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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 140)

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Originally posted by Sdea

lovely...but arnav could have been a bit gentle...ur writing is just woowww

thanks alot! and arnav is rough, thats how he is,,,,so lets not change himWinkBig smile thanks againBig smile

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Originally posted by AnnieCheli1997

Fab Update Muskaan!! :) xxx Sorry I'm really really late commenting but been really busy with 6th Form and all that!!
Woah!! I disn't expect both Payal and Anjali to get kidnapped by him!! Vij is one depressing, low class, vile character... And I love the way you portray it!! I'm a massive fan of English Lit. And that's what I'm taking for my further education... And Vij absolutely reminds me of McBeth... I donno why, maybe because of his psychotic nature... :S xxx
Poor Khushi, bless her little heart, I'm really glad that Khuhi wasn't kidnapped too... But the harsh times that Arnav's giving her are making me feel really bad for her!! :( xxx
I hope they track Vij down soon!! :) xxx
And The precap is fishy, I'm guessing Vij told Anjali to say those things... Because I know she truely loves Dan... And it's kind o obvious... That she's gving some hints about where she is... Or why she's there!! :) xxx She's one cleaver girl!! :) xx
Anyways update soon Muskaan, can't wait to read!! :) x xx

thanks alooottt... another one to comment looonnggg... wow loved it!

vij and mcbeth... well i dont know about mcbeth as i dont read about him but yes vij is a psycho...LOL

and anji was trying to hint arnav where she is...vij didnt make her say itEmbarrassed rest you would find out soonEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Sim96

Uff, you and your story is woww.
I am in love with it. :D
Its simply amazinggg.
Update soon.

thanks alooottt.. Embarrassedi am glad to know you love it dearEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by tj_barun

brilliant update.
nd it always worth waiting for ur update.
vij kidnap both anji nd payal.they gv khushi drug so she dnt get to knw abt anji nd payal arnav iz so possesive nd caring for khushi.
nd precap wow yar anji iz smart girl she indirectly told arnav whr were de.
cont soon

thanks.. and your wait is over...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Rozyln

Edited on pg 134

i saw it...and commented tooBig smile
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Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

loved ur ff...

thanks.. and sorry as i commented you late but i didnt see the 'message not posted' warning... well thanks again,,,,Embarrassed

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Vijendar was very delighted! Very, very delighted!



He tied the girls to the chairs they sat on and there were 20 to 25 men surrounding them. Anji and Payal sat back to back and they were tied together, and the man behind all this came forward and slapped Anjali.


"B*TCH! Tried to be out smart! You bit my hand, you filthy scum!" with that he hit her again and a small amount of blood oozed out from the corner of her lips.


Anji could taste it on her lips and bit out her anger that was rising fiercely, "your death will be less painful if you keep your hands off me. Don't forget I am Arnav Singh raizada's sister!" with that she gave a glare to him to whom he glared back.


"I very well know who you are! That is why you are here, darling." He said as he touched her chin and made her look up.


"Don't touch me, bast*rd!" Anji said and vij again slapped her and this time the bloodline touched her chin from her lips.


"You are really a well mannered person, I must say, seeing your manners of talking to the elders." He said sarcastically kneeling towards her.


"Then you must see how mannered my brother is! He is great in his hospitality too. You would enjoy it surely!" Anji spat and vij was shocked at her audacity.


"Aren't you a bit SCARED!?" vij lost his cool as he saw the mere chit challenging him on his face.


"I am scared, who said I am not!" Anji said casually and then smirked, "thinking how bad your face would look once my brother finds out you hit me and that that 2 drops of blood oozed out too. I am sure he wont even leave 2 drops in your corpse!"


"My, my! You are a kind of stubborn person."


"Its not stubbornness, it's the Raizada blood." Anji said proudly.


"Uh Han? Then lets see what the other Raizada is doing?" vij said and extended his hand to a man near him and he gave a phone in his hands.





"WHERE IS MY ANJALI!" Arnav barked at the face of the cop standing in front of him. "I swear, I will shoot you all dead if anything as much as a scratch came on my daughter!" Arnav said pointing his gun at the officer's head in front of him.



Uv and Dan rushed to him held him from the back and stopped him from doing something stupid.


