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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 88)

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Originally posted by soni4eva

awsum update aww der fyt was soo cute
Precaps kinda scary eagerly w8in 4 da nxt part x

thanks alooottt...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by goguma

their argument is fierce but they ended up in bed instead!   Embarrassed

precap is a worry

thanks alooott and dont worry...Embarrassed
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Originally posted by -aaila-

heyy... just came across ur ff!!! its amazing! i really liked arnav's possessiveness!

i feel soo sorry for khushi she loves her father soo much but he wants to kill her! poor soul!

cont soon!!

and plz do pm when u update next!

thanks alooottt i have one more new reader...after this update i got 3 new readers (who commentedWink) and i am sooo happy...Embarrassed
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Originally posted by kins103

update soon

 few minutes...
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Originally posted by -Tintin.

Can We Get Update ?! =P Embarrassed

in few minutes...Embarrassed just finished replying to all comments...
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"Scars are never beautiful, Arnavji, they are painful." She said as she hugged herself in order to hide the mark further from his eyes.


"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with." Arnav said as he came closer to her, she again backed away, not because she was scared, but because she was embarrassed. "None of your scars can make me love you less, Khushi." Saying so he held her waist lightly, bent down on his knees, pulled her top up a little, and placed a long healing kiss on it.




Next day.


The time was so less and the work was very complicated and lengthy. Uv, Dan, and Arnav were partners, partners in crime. Yes it was a crime to break someone's heart. And they were going to do exactly the same. They were about to break her heart. Forever.


The time was slipping from their hands like sand.


It was Arnav's study, where they discussed and planned everything in private, coz it was the only place where no one was allowed to enter without his permission. They were seated in front of the fireplace and the place was still quite cold, not because of the weather, but because of the tension.


"Guys, we are forgetting something." Uv stood up from his seat and said in a serious tone. 


"Everything is kept in mind, UV, what else?" Arnav asked.


"Garima aunty and Shashi uncle." Uv said and Arnav's facial expressions changed from confident to worried, "They will never agree to the plan. And without their permission, we can't do a bit. After all it's about their daughter. They adopted her and loved her more than their own daughter. And Payal, guys you cant even imagine, she is too possessive for her sister. She never left her alone. And when I told her that she has to go to Sydney leaving Khushi back here, she denied on my face! It took me a whole hour to make her realize the sensitivity of the situation and make her agree to it. She was adamant in being with Khushi. And when she called me yesterday, when we came back from the office, she looked thoroughly depressed and she is now suspicious too, that we are up to something, and to be honest, I can't hide this from her, I just cant! And she is too possessive about her. She is her soul sister, you know. And getting Khushi's family ready for the plan is a must." Uv said making his point crystal clear.



"I am sorry I dint think about it. But I admit you are right. Without Mr. and Mrs. Gupta's permission, this plan will not work." Arnav said as his head bowed down and he was again in his deep thinking mode. Dan kept a hand on his shoulder and made him understand.


"Convincing them won't be a problem. I know them, but the problem here is Khushi." Dan made them concentrate on the main subject, Khushi. Coz he was sure the gupta's will eventually agree to it if told about her good. But the main problem here was not the family but Khushi herself.





In some lonely and deserted part of London.



Vijendar Thakraal, he was the man with the most evil mind ever. He knew Khushi was somewhere safe, hidden by his eyes.


She was definitely not in Sydney as told by that UV. But then where was she? Then it stuck him! How can I forget! That son of a bi*ch! Arnav Singh Raizada! Vij thought, how can I forget him? He came in my prison to threaten me. Then I thought it would be one of his current affairs and he would forget her in 2-3 days, but now it seems to be something serious. My my my, she is such a player! She is playing around with Arnav Singh Raizada! Saying so he rubbed his chin evilly as if thinking and then smiled to himself, interesting! The game is now very interesting.


He laughed and the evil laugh echoed everywhere in the empty streets of London. 


"I will see you, darling. I will see you, for the last time, and this time it would be final!" he said as he looked at the photo which had Khushi smiling in front of him and then smashed the poor piece of paper in his hands and kept it in his pocket.





2 days later.



Arnav and UV changed the whole RM into a fortress, with more armed guards and camera's everywhere, Arnav installed the highly sensitive motion detectors that were familiar to the footsteps of anyone in the house but would burst out shouting if any outsider came in its range, any outsider- even if its HP's poor brother, OP, who was not allowed to come to RM without the permission. Anji and nani were suspicious though but Arnav told them about the famous but fake threat he had been receiving by an unknown person and then they were silent. Khushi as she was, always oblivious to her surroundings, didn't find anything suspicious rather than UV hanging out with Arnav.



