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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 48)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 November 2012 at 2:08am | IP Logged
wow mimi...its awesome...loved it...Clap

update asap..*jodio jani tui korbi na*Cry

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beeny Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
hey Mimi
agn nice update
hope to see agn Geet & maan together onscreen
Thanx for PM

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princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sanjh89


ADRIAN s hurt...
well can't blame MAAN here now...aftr afll GEET ws kidnapped...
the secretkeeper s too smart...he lft a cnfusng clue pack of cigrates...

precap too s cnfusng... ws it really ADRIAN...?????

well...nly u cn tl...

lets see whts mre in store...



you have to wait to find out it's Adrian or not.. Tongue
thankss for the comment..Smile
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

Now, this is called a bloody update. It was a bang on part. You incresed my 'thrill' nerve. Mimi, a tight hug to you. This is the twisty part for sure but why a short one? Loved it, indeed. Ok, as you give the promised part, me will give the long comment. Mind it, waiting for the update of other work.

Ishvok, Khurana and Hyde *does the bell ring*. It defo ring like hell. This secret keeper is hinting something very common, very old and very much out of blue. Geet's kidnapping was just a way to make Maan point out all this. The way you showed Maan's reaction and emotion was what i was actually wanted. Ishvok *me sounding like Maan* is fishy here. Even the connection to her ex-mother and than those ciaggers. Moreover, the precap. I will faint, any damn moment. This is the most 'hypermotive' part and you maintained the suspense. Proud of you for that. I am out of words. Seems like, not just the new gems but the old jewel too have a connection with HIM. Every bit of it was nicely and smartly picturised. What to say more? You are my rockstar. Made my day. Precap is amazing. I read it like, this is IT. I am out of words for your talent.

Do cont soon and do PM me.

oyeee Sara plzzz don't faint.. if u faint who will give me lamba wala comment??Cry
i luv to read your guesses..
n i m gonna update Journey next weekSmile
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anindita91

wow mimi...its awesome...loved it...Clap

update asap..*jodio jani tui korbi na*Cry

sara din amar pechone laga to tor hobby hoe gache..Angry
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sayaneegupta

wow another bang on update .. I mean just BANG BANG BANG ON update 

ur updates r like tornado going on one's head .. just break every prediction n give new shocks .. well every time I think I wont predict anything but I am helpless 

anyway on this update

well as expected Maan was worried and his reaction, anxiety is justified .. we also act illogically when someone dear is there in dancer but Adrian was r8 in his place .. I know anybody will get annoyed but he did stop Maan for doing further mess

Adrian is really complicated .. its difficult to read his mind .. he rejected to help Maan at d 1st place .. but went to his mom at d next moment ..  I can't blame Maan for being rude with Adrian but Adrian's reply at d end where he just repeated Maan's words were like a puzzle .. yes Adrian is like that but no matter how he poses somewhere he has something to fall for .. I am not justifying him or my attraction for him .. actually he is a person u just can't find a justification or a reason to fall for him ..Embarrassed 

another thing d characterisation of Adrian's mother .. I expected her to be like this n bingo she was n you portrayed her character so well in couple of sentences .. her approach to Maan saying I am not that aged n Adrian n his mom's convo was so perfect .. natural .. no melodrama, no suger coated words no drama or faking attitude but just what it should be .. brilliant 

loved d MAANEET scene after Geet's rescue .. n what is to notice Anna's story has no connection with d abduction so I guess abducting Geet or attacking d gang was just d 1st round of d game Secret keeper wanna prove something else .. may be he has a point n may be its connected with past .. 

ds time wanna an update really soon .. plz plz plzzzWink 

Di keep guessing.. but not gonna tell anything this soon. [evil smirk]Evil Smile

princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
I'm here with next update.. well this is a light update. hope u will like it..Smile

Part 12: The Revenge of The Wilds


"So who's goning to research on 1989?" Brandon enquired only to find out all are looking at him rolling their eyes. "Not me." He added not wasting a second.

It was Adrian's turn to realize others attentions have shifted over him. "Never think of it guys." He said in his usual tone. "I'm very proud to say that I'm very lazy. Any hard working guy like KHurana should do it."

"Noo NO.. I've so many things to do.." Maan replied instantly. One by one every one rejected to do the research thing.

"I wish someone did the research on behalf of us." Nicole said heaving a sigh.

"well someone is doing." Brandon said thinking a while.


"Dan Humphrey." He replied.

Dan Humphrey is a creature who has personal problem with each of them. Recently he wrote a book which is as disgusting as him but accidentally his book became popular and he became famous.

"How do you know?" Geet asked.

"Humphrey came to dad for his research." Brandon answered.

"So what do you think we will request him Hey Dan we really need to see your research.. please help us and he will say happy to help and gonna show us all the researches." Maan said sarcastically. "He won't help us even in our dream."