"Arnav we need to think properly!! We can't loose control!!" uv said as Arnav struggled to get himself free.


"Uv is right! Control yourself, Arnav!" said Dan.


Arnav was strong, he pushed them away from him and said frustrated, "YOU WANT ME TO BE IN CONTROL!!! That bast*rd has my sister and Payal as hostages and god knows how he is behaving with them and you freaking want me to be in CONTROL!! Give me one good reason why should I?!!" then he moved towards the cops, "I am informing you all!! When I find him! I am going to kill him myself! And then you can hang me to death, I DON'T CARE!!" the fire in his eyes was unmistakable, like he was burning inside.



"Its not just you, Arnav. Its WE! We are going to kill him!" Dan said and had a similar type of fire in his eyes too.



Uv saw them and joined, "me too want to kill him guys but first lets track the bast*rd down."






Many black cases were brought. They said they were the equipments police officers use to track a criminal down.


"Sir, we need a space to set our machines." Asked a cop.


"You have the whole house! Set it anywhere, but I want results, ASAP!" said Arnav.


"Yes sir." Said the cop and went away setting his equipments.






The equipments were set and they waited for vij to call. And he called. The house phone rang and the officers signaled Arnav to pick it up.


"Hello?" Arnav said suspecting the call to be from vij.


"Hello, son." Vij said faking affection.


"As****e!" Arnav gritted his teeth.


"Manners, manners! Don't forget the manners, son." Vij said warning him sarcastically, "I was discussing the same with your sister but she is too, an ill-mannered wh***!"



Arnav lost his cool when he heard bad things about his sister. "You, f****** b******!! Count your days Vijendar! When I get you! It's your end! THE END!"



"Well I have a better reply to that!" vij said walking up to Anjali and kept the phone near her and slapped her. Anji somehow stopped her cry but the sound of his hand hitting her face was not left unheard by Arnav.



"YOU MOR** DON'T TOUCH HER!!" Arnav said raising his voice and then closing his eyes to control himself, his bad words were going harm Anji. "What do you want!?" Arnav asked in a deathly voice.



"That's like a good boy. Wait for my other call." Vij said and hung up.



After hearing the line dead, Arnav hit his hand on the nearby glass table. Seeing this nani rushed to him.



"He hit her nani, HE HIT HER!!!" Arnav said raging, "I didn't even raised my finger on my baby and that son of a b*tch, HIT HER!!" Arnav said as his breathing became uneven due to rage.



Nani sobbed seeing his hand, examining it, "I know you will find her soon, beta. Don't hurt yourself!" nani assured him by rubbing his back and luckily there were no cuts on Arnav's hands.



Arnav then went up to the cop to see if the call was traced.


"Sorry sir. He must be knowing that we are tracking the calls that is why he hung up before one minute."


"Dammit!" Arnav said under his breath.





Uv called vij's photo from the police station and alerted his friends and other men to inform him if they saw him anywhere. Dan too contacted his friends and relatives so that if they saw him anywhere they would inform them his location. Arnav on the other hand messaged and emailed the photo to his employees, he had more than 10,000 employees under him, and someone would sight him for sure. He even mentioned in the email that the person who will inform them correctly would get a lifetime contract with AR designs and a big fat amount as reward. But the info should be correct or else, life sentence!



Shashi was very much afraid for his daughters, the one who was already with him and the one who was in this house, drugged.


"I know him too well." Shashi said and everyone looked at him, "he cant live where there is no facility. He might have kept them in a secret place but not where there are no facilities."


"Facilities?" asked Dan confused.


"Facilities in the sense, nice room, nice food, warm water, and most important! A lot of red wine!" he looked at them and continued, "vij was fond of red wines, he can not even live for a day without it, and he is so addicted! And now that he was in jail for years, He would be craving his red wines that he didn't get in the prison. He will surely buy a truck of red wines at once!" Shashi said indicating them their next step.


Dan got it and said, "Okay, as uncle said! Uncle and I will take some cops with us and check the wine shops for the clues, UV you go to the big posh hotels and Arnav, you wait here incase he calls back again, (everyone nodded) lets do it!"



Saying so everyone left in order to search the girls.






