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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 148)

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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OHHH GODDD, MY WHOLE COMMENT Got DELETED :| Freakinggg UGHHH !! Broken Heart I'm Too Frustrated Now But BUTTT Very Nice Update . Lovely That Anjali & Payal Are Strong & They Fought The Whole Match ALONEEE . HMMM, Vij SO Deserved It & Who Got Shot ?! ; O Curious To Know . Pretty Shocking That Khushi Was The One Who Shot Her Father ; O I Had To Read Many Times To Actually Realize The Situation Embarrassed Too Good Twist Now . Will We Get Flashbacks Where Khushi Follows The Or What ?! Must Say Dan Was Pretty Shocked Hearing About Tom :) Haha, Poor Fellow Was Kind Of Jealous . Okay, I Commented On Some Bits & I'm Too Angry At My Computer, Damnit Seriously :| I Wrote Long Comment & It Got DELETEDDD Stern Smile

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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I Promise To Write Long Comment On Next Update Cause You Will Have A New Thread ; D Dancing
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i want new thread!!!!!!!!!!!

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ewueee :D :D update sooonn plzzz plzzz :P
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Updates soon... Plz continue
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Awesome update...Really loved it...Plz update soon...
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Vij faced the people in front of him; his back was facing the main door. He smiled and smirked through his broken jaw. Vij then loaded the gun and a shot was heard.



Everyone gasped and looked at Arnav. Arnav too looked down at his chest and stomach. But nothing. No bullet touched him. Everyone, including Arnav then looked at vij and saw a small round shaped wound on his chest, near his heart. And unlimited amount of blood oozed out of it. Vij too shocked at the shot, tried and look back. In the process of looking back he fell down on the ground and there stood the person who shot him, on the main door. It was Khushi. She held the gun firmly in her hand and moved forward towards her dad. She came in front of him and all hell broke loose when vij saw his own daughter shoot him. Khushi then pointed the gun on his heart, directly on his heart. And shot again. This time, killing him.


Vij felt numb as the second bullet hit him. His heart stopped working long back at first one itself. He then looked at the disgusted face of his daughter. He disgusted her, his blood disgusted her. She then looked away from his face and he let out a final breath, as the life in him, left him forever.






Arnav was speechless. He didn't even imagine in his wildest dreams that Khushi would be coming in front of him in this wild avatar. The sweet and innocent girl, who even flinched at one harsh word by him, now was standing in front of him as a fearless and ruthless killer. Yes, a killer. Coz the way she shot at him was way too professional than even a sharp shooter and the second bullet hit him right in the heart! It was a lucky shot he knew, but only efficient people get lucky.



The ruthless expression she had on her face while shooting him numbed everyone. Anji and Payal looked as if they had seen a ghost and were ready to believe that the girl in front of them was not Khushi at all. Coz the girl who mercilessly killed him was the same girl who fainted when she saw him dead in a planned plot by them. The fire she had in those eyes was way beyond any mercy. As if she was killing an insect. We don't even kill an insect so ruthlessly, without any mercy. But she did. And every one wanted to know why.






Just then Dan finished his dressing and heard a gunshot and got out of the basement holding the person in his arms that saved Arnav.


Arnav saw him and was shocked. It was aarav. (Arnav's dad)


The look Arnav gave him was even more terrifying then ever. Now the ruthless and merciless look was mirrored in Arnav's eyes. He barged towards him and held his collar, just as he did that, aarav winced and he noticed the white bandage. Then he realized. The person who took the bullet for him was his father!, nope! Correction! The person who took the bullet for him was his mother's husband, Aarav Mallik!



Arnav looked at his bruised shoulder by which he couldn't even move his hand, basically due to the bullet, and somewhere it pricked his heart. Then he consoled himself saying that he was worried coz aarav was hurt due to him and nothing else! Just then a soft voice came, "bhai?" said Anji and Arnav closed his eyes in hurt and clenched his fist; finally Anji and aarav were face to face. And he knew, Anji would be hurt.


"He is- he" Arnav tried to lie to her but couldn't, "HE is our dad." Arnav said meekly but loud enough for her to hear and confirmed her suspicion.



Khushi moved towards Anji. But before Khushi could get to her she moved towards Arnav and held his arm and snuggled close, thinking he is still here to take her away from her brother. Sensing her fear, Arnav wrapped his arm around her, consoling without words that he is here and he wont let him take her away.


"He is our dad?" Anji asked innocently, as she was not able to believe.


"Yes." Arnav slightly whispered and seeing him finally accepting the fact that he is their father, aarav slumped down the floor crying.


"I am soorryyy!" aarav cried and broke into tears just in front of his own blood.


"Don't you say sorry, DAD!" Anji said, as her eyes now reflected hate.


Aarav saw the same hate that he saw few days back, in Arnav's eyes.


"Due to you! I got the best father anyone could ever get! My brother! And now my father, Arnav Singh Raizada." she said as she looked proudly at Arnav and angrily at him.


"Please, beta. Forgive me." aarav folded his hands in front of them and pleaded.