She wanted to be with Arnav alone, to spend some quality time with him and wanted to be with UV alone too so that she can carry on her routine teasing and leg pulling. But they always were together discussing some business in the now-so-favorite-study of Arnav so much that they hardly leave each other for even a second! She saw their new friendship grow in very fast pace, like a rocket in space. She never thought Arnav would ever like UV, forget being friends with him, but this Raizada always leaves her confused and amazed at the same time. Khushi watched it from 2-3 days now. She was growing suspicious and more more more suspicious! Then she decided to ask them what the business was exactly about.



She waited adamantly, folding her hands on her chest, in front of the famous study of Arnav Singh Raizada where no one was allowed to enter. She saw them coming out for evening tea and stopped them by extending her hand in front of them.


"Stop!" she said stopping them in their tracks.


"What's going on?" UV asked.


"That is exactly what I wanted to know!" Khushi said again folding her hands on her chest.


"What's wrong?" Arnav asked still confused.


"You! You guys are behaving wrong." She said accusingly.


"I don't understand! Will you please e-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-e." Arnav said mimicking her as she said it one day.


Khushi sighed and continued, "You guys, who hardly knew each other a month ago, are behaving like long lost brothers! Spending time with each other, gossiping like girls, being alone with each other! I mean, some days ago, you didn't even knew who the other one was, besides their names, and now suddenly out of the blue you guys enjoy each other's company so much that you guys keep forgetting that there are some other peoples too who would be willing to spend time with you." Khushi said in one breath and then sighed in relief as she let out all the frustration that was building up from 3 days. Taking a long breath "now, tell me!" she said.



Uv and Arnav saw each other with she-is-unbelievable-but amazing look and passed a smirk to one another.


"See! That is what I want to know!" Khushi pointed at their faces. "The secret exchange of expressions which only you guys share and understand!" she let out a frustrated sigh, "do you guys have any idea how fool and stupid I feel when you guys exchange looks and understand each other but I don't!" she huffed like a kid and uv and Arnav laughed.


Khushi gasped loudly in front of them and made an angry face, "you guys are laughing at me?! I am not going to talk to you!" she turned and started to leave but UV held her elbow.


"Khushi!" UV held her elbow and stopped her. "Khushi, we were just discussing about the threats Arnav has been receiving these days and were trying to figure out the person behind them. We are really worried for you guys." He said and secretly winked at Arnav.


"Do I look like a 2 year old baby to you, UV? Are you trying to tell me that YOU, Udayveer Singh, is scared of threats, the person who almost killed a guy who tried to talk to me! is scared by a threat! And you!" she turned to Arnav, "you, Arnav Singh Raizada, the business tycoon, biggest fashion maker! Is scared by a mere threat he received days ago. Really? Why am I not amazed then?!" Khushi said again folding her hands on her chest and looking away.


Arnav looked at UV with she-is-full-on-in-her-argumenting-mood-save-ourselves-before-she-eats-us. Before UV could reply to his look Khushi turned amused like she solved a million dollar mystery and her mouth hung open in delightfulness.


"I know now! Now I get it! I was so stupid to not see this!" she observed UV keenly from up and down and Arnav looked at her confused. Then Khushi raised her eyebrows twice at UV and he knew what she was thinking.


"NO!" UV said figuring out her look and Arnav turned to him. Uv quickly moved away from Arnav like he stung him. "Don't even think about it!" UV made a disgusting face looking at Arnav who was utterly confused.


"Ah Han? Now I know your little secret!" Khushi smiled wickedly. "Now, I can understand the real reason behind your closeness." She looked at Arnav up and down.


At first Arnav thought of her checking him out publicly, but that bold behavior was far away from her nature. Arnav felt as if she was mentally undressing him by that look and unconsciously hid behind UV for an instance and UV pushed him aside.


"Don't come near me!" UV said disgusted. "She will misunderstand us!" UV tried to hint him but Arnav was confused while Khushi just watched another expression being shared.


Uv gave a look to Arnav but he didn't understand. "What?" Arnav came towards him and asked.


Uv gave him a look again and now he got it-   she-thinks-we-are-gay!


"What?" Arnav questioned him unconsciously and then he got it, "WHAT!?" his eyes widened and his mouth hung open too.


"Yes!" Khushi jumped in the air as she got a chance to tease them, "yes! I was correct!" she turned to UV, "one day, you told me yourself that you admiiirrreee Arnavji. Right?" she again sang the word admire.


