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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 104)

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Originally posted by AnnieCheli1997

Wow!! :) xxx


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Originally posted by -aaila-

Awesome update!!!

just hope everything according to plan... i am scared for khushi!!

cont soon!

thanks...Embarrassed next part in some time...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by angeldream14

loved it
hope she is nt hurt further

even if she is hurt, arnav uv and dan are there to handle her..dont worry...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by sweetanu2314

nice concept...i cant wait to see their plan unfold...pls do pm me wen u update next...

thankyou...i got a new reader,,,,Clapyay!

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Originally posted by zonera1

Brilliant!Do continue!

Big smilethanks...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by -Tintin.

Congrats, 100 Pages Hon Dancing


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so here is the cake for celebrations!!

and a BIIIGGG 
to all my readers who commented and motivated me to write and kept commenting and kept inspiring me! i just cant thank enough! i am so glad...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

for completion of 100 pages here is the quick and long update...ENJOY!




Next day.


The planning was done. Now, the implementation of the plan. As planned UV tried to find the reason to fight with her, he looked at her smallest antics and then finally found a reason to fight.


Khushi was getting ready to go to college with Anji when she came down in a sweet top and jeans; he went up to her and said adamantly and harshly, "Khushi! What are you wearing? You are not going to college in these cloths!" he knew she will fight back hearing his harsh tone.


"Really? It's not looking good Na! I told you!" she looked at Anji and said, "I told you, I will not look good in these cloths. I should wear my salwaar kameez only!" Khushi smiled and obeyed UV and went up to change.


Uv sighed in disappointment. If it were any other occasion she would fight back and would wear the same dress to college but today! When he wanted her to fight! She didn't!


Dan and Arnav saw his disappointed look and motivated him by expressions to go on.


Khushi then came down in one of the white anarkali's she liked. She was very happy wearing it. Then uv got an idea. He took some of the orange juice from the dinning table and intentionally walked towards her and spilled it accidentally on her.


"AH! Uv?!" Khushi looked at now not so white dress and gasped. "Uv, you spoiled my dress!" she said pouting.


Uv hated himself for what he was about to do next, "me?!" uv said as if surprised, "YOU are the clumsy one. You walked in front of me!" UV said and Khushi was now finally angry.


"Me and clumsy?" she asked disbelievingly.


"Yes! You and clumsy!" UV said folding his hands on his chest.


"I am not clumsy! You are! You spilled your drink!" Khushi accused him.


"Oh come on Khushi, everyone knows who is clumsy in this house!" UV said and Khushi was shocked. He never behaved harshly with her ever. But today he looked like in the foulest of moods.


Khushi became worried, something is bothering him, she thought and asked him lovingly, "uv, what is bothering you?" the love and care in her eyes broke UV internally and he had invisible tears in his eyes. How can he fight with the most beautiful girl?


"Nothing, you are just - " UV tried to fight with her but couldn't hurt her. He then sighed in defeat and mumbled, "I am sorry. I just want to be alone." And walked upstairs passing a look to Arnav and Dan.


Khushi knew he was bothered about something, may be a business deal, or else he would have never talked to her like that. Khushi understood and left him alone for some time.


Arnav then nudged Dan to escort them to their college. As soon as Khushi and Anji left Arnav went upstairs in UV's room.


He saw UV standing in the balcony looking at the empty sky.


Uv sensed Arnav and said, "I couldn't do it! I couldn't do it. I was unable to fight with her. She is, she is my best friend, Arnav. How can I hurt her?" UV said with tears in his eyes. "It seemed so easy in the plan. But in reality, hurting Khushi was next to impossible. Her doe like eyes seemed to be so caring!" he looked down and a tear fell from his eyes. "I can't hurt her, even if it's for her own good. I cant!"


"No, uv. You HAVE to do it!" he kept a hand in his shoulder. "Think, think it as if we are helping her. We are protecting her."


Uv looked at him with hope, and Arnav nodded.


Then UV hugged him and said in his sad voice, "I am sorry, I became weak."