"No, DAD! Don't be sorry! Coz I am not! I am happy that you left us!" Anji said narrowing her eyes at him, "Because that was the best thing in my life!" Anji said with as much as hate she could manage in her voice, "why did you come back huh? WHY? To punish me further! To detach me from my very own brother and take me back to India so that I can live a living hell with YOU!" asked Anji in her venomous voice.


But then she heard a sharp voice from the back "NO!" they all looked back and found that the voice belonged to Shashi. He came to her and put a consoling hand on her head, moving it smoothly on her hairs and told her the truth behind the comeback of Aarav Mallik.


"He didn't came back to punish you, Anjali. But to save you!" said Shashi teary eyed and Arnav looked at him not believing. "Yes, he came back to save you. When Vijendar was in jail and was about to come back hunting for his own daughter, he called aarav on the phone in India. To tell him, that he is going to be back and now he will complete his incomplete work, of killing you." Shashi told and Anji shook for a second. Arnav too trembled slightly at this knowledge. Shashi continued, "scared?" he asked as he looked at her, "so was he. He came to know the reality of vij as soon as he committed that sin of pushing your mother. . ." Arnav closed his eyes as the scene came alive in front of his eyes. ". . . after seeing her tumbling down the stairs, vij believed that aarav's family was finally destroyed. And now it was his turn." Shashi said pointing at aarav and Arnav gasped this time. "after Arnav left with his mom to the hospital, vij tried killing him by shooting him the same way he tried rite now, at Arnav. But thanks to the police! They arrived at the scene and arrested vij. So aarav was saved, but only physically, emotionally he was already destroyed, and that too by himself." Shashi looked at him with pity eyes and aarav looked down, shedding tears.



"You know, after that he punished himself, by abandoning him from his home, from his life, from everything. He was living a life in which he was also not involved." Shashi said and Arnav looked at his father, first time, lovingly. "But after years his life came back! Not for himself, but for you!" Shashi said to Anji with a hint of taunt, "when vij called him to tell that he is going to kidnap you and his other plans, aarav came back flying! He came back to take you away from Arnav just for your safety! He wanted to take you back to India for the time being, so that Arnav and we can handle vij!" Shashi said and Arnav looked at him and remembered how badly he behaved with him when he came back to take Anji, without even listening to him let alone knowing his real intentions.



Shashi looked at Arnav and put a consoling hand on his shoulder, "he was not here to snatch away your Anjali, beta. But to give you your Anjali back. All the time he was too trying to protect her, just like you."



Arnav saw Shashi, "Then, then why didn't he ask me directly? Why didn't he tell me about the call." Asked Arnav slightly defending himself.


"Would you have believed him easily, if he had told you that?" Shashi asked casually and Arnav knew, he wouldn't have believed him no matter what and how he said.


"How do you know all of this?" asked Arnav as he looked at Shashi again.


"When you were saving my family. I was not sitting, hand in hand. You were saving mine, and I was saving yours. I came to know this and knew there was a reason behind his comeback. He cant be having a dream suddenly that he has a daughter and he shows up in front of you and tells you that he needs her back!" Shashi said sarcastically but with a sly smile. "But my suspicion became even stronger when I heard vij's name in all this. When he is involved anywhere, the matter is not safe, at all. And then when I was in Sydney these days, I found out everything about aarav. Some through my contacts in India and some through he himself told me when I met him personally." Arnav looked at him surprised, "I met him, once." Shashi told him. Then Shashi moved to aarav where he was laying, "I know you were misled by him and you regret what you did, but still, you owe an apology, to both of them." Shashi said to him.


"I don't deserve their forgiveness, and its too late now." aarav said repenting and looked down, not able to look above at them.


"Its never too late to apologize, aarav." Shashi consoled.


"It's never too late to apologize but sometimes it's too late to forgive. And what I did was far beyond any forgiveness." Said aarav with a heavy heart.


"Just speak to them, aarav. I know them, maybe they already forgave you." Said Shashi looking at Arnav and Anjali's moist eyes and a hint of pride in their eyes for him, for even trying to save them.


Aarav looked at them and was about to speak but couldn't, he just fold his hands in front of them, asking forgiveness from his eyes.



Seeing her father after so long and that too repenting his deeds, Anji couldn't hold her hate at him. The years of longing, for a father overpowered every hate, and she bent down cupping his hands in hers and nodding a no, "no, you are our father, and our mother wont be happy seeing you folding hands in front of her kids, its okay, its was not your fault! I forgive you." Anji said as she tried to be strong but she was shattered inside.



Aarav after getting Anji's forgiveness saw towards Arnav and knew, forgiving himself was too much to ask from him.



Arnav closed his eyes. He was hurt, obviously. But he remembered his mother teaching him something, "Beta, sometimes you need to forgive, even if you really don't want to, because you cant live happily by holding grudges in your heart. A Heart should be free of all negativities. And forgiving is important, because forgiving someone is like letting the prisoner free, and then realizing that the prisoner was you. If you cant make yourself to forgive someone, it means you aren't strong enough, you are just a weak soul, And to forgive is letting go of the hurt, so that the wound caused to the heart is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with." That time when his mother said that to him, he didn't understand why she told him this, but now he does. His mother knew there will be a day when aarav would be back, repenting. And she knew Arnav too; he won't be able to forgive him.



