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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 21)

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2012 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Can We Get Update Pleashhh Embarrassed

frenzyy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2012 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
whoa..jus happened to read al the 4 parts.. soo different and interesting story.. I like uv character.. he is soo protective caring & underestanding... arnav s sooo possesive!! feel soo bad for wat khushi s goin thru... love d way u portray the subtle emotions thru simple words.. great writing!! plzz pm wen u update
veil_of_roses IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Hmmm u r taking story in a different way than I expected...nice update..khushi's panic attack Shocked UV n khushi's friendship Thumbs Up Arnav's questions...liking the route story is taking...

PS m again telling you plz send PM when u times I dont check all FFs I check on PMsConfused u never send PM to me.
andru_sk Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Your update just thrill me. I like the nickname that Khushi gave Arnav... I laugh when I read '' Dracula was freely roaming in the house''. I like the fact that Khushi isn't responding to Arnav even if she feel something when he kiss kind of blow on Arnav's ego LOL.  And poor girl ... she is very affected by the past... I hope she will pass this torment by the love of her friend Uv or why not love. Please PM the next part. Take care 
nia252 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
msin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Interesting do continue..
Laters_Baby IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Just mindblowng whole update read it 1 through plz pm me
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 6:51am | IP Logged





Arnav was utterly confused, there were some questions which he needed answers for.


Why was she calling everyone her dad?

Why he wanted to kill her?

Whom did Khushi kill?
Why was she sorry?

What happened to her all of a sudden?

Why was Udayveer able to console her?


These uncountable questions popped up in his mind but he drove off to the hospital.


Arnav was driving the car, anji was sitting next to him and uv was holding Khushi in his arms by sitting on the back seat. Arnav ran out all the red lights but no cops followed because his car had small a vvip flag flying on his bonnet, which told them that it was an important person to the government. And moreover his back mirror (above the trunk) had his initials "ASR" written elegantly, each and every cop gulped and stared at his car whose tyres were on the verge of blasting by the speed this man was driving at! Arnav stopped the car abruptly and UV looked at him surprised. He looked out and found that they already reached the hospital. Uv stared at him for a moment and took Khushi in quickly, not even waiting for the nurses to bring out the stretcher.


Arnav and anji were in the car when Arnav parked his car and they rushed inside the hospital. Arnav saw the hospital area but it was like UV and Khushi disappeared in the thin air. He went to receptionist and enquired.


"Where's the damn emergency ward!?" Arnav asked out of breath.


But before receptionist would answer anji shot up "NO! The Psychological ward! Where is it!" Arnav stared at his own sister in disbelief. Did she really think Khushi was a psycho!? 


"Oh! Are you with Mr. Udayveer Singh?" receptionist enquired and Arnav lost his cool.


"Just tell me the god damn DIRECTIONS!!" Arnav lost his patience and roared. He would just kill this lady if she took one more second extra.


"Just go to the left and there will be a lift. 5th floor is the psy…" before she could finish he was already running to way towards the lift and literally punched the lift's button when it didn't arrive in 2 seconds. Anjali saw his brother's restlessness and wondered why was he so hyper!


After waiting for 2 more seconds which felt like eternity to Arnav he bolted towards the stairs.  Taking two at a time and sometimes-even 3 at a time, he reached the 5th floor before anji reached 2nd. He saw here and there and spotted UV lying Khushi on a stretcher and pushing it towards the emergency room.


He quickly reached towards her when he saw doctors approaching and taking her in while UV and Arnav stood at the door. Anjali reached the floor too and enquired, "Where's Khushi!"


"She's in." UV said and gestured towards the ICU.


"Aren't they letting us in?" Arnav enquired further as he was fed up standing outside when his life was in there!


"No bhai! Just relax! Dan is in there too. He will take care of her." Anjali said as she saw a different Arnav standing in front of her. All her life she saw him in different avatars- possessive, protective, understanding, loving, caring, angry, stubborn, ruthless, and what not but she wasn't able to identify him now, maybe because she dint saw him any way near, nervousness before.


