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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 27)

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she makes him nervous, restless, n he cant bear to c her like this...

continue soon..

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I'm Addicted :| Embarrassed
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Loved it
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Part Six


He could see her lying there nearly lifeless, cuddled in numerous wires attached to different kinds of machines, breathing with the help of oxygen mask, needles piercing through her knuckles, a machine showing her merely there heartbeats, her small chest heaving slightly as the mask forced the oxygen inside her, she was wrapped in a white sheet of blanket. The color in which she looked like an angel was now defining her lifelessness.


How badly he wanted to barge in and shake her deliberately and ask her to end this nonsense and come back to life. Just how badly.




After few hours.


It was past midnight and infact the starting of a new dawn. Starting of a new dawn in Arnav's life. He could still see the doctors in the night shift roaming lazily here and there, the nurses speaking of something,  Garima hugging Shashi while sleeping and Shashi wide awake, waiting for his daughter to get up so he may take her home. Uv, Anjali and Payal sitting on the iron chairs and Arnav himself was standing from god knows how much time just to see the face brimming brightly of that one girl they all loved the most in their lives.  But that girl instead of opening her eyes was so adamant in her sleep that she…that she…


Arnav sighed slowly and went away. There was a place in the hospital, which was secluded for the persons who wanted to be alone. (Remember psychology ward)


Arnav was seeing out side when a hand touched his back and he turned at the foreign touch. He saw Shashi standing there with a gloom look but still his eyes were able to give some positive waves. But the fear and grief he saw in them made his conscious guiltier. The girl who was already suffering in her life, here he was hell bend in making it more miserable for her.


Shashi looked in Arnav eyes too. But what he saw made him scared. He saw a different type of madness in them. Some different type of expression that soothed and scared him at the same time. The eyes that were so concerned that he was scared to know why? Why was this man concerned for his daughter? Why were the eyes of this man so possessive? And why did it have a glint of guilt and … he couldn't name it coz this expression was one of a kind. He was scared of Arnav for a second. Not because he thought he would harm her but because he knew he would protect her. But there was no extent in his eyes, there was no extent to him, which he cannot cross to protect her.


One thing Shashi was sure of- if this man is anyway near Khushi, she would be safe. He would protect her even from the cold wind, which would dare to touch his daughter's skin. But what scared him was that he was able to read the protectiveness but not the extent. What will be the extent of his protectiveness!


Shashi knew he was Arnav Singh Raizada. He had the world spinning on his fingers. He could have the whole world in his fist if he wanted. Then why is he here? In this hospital, waiting for a random girl, who maybe, not even know him except the fact that he is her best friend's brother.


Shashi knew he had to look in his eyes and all the questions will be answered but the passion his eyes reflected, scared him.


Shashi went back to the place where everyone was seated. He told Anjali to go home and take some rest. As next day they would need her, to sit besides Khushi when she woke up. Yes, Shashi was sure tomorrow Khushi would wake up. After all, how can a girl sleep when the love of her life is waiting for her to wake up?


He gestured an assuring glance towards Arnav who looked puzzled when Anjali told him to leave for RM. Arnav knew that Shashi had an idea of his feelings towards his daughter. But he could not deny that. And he would not. One thing Arnav was very sure of too- that he had feelings, no, strong feelings for Khushi. So strong that for some time he believed if she is not going wake up then he would TOO not see the next sunlight ever again!






The room was covered with white curtains, which restrained the light from coming inside but a man pushed them aside. Sunlight hit the room. The room covered with darkness soon became bright. The sunrays kissed the face sleeping peacefully in the room and soon the face started to make different expressions, she was Khushi. Soon the man sat besides her and whispered slowly, "wake up to your new destiny, sweetheart." And then she opened her eyes to see the man of her dreams, sitting in front of her with his famous shining and glittery eyes.


Khushi smiled and said "good morning."


The man bent a little and took her lips in his and kissed her good morning.


The kiss was so tender that even a dewdrop was ashamed of its hardness. Soon Khushi started to respond, enjoying the kiss.


But what started like a tender show of love became furious. The kiss became urgent and demanding. Khushi felt awkward and was about to back out when she felt his hands on the back of her head, pushing her face and lips more into his. She opened her eyes and saw the horrific incident. The eyes, which were glittery, were now full of animalistic desire. Then she saw the face. She was shocked to see Arnav, as the owner of those soft and glittery eyes.


He smiled wickedly and entered her mouth and was devouring her each and every corner. She tried to move away but he held her in place. Soon he got over her body and pressed his manhood on her feminine parts and started rubbing her. She was hell shocked. Arnav again smiled as he continued to assault her. Khushi tried moving her wrists but no avail they were tied to the bed. She tried removing her hands but he smirked and broke the kiss.


His face was inches away and he again gave her, his not so famous I-Am-Arnav-Singh-Raizada look and then it stuck her. He is not kissing her! SHE CAN SCREAM NOW!


