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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 14)

jd08 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 April 2012 at 4:30am | IP Logged
love it do continue

angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it update soon
nia252 Senior Member

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its really have been a long time now pls update
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Part Three:





"Okay!" uv said and held her from her waist again and Khushi started to walk but her feet wobbled and just then uv held her in his arms, picking her up and walked out. Everyone around them looked in awe. But one. One person looked in rage. The ASR.



As they reached home, uv again picked the sleeping Khushi in his arms and took her to her room and made her sleep. Uv was still confused as to what happened to her all of a sudden and why was she so frightened about!


All questions remained unanswered and the only person who can answer them was sleeping peacefully on the bed! uv rubbed her hand once and got up to leave. Shashi was worried so he told him that there was nothing to worry about and Khushi was fine but UV knew she was far away from being fine.



Next day.



Khushi opened her eyes and saw the clock and was shocked! It was 10 AM! She is late! She never woke up this late and how come jiji not came to wake her up this morning!


She quickly went to shower. She took out her cloths and stood beneath the hot water pouring from the shower but it stinged! Khushi looked at her shoulder where the hot water was not feeling comfortable and was shocked to see a bite! Then it all came crashing down on her. Last night's dinner and then restroom, that man, he kissed her –


As soon as she thought of him her body shivered and she had Goosebumps all over her body. She touched her lips and went to the big mirror infront of her and stood there watching her face, her lips. She touched them again and was shocked to feel his lips lingering there again. She looked at her shoulder and a bit downwards where the bite mark sat proudly on her skin and she tried rubbing it but it hurt! It became purple-blue type of print on her milky skin. She tried removing it by the soap but it didn't budge! Bloody stubborn thing! She sighed and sat under the water. She let the hot water linger on her skin and hugged herself. She still felt his hands all over her again.


Khushi quickly dried herself and went out wearing a white anarkali suit.



Khushi's POV.


I got ready and moved out of my room half heartedly, because I saw some marks on my skin which that Dracula has given me! Bloody hell! What if someone sees it! Ah! I wore anarkali and hid them neatly behind my dress but yuck, it stings! Oh god that Dracula! Am I some kind of cake or what that he was…forget it! JIJI!!!!


I went down to my favorite place, the kitchen and saw jiji still in her pajamas! Wasn't she supposed to go with me! It's already late! What I m gonna do with her!


I gapped at her look and said "jiji, why aren't you ready yet!?"


"I m not going anywhere!" she said with a stern look.


"But you promised!" I whined.


"I told you to tell me what happened last night but you dint, then I am also not going anywhere with you!"


"That's not fair! Families do not blackmail!" I tapped my foot on the ground.


"oh when its your family anything is possible! And by the way where is that ultimate supporter of yours, that little Udayveer Singh! Go with him!" jiji said mimicking my tone.


"here I am!" uv said entering the kitchen, "why are you both fighting and that too this much loud, I heard you guys at my home and came running!!" uv said dramatically.


"ohh come on uv you have spoiled her! She doesn't share her anything with me, its you and only you for her every time! I am jealous of you!!! Look at you! I don't know what she sees in you!" jiji said. I knew she was mad at me but I dint have the courage of blurting out what happened.


"She dint tell me either!" uv said and his hands now on his waist and his eyes searching answers in mine.


"oh come on you two stop yelling! Amma and bauji will be here any moment I don't want them to get worried!" I said making them quite.


"why would I be quiet!! my own little sister was hell bent scared yesterday, that too to a level that she couldn't even walk and what I get as an explanation that you saw a rat in the bathroom! AND THAT TOO IN UV's HOTEL WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS HE HATES ANIMALS! And there is a SPECIAL unit of workers who work on these matters! And you want me to believe you!" jiji said in one go and I knew she was really mad at me but what can I do!


"jiji will talk later I have to go!" I said brushing the topic off maybe when I return home at the evening she will be cooled down. Or else if I saw jiji worried one more time I will blurt out everything.


I was about to go when uv held my hand, "that's not the way to talk, Khushi. She is your sister and is worried for you!" uv said seriously.


"oh my god! Famous Uday who is best friends with my sister, took MY side! I m overwhelmed!" jiji said dramatically keeping her hands on her chest.


"come on uv she is exaggerating everything! See." I said pointing at her.