"Who said we'll request him to help us?" Adrian said leaning on an easy chair.

"So what you're gonna do?" Maan said knotting eye brows.

Adrian described the plan.

"Are you nut?" Maan shouted in reaction.

Ignoring Maan Adrian looked at Branon "Can we use your pent house of 5th avenue?"

As Brandon nodded positively he looked at others. "So who's in?"

Maan took a look around to realize all are more than ready for this plan. Realizing he had no way out he sighed and said "Okk.. I'm in."



At 5 pm all were present at their decided place.


"I can't believe I'm doing job of a kidnapper." Geet who was victim of kidnapping before some days clapped excitedly while doing the same. "I'm kidnapping Dan Humphrey. Kidnap! I mean kidnap!!" Looking at Adrian she asked. "Adrian do you do this kind of thing a lot?"

"what kind of thing?" He replied with a question.

"Kidnapping.. duh!"

"yes a lot." Adrian nodded like a wise. "A lot more times than you can imagine." He smirked.



 "Why are you scaring him Adrian?" Brandon said sitting beside Naomi. "Geet we did only one kidnapping before."

"That means I'm working with experienced kidnappers." Maan, who is still against this plan, sighed helplessly.

"whom did you kidnap before?" Asked Geet curiously.

"In our senior year of high school we kidnapped our English professor." Adrian answered.

"I wasn't part of their plan." Brandon stated. "But an over exited Kate exposed everything to me and I joined them."

"Now I've become a kidnapper too."Naomi spoke.

"And I love this kidnapper." Brandon replied.

And what happened after that none had expected. They kissed each other.

Suddenly Maan's eyes fell on the cigarette Adrian was smoking. The same brand he had found when Geet was kidnapped by secret keeper. It's the same brand that Secret Keeper uses. Maan's eyes fell on the ashtray. So many used cigarettes were there. But one thing left Maan into confusion again. He remembered the used cigarettes by secret keeper.. he smoked even the filter of cigarettes which was not a classy thing.  And cigarettes smoked by Adrian are not even touching the filter and Adrian won't do anything that's not classy. He loves to maintain his class.

"No. It can't be Adrian." Maan thought and nodded negatively.

"He will be here within 30mints." Adrian said checking a sms on his blackberry.

"Uff! I'm so excited." Geet said clutching Maan's arm tightly.

Finally the moment arrived.

"Guys he's here." Adrian opened the door as two bulky men bring in an unconscious Dan and another man handed them Dan's laptop.

"Please bring him in the 2nd room of left side. And you guys wait in the lobby" The guys followed Brandon's order.

"Guys I've brought something for us." Adrian said placing a plastic bag on the centre table.

"For us?" Naomi questioned before peeping in the bag. "You brought these for us? Animal masks?"

"What animal masks?" Geet pulled out everything from the bag to find out Naomi was right it was masks of animals' faces.

"Adrian, are you drunk?" Maan asked looking at the masks.

"No.. I'm perfectly sober." Adrian replied.

"If you are sober why you did bring this for us?" Nicole said being confused and irritated.

 "To hide our faces while talking with that Humphrey creature." He said picking up a mask.

"Why didn't you bring something stylish?" Geet demanded answer. "Like masks of masquerade ball."

"Geet.. Those masks only cover half of your face and it will cover your face completely." Adrian described.

None replied but continued giving him a weird look.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Adrian said noticing others' condition. "the shopkeeper gave me the same look when I was buying the mask."

Again there was no reply except a few sounds of sighing.

"Now stop wasting time and put the mask on." He ordered.

Geet walked towards Adrian with attitude and snatched a mask from Adrian's hand saying, "I like only this one.. Others are yuck!!" Then she went back to the place where she was standing.

Finally all put on the masks before standing around Dan.

As soon as Humphrey regain his sense he saw a few people standing there wearing animal masks.

"AAA'" He shouted being scared, confused and dumbstruck.

"Uff! Are you a human or a horse?" Geet said putting hands on her ears. "My ears are hurting.. Please stop shouting." Dan nodded like a good boy.

"so who's going to interrogate?" Maan asked and within a second others shouted almost together.. "obviously you."

Finding no way out Maan started questioning.

"So Humphrey where are your research?"

"In my laptop.."

"Ufff.." Maan slapped his forehead while others were sitting behind watching the comedy. "tell us the exact place."

"In F drive.."

Brandon was sitting with the lappy. He opened the folder of 'Research 89'.

"Password?" Brandon shouted witnessing the folder is locked.

"Brandon is a jack ass"


"without space." Dan added.

"You psycho" Brandon shouted angrily on the same moment all started to laugh out loud.

Credit goes to Maan for calming down Brandon. Dan seemed even more scared. Brandon typed the password muttering a four letter in an inaudible voice.

After opening the folder he found another folder that too locked with password. Again they asked for password.