"WHAT?!" Arnav looked at UV disbelievingly and now it was his turn to get disgusted, "you said like that!? EWW!" he stepped away from UV and said, "how can you even think about it!" Arnav asked UV disgusted and Khushi smiled inwardly, thoroughly enjoying the scene.



"EWW!" UV and Arnav said at once as they mentally imagined themselves together, "shut up!" they said and looked away.


"See you guys are so much in love that you say things together too!" Khushi jumped clapping.


"Khushi, are you out of your mind!" they again said in unison and they looked at each other disbelievingly. And sneaked away from each other more.


Khushi laughed whole heartily at their embarrassed expression and clutched her stomach as it started to ache due to laughing.


"What the!" Arnav said frustrated and looked at UV, "why the hell do you admiiirre me, Dammit!" Arnav mimicked Khushi again and said really embarrassed.


Uv couldn't believe it and said, "I don't know dude! She just imagines things- " UV tried to explain but Khushi said in between.


"WHAT! Me imagining things??" she said thoroughly annoyed, "was it me imagining when you went out on dinners with that Karen?" she asked as if accusing.


"Yes I went, but-" UV said and Arnav eyes widened in shock. And Khushi again didn't let him finish and said.


"Was I imaging that you were living with Karen in your house!?" Khushi asked again in the same tone.


"He lived in my house because- " UV tried to explain again but Khushi said to Arnav in between.


"Ask anyone! The famous story of Karen and uv being in love is still afresh in everyone's mind!" Khushi said excited as if she was disclosing a hot gossip topic.


Arnav was about to fall back in shock.


Just then UV saw Anji coming towards them. He sighed of relief and went to Anji. He stood in front of her and fired his question.


"Anji, you know nah, that the story about me and Karen were just false rumors! It was nothing like that! You know nah, that it was Khushi behind those rumors! You know nah, then please explain it to Arnav. Khushi told him I am gay! He thinks, I AM! And that too having a crush on him!" UV literally begged her to say the truth and Anji was in dilemma. Whether she enjoy the show as Khushi was or should help him out. Then she saw his cute embarrassed face and gave in.



Anji looked at Arnav and said, "It was nothing like that bhai! Khushi was just pulling his legs. She planned this sweet revenge on him when he did something! It was so sweet!" Anji was lost in the memories; she remembered UV being red embarrassed which he was that day when the story was disclosed to public. "But to be honest, UV is straight! He is NOT gay! It was Khushi behind all those rumors." Anji said keeping a hand on his shoulder and UV sighed a big sigh of relief.



Uv then looked at Arnav happily, "See! I told you! It's her mind behind all this rumors! I am straight! I AM STRAIGHT!" UV jumped in happiness as if he found a treasure and claimed it.


Anji then looked at Khushi who was now angry because her plan to tease them both together was failed due to her.


Khushi frowned and made the cutest pout ever and looked at Anji, "Traitor!" she said and walked away stomping her foot.



"Ohh no! Now she will be angry on me!" Anji said as she sulked in and UV happily cheered her up and told her that he will manaofy her.





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Khushi was disappointed and went to her room. Uv followed her; she saw him when she was about to close the door and said, "Go away! You spoiled my prank!" and again made a disappointed baby face.


Uv smiled at her childishness and said, "What did I do! You tried to play a prank on me! How was I supposed to help you in that!?" uv asked her making his point clear but Khushi was stubborn.



"Still! I was so excited to tease you guys! You always tease me, but I never get a chance to tease you!" Khushi said with the twinkle in her eyes but sulked in when she remembered the reality of her flopped plan.



How can he refuse to that twinkle in her eyes! For that twinkle he could do anything, he can even become gay for his whole life! Just to see that twinkle again.


"Okay are you angry that you don't get to tease me!?" uv asked.


"Yes!" Khushi said and then looked at him with the hint of a twinkle.


"Okay then. Tell what you want me to do, to make you happy?" UV said in the flow of emotion but regretted mentally as soon as he said it, coz he knew what was coming.


"Really? Will you do that for me?" she asked looking at him.


Uv sighed, and gave in, anything for Khushi, "okay." He said but then looked at her expression and understood, "But not that dress! Please!" he said genuinely scared and then he saw her smile and sighed again!


"Okay. Bring it on." He said half-heartedly. "But I don't think you have that dress here, do you?" he said with a hope in his voice.


She Khushi became happy and instantly opened her cupboard and took out a dress. "Don't tell me-" UV mumbled and saw a pink night suit in her hands.