"she is exaggerating coz you are not explaining dammit!" ok! Now uv was angry too. I gotta go before they tie me up to the chair and start interrogating me!


"ok fine! If you guys aren't coming with me, I m going ALONE!" I said and quickly came out before any more argument arrives.




I took a taxi and started to go to McDonald's. I loved it! I got some food packed and was heading out when I saw the same person who-  No no no I am imagining him! He is not here. He is not here! I said to calm my little heart that raced like it was a death sequence of a hero in some film. I should have taken jiji with me! I should have bribed her for a treat! Oh!  What a mistake!


I quickly got out of McDonalds and headed towards my taxi and quickly got in. I saw him searching something, is it me? NO! my heart started screaming to me that it should not be you, who he is searching for or else I will stop working and go on a strike! I patted my heart to calm it down.


Oh god! Then the bulb above me turned on! I was already in my taxi! What I was waiting for!


"LETS GO!!" I shouted at the driver and he drove off!


What if he follows me! I saw back and saw him entering his car and moving at MY direction! Oh no again! He IS following me! He saw me! No! What do I do! Soon tears started escaping my eyes as the last night flashed through my brain. Last night UV was there but what about now! I am all alone! Yes I should call uv!


I took out my phone with my shaky hands and speed dialed uv's number.


"hello!" he said angrily.


"u-uv!" I couldn't hold the sob that escaped without my knowledge.


"Khushi!" soon his voice was calm and caring hearing my sob. "Where are you? Why are you crying, what happened!"


"uv so-someone is fo-following me!" I managed to take it out of my mouth.


"What!? WAIT! Khushi?" he spoke over the phone while I was busy staring at his car, which was just behind my taxi.


"Khushi, you there! Hello!" uv panicked.


"yes I m. uv." I said hearing him panic.


"Khushi where are you! Tell me I m on my way!" I heard his hard footsteps cascading down his hotel's stairs.


"I am, I am near Anji's house, I am going to her! You also reach here soon, please uv come soon!" i said and uv cut the call.


"oh god help me! don't let that monster catch me again, please." I prayed as I had Goosebumps all over my body and the bite he gave me last night became more prominent and hurting! Why I made a plan to visit my friend and that too alone.!!


END OF Khushi's POV---




(Arnav was in the McDonalds taking some of the food for his sister, Anjali. Usually he doesn't allow her to eat junk food which is more unhealthy and maybe inconvenient for even eating! But today Anjali was mad at him for not coming home early last night, so he decided he would give her, her favorite junk food and then ask for her forgiveness.


But then last night's incident fell in front of his eyes, her big honey brown eyes, looking at him angrily after he kissed her! And her soft palms trying to push him while they were merely touching him and her not-to-forget lips, so soft, juicy and tasty under his own. How she moaned when he explored her mouth! The thought itself made him hard and needy for her again.


Then all of a sudden she appeared infront of him. He kept looking at her angel like figure in the white anarkali suit. Was she really there or he was imagining! If he was imagining then why not in some short skirt! Why anarkali! She was indeed there he looked here and there but she was gone! Like yesterday.


He looked here and there and searched her everywhere but she disappeared like a smoke! He was frustrated! He ran his hand through his hair and went back to his car. He wanted to go back home and calm his desires, which were evoked just by her mere imagination.)






Khushi reached her friend anji's house and the car was STILL following her!



"Nerve of that man! Wait! uv will be coming and he will punch him so hard, he will beg for mercy! And then I will bite him in his hand and show him how it hurts to get bitten!" Khushi thought furiously and got out of the taxi.


Soon from nowhere she got the courage to face him! "Ah! I should just show him off by myself! If I behave like an abla nari  infront of him he would bug me more. I should just show him with whom he was messing around. And if I couldn't handle him then uv is on his way to reach here! Yes lets have some fun!"


Khushi got into the great palace like place of Raizada mansion where her friend anji aka Anjali singh Raizada lived! It had a big garden and lawn at the entrance and Khushi waited for him to come in. Khushi knew raizada's were very powerful and influential people, no aira gaira person would be allowed to enter!


But soon she saw him entering and that too the guards who dint let her taxi in, let that man's car in too.


Khushi was more furious and soon her fears were vanished and she was ready to fight with him for having a nerve of following her!