Arnav put his hands on his back and patted him, "its ok, this is just the beginning, we need much more strength."


Then they broke the hug and UV smiled a bit, "I will make her angry soon." And Arnav smiled.


They never thought there would be one day when they will have to do this to her.





Khushi was in the college when UV came to pick her up after it. He saw Khushi and Anji sitting in the cafeteria of the college and saw a boy with them too. They were laughing and the boy was making some remarks. Khushi laughed again and it seemed that the boy tried to flirt with her. He then tried to hold her hand and Khushi flinched away. The guy held her hand and Khushi felt uneasy. Then an idea came in his mind again.


He knew that the boy was a playboy and hence he went towards him determined. He portrayed as if he is damn angry, Khushi saw him and was surprised.


"Uv you here? You came to drop us home?" Khushi said happily but he ignored her and saw the boy in his eyes.


Then out of the blue a punch came and hit him. Khushi looked shocked and saw UV ready for another punch.


"Uv?! What are you doing??" she asked backing away as a fight took place.



Uv again ignored her and gave him a punch again, this time the guy fell back and touched his mouth and saw blood. This guy too got angry and got up to hit UV. If UV wanted he would have easily ducked him but he wanted to push the fight further so that Khushi got angry on him. The guy punched him hard and his mouth bled too. Khushi gasped in shock and tried to stop him but nothing seemed to reach his ears today. From the morning his mood was foul. And the poor guy chose this day to flirt with her. It was entirely his mistake.


Uv then saw his blood and punched him harder, knocking him out at once. The guy fell down again and the whole fight became an issue. Everyone looked at them as if they had grown horns. And Khushi was FINALLY very angry.


To trigger it more uv bent down to the guy and held his collar and hit him on the face again. "Don't you dare touch Khushi again!" he screamed though he knew he was unconscious.


"UV, STOP IT!" Khushi shouted and left the place.


Anji looked at him and wondered what just happened. Some time ago they were having fun and were laughing with a guy and now that guy was lying unconscious, beaten thoroughly by UV! She looked at him and he went after Khushi.


Khushi identified his car and sat inside it, on the back seat. She was hell angry now.


Uv came and saw her sitting back. He smirked inwardly and was happy that finally she was angry.


Anji came and saw Khushi sitting back in anger. She sat in the front with UV and he drove back to RM.





The whole ride of 30 minutes was silent. Uv kept glancing at her from the mirror but she looked away. She saw his bleeding lip and stopped herself from asking if it was okay. She was angry she reminded herself and looked away. Uv smirked again but this was not gone unnoticed by Anji. She was confused as to why UV was behaving so weird today, first that dress fiasco and now this!



Then the car came to a halt and they got out. Khushi at once got out and went in, without any word.


She came to the living room where Arnav and Dan were waiting for them and as expected, Khushi came in angry, stomping her foot.


"Khushi, listen to Me." UV said coming in and she looked back.


"I don't want to talk to you!" Khushi said and climbed the stairs and went up in her room.


 Uv then winked at Arnav and Dan and they gave a thumbs-up to him. Anji noticed. Then Dan saw his face, and came to him.


"Oh my god, what happened UV!" he saw his face.


Anji gave a sarcastic reply, "Nothing much, just had a small fight and knocked down a college mate to unconsciousness. Right Uv?" and went up too.


Arnav looked at UV and smirked, "I am proud of you!" he patted him on the shoulder and grinned with him.


Dan then looked after his wound.






It was evening. As expected, Khushi was really angry and was not talking to UV. Then as planned, UV went up to her room. To say sorry and take her out to his hotel.


He knocked and Khushi knew it was him. She asked him go away. But he didn't. She opened the door. Uv looked at her and she just stared at him back.


"I am sorry." Uv said sheepishly and tried to smile but his lower lip hurt him and he flinched due to raw pain.


"Why do you do this to yourself!" Khushi asked as she pulled him in and started searching an ointment. She found it in the drawer and applied it on the side of his mouth. He just looked at her worried face. Is this the same girl who dint talk to me the whole day due to anger but melted at my slight pain?


