7 he couldn't understand what was going on and did what he was told to do. He called the ambulance. In no time the ambulance arrived and took the patient with them. Arnav who was sitting with his mother on the back of the ambulance watched his mother in pain. And was unable to do anything. He just held her hands. 


As they reached the hospital she was rushed to the operation theater. And Arnav went towards the telephone; to call his nani, as she was the only one he could think of. His nani rushed to hospital too and saw the 7-year-old sitting outside the operation theater waiting for the baby to come. As soon as Arnav saw her he ran and hugged her. Nani asked him what was happening and he just told her what he saw.


"I was doing homework when I heard mom crying loudly. She was lying near the stairs and screaming. Dad was upstairs but was not coming to help mom. Then I did what mom told me one day that if she is in pain then call the ambulance soon as it would be the time for the baby to come! But I dint know why was that man smirking at me."


"That man? Who?" nani asked confused.


"That man ' Vijendar. Dad's friend. He was smirking and I wonder why dad didn't helped mom. He was just standing there seeing her in pain!" Arnav cried, as his innocent mind could not make out what he saw. But hers did. Asha told Nani many times that vij was filling her husband's mind with doubts. But nani dint knew that Aarav could go to this extent in his doubts on her that he would try to kill her and the unborn baby.


She hugged Arnav and told him to calm down. The doctor came and said "hello I guess you guys are with the patient inside."


"Yes. We are with her, I am Savitri Singh Raizada, the patient's mom, and she is my daughter, Asha Singh Raizada." Savitri said determined that from now onwards her daughter would use her maiden name. And so will Arnav. Now she would name him as Arnav Singh Raizada rather than Arnav Mallik. She dint even wanted to see her daughter using his surname, hence she would use her own.


"Oh. I am happy that you guys were on time to take her to the hospital. Or else we would have lost them both. But not to worry they are both healthy. The mother and the baby. I think she slipped from the stairs and had a cut on her head, but we are glad the baby is perfectly fine. It's a miracle they both survived the accident. May I know where the husband of your daughter is?" the doctor asked.


"He is dead." Savitri said coldly and Arnav just stared at his nani. His father was alive then why was nani lying? Arnav wanted to clarify but felt a little squeeze on his shoulder by her, indicating him to not to disclose the truth. And Arnav stayed quite.


"I am sorry." The doctor apologized "you can see the baby and you can meet Mrs. Raizada once she is in conscious. But I must say they were really lucky. And you little boy-" doctor ruffled Arnav's hair a bit and continued "called the ambulance on time, maybe she slipped from the stairs and as I said they were lucky but if he was a second late then may be we would have lost the baby as Mrs. Raizada was in her 8th month. The baby is very weak but we will try our best and the results would be positive for sure." The doctor smiled a bit and left.


Arnav was in deep thoughts. What if he was a bit late? A second late! NO. Thank god he knew the ambulance number and called them at the right time.


Then nani and Arnav went to see the little baby. The doctors kept her in the small glass carriage thing and there was some wires attached to the crib. Arnav saw her first time and was proud of himself as he saved his little sister and would do it again and again, if needed. He would save her every time.  The nurse and nani looked at Arnav affectionately and made him sit on the nearby bench and handed him the baby, at first Arnav was reluctant.


"Nani, I would drop her." Arnav said nervously.


"I know you wont." The look in Nani's eyes gave him strength and he held her in his laps and in his little hands. The baby smiled unconsciously and soon in a minute slept peacefully.


The nurse gasped and said out loud, "how did you do that! We were trying to put her to sleep since half an hour! But she just cried and then after a lot of hard work she stopped crying but after you took her in your arms she slept!" the nurse flew her hands in the air and Arnav smiled seeing his angel sleep peacefully in his arms.


"Who are you? I mean, are you her brother?" the nurse asked Arnav.


"No. I am her father." that time Arnav dint knew what it meant but now he knew what he said and what he did.


From then on nani took them away from the evil clutches of Aarav and changed them forever, from a Mallik to a Raizada.