 "Hey you!" Khushi shouted from back as she saw him entering the mansion.





"Hey you!" Arnav heard someone shout at him and turned. To say he was socked was an understatement. He was DUMBFOUNDED!


"you jerk, indecent, arrogant and pervert type of a guy!"  Khushi said on his face, "you are following me! YOU REALLY CHEAP KINDA GUY!" Khushi shouted on top of her lungs. (they were fighting at the entrance and thankfully RM was so big that Anjali wasn't able to hear them.)


Arnav couldn't believe himself! He was staring at the girl who was using abusive language for him and that too in his own house! He moved forward to this little chick so that he could give her a piece of his mind.


Seeing him move forward Khushi backed quickly and said "don't! Don't even think about it! You cant come near me!" Khushi said pointing a finger at him.


"uh-ha why?" Arnav said folding his hands to his chest and staring at her intently. Amused by the audacity of this girl who was calling him a pervert, he would indeed show her what pervert-ness was!


"You are standing at my friends house! MY friend's house! If I want, the guards will throw you out right NOW!" Khushi said and Arnav looked at her amused again.


"oh is that so! Really?" Arnav said smiling a bit, thinking what will her reaction be if she came to know SHE was the one standing at HIS house.


"yes, Anjali Singh Raizada, who lives in this house is my best friend! And more over her brother," Khushi paused and tried to remembered her brother's name " ar-aryan yes her brother Aryan singh Raizada is a close friend of mine too. If he came to know you were following me in the first place, he will throw you out by kicking you butt!"


Arnav looked at this sample piece infront of him who dint even knew his name properly and was talking as if she knew him from ages! But that was enough for him. He will tell this girl that she was utterly wrong in the sense of being close 'friend'; yes he wanted her to be 'close' but not a 'friend'. And then he will show her, in his own way, how bad are the consequences of talking to ASR in the way she was talking.


"Look you-" Khushi was again about to say something when she saw uv's car entering RM and she quickly ran towards him.


ASR saw Khushi running towards a car and saw the same man coming out who was with her at the party. The 'amused' expression was changed by the expression of 'rage' when again he saw Khushi hug him.


Khuhsi hugged him and uv checked her face clearly and saw her smiling a bit and she nodded at arnav's direction, uv saw ASR standing infront of him.


He saw ASR and walks towards him with Khushi in his side.


"Uv this is-" Khushi began to say but was cut in the middle


"Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, I know! Hi, I m Udayveer." uv said pulling his hand infront of him. While Khushi was shocked, surprised and what not!


Arnav shook uv's right hand and saw his left hand which was holding Khushi's. "hi, you are Udayveer Singh. From uday-niwas hotels!"


"Yes, and this is Khushi." Uv said to Khushi who was about to faint from embarrassment and shock.


"hi I am Arnav Singh Raizada, anjali's brother!" he took out his hand to shake with Khushi but she was already shaken.! From the fact that HE was ARNAV Singh Raizada! Moreover he was anji's brother who she just called as Aryan and a close friend! Oh no! she stared at his hand which was still extended and she could not meet his eyes. Arnav smirked inwardly and had a fit of laughter inside seeing her expressions and he could tell she was biting her lips inwardly too. He would surely teach how to bite those lips, soon.









Khushi in RM meets Anjali. She is very happy to see her too. Khushi and Anjali were sitting at the lounge area and having their food when Arnav was watching her intently. She nervously asked anji where the kitchen was. When she went to the kitchen she saw HP holding a big knife and was scared she started shouting for help and anji and Arnav were shocked to see her.







Hey guys….



How was it! Maan gaye aap logon ko…you guys never fail to motivate me! (Except the one who dint comment!). I m sorry for delay but what can I do you guys dint commented till 16 -17 page but I was eager to post so I did it soon *hiding behind the wall and peeps out* soory I know this was late but I told you guys…


So next update will be on page 23-24..and this time it wont be soon…I m adamant!! I want long comments…no oneliners please…


Everyone knows I m having exams so pms will be late…Big smile




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ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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bechari khushi...
precap is so interesting...

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angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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so cute
loved it.
sukirtiraizada Goldie

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beautifully update...

the ending was really funny...

wuld luv to read next...
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khushi's reaction at RM was soo cute.. i cud feel her embarrassment.

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