After couple of hours, everyone was still searching the clues of vij. They were eager to find a slightest hint to where he can be.


Arnav on the other hand, was sitting in his house, calming his anger and waiting for the bast*rd's call.



Then the guard came in running and handed a phone to Arnav. He looked at the guard and said, "what?"



"Vi-Vijendar!" the guard said in nervous tone, and Arnav snatched away the phone.



"Hello!" said Arnav.



"Hello." Came a curious but calm voice.



"Why did you call my guard?" Arnav asked.


"Don't I know each and every Raizada phone would have been efficiently tapped by now? And the Raizada mansion would have been turned into a police headquarters! Come on Arnav, give me some credit; I kidnapped THE Arnav Singh Raizada's sister! I ought to be intelligent too. And in the tapped phone, I cant talk more than 1 minute, and now I want to talk business." Said vij and his evilness was dripping down his words.



"What the damn thing you want! Properties, money, gold! Anything! Just name it!" said Arnav urgently.



"Ah! You understand me so well. Well to your good news, I don't want any property, no money and definitely no gold!" vij said testing Arnav's patience.



"Then what the hell do YOU WANT!!!" Arnav said gritting his teeth.



"Your Love, I want your Khushi." said vij as if asking a cup of tea.



"YOU-" Arnav was about to use bad words but he remembered that he can harm Anji and Payal so he just stopped.



"Good to see that you are a quick learner." Vij said, as he understood what Arnav was about to say. "Well, I can understand your feelings. You want to curse me, I know it, but I want my daughter back. I want Khushi, and you will hand her to me, yourself!" 



"NO I WONT!" Arnav said impulsively.



"Think again! Don't be a fool Arnav, love? Or sister? Choice is yours!" said vij smiling keenly, imagining Arnav's face.



Arnav stayed quite a bit, then it clicked. He could have kidnapped Khushi himself, if he can kidnap Anji then how hard it would be to kidnap Khushi! Then why didn't he?


"If you wanted, you could have kidnapped Khushi yourself! Then why didn't you!?" Arnav asked curiously.



"aww! You figured it out now? I thought you would have found the answer to it too! Whatever, never mind! I will tell you!" said vij in excitement and then his voice became dangerous, "remember a guy came to meet me in my prison, challenging me that he would save his love from me?!" vij said and Arnav remembered it was him. "So if I kidnapped her and you rescued her after that, you win! And become a hero! So I thought to make you a villain too. You will hand her over to me, and that way I will defeat you even before we started playing!! You challenged me, Raizada! And I don't take challenges easily. I hit my enemies where it hurts the most! So when are you bringing my daughter to meet me! Her so called dead father." With that vij smiled evilly and Arnav felt his ground slip from his feet.


He knew about the plan! He knew everything! Thought Arnav and unconsciously sat on the sofa behind him.


"Yes! I know it! I know your little secret! And now! You made my game even easier! I just have to come in front of her and WHOOSH!" he made a big sound, "she will be gone! Forever."



"NO! You bast*rd! I wont let that happen!" Arnav said angrily.



"Temper huh? Don't forget I have your sister! Hold on for a minute and don't think of tapping it coz next voice will be your sister's and it will be the last time you hearing it!" said vij and went inside the place.



Vij reached inside a room where Anji and Payal were tied. Arnav waited patiently, he then turned and saw Dan returning. The phone was on speaker so that other cops might hear him talking, so he indicated Dan to come over slowly, without noise.



"Here b*tch, talk to your brother." Saying so he put the phone near her ear.



Arnav closed his eyes in anger as he heard him calling names to his sister. Dan too clenched his fists.



"Hello bhai?" came Anji's hope filled voice.



"Yes beta! I am here! Don't worry I will find you soon."  Arnav said as a tear escaped his eyes.



Anji too had tears in her eyes hearing the word beta, "bhai. I- I am so sorry to put you in this situation. Bhaiya, I never told you this I am sorry, I love a guy named Tom in my class, I am so in love with him that I even love his house and the surroundings. They look so familiar. I hope you understand and forgive your little sister. Please think wisely and try to understand me. I am sorry again." Anji said and Dan's jaw dropped.



He was about to speak when Arnav held him from back and closed his mouth by the help of his hand and continued.