The pink night suit was far away from her size; it was at least double and of baby pink in color, Khushi gifted this to him on one of his birthdays and he was totally floored to receive it as a gift! Uv saw it disbelievingly, "you bought it here too?" and looked at her.


Khushi just smiled wickedly again and handed him the cloths.


Uv took the cloths and went to her washroom, to change. He knew this made Khushi giggle for days and he will do it again and again to make her giggle! And if this makes her happy, he is happy to do it.



After 5 minutes.



The washroom door opened and came out UV, in pink night suit, which had tweety's picture printed on the shirt and "I love tweety" written diagonally on half of the shirt and half of the pajamas. He came out and bowed down.


"Now are you happy, your highness?" UV asked.


"VERY!" Khushi exclaimed and ran into his arms and hugged him. Uv too hugged her tightly and smiled.


Khushi then moved away "you are too shweet!" she said in her child like voice and kissed his cheeks. Uv as usual blushed and shied. Whenever she did that he felt an unknown desire of living a life altogether. He IS a living being but her mere touch created something new inside him.


He then tried to move towards the door when Khushi stopped him.


"Don't you want me to go in front of them? To tease me?" UV asked and she smiled.


"Only I can see you in these cloths! no one else can! Only I can tease you! And nobody else!" Khushi claimed proudly and hugged him again. Uv was her escape to every sadness, and she was his.


They knew it, very well.



After manaofying her UV changed again and went down for the due evening tea. Khushi was again her cheerful self and Arnav looked at her amazed. She was so angry few minutes ago?


Uv came and sat besides him on the lounge and this time Arnav dint back away. *Winks*


"Wow! She is smiling again! What did you do to manaofy her?" Arnav asked him secretly.


"You wouldn't want to know!" he whispered back and Arnav understood.


Then they enjoyed their tea/coffee.






The gupta's were back. Khushi obviously didn't know about it. Arnav and UV knew if they told this to her, she would leave RM instantly to meet them and will go to live with them again. And right now, they needed her to be safe which was only possible in RM as it was the only place where vij cannot come.



As told by Dan, it was not a difficult task to convince them but to convince Shashi uncle was the hardest. Garima and Payal were in tears but then thinking of her happiness after that plan works out, they agreed but Shashi, he saw the risk involved and feared to loose his child. But then after a lot of persuasion and promises he agreed too.


After everything was discussed between them too, Shashi pointed out one thing, "Arnav beta, you guys said that vij was out few days ago?" Arnav nodded, "and he is back from Sydney too," Shashi continued, "then why isn't he striking! Why isn't he making a move!" Shashi said and got up from his place thinking. "As far as I know, he is not the one who will sit there and wait for the right moment! He is one of those people who attack as soon as they get a chance, but then, why is he not doing something! Why is he quite?"



Shashi's words left both UV and Arnav silent. He was right. In deciding and planning everything they forgot about it.


"He is planning something big!" Shashi said. "He is planning something brutal!"



Uv looked at Shashi and Shashi continued, "I know u guys will take care of him but let us be here for Khushi betiya too." He kept his hand on UV's shoulder, "we wont come in front of her. She wont know we are here." Shashi said.



"Uncle it's not about her not knowing. Its just that if you are here, and are left unsafe, he can try to hurt you guys too." Arnav said. "And we wont be able to explain it to her that why cant she come here to live with you all when you guys are back." He looked at Payal requesting her to understand and she nodded in understanding, after all they were doing it for her sister and if this was her bit in their plan, then she would do it. For her, Payal too can go to any extent.


Shashi understood that UV, Dan and Arnav were enough to handle him and hence agreed.


They were soon sent to Sydney by the next flight again so that Khushi thinks she is alone and her family is in Sydney, and therefore she is compelled to live with the Raizada's.






The question raised by Shashi left Arnav in deep thinking. Why was Vijendar not trying to harm Khushi? It has been several days now. He is out of jail and free of every charge, then why is he still quite? May be the security of RM is very tight that's why he is unable to do anything. But then also if vij tried to roam around RM Arnav would know or would have been informed once. But nah! There was no sign of him. As if he escaped in the thin air.



But one thing they didn't know – it was the calm of the upcoming storm.




Arnav, UV, and Dan went to the study in the middle of the night. It was the final meeting. Everything was decided and taken care of. They just had to execute the plan in the decided way. In the planning days, it seemed easy but it was more difficult to implement the plan. So they called an emergency meeting of  the three of them and started their conversation.