Firstly-ever in his lifetime Arnav Singh Raizada was nervous! Yes indeed, its truly said! 'There is always a first time!' and for the first time in his life he was experiencing fear, nervousness, uncertainty and of course L.O.V.E.


Arnav was thinking of what not happened in just an hour and his thoughts were blocked by Anjali's words to UV.


Anjali had tears in her eyes, "I called Dan as soon as I called you! He told me you would handle till we reach the hospital and then he would take the charge, but I was so afraid to see that happening in front of my own eyes, Uday! She was-" Anjali shuddered thinking of Khushi. "She was screaming at her top voice and asking us to not to harm her! When will she able to cope up, Uday! When?"


Arnav was moving slowly to console her, as he himself was shocked to hear the incomplete information from her. Seeing anji cry UV gave her a side hug and she continued "Uday, Dan heard her voice from the phone and said this time it was severe! This time her condition was worse. Dan said-"


Anjali saw her brother's questioning gaze on hers and she stuttered realizing what she had blurted out "actually bhai, I- umm- I know Dan from sometime now, he is- he is kh- Khushi's doctor. He is a psychological doctor, I- mean he is a psychiatrist. He handles Khushi's case."


"Khushi's case and psychiatrist? What's going on here!? What's happening? Someone tell me.! NOW!" finally Arnav asked the question he wanted his answers for.


Udayveer came in front and kept a hand on his shoulders and Arnav got confirmed that something was terribly wrong.


Seeing the concern in his eyes UV told him the truth but half-truth. "Khushi, suffered an accident in her past which left an undying effect on her-"


"Effect! You call all this 'effect'! For god's sake, she was screaming at me! She was thinking I would kill her! She was terrified of me! And you call all this just an effect!"


"She was not thinking YOU would kill her! She was confusing you of being her DAD! Her dad wanted to kill her when she was small!" UV said, as Arnav got hyper.


"Why? That's what I m asking." Arnav tried to sound normal. "She lives with her parents, right? And she looked happy! And if her dad wants to kill her then why she staying with them!"


"He isn't Khushi's biological father!" UV answered. "Yes Shashi uncle with whom Khushi lives isn't her real dad. And neither are they her blood-relatives. They were her neighbors. She is their adopted child. They couldn't bear little Khushi's sadness. So they adopted her legally. But her past still haunts her!"


Just then they heard some footsteps near them. They were the gupta's.


"How is she? Was she terrified again? But what happened this time?" Garima asked as she tried to move ahead and go to the room. But UV held her hand and made her sit in the near by sofa and consoled her.


"Its fine aunty. She is fine. Don't worry!" Garima looked at UV's eyes and was consoled but one man was still confused, Shashi.


"How did this happen? When did this happen!" looking Shashi so concerned Arnav looked more confused.


"Hadn't he done enough already? That he is following her in her thoughts too! When will this all stop? I can't bear her being bought here in every now and then and she screaming her lungs out for help! She is an angel, UV. She should have been treated the same way, but that- that man dint knew how precious she was, how precious she already is and he will pay for this!" Shashi said as he got up to go somewhere.


"No uncle! Khushi needs you here!" that stopped him. "Uncle, he is already paying and I will make sure he does till his last breath! But right now Khushi needs us."


Anjali who was the silent spectator till now was filled with guilt. It was her decision to call Khushi to her house. And everything went wrong!


"Uncle, aunty, I am so sorry! This is my entire fault. I should have taken extra care. Even though I checked the whole house for knives. I don't know how one landed in front of her!" Anjali said teary eyed and a tear escaped from her eye. Arnav felt miserable.


"No Anjali betiya." Garima got up from her place and moved towards her. "Its not your fault at all. Khushi has been to your house nearly daily. And from the day you are friends with her, I have seen you taking care of whatever she likes and moreover you are not to be blamed betiya." Garima ran a hand through her hairs and hugged her.



Arnav let out a frustrated sigh and walked to them to ask what the WHOLE matter was. He was dying of anxiety. And now everything was a mystery for him. The mystery of Khushi Kumari gupta. The mystery of his life.


But as soon as he was about to open his mouth he saw the door of emergency room open and the doctor came out.