"I will think about it." Arnav said looking keenly at the phone.


"You're the best, bhai!" Anji chirped but the look vij gave her froze her. He was about to take the phone away; she needed to give more clues to him and that too fast!


Vij was about to take the phone away when she said, "bhai I love you! Like I love my prettiest thing! I love you!" and then the phone was taken away.



"So you hear her words, Raizada! And one more thing, do I need to say that don't do any silly things like telling the cops and all or I will kill your sister and Payal? Oh god I am so fed up of these dramatic lines. Well you understood me right?" he said being smart but he didn't even get that the Raizada sister already hinted her brother where she was in her own language.



"Right." Said Arnav thinking something.



"So I want Khushi to be brought in a place, in 2 days! I will tell the place in 2 days because I want all the police officers out of this case! I will keep an eye on you and your men. If I see any of the cops involved, you know what I will do. So in these 2 days, don't do anything stupid which may compel me to kill your sister and the so called sister of Khushi! Till then, these girls will be my guests! So after 2 days bring my daughter and take your girls with you. And feel free to find them without the help of cops, coz I know you cant! Ha ha ha." Vij gave his evil laugh as he underestimated Arnav.



The phone went dead and Arnav jumped in excitement! For a second, Dan felt as if Arnav has gone mad. Vij was telling him to keep Anji and Payal hostages for 2 freaking days and this man was happy! And more over Anji said she loves someone else! Then Dan felt as if Anji shred his heart into pieces.



Soon UV and Shashi too entered RM and got updated by Arnav about the new phone call and its details. Except the fact that vij called Khushi, his love.



They too were shocked to know what Anji said but UV somewhere knew that cant be true.



"This cant be true. We all know Anji loves Dan! Why did she say that!" UV said confused at her statement.



"That's the thing! She was giving us the clue! Don't you get it! She knows that we all know about her and Dan but vij doesn't know! So she said that in front of him that she loves a guy named tom." Arnav moved towards the cop, john. "John, I need every information on this guy. Our clue is similar to him. And more importantly his house and surroundings! She said it felt familiar!"



"We can't take the help of cops! He said he would be keeping an eye on us!" Dan said freaking out as Arnav was assigning the task to a cop.



"Shit!" said Arnav, as he knew vij was so cunning, he would find out if cops were involved.



"I will do it!" said Dan and nodded, "I will find out everything about him."



"Good. Now I want everything and every cop out!" Arnav said and john stepped in.



"But Mr. Raizada, we could help." John protested.



"You were here! You heard him! He will harm the girls if the cops are not out!" Arnav said as he made john understand.



The cop understood their dilemma and offered, "okay. I understand your situation. We will all step out until you don't want us in this. I assure you, my men wont step in but in case you want any help, just call." John said and everyone nodded.



Soon the equipments, tapping devices and the cops were moved out.






A man was standing near RM and he saw the cops and their vans moving out. He dialed a number and said, "boss, work done. The cops are moving out." And vij laughed.









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It was midnight.



Its been hours of Anji and Payal being kidnapped and still no clue! Uv searched the hotels and there were no bookings in the names of Vijendar. They showed the photos of him too but nobody recognized.


Dan brought the list of buyers who bought large amount of red wines in the last few days. There were nearly 50 different places from which red wines were ordered, some due to big parties and other for their regular consumptions. Nobody could be suspected for kidnapping, just because they bought large amount of wines!


Arnav was consistently trying but none of his men or his employees contacted him back regarding the issue.



Then Dan stepped in with a guy.



"Here is the guy! Tom." Said Dan and pushed him lightly towards Arnav and UV, making him kneel down.



"Why did you bring him here?" questioned UV.



"Coz this guy is a hard nut to crack! He isn't spilling anything about himself!" Dan said frustrated.



"Is he a hard nut!? Then lets crack him!!!" said Arnav getting up from his seat and putting his gun on tom's forehead.



Soon the poor guy started to sweat, he saw certain madness in Arnav's eyes that confirmed that he wouldn't even think twice before he shoots him down.



"Okay OKAY!" said tom raising his hands and giving up. "I will tell you everything! But tell me one thing first. You are Arnav Singh Raizada! King of fashion! Why would you want to know about me?"