Arnav took a sigh, and closed his eyes, "I forgive you." He said and looked at aarav.


Aarav was truly grateful to his kids, even after being a ruthless and cruelest dad, they forgave him. Aarav closed his eyes as a soothing content flew around his veins. His heart felt at peace.



"Thank you." he touched Anji's cheeks lovingly and suddenly he fell back where he was kneeling, before his head could hit the ground, Arnav ran and caught him and put his head in his laps. "I truly loved your mother, son, and I am really proud at her upbringing." As he said this, he saw a tear escape from Arnav's eyes, aarav thought, he was sad for me, they cared for me, my kids love me! Saying so in his mind, he consoled his ever so broken heart. His heart was alive for this day only, he was breathing for this day to come. He was living to see this! And now that he has achieved his last goal, forgiveness from his children, he was ready to ask forgiveness from their mother, in heaven. And then he closed his eyes forever, sleeping soundly in Arnav's laps and holding Anjali's hands.



Arnav and Anjali held on to him tightly, they too wanted him, to get their father back, and they did got him back, but they didn't know, it would be this short lived.



Shashi saw Arnav and Anjali and kept a hand on their shoulders, "don't cry, he is alive in your hearts. Now at least you will remember him with pride and would take his name with honor." Shashi said and hugged Arnav tight and Anjali too came and hugged him, finding a father in him. Shashi hugged Arnav and Anji together.






Soon they got reminded about Khushi. They looked at her. She had tears in her eyes too. Arnav was lucky, at least his father realized he was wrong and Anji was lucky to have at least a moment of love from her father, when she had none. Her father was gone, but she didn't regret doing it. Coz aarav deserved forgiveness and Vijendar, he deserved what he got, punishment.



Arnav walked towards her, she was still, not moving at all.


"Khushi, why did you-"


"He deserved this!" before Arnav could ask her fully, she said in the middle.




The fury was evident in her eyes, "He killed my mother! He married her for her property! He killed her by not giving her the love and care she expected! He killed her by his reckless behavior! My mother didn't die Arnavji! She was killed, brutally murdered by that man!" she said pointing at his dead body behind her. "And I do NOT regret it even a bit! I gave my mother the solace of being free! Free from him. And I freed myself from his name and his evil clutches!" she said having the ruthless and merciless Khushi back in her eyes, as if she is not bothered about him a cent!




"I killed him with my bare hands!" Saying so she looked at her hands and broke down in tears, sobbing and Arnav held her too.



Everyone ran to her and saw her crying hysterically, "I killed him Arnavji! I killed him, I killed my own father! I killed him. He was so- I am sorry, he was pointing a gun at you, - I couldn't see him shooting you- I killed him- bauji(Shashi) told me everything- he told me-  I – killed him myself! I had no other option! He deserved this!- he never loved – my mother. She craved his love. And he never bothered. So I killed him!" till now Khushi tried to hate him, she tried not to show everyone that she was weak but couldn't hold the pain any longer inside her. She repeated the same line again truly regretting what she did but then consoling herself that she didn't do anything wrong but did a good thing instead, "he deserved this, he killed my mom, I- ki-I killed- " uv knew she was hitting her panic attack, repeating everything again and again. So he went out and got the injection they accidentally kept with them. And then without further delay, he shot it in her veins, calming her and making her sleep like this, but for the last time in her life. From now on there wont be any vij, no panic attacks in her life, ever!











THANKS A TON TO THESE PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED SO NICELY : (many people who commented are ignored because of the reason mentioned below)


 i am sorry i am very upset at the replies i get so barely managed to write a next part, so wont be able to comment everybody personally. i am sorry againBig smile

ONCE AGAIN THANKS ALOOOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU ALLL!!! muah!!! this update was possible just for you guys!

(the above noted people please ignore the next partEmbarrassed but read the big sized fonts in the last two lines.)


I know many of you would complaint about the short update and would call me rude to not include your name in my thank you list but what can i do? you ask me a long update and i comply but i ask how you guys felt by reading the part, you dont complyOuch  so i guess this was the best way i could control and take out my frustration! yes i am frustrated! i write in about 20 pages of a word document in 14 number font size and all i get is a line or two of a COMMENT!!!Dead 

 I don't really want to hear anything about the update being short, coz the replies I get are way too less than the update. I am not asking you guys to write a page on it but at least I want to know how guys felt! But nope, except some people (mentioned above)no one is bothered about replying. They just write a word or sentence and that is it! Ouchthe last update was the longest part ever by me and I get so less of comments! So I thought of giving an update of this length. Please enjoy!Confused


(I am really really angry now! my readers aren't replying!)

 I have decided to cut short this ff. so now only 2-3 parts left for it to END. Yes I will end it soon thanks to the silent readers and the people who just write a sentence as comment!.



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loved it
she did the best thing
it will set her free from false hope
u cnt make a evil person like vij love snyone
they live for themselfs
but they dnt realize they hv no one around than there own self
hating is easy but to love is difficult

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