After applying the ointment she looked at him and saw him smirking again.


"I hate that smirk of yours! You always get your way!" she said defeated and looked away.


"If I get my way, then I request you to go out on a dinner treat with me!" UV said smiling at her and now his lip dint hurt.


Khushi smiled and shook her head at him; he is never going to change, ever. Fighting and then getting his way to manofy her. He is soo- , she cant name it but he just is! He is that way! Getting his way or no way!


She smiled and he held her hand to take her out.


"Wait?!" Khushi said loudly.



"What? You said you are coming with me." UV questioned.


"Yes I am. But that doesn't mean you got a green chit on this matter. Promise me." Khushi said and UV looked at her, "promise me that you won't fight with anyone again."


Uv looked at her and said seriously, "Khushi you know I am going to do it again. And I admit I am going to fight, fight with everyone who is even thinking of hurting you. And that guy was a big flirt! He was after you to do friendship with you and then he would just, he wanted to-" uv couldn't even bring himself to say it what that guy would have planned. Thank god I beat the hell out of him. Uv thought.


"Say it!" Khushi asked adamant, "tell me what he wanted to do?"


"He wanted to take advantage of you! Of your body! DON'T YOU GET IT! People are after you for their own motives! If YOU are of pure heart that doesn't mean every one is! People in this world are selfish, mean and rude. You cant always be carefree with everyone! You ought to be careful with some people around you too! And that guy was doing the same; he was trying to woo you in his trap and then he would just -. (Uv tried but stopped) Now you get it! Or should I explain myself more!?" uv said and Khushi was dumbstruck.



"How do you know!?" Khushi asked.


"I know everything! And now do you want to go out with me or should I leave!" UV said sternly and Khushi knew he became angry this time.


"Yes!" Khushi came to him and hugged him sideways. Uv too returned the hug; his anger flew away by her mere touch. "You're not angry with me, are you?" Khushi asked sheepishly.



"With you? Never." Uv said and kissed her forehead.


Khushi smiled and went to change.





Khushi and UV entered the hotel. The hotel manager came to receive them and looked at UV in a strange way. Uv too passed him a glance and the manager nodded, giving him the signal that everything is ready.



Uv took Khushi to their private dinner area that was near the corner and the view was perfect from the glass wall behind them. This was the top floor of his hotel, reserved only for the VVIP's and hence only few people were allowed to come. The manager followed and UV pulled the chair for Khushi and she sat down elegantly. Uv signaled the manager to get the food and he nodded.



Uv was talking and behaving normally, he was trying very hard to. Then finally, the food was served. They chatted and the had their food.


The delicious food was finished and now the turn of sweet dish, none other than jalebi.



The manager put the bowl full of sugary and delicious-looking light yellow colored jalebi's. Khushi's eyes turned evil seeing those jalebi's like a predator's seeing his favorite prey. She took one in her hand and put the whole jalebi in her mouth at once and munched on it lovingly. Uv saw her face, full of innocence. He smiled and fed her more jalebis! She was already full but 2 jalebis were left.



"aww poor jalebi!" Khushi said pouting at the poor jalebis looking at her in hope that she will have them too. Khushi smiled evilly and took both in her hands and ate both, each one by one. Then she sighed of relief.


Uv shook his head at her antics.


Soon after the dinner they went up in the rooftop to take a walk. So that they can continue their plan. Today the VVIP restaurant was full too. So kidnapping Khushi from there was impossible, so he already messaged Arnav and Dan to come to the rooftop.



They were taking a walk from 20-25 minutes and talking about random things when suddenly lights went out. 


Khushi clutched UV's hand tightly and UV assured her, "don't worry I am here. Don't worry." He then opened his cell phone and switched it on. Khushi then sighed of relief seeing the light and uv besides her and UV handed her the phone.


"You take this phone with you and I am coming." he said and started to walk away.