"ohh so you know me, you would also have heard about my madness then? I don't have time to give you any sort of answers, I just want mine! So tell us where do you live and about your surroundings and all and I promise we won't harm you! But if you try to be smart! I swear, I will kill you!" Arnav said loading his gun.



"Wait!" tom said closing his eyes in fear. "Is this about Anjali Raizada, your sister?" he said and looked up. Tom knew Arnav killed a guy just because he was misbehaving with her in a party. But he barely knew Anjali, infact he didn't even had a word with her ever! He met her once in his party. That is all! Tom then looked at Arnav and knew that it was definitely about Anjali.



"Mr. Raizada, I swear I didn't misbehaved with your sister in any way! I didn't even talk to her, we were just classmates in high school. Infact I met her once in my birthday party in which she came with one of our common friends, Nita. That is all, I don't know anything about her!"



"Where was this party?" Arnav asked still keeping the gun firmly on his forehead.



"In my house. I – I am from America basically; my parents just own a beach house in London. My family lives in USA, there is my uncle here, and he comes to check me on every other weekend. So I lived in my small beach house and held a party there where I met Anjali for the first and last time!"



"What are your surroundings?" asked Dan.



"Surroundings?" tom asked confused.



"Yes the things you are basically surrounded by!" asked Arnav loosing patience.



"Um- su – surroundings?" tom thought a bit then saw the gun and then answered, "I am su-surrounded by, um- my house, there is a beach near it as it's a beach house, m- my car, my college, books, I have a library, a pool, my garden, my video games and my pet dog." Tom blabbered, as he was hell scared now.



"That's it?" asked UV still expecting more.



"Yes! I am a simple guy! I don't have many things around me, just the things I like! That's it!" he said closing his eyes in fear again and Arnav then pushed his memory and tried to think. Anjali in high school. She went to a party in a beach house. Then it clicked! He remembered! He quickly went to a desk in front of him and took the list of addresses where large mount of red wine was delivered. And understood everything.



He made tom stand on his feet, which were wobbling, "don't worry. We wont harm you!" and then hugged him happily. "I am sorry for this behavior but my sister is being kidnapped and she gave us the clue related to you. So forgive us for being rude. If you need any help in London, feel free to ask me! You have done a favor on me. And I wont forget it! Thanks." Saying so he let tom go and UV and Dan looked at him, expecting answers from him.



"Anji was in high school, she attended a party in a beach house, she came home and told me about it. She was in all praises for tom's house, saying it was nice, warm and cozy and moreover she loved the beach and the view from it. So that year on her birthday I bought her a beach house to make her happy. I took her to her new beach house and she said that it was the prettiest thing in her life!" then Arnav remembered Anji saying on the phone when vij called him, "bhai I love you! Like I love my prettiest thing! I love you!" and it confirmed his suspicion.



"So?" Dan asked as he didn't understand what Arnav was blabbering.



"Remember she said familiar surroundings?" Arnav asked and Dan nodded, "it was the beach and the sea! She must have seen it or heard the waves from the inside, and see this!" he showed the red wine buyer's list to Dan, "see address no. 39. It's my beach house's address! This vij is more cunning then we ever thought! He knew we will search the whole world but we wont search her in our own house! So he kept them in our own house! Anji's beach-house! Its surroundings are familiar to Tom's and it's the prettiest thing according to Anji as it's a little excluded from the city and away from its noise and pollution. And a perfect place to keep them away from anyone's eyes, where no one can see or suspect vij. And as uncle (Shashi) said he need facilities, there is every facility he needs!" Arnav said and everyone had a smile as they finally cracked the clue given by Anji.



"What are we waiting for? Lets go! Bring them back!" said Dan.



"No! We can't go now." Arnav said.



"But why?!!" said Dan hearing Arnav's words.



"Do you think he is really stupid that he wont see us coming? Now we need to perform very keenly, if he came to know that we know where he is then he would change his location and our hard work will be spoiled."



"Who says we wont let him know that we know where he is! We will attack him from the face! He will see us coming and he will see us killing!" Said UV keeping a hand on Arnav's shoulder. "And I have a plan." UV said to Arnav and smiled wickedly.