"Maan the dumb ass." As he said all started to laugh again. Maan shot an angry glare to them but when it didn't work he concentrate on Dan again.

Another folder within that one and yet again locked with password.

"you know what I want to hit your head with this lappy." Brandon said annoyingly while typing password.

"Geet dumbo queen."

"what did you say???" Geet shouted so loudly that all had to cover their ears with hands. She wanted to murder Dan but others didn't let her to follow her heart.

"Next password.." Brandon shouted again..

"Naomi stupid stupid stupid.."

"next password.."

"Nicole the cunning bitch.." Before Nicole could say anything Brandon comment "that's correct.."

Nicole decided to avoid him and questioned Dan "how many of this folders you have left?"

"only the last one.." Dan said in a hardly audible voice.

"then stop wasting time and tell the password." Brandon ordered.

"Adrian the ultimate ass"

All turned towards Adrian to witness his burst out.

"Well.." He took a mouth full of air. "that's a compliment.."

"How boring." Geet remarked being disappointed.

"Now drink this." He handed a glass of juice.

"what's this?" Dan asked nervously.

"No need to ask, just drink it." Maan ordered and he obeyed. Within a few minutes he got asleep.

"Now what to do with this creature?" Maan asked looking at Adrian.

"you can think of this a few mints later." Geet said.

"Let us take our revenge fast." Naomi added.

"what are you gonna do?" Brandon asked.

"Just wait and watch." Geet said bringing out pens from her bag.

"Pens?" Maan said being confused.

"Permanent markers." Geet corrected handing a few of them to Naomi. Then they started to paint their master piece. The canvas was face of Dan. After 10 minutes when they stooped none could recognize Dan.

"you guys are genius." Adrian commented while taking picture on his mobile.

"I guess he needs a haircut." Naomi remarked.

"Let me help you." Brandon came forward with a Caesar.

"Brandon, I can understand Geet and Naomi, what happened with you?" Maan said enjoying it.

"stop standing like statue and help me." Brandon ordered and Maan saw no reason of disobeying it. After all revenge is sweet.

They stopped after a few minutes.

"Now it's my turn." Adrian stated then get out of the room.

"what happened with him?" Geet asked looking at the door.

"no idea.." Naomi replied.

After 2-3 minutes he entered carrying a bag with him.

"What's this?" Brandon knotted his eyebrows looking at it.

"remember we went for a shopping with Kate." Adrian replied to Brandon handing the carry bag to Geet. "we came here after the shopping and Kate forgot her bags here. It's one of them."

"Kate is gonna kill you.."

"I'm gonna handle her.. now enjoy this.."

"cosmetics?" Geet's eyes glittered looking at the things.

"yeah.. you can continue your master piece." Adrian stated.

Well you can imagine what happened after that.

"Nicole only you left.. go and take your revenge." Her sister said looking at her.

"I'm not keen to do this childish stuff.." Nicole said jaw tightened.

"Ok Ok.." Maan voiced. "It's enough.. We've to release him.."

"Yeah.. I'm calling the guys." Brandon said dialling the number.

"Ivashkov." Maan called. "you could only stole the lappy and appoint a hacker to crack the password..  why this kidnapping?

"ooo.. it didn't cross my mind.. it would have been easier." Adrian replied.

"ok.. Adrian didn't think about it but why didn't I?" Maan murmured..


They decided to leave him in central park. The guys left him there without getting noticed by any passer by. Six of them were witnessing it from not so far.

"so we should go back.." Brandon said starting engine of his Toyota.

"wait wait wait.." Nicole shouted suddenly..


Without giving an answer she get out of the car and walked towards Dan.

"What she is doing?" Naomi asked.

"Nicole get back here." Adrian followed her.

"oye.. this is not the right time or the right place to do.." Brandon was shouting but they couldn't hear the last word.

"what are you doing?" Adrian spotted Nicole calling someone from Dan's mobile and placed the mobile in his pocket.

"I just took my revenge." She smirked.

"whom did you call?"

"the press."

"WHAT??".. "let's run from here they will be here within a few seconds." Both ran towards the car as fast as they can.

On the moment they reached the car a press car stopped behind the central park. Within 5 minutes there were a line of press cars.


An hour later

Six of them were sitting in penthouse of Geet enjoying their wine while watching the news.


The news reader started to speak.. "young writer Dan Humphrey got kidnapped today. The kidnappers didn't demand any ransom they left him in central park and his condition was not normal when he was found." A picture of Dan's face after the painting session was showing in the TV which technically made them laugh on their ass off. "According to Dan Humphrey they were wearing animal masks and asking about his research on his next book."

"see animal masks worked." Adrian said smiling as all started to laugh even louder.


OKk.. I will update Jannat within 2 days.. readers be ready

to Journey readers will update it next week..Smile

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Me first, start the bhangra...

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