"NO! Don't leave me alone. I am afraid." Khushi said frightened.


Uv looked at scared features of her face, "Khushi if I dint go how will the light come?" in the hotel and in your life. Uv added in his mind. He then pushed her hand away which she tried hard to not let go but uv intentionally left it and went away saying, "trust me, I Will Come." He said looking in her eyes and went away.



As he walked away from the rooftop he saw Dan, ready with a blindfold.


Uv saw him and Dan passed him a reassuring smile.









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Dan went to the rooftop. Khushi was standing at the corner with a mobile phone, facing the view of London's tall buildings. Just then he sneaked behind her and put the blindfold on her and pressed her mouth with his hands, to shut her up. Khushi was scared and frightened to hell. She tried to struggle but to no avail, she was being kidnapped! The thought dawned upon her and she tried to struggle more but the man didn't let her go.


Her eyes were closed and she could not see anything. She was being dragged away. She tried to shout but her mouth was pressed. The man felt familiar but and his smell too. She knew him but couldn't figure it out. Then she felt it him tying her hands lightly by a soft cloth and then being taken in a car. She tried to wriggle away but couldn't.



She felt the car running on the silent roads. Now her mouth was not pressed against his hands so she screamed and shouted but no answer. The person was quite. She begged him to let her go. But nope he didn't budge. Dan watched her face; it has gone pale due to fear. And he hated himself for doing this to her. She was the most amazing person he ever came across, purest of heart. He wanted to console her, to tell it was him and he wont harm her and it would all be okay but he could not. Now he realized how difficult it would have been for UV to see her in this position and still continue to do it knowing it will harm her and hurt her. But if they wanted to get the big fear out of her, then the small one was needed. Then after few minutes the car stopped. Dan took her out opened her hands and threw her lightly on the road, so that she falls but not hurt herself. He then closed the door of the car and drove away, before she sees him.



Khushi quickly opened her blindfold and opened her eyes. She was somewhere in the unknown place. Only one streetlight was blooming near her. She looked here and there but found no one. It was all dark but she didn't fear it because of the faint light. (they kept in mind that there should be some light, so that she does not get her panic attack before Arnav enters as vij.)



Khushi tried walking here and there and saw nothing. It was all dark. She didn't even know where she was. Even though she lived in London from so many years, she couldn't identify the place and her way back home.


Dan stopped the car and saw Arnav; he was in the strange cloths that looked like vij's. And he held a facemask in his hand. Arnav then put up the mask on him and did some touch ups to his face. Then looked at a small mirror and then satisfied by his look, he turned to Dan.



Dan was shocked. He was looking exactly like vij. Same type of eyes due to contact lenses, and same type of cloths that Shashi uncle described and then same type of evilness on his face. A shudder passed through him. If he was this scared of him by KNOWING that it was Arnav behind the mask, then what will happen to Khushi?


"Arnav don't go near her. Talk to her from a distance. Or else she would just run away." Dan warned the last time.


"Okay." Arnav said in exact vij's voice.


"How did you do it?" Dan asked shocked.


"What?" Arnav asked in his own voice.


"Vijendar's voice! How can you speak like him?!" Dan asked and Arnav smirked, but due to facemask it didn't show.


"I was the best mimicking artist in my school. And I practiced a lot to take out his voice." Arnav said and winked. (He remembered his voice when he went to meet him in the prison)


Then Dan patted his shoulder in encouragement and said, "take care . . . . Of her." and hugged him, "it's all on you now. Be careful." and Arnav nodded.



Arnav came out from the building that was near the place where Khushi was.


For the first time Arnav was scared. For the first time he was not sure. He was not confident that he would be able to hurt her. The first time, he saw her, in UV's hotel, eyeing the jalebi, he lost his heart, mind and soul to her. And the first time he tasted her, same day, he was sure she was the only one he would ever touch and would allow himself to be touched by. But back then he never thought he would be in this situation where he would intentionally hurt her. Then he reminded himself that it was for her good and then took a deep breath and moved towards the light, to do what he was here to do.