And then she did. Scream.


She stood up from her bed harshly, and was startled to see no one in the room.





 A loud scream came from her room and Shashi and UV entered seeing her wide awake and scared, as she was few hours ago. Shashi came to her side and hugged her.


"Your awake! Khushi, are you fine? What happened? Why are you screaming?" Shashi asked worried.


"He- he- was- here!" Khushi looked around the room. There was no one. Except some machines, white curtains, a sofa and UV.


"Who was here, jaan?" UV came beside her and asked worriedly.


Khushi soon realized that she was not in her room or even in her house. "Where am I?" she then remembered being in RM and having dinner with Anjali. And after that everything was blurry vision.


"Am I in RM?" she asked UV. And he nodded a no. To say it relieved her would be an understatement.


She was more than happy to just know that she was not in his territory.


"You are in the hospital." said UV and hugged her.


"You again passed out. And we were scared so we bought you here!" UV lied to her as usual and saw an apologetic look on shashi's face.


"ohh not again! Well UV how come you know about my pass out session? I was in RM right!" Khushi looked puzzled at him.


"ohh well Anjali told me. I mean she called me at once when she saw you lying on the floor unconscious. And I bought you here, as you were not waking up with water. Are you ok now!" UV asked as he made a reasonable excuse.


"Yeah I m fine just my head is a bit paining and -"


"And what?" Shashi asked more worried.


"And I have a blurry vision of you hugging me last night too." She looked at UV and he gulped.


"Actually I did. I hugged you yesterday to make sure you come to conscious but to no avail, you are really a deep sleeper!! Damn, you scared the hell out of us! Next time you sleep with so intention make us informed so we do not panic after you! Alright!!" UV became fakely angry on her so that she forgets about the last night visions and looks forward to the new day.


The doctor (Daniel) entered with Anjali and Khushi smiled seeing them together.


"So what's up Dan? You and Anjali together! Huh? What's cooking?" Khushi asked with a devilish smirk "and Anjali you opportunist! You don't even leave a chance na. I m the one who fell unconscious and you are after your lovely Daniel!! Not even asking me how I m feeling??" Anjali turned a deep shade of red. While Dan looked at the door coz Arnav Singh Raizada was just outside while this girl was teasing them mercilessly. And Khushi folded her hands to her chest and sighed in anger, fakely.


"ok ok enough of this. Her brother is just outside if he hears you I m dead!" Dan whined like a baby and Anjali and Khushi chuckled. But soon Khushi's heart stopped beating! He is here!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then the door opened and enters the famous ASR with his eyes only for the lady on the bed. Khushi then became worried as she had already teased Anjali and knew what was coming next. And what was coming later too. Next was anji's teasing and later was ASR's anger on her being with UV.


And so that happened as Anjali was unaware of her brother entering..


"Look who is talking? You are teasing me! Who was the one hugging and cuddling to uv last night! And my gosh the way he carried you, haaye I felt I was watching a movie! And the hero was so romantic! NA UV!" She saw in UV's direction and saw him blushing at the comment and saw her brother too and bit her lip inside her mouth.


Khushi for a second chuckled at anji's expression and Dan made a move for going out.


"So I think miss gupta is now fine but we need her here for next 2 days more as she needs bed rest. And I very well know that wont be good idea if she goes home. So you are staying here!" Dan looked sternly at her and she opened her mouth in 'O'.


"Is that the punishment of me teasing you!? Not fair!" Khushi again made baby pout and everyone laughed except one, who was utterly confused, Arnav.


Last night she was in panic attack then she fells unconscious and doc says if she doesn't wake up she will go into coma and then now today she is up and well in form of teasing and laughing as nothing happened, while he was the fool who didn't even sleep and was blaming himself for her condition. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His mind screamed for umpteenth time.


If he dint know the truth next second, he would blast like a volcano.


For his relief, the doctor (Dan), gave an uneasy look to everyone and they look worried all of a sudden. Then Dan bid good-bye to Khushi and when she was not looking at him he suspiciously opened a syringe and inserted the contents it held in the glucose bottle, which was attached to Khushi's arm. May be it had some sedatives. Shashi looked at him and nodded. Then as if in a line everyone went out bidding his or her good byes and Khushi was made to rest on the bed.


Arnav was the last one to move. He looked at her suddenly sleepy face and sighed. He then moved with heavy steps and moved out. Everyone was waiting for him outside. They made a big circle around him and Shashi took him to a private room with Anjali, which was empty. Shashi very well knew that Arnav would have been going through a lot of questions.


"so now are you guys going to explain all the ABC facts to me or should I just yell my lungs out." Arnav said seething with anxiety.


"I knew you would be asking this bhai, but I wanted the doctor, to explain this all to you with all the critical details." Anjali said and came to him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Bhai, I just wanted to assure you one thing. Last night, Khushi was not blaming you or was terrified of you, but of the knife which unknowingly was in HP's hand." Anjali looked at a doctor.