Soon the plan was made and was taken to action. It was 2 hours passed to midnight. Arnav then called the cops, secretly letting them know where they needed to be. He asked them to come after 30 minutes. 30 minutes were enough for them to break their bones. Arnav strictly ordered the cops to not even touch Vijendar. He was his baby now, and he will take care of him. The cars were ready, the cops were ready, our heroes were ready and moreover our lover was ready to save his love. Arnav would save his Khushi even before vij's 2 days begin! Even before he thinks he is, he will be dead already!







Vij was sitting in the porch of the house, sipping his red wine, and enjoying the view of stars that shone down at him, but he missed that they were not shining down at him but smirking in their own way.



Soon the noises of big cars and trucks moving were heard and he suspiciously looked here and there. This was a lonely place with no house nearby then who could it be? Before he could think further, three big black hummers stood in front of him.




He gazed at the powerful looking cars dumbfounded. If he thought the lifeless cars were powerful, he had no idea about the men sitting inside it. The right car's door opened and Dan came out standing on the front of the car, folding hands to his chest, smiling as if nothing happened. Soon the left car's door opened and UV came out advancing but stood in front too, folding his hands and smiling at him. And now! Our hero stepped out in his super hot glares and taking long strides he too stood in front of his hummer, smirking at him.



Vij saw the men standing in front of him, first Dan at the right, uv at the left and with Arnav in the middle. They were smirking and smiling but looked deadly. The wine glass fell from his hands and hit the ground breaking into pieces and smirked widened on Arnav's face.






Payal looked at the men in front of her. The night was taking a toll on them and there were only 10 of them now. The other ones went out of the room. That's when she passed a smile to herself.


She knew she could handle 5 at a time. She had taken marshal arts training for self defense and was capable of handling 5 men at a time but what about other ones? And Anjali? She wont be able to handle them. Payal was continuously wriggling her hands lightly so that she can find a loop hole to the knot tied on them and now was on verge of opening the ropes. Ropes that were tied on her hands were soon opened and she touched Anji's hands to open hers. Anji gasped loudly as she felt her hands.


The guards were in their half sleep so they didn't get it, Payal soon made a sound of "shhh" so that Anji doesn't do anything to alert them.



Payal figured out her knots too and untied them and whispered, "open your legs but be careful, they are half asleep. Don't let them figure out." 



Anji nodded slightly and was about to turn down to open her legs but couldn't, "they will know! I cant do it." Anji said afraid.



"Don't worry, just a sec." Said Payal as she was wriggling her legs now. The knot tightened and the rope loosened a bit. She took out her long heeled shoes, as they were too big to come out from the rope. Then she took her left leg out and sighed then she took the right leg out and the rope fell on the ground making her fully free. Soon she wore her high-heeled shoes and was about to get up when they heard big noises of cars coming. She knew they were here. And it was time to settle the scores.






As soon as the reality dawned upon vij he ran back inside and yelled.


"THEYARE HERE!! MOR*NS GO AND FIGHT!!" he yelled and the men outside the room ran out at first.


 The men in Anji and Payal's room woke up from their half sleep and ran out too, but only 6 could run out of 10 as two were already inside and the other two were held by Payal. She pushed them back and closed the door. Anji soon opened her legs and went on Payal's back.


"These stupid mor*ns were eyeing us from so long and I am IRRITATED!" saying so Payal came forward and gave a hard punch on a guy's face and a kick in his guts. He yelled in pain and soon fell on the ground.


Seeing so two men came in front of her and she smiled and kicked the second guy in his foot by her high heels that would have pained a lot and then rolled back and hit the third one on his face. Then she twirled around and kicked the second on chest by her heels and he too yelped in utmost pain. After that the fourth one came forth and tried to hit her from the back but Anji took the chair in her hands and hit him on his head, knocking him out at once. Soon the third guy got up and Payal jumped and roll-kicked him on the face and knocked him out too.






Arnav, UV and Dan came close to the house and heard vij's men coming. They parted and waited for them to come out, as soon as they came uv got hold of 2 and started to serve them with his hugs and kisses, i.e., his kicks and punches. Dan too got hold of one and started hitting him.