Arnav saw Khushi; she was facing her back to him. She was in her salwaar kameez that HE gifted her. And was looking divine. The suit he gave her as a first gift by him that he forced her to wear, and literally shoved it in her hands in that mall.



Khushi was looking here and there constantly. She dropped the phone in the struggle and now was bare hands. She turned and saw a faint shadow of someone.


"Who is there?!" came her half scared but curious voice.


No reply came from him. Khushi looked closely and asked again, "who's there!!" then the shadow came to light. She saw him, the memory still afresh in her brain but stored beyond her reach, became prominent and she gasped as the truth came to light too. It was him! That man!


Khushi saw Vijendar; he was holding a knife in front of her again. She saw here and there and found no one for her help. There was no Arnav, no UV and no one else. She then thought it was again one of her nightmares. She pinched herself and found herself in the same dark, which had no lights. Just a street light enhancing his face to her and she backed away screaming, "NO, DADDY PLEASE! DON'T KILL ME!!"



Arnav closed his eyes as the immense hurt swept through his heart and his heart accused him to be the reason behind it. He saw her backing away and before she could turn and run she stumbled in her high heeled shoes and dropped on the ground. She hurt her knees and it started to bleed. Arnav again moved towards her but stopped himself reminding that right now he was not Arnav, who loved her but in the makeup of vij, who hated her.


He came near her and saw her backing away; "NO! NO NO! DON'T DO THIS! NO!" she couldn't get up due to shock. He hated himself for doing this to her, he did. She hit her panic attack and he was responsible today.



"Khushi, I-" Arnav took out vij's voice and tried to explain himself but she was not in control.


Khushi cried miserably, her tears flowing out frequently, making this even harder then it already was for him.


He folded one knee on the ground near her and sat in it but she flinched back, her eyes wide like saucers and her breath uneven.


"DON'T HURT ME! I AM SOORRRYY!" cried Khushi and hugged herself and curled into a thin ball. "I know you think I killed my mom! I THINK TOO. BUT DADDY I AM SORRY!!" Khushi tried to explain but her sobs were hindering her.



Arnav was shocked to hear this. She blames herself for KILLING her mom?! He took a small breath in and blinked severely stoping himself from making his eyes moist. He bent down and examined the wound on her knee. The salwaar was torn from the knee and blood oozed out.


She was shivering from fear. Seeing him so near Khushi forgot to breathe. She looked at him and he looked at her. There was a certain familiar-ness in his eyes but she couldn't figure it out too.


"Don't kill me, please." Came her helpless plea. It was barely audible but she managed to take it out.



Arnav backed away and took a sigh. It was so hard to control himself. He just wanted to hug her instantly. That instant he thought it was immensely bad idea to be vij in the plan. He was unable to do it. But now there was no backing away. And Arnav Singh Raizada NEVER backs away.


"Daddy, please leave me. I am soo sorry I can't tell you!" came her whisper again.


Arnav became strong. He has to do it. For her, for her future.


"I am not here to harm you." Came his well-practiced voice like vij.


He looked at her and could tell that she didn't believe him. He then saw her eyeing the knife in his hands. He took the knife and showed it to her. She flinched back and tried to move back too, but then he looked up and threw the knife in the darkness, making it invisible.



Khushi saw the knife being thrown and her dad seeing her with love, which she barely recognized as she never saw him look at her lovingly.


She kept looking at him and he took a step towards her.


She became scared immediately and slipped back by the help of her hands and hips. She looked at him accusingly and Arnav knew she was still scared and due to her panickness she isn't recognizing him being calm and composed in front of her.



A chill ran down her spine when she saw him say the next words.


"I am sorry." Said vij (Arnav) "I am not here to hurt you." He said and she looked at him, not believing at all.


"You want to kill me, daddy. You wanted to." She accused like a child.


Arnav closed his eyes and stopped the tear from escaping his eyes, "no." he said, "I wont harm you, I promise." He used vij's voice but he couldn't change the Arnav-ish tone. Khushi saw his eyes that depicted he was honest. Now she had a hint of securedness.