"So first things first!" Arnav said gathering their attention; "here is the final plan." he took a sigh and started to dictate it to them. "Tomorrow, uv will fight with Khushi, intentionally, and then would take her to his hotel, and will give her a late night dinner-treat, to manaofy her. Then suddenly the lights would go out. Then as assumed, Khushi would panic and UV will give her his cell phone as a source of light and would go to check what's wrong. Then she will get a call and will move out of the hotel. Then suddenly someone will pull her into a blindfold and will abduct her to a stranded street, with just one street light glowing far away."



Arnav sighed, as he was about to dictate the main part, "Then I, in the face mask and make up of Vijendar Thakraal, would come in front of her holding a knife. Just like that day. She will surely freak out and would loose her senses. I will tell her that I, Vijendar Thakraal, didn't wanted her in my life and that was my biggest mistake. I accept her as my daughter with my full heart and would love her forever coz that is what she wants the most! Then I will tell her that I cant meet my own eyes and that is why I am going away from her and would never return. I will, I will (Arnav stuttered a bit) I will break her heart. AND THAT'S exactly when a truck will come from nowhere, Dan will be driving the truck, and he will hit me, she would see it as if her dad is about to get hit but then the light of the street would go out for a second and the bodies will be replaced. There will be a dummy body placed in between that second whose face is already been changed by the plastic surgery and then Khushi will run towards the body and will have an emotional b-break down. (Arnav imagined the state she would be in and then shuddered) She will shout or cry her heart out. And that is when UV will come. He will console her and would try to make her understand that her dad realized his mistake and that he loved her and if Khushi gets out of control then he would give her that injection which you guys give to make her calm down and sleep. Then after that we will take her to the hospital and then Dan will examine her for any complications and would make sure she believes him, that her father is dead." Arnav sighed again but this time it was a happy one, then he smiled a bit and continued, "if everything went well and we managed to do it right on time then I am sure she will believe what she saw and then would believe that he is dead. And then! We will find him out and would deal him in OUR WAY! The brutal and nasty way! I am sure you guys would like to kill him by your bare hands!" Arnav said as his hands itched to get his blood and there was a naughty glint in UV and Dan's eyes when they thought of real Vijendar getting killed by them.



"So gentlemen, any questions, for the last time, any confusions? Let me remind you, We have to do it with utter responsibility and the time management of the lights will be uv's work, Dan you will take care of the truck and the second lights would go out, I will take out the body from the truck and would place it near it. And will hide in the bushes, UV will come and console her. If she gets out of control then we will use the injection. Then everything would be up to Dan, to make her believe."


Uv warned, "Don't forget you have a knife, you just have to make her see it, and she will go in her panic state, don't even come near her with it. We just want her to see it. JUST see it. That's all." and Arnav nodded.


"And one more thing, if Khushi's panic is increased and she faints on the spot, before the fake accident then the plan is over and she can even go into a state of shock from where, it will be impossible to bring her back!" Dan looked at Arnav and said, "you just have to come in front and then start your 'I am a fool and I am sorry, and I am guilty' talks and distract her from the knife and don't ever say anything to scare her, receiving a threat again and that too in the same atmosphere and the same man will hit her in the state of shock and would be able to take her away, forever! So be utterly careful!" Dan warned.


"So basically you have to just trigger her towards her panic attack. And then rest will be taken care of."

 Uv assured.


Arnav took an angry breath and said, "after all this, I swear I will find out that bas*ard, even if he hid beneath the ground and would beat him to death!"


Arnav seethed in anger and UV joined, "WE will kill him to death! I want my part of romance with him too! (He winked and Arnav remembered Khushi's prank and smiled) Only you get the final fun, is not fair!" UV said rubbing his hands.


"Guys you are forgetting the main guy here! ME! I get to have my fun too. I will poke him by my needles! I swear!" Dan gave his naughty reply with a naughty grin and that made UV and Arnav chuckle.






Next day.


The planning was done. Now, the implementation of the plan. as planned UV tried to find the reason to fight with her, he looked at her smallest antics and then finally found a reason to fight.





PRECAP: Khushi saw Vijendar; he was holding a knife in front of her again. She saw here and there and found no one for her help. There was no Arnav, no UV and no one else. She then thought it was again one of her nightmares. She pinched herself and found herself in the same dark, which had no lights. Just a street light enhancing his face to her and she backed away screaming, "NO, DADDY PLEASE! DON'T KILL ME!!"






Hey all. I am floored by the replies yaar! I am too happy. So here is the looong update! Hope you like it! Please read and reply soon. I will be waiting, and for this update I want looong replies too…and if the replies are small then the next update will be small too.


So think about it! *Winks*




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amazing updateSmile
loved itSmile
update next part soon dearSmile
i just can't waitSmile

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