Everyone looked at the doctor and he was not surprised to look at the people who were gathered to know the well being of that one person. But only one tall and muscular figure made him feel conscious, the mighty ASR.


"Dan, how is Khushi now!?" Anjali went straight to him and held his white doctor coat in her fist and asked him shaking a bit. And Arnav looked suspicious. Anjali was never this free with guys before. Moreover the one she met recently.


 Dan looked nervous as ASR was glaring at him, "uh, miss Anjali, your friend is doing fine while we still have some old complications though." He said as he made Anjali aware that there was her brother present too and who was currently looking in very bad temper.


"What old complications?" Payal asked as she dreaded his next answer.


"I m sorry to say Ms Gupta, but Khushi still keep forgetting to breath when she is in her panic state. Thank god she dint forget till she got here but when UV bought her here she was already stopped breathing. if he was any way near ten seconds late then- That is why we have her in oxygen masks and most importantly, she was all cold by the fear and her body is not responding to the medications." He looked the scared faces of the family members and continued "but no worries, we kept her in the warm room, and are watching over her temperature completely. She will gain some heat in her body quickly.  Has she had something in her lunch that might have mushrooms or capsicum?"


Everyone saw Anjali for an answer, as she was the one with her from the morning.


"Um. Nope. She- she didn't have any of mushrooms and capsicum. I knew she is allergic to them, so I dint have it even in the house."


"That's good! I was just checking for some allergic effects. Not to worry." He said with a sly smile and UV and Arnav noticed this. The doctor was hiding something!


"Can we meet her!" Garima asked hoping for a positive response.


"I m sorry, Mrs. Gupta. She is weak and is kept under strict observation; you can only meet her when she comes to consciousness. Right now she is under sedatives." Saying so the doctor went and UV and Arnav followed him.


When they were out of sight of the family, UV asked. "What is it!?"


Dan looked at UV and sighed, he can never hide Khushi's real state from him.


"Look, Uday." He kept a hand on his shoulder "Khushi is very weak. Maybe she is avoiding healthy food from sometime now. But seeing her not responding to the medicines is what making me worry. She had never been irresponsive to the injection I gave you to give her in the time of need. But when you gave her the injection she would have fainted rather then being quiet. And from that fainting she kept slipping into deep slumber and is now being irresponsive. Though the sleeping pills in the injection, stopped her from more panicking." He sighed, as he was about to disclose the most horrible part now. "If her body heat doesn't climb up and get her responsive to the medications in the next 48 hours, I am scared, she might- she might slip into coma. She needs to wake up in 48 hours. Or else-"


"NO!" UV said aloud. "She will wake up! She will damn wake up, Daniel!" saying so UV went away but there were two horrified eyes which were looking at their direction, ASR's.


Arnav's brain was on verge of breaking by thinking. "Khushi- scared- darkness- screams- dad- kill- help- hospital- psychiatrist- knives- daily- forgot to breath- coma- 48 hours- AHHH!!!"


He went towards the room in which Khushi was sleeping. He saw the small circle on the door by which Khushi was visible.


He could see her lying there nearly lifeless, cuddled in numerous wires attached to different kinds of machines, breathing with the help of oxygen mask, needles piercing through her knuckles, a machine showing her merely there heartbeats, her small chest heaving slightly as the mask forced the oxygen inside her, she was wrapped in a white sheet of blanket. The color in which she looked like an angel was now defining her lifelessness.


How badly he wanted to barge in and shake her deliberately and ask her to end this nonsense and come back to life. Just how badly.








"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said.


Arnav's eyes went wide "who?" he asked once again, thinking he might just heard something she dint say.


"Vijendar Thakraal." Anjali said casually.


Arnav was now on new heights of hatred and rage. If he were a bomb he would have blasted at the name of that man.








Finally Arnav knew where he was. JAIL.


And he went to meet him. Not because of his reasons, but because of hers.






So guys!!!!! BIG REVEALATION in next part! And to the anxious readers I may tell you all that vij is not the who 'only' have had a place in Khushi's past. But in Arnav's too. So keep commenting and replying…you all know positive and as well as negative response are appreciated!


 The more the comments are, the bigger and quick the update is!



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