Seeing her in some control, Arnav moved slightly towards her and she again tried to slip away, scared. She then hit the cold wall of some building and gasped. She was trapped, she couldn't run. Her eyes widened as she saw him come near her again.



She sunk into the wall more, as if she would break it and slip away from him. She was so scared she felt dizzy and numb.


Arnav saw her constant shiver and was unable to think what to do to make her believe he won't harm her. The real vij had made her condition so miserable that he was unable to undo it.


He then went two steps back and showed her his hands, "look, I have no knife, nothing. I am NOT going to harm you. I just want to talk! That's it. I promise, I wont harm you, beta."  He said with utmost love he could pour into that word. The last word.


As soon as Khushi heard beta from his mouth, she couldn't believe herself. She dreamt of this! Her dad calling her beta!


When she was small she dreamt of her dad, and knew her dad will come, but that day it became a nightmare that HE WILL come, come to kill her.


But today her dream came true.


She hid her face in her palms and cried. She dreamt of this!


Arnav got what he wanted to see; she was starting to believe him.


"Beta, I am not here to harm you." He said and she looked at him.


Khushi saw a new person in front of her. She saw her dad, rather than a merciless killer.


Arnav again tried to go towards her and she again backed away scared. So now he decided he would not go near her. He will talk to her by standing away. her chest heaved up and down but her breathing became a bit normal.






Uv and Dan looked at the scene from far distance, they just managed to see that Khushi was backing away but thank god she was not screaming and running away, which they expected to happen. They held each other's hands tightly, and nervously. They smiled through their tears as they saw Khushi calmed a bit and Arnav talking to her just like vij's voice. She was starting to believe him.






Arnav then saw her being a bit calm and then started to say, "beta, I was wrong." He looked down and continued, "I blamed you for taking my wife away from me, but I, I was wrong." He looked at Khushi who was listening very attentively and her expressions told him that she was shocked.


"What?" came her merely audible voice.


"Yes," he said and looked in her eyes, "I am sorry. I am sorry for whatever I did."


And, due her panic attack she was unable to think anything, so she even stopped thinking that why suddenly everything changed in him. Or what changed him.


"You are?" she asked not believing if he was really sorry.


"Yes I am, I am damn sorry. So sorry that I cannot explain." He said and kneeled down where he was, coz he knew if he went near her, she would back away.


Khushi saw her father, kneeling down in front of her. She didn't even think twice and ran towards him.


"Daddy." She said and kneeled down too, "don't say you are sorry, just say you love me. It will all be okay, daddy." 



Arnav's heart reached out for her. Even though her dad did so much to her, she forgave him just like that and could not see him kneeling down in front of her. She was such an angel.


"Beta, I am not worth your love. I never was." He said as he slightly pushed her away.


"No, daddy don't say anything like that." She tried to come to him but he stopped her by showing her his hand. (*the dadi way*)



"Beta I am so sorry, for everything, but now even though I am sorry, nothing can be changed. Nothing can be reversed to what it was years back." He said and made a secret hand movement in the direction of UV and Dan. They knew he was gesturing towards them to make the truck ready for the final blow.



Arnav got up and walked back. Khushi too got up.


"Beta, I am going away from you." Saying so he took a step back. "I did my biggest mistake, to disown you. I was never a good father. You feared me more than anything. You were the angel sent by god to me, my angel but I refused to believe. I refused to accept the greatest part of my wife and your mother. I am guilty of whatever I did and I can't be forgiven. So I am going away from you. I am going away. I bless you to be happy in your life as you wished to be. I wish I could be with you more. But its better if I leave." Saying so he again took a step back.


Seeing him going back Khushi moved forward a bit, "no daddy, my life wont be as I wished it to be, if you are not in it. Daddy I love you. I want you in my life. I won't be able to live without you. These years I just lived in the hope of your coming back and accepting me, now when you are, you cant go away!" Saying so she cried again and Arnav closed his eyes. It was going to hurt her, the most.