Then all of a sudden many men came and Arnav dropped in and started to wash them with his hands too. He kicked and punched many guys; he was not seeing anybody in particular just going on hitting as soon as he saw anyone. Soon he heard guns and bullets and then Arnav and UV left the men and went near the wall and took out their guns too, while Dan took an opportunity and sneaked in from the window.



The foolish men who were fighting with Arnav and UV also had guns but they were attacked so fiercely that they even forgot about it. Soon they got up from the ground and took out their guns too. Arnav and UV loaded their guns, took a quick sneak peek out from the wall and shoot!


They knew there were so many of them that the bullets will hit someone for sure. They were firing and yay! One guy got hit in his leg and fell down the others searched for something to hide behind. Some found a place and started shooting at Arnav and uv's direction but they were hiding behind the wall so were saved.



Uv told Arnav by his gesturing that he (Arnav) can handle them by front and he is running to the backside of them. Arnav nodded and UV ran across the boundaries and took them by surprise, everyone was facing Arnav's side and their back was facing UV. He whistled and they turned surprised.  Just then Arnav kneeled and rolled out of the wall and whistled too. Vij's men were confused for a second and that is when Arnav and uv smiled wickedly and fired their guns nonstop, hitting some of them in their chest, heart, head and legs. Soon all the other men laid down dead and only two men stood there smirking to each other, Arnav and UV.



Arnav and UV then hopped above them and went inside. They saw Dan fighting with one and surrounded by 4 others.


"Half-half!" said UV and smiled at Arnav.


Arnav then held two of them and punched and kicked them.



Soon UV too held the one and then punched him on the face, making him bleed. And then the other two back-to-back punches knocked him down, the guy's face fully bleeding now. He turned to see his other man and saw Dan snatching him away.



"Hey! He was mine!" said UV enjoying like he was playing a video game.


"Nope he was mine." Said Dan hitting on the soft point of his neck and rolled back and hit him directly on his guts. The man fell unconscious, "never, underestimate, a doctor!" said Dan at his unconscious face.



Uv then took his gun to hit his lifeless body when Dan stopped him, "save your bullets for vij, he is already dead, as I broke his neck bone." Dan said smirking.



"Shit I thought this would be fun! But these men were so childlike! They didn't even touch us once!" said UV disappointed.


"Don't worry, one man is still left." Said Arnav determined and walked towards the rooms to find vij.


He opened a room and checked it, it was empty.


He then went to another room, UV and Dan followed. He opened the door and found Anji taking the chair in her hands and hit a man on his head, knocking him out at once. Soon the other guy got up and Payal jumped and roll-kicked him on the face and knocked him out too.



Dan's jaw dropped at Anji's hit and he saw the chair in her hands. Uv whistled at Payal's last kick and she smiled, victoriously. Arnav eyed the poor guys and one of them tried to get up, Arnav took his gun and hit him on his head. Payal and Anji closed their eyes and ears at the sharp noise of bullet.



Arnav looked at them, "what?!" Payal and Anji saw him, "you can kick them dead and I can't even fire? Come on!"  Saying so he hit other three of them too, "bast*rds, helped in kidnapping my girls!" saying so he moved out and UV shook his head in negative, thinking what will he do to vij!






Vij was scared! Very much frightened when he saw the three guys getting out of their cars! He saw the fire in their eyes even though they were smiling. He knew they would kill him and that smirk on Arnav's face! It sent chill down his spine and he forgot everything for a second.


He ran in and sent the men out and searched for a proper place to sneak out or hide.


He tried to sneak out but the guys were all over the place fighting his men. So he thought of hiding! I was such a fool to kidnap Arnav Singh Raizada's sister and hire so less of men against him!



He ran back to the rooms and hid in the last one on the corridor. Then he heard bullets being fired and got more scared to he went near the gallery that led towards the basement. And went down in it.






"My hands are itching! Where is the bast*rd!?" Arnav said frustrated. They searched the whole house but he was nowhere.


"He must have ran away!" said Payal.



Dan said, "No he is in this house! I was near the door and Arnav and UV were out! They must have seen him if he was gone. He is in here, hiding somewhere!"



"I know where he is!" said Anji happily, "we searched the whole house but the basement! THIS HOUSE HAS A BASEMENT GUYS!" Anji said excitedly and the guys were already on their way to it.