Dr. Thomson, who was in his late 50's was the one who nodded, that he would continue after that, started to tell him Khushi's story. Arnav looked at him questioningly.


"Look Mr. Raizada, this all started when Khushi was born." Arnav was shocked. The doctor continued, "Yes, when she was mere minutes old, her mom passed away giving birth to her. Her dad who was waiting outside the operation theater didn't even look at the little girl crying for the first time. He just went away blaming the newborn for killing its own mother! He not even had a look at her. Mr. Shashi Gupta and his wife were present at the hospital too, for the first time they took little girl in their arms and then the baby stopped crying. They named her Khushi that instant." Somewhere Arnav eyes were moist. And his anger vanished to thin air.


doctor sighed and continued, "Khushi was so weak when she was born, and not receiving the mother milk made her more prone to diseases and infections. Then she was kept for a while in the hospital, when the doctors decided to discharge her then her dad, her- (doctor also couldn't make himself speak) when Khushi's dad refused to accept her, Mr. and Mrs. gupta got the baby discharged. And took her home." Arnav smiled internally relieved that Khushi found home somewhere.


Then Shashi started to tell him how Khushi used to visit her father and return back crying. Then the horrific incident of her father hurting her badly. And when Khushi was again admitted to the hospital.


 Then the doctor again continued, "When she was brought here she was loosing a lot of blood, we got her examined and dressed medically, her physical wounds were taken care of but her mental wounds are still afresh, they cannot be healed this soon. Her cuts were recovered but her mind couldn't! Whenever she sees any knife or even darkness, she is temporarily blinded by those memories of the horrifying day. Her brain partially believes she is in those surrounding again and again someone is harming her. That is why when she saw you in the darkness, she mistook you as her dad. And due to this she usually gets hyper and looses conscious but what happened last night was so similar to what happened that day, that instead of getting hyper she got her panic attack! And mistaking you of being her dad in the darkness who was out to hurt her, she screamed at you. If UV dint have reached in time and have given her sedatives through that injection something severe would have happened. But she was saved."


Arnav was in deep thought extracting each and every word in his mind and was so overwhelmed by the sufferings, that little angel have gone through in this young age.


"Then why was she behaving so uneven today morning, like nothing happened?" Arnav asked, as he was barely able to speak.


"Mr. Raizada she goes into the memories, like in back of her life. Her mind starts to believe things and when she wakes up, she forgets every thing. Even before this incident, when she used to loose conscious after being hyper, she would remember nothing! Just nothing! Well this is a good thing, incase. If she remembered whatever happened, she would panic again but she just thinks she is having a habit of passing out and everything is a blur to her. That is why we all treat her like nothing happened too. And we secretly give her sleeping pills or some injections. Or else she would just protest for everything."



"but- but don't you think this is not good. I mean—I mean – how can you hide something of her from her!" Arnav was logically speaking but doctor was still silent.


"Answer me how can you hide it from her that she gets panic attacks!! its ridiculous!" Arnav said frustrated.


"Its due to high sedatives we give her for calming her down. May be because of that!" the doctor said casually.


Hearing this lame excuse Arnav got angrier, "It's the matter of her life dammit!! And there should not be any MAYBE's here! We are talking about someone's life, for god's sake! And you are saying maybe!"


The doctor got nervous, "listen Mr. Raizada, psychology is the science that can not be explained. Her mind is behaving that way and we cannot do anything about it. Every brain has its own working power and a way of being. We can not interrupt it in any way and we can not do anything about her mental condition! We can just make her calm down and prevent her from being hyper and getting panic attacks. Before or after that we can do nothing, everything is up to her and her family!"


"I just cannot believe, being one of the best psychiatrists of London all you have to say is you can do nothing! Unbelievable!" Saying so Arnav went out and moved to his car and drove off in the silence.






"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said.


Arnav's eyes went wide "who?" he asked once again, thinking he might just heard something she dint say.


"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said casually.


Arnav was now on new heights of hatred and rage. If he were a bomb he would have blasted at the name of that man.

 HEY everyone!sorry for the delay guys but here's the longgg update for it!Wink

how are you guys... this is part 6A the part 6B will be posted soon too...but as i said if you comments will keep coming the parts will keep coming too but whne the comments stop the parts would stop tooLOL (i m a good blackmailer babeh!!LOL)



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res in a couple of hours
OMG i just luuuv this Arnav..he is sooo madly in love with khushi..hope she reciprocate his loove soon..but 1st thing 1st, khushi is soo lucky 2 hav people who love her around her...hope she gets discharged soon n v get 2 read more of ArHi...btw didnt u giv the same precap 4 the last update also?? but i tink mtats okey considering there is a 6B,wich v ll b getting very soon Wink
finally,tanx 4 the pm Smile

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arnav loves her madly hope khushi realises that soon
thanx for the lovely update
cant wait to to see arnav n khushi meet again

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awesome update...
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interesting update

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