He saw Khushi crying by her eyes closed and tears rolling down. He pointed up and signaled Dan to bring the truck, Khushi was in her most vulnerable state; he saw towards UV and signaled him to turn lights off in time. Uv gave a thumbs-up and soon a truck's horn was heard, which was coming in speed towards them.



Khushi saw her dad standing on the road and heard the horn. She gasped in shock as the big truck came in light and it was in great speed.


She saw it moving towards her dad, "good bye, beta. You were the most loving daughter I could ever have. And please forgive me. And I love you too." The truck came just in front of him and the lights went off.



Everything was dark! Not even the headlights of the truck were on. Dan too practiced this, to run a truck on this road without any lights. Just by experience. Dan was driving the truck by one hand and the speed was slightly more than normal. He held the dead body whose face was changed and as soon as the lights were off, he pushed the body down. It landed with a thud and Arnav let out a scream, a fake sound of being extremely hurt. Then like a spider jumped in the truck's back so that Khushi can't see him. Khushi gasped when the scream was heard. The lights were on and Khushi saw a dead body, laced in blood. Arnav held the truck's back and went away with it.



Khushi was rooted to her spot. She saw the body wrapped in same cloths as her dad wore today but refused to believe it was him. And then she saw his face. She was shocked beyond measure. She couldn't move, couldn't breathe, and couldn't interpret what was happening.





Arnav and Dan went away to their hiding point with the truck, leaving Khushi on the spot.


They joined UV and saw Khushi. She was immobile, standing at one spot. Her body was straight and not even moving, not even moving due to her breath.


Was she even breathing? The thought crossed UV's mind and he took a step out to run towards her when Arnav held him and nodded a no. "let me go!" UV whispered urgently and Dan held him too.


"I think she is not breathing!!! She needs us." UV said and Arnav and Dan looked at her direction. Yes, her body was not moving. She was standing still.


"When we breathe our shoulders move up and down a bit!! Hers aren't moving! Let me go! She isn't breathing! She forgot to breathe!" UV tried to whisper as loud as he could manage and put some sense in them. But they were shocked too, just as he was.


They were talking when they heard a sound of loud thud.






Khushi looked at the most precious dream in front of her, her dad, dead. She stood there grounded and was unable to think anything. She even forgot to shout and call for help. She knew the person in front of her was dead. And so was her dream to be with her dad.


She looked at his face. Same face she feared but loved instead.


She kept staring at the face of her dreams and her nightmares. The same person who was in her dreams, rubbing her hairs lovingly and the same person in her nightmares, staring at her with a knife, ready to kill her.



She even failed to notice that she stopped breathing long ago. Her mind felt dizzy at the sudden loss of oxygen. Her heart starving for air and her body going numb. Her brain screaming at her but her heart overpowering her senses.


She didn't even know when and how but all she felt was her vision going blurry and every thought moving out of her mind.









"DO SOMETHING DAMMIT!" UV shouted at Dan. He was looking at the limp form in front of him. Arnav saw them from a distance. Not able to move.


Dan held her wrist in his hand, trying to find her heartbeats. Trying to find her pulse. But no, it was blank.


"I am sorry." Dan looked down and tears escaped his eyes.


"Give her the electric shock!" came a distant voice. Uv looked up and saw Arnav standing at the door. "Dan, get up." Arnav held him up and pushed him out, "go get that electric shock machine by which you give shocks to the patients!" he explained and Dan looked blank.


"GO GET IT, RIGHT NOW!!! WE DON'T HAVE TIME!!" Arnav screamed and bought him back to reality.






Hey all!!!


I know I know. This part was a bit depressing.


But still I want to read big replies!!! (What can I do, my hopes are always up)


I wanted to make it more painful when Khushi met Arnav as vij. But then I thought it would be exaggerating then I cut it down. So how was it??


Do tell me. It's always a pleasure reading what a reader felt while reading the part. So do share your views okay.


I would love to read them.






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