Arnav, UV and Dan took out their guns and kicked open the door of the basement. Soon a fire of the bullet was heard and Arnav and UV ducked down. The basement was a bit dim, so they couldn't see anything. They heard a sound of footstep near the left corner and UV fired with his gun towards the sound.


"NO!!" said Arnav and stopped him. "I want him alive!"


 A laugh was heard from the same corner and vij got out hearing Arnav. He knew Arnav wouldn't kill him so easily. And was sure, hell not with his gun.


He got out and pointed his gun towards them and said, "Well, well, well! I am impressed!" he got into their vision and said, "I thought you won't be able to figure it out! But I was right! You're a hell intelligent guy, Arnav."



"If you knew that then you might be knowing that I wont spare you!" Arnav said controlling his anger and gritting his teeth.



"Oh no, Raizada! Infact, I won't spare you!" saying so he fired the gun aiming at Arnav.



As soon as the gun was fired, a man whose face was not seen came in front of Arnav and took the bullet on himself. Seeing this UV fired his gun at vij's hand, making the gun to drop away and vij yelled in pain as his palm bled.



Arnav held the mysterious person from his shoulders and made him lay near the wall, still unable to see his face and ran back to vij and held him from his collar and took him out of the basement, dragging. Dan then rushed inside and saw a hurt figure near the wall and touched him to find the bullet. He touched his shoulder and the person winced, not making noise.


Arnav took vij to the first room where Payal and Anji stood and pushed him near their feet.


He tried to get up but got a kick on his stomach by Arnav and fell back. Arnav and uv threw their guns away and went near him and held his collar and punched him on his face, once, twice, thrice and then fourth time and stopped. Vij's jaw was definitely broken and bled like anything. Arnav then raised him to stand and passed him to UV. Vij went helplessly towards UV and he caught his shoulder. Uv then pushed him away and punched his stomach twice, making him fall again.





Dan ran out of the basement towards his car, in which he carried a full first aid kit. He took it in and turned on the lights. As he turned again and saw the man who saved Arnav, his jaw dropped and his eyes turned wide.




As vij fell he tried to run away as the main door was just in front of him. But he was caught by UV and uv pushed him towards Arnav as if playing passing-the-ball. Arnav then punched him once and pushed him towards UV. Uv kicked him back and he automatically went towards Arnav. Arnav then hit vij's knee and he yelled, as his knee was nearly broken and fell back. Arnav tried holding him but vij resisted and struggled but Arnav held him instead and punched him on the face.



Vij then gathered his courage and energy and pushed Arnav away and quickly grabbed a gun near him. He then stood up wobbling and aimed it at Arnav again. He was the root of all hell. Uv saw for a spare gun around him as they threw away their guns in over confidence.



Vij faced the people in front of him; his back was facing the main door. He smiled and smirked through his broken jaw. Vij then loaded the gun and a shot was heard.



Everyone gasped and looked at Arnav. Arnav too looked down at his chest and stomach. But nothing. No bullet touched him. Everyone, including Arnav then looked at vij and saw a small round shaped wound on his chest, near his heart. And unlimited amount of blood oozed out of it. Vij too shocked at the shot, tried and look back. In the process of looking back he fell down on the ground and there stood the person who shot him, on the main door. It was Khushi. She held the gun firmly in her hand and moved forward towards her dad. She came in front of him and all hell broke loose when vij saw his own daughter shoot him. Khushi then pointed the gun on his heart, directly on his heart. And shot again. This time, killing him.


Vij felt numb as the second bullet hit him. His heart stopped working long back at first one itself. He then looked at the disgusted face of his daughter. He disgusted her, his blood disgusted her. She then looked away from his face and he let out a final breath, as the life in him, left him forever.






PRECAP: Evil Smilehe he he.. Not so soon people! *Winks* THIS UPDATE WAS MY MASTER STROKE!!!!!






Hey how was it!!!


This is the biggest update in my history of writing ffs….


I ought to get BIG REPLIES AND I MEAN IT!!! One word or one sentence will not be counted and I really hope you guys comment BIGGG!!



Pleaseee comment big……..


I will wait!!








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