"I am going to kill him, Khushi. I am so going to kill that man. Not for me. For you and Anjali. I swear he won't be able to get any one in his life to help him. Not even his own shadow! He is your nightmare, now HE is in for a new type of nightmare in his life! Nightmare called Arnav Singh Raizada. And I swear I wont scare him, I will not kill him instantly. NO, he would beg for mercy and he would beg for death! It's my word to you, Khushi! Arnav Singh Raizada's word!"


Arnav opened his eyes. He wanted to see her. He needed to see her. Look forward that she is fine. He again sat in his car and drove towards the hospital.


He reached and opened the gate of her room. She was sleeping peacefully. Maybe the docs gave her the sedatives again. She was looking so serene. Her eyelids closed like a curtain, hiding her hazel eyes. Her nose set in peace as for a moment there was no anger on it. Her cheeks a little pale but managed to have a glint of reddishness. And then ' oh no, her lips, he looked at them and an urge to kiss those lips shot through him.


He told himself that she is so fragile at the moment; he could not even touch her. What if she got scared! NO. I wont scare her! Arnav looked away from her face and moreover her lips. Arnav was controlling himself so much that he took all the energy available in him to just drag himself out of that room. Or else he would just.. just... Arnav sighed and with heavy steps, stepped out of the room. But once he was out. He was not Arnav anymore. He was ASR. Arnav was left behind in the room with Khushi and the one who stepped out was a ruthless monster, ASR.




Finally Arnav knew where he was. JAIL.


And he went to meet him. Not because of his reasons, but because of hers.


It was long past midnight, and the streets of London were also resting in peace. But suddenly a booming roar of the engine was heard near the police headquarters and everyone was on alert. They also knew who was inside the car, ASR. 


He went inside the headquarters and went straight to one of the cops. "I want to see Vijendar Thakraal." He said in cold voice, the emotion-drained voice of his.


"I am sorry sir. But the visiting hours are closed for the visitors." The cop knew who was infront of him but rules were rules.


"And I am not a normal visitor, cop. You know me." the last sentence was the indication that they couldn't stop him from meeting the one he wanted to.


The cop swallowed hard and turned towards the computer screen and got the cell number in which ASR's culprit was locked. "Its cell number 1299, sir."








"oh forget saving her! you cant do anything once I am out of here! Save her till I m locked but after that she will breath her last!!" vij said in anger.


Arnav was just too furious. He held his collar and pushed him towards the walls. Vij cried in pain. Arnav was about to punch him on his face when the face of smiling Khushi hindered in between. He again tried hitting him but he saw Khushi smiling infront of him. He couldn't hit him. Not because Khushi loved her father but because Arnav loved her.





that's a long update guys.

I want long replies.

I m just not satisfied with the replies. I wont continue further if you guys don't comment.


And I mean it! Comment or else no update.(dhamki hai ok! lightly mat lena!Embarrassed )

PMs will be late.








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Arathy-V Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged
me fistSmile
So Arnav-vij encounter next update?? great..was waiting 4 it since the last 2 updates...
i love this Arnav..he is soo much in love with khushi tat it scares me...i wonder what khushi's reaction will b to him wen she is out of hospital...missed UV n payal in this one...So arnav saved his mother n sister..btw wer is aarav??is he still alive?? Y did this evil Vijendar do all these creepy thingS??? watever his reasons are ASR is in control now, he is in 4 a ride 2 hellLOL

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
a good combination of pain, passion and love, revenge altogether in one.  beautifully written.
flashback of arnav was too good. but my question is why Vij poisoned the mind of Arnav's father?  Is there a suspense too?  is it related to khushi's mother ?
-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Arnav knws whole truth
He loves her but wil Khushi also
I doubt tht
Anji n Arnav's relation is fab
angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
awesome he cares a lot but he is too possessive
princessunara IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 3:04pm | IP Logged is a weird relation..i didn't think another angle could be brought in to this tale..

really 1st t was like d guy was crazy abt losing his love..but now..he is plain evil..

anyway arnav's love for is kind of scary as it seems to know no bounds..and it usually isn't such a good thing..

fab update!! loved it!!

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