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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 45)

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Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

Mimi, *bang*. Yeh hui na baat. Reader of the century. I told you, i do read all the works very carefully. Tabhi toh teri spell mistake aur grammar, make me a littile more time to read it. When i am engrossed in it than trust me, it is the universe for me. Glad to see your comment in my speech thread. Ok, enough of this bhashan.

For the first time ever i saw the funny and naughty mood in between all the stress. Ok, i agree that drama part where Geet was the minx was also funny but that time it was a plain life with no secret keeper or cold words. Nice mixture. They again went to their cold demour, life can't be same again. Poor geek guy, bach gaya, thanks to Khurana. Not jurt Nicole, Naomi hate that Kate too. Agree, that girl is a big glue. Till here, what a part to enjoy. If i go straight to Adrian words, it strike me that yes, he is right. After recalling all the parts, he is exactly doing this. Making them stress, worried and a mere puppet. I am sure that he is present everywhere, to keep a very close eye. What ever happened till now clearly says that he is just not a clever ass but a very close observer too. Geet is thinking that it is all about money but others are not interested to keep their voice for what they are thinking and i am sure Maan is still thinking that it is related to their past life. Agree, coz i also told, they all have most of the thing common, the past too. Brandon's state makes me confuse coz the first time ever, he asked rather than attacking or sending the same msg. And he himself spread the news. What is exactly going in his mind? Everytime, he is simply unprecitable. Geet too called him than what happened after that? Maan is now going to break the hell. Glad to see their lovey-dovey scenes and even the small gestures in between. Time to meet the real furious Maan Singh Khurana, the man in super action. He is known for his anger and immense love for Geet and now, we will see the exactly same thing. Overall, ab bhi kuch kehna hai? This much detail of my view, like always, is enough.

Do cont soon and do PM me.

Sara see Mimi is giving an early update this time and waiting for another looong comment..Embarrassed

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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maaneet_Vidu

so many narrow esacpes actually

Omg ...Geet ...i hope she's safe

don't worry Vidu.. Maan hai na..LOL
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Originally posted by sayaneegupta

bang on update.. well ds ff always make me banging my head thinking hwat's happening.. whats gonna happen n what has happened .. n d moment I think I hv figured out something a new shock messes them up ..

Confusion confusion confusion .. huh .. can u just gv ur updates sooner so that my little brain can take lil rest 

anyway I cudn't comment on ur previous ud so starting 4m der 

Part 9: d only l8 hearted part in ds ff 

d way u mixed comic relief in d fast paced thriller is commendable 

at d beginning Adrian's attitude showed he is scared .. I am afraid d kind of attitude Adrian carries n how is trying to f8 his emotion (fear is also an emotion r8) doen't lead him in more trouble .. I don't know I have a strange liking for Adrian .. no matter how grey or black he is .. may be coz of d guy u have chosen for ds character .. Gasperd .. undoubtedly one of d most sexiest man alive .. may be coz of his unbeatable attitude or may be only coz girls like bad guys 

now coming to comedy part 

Dan Humphey .. haha u got d r8 character girl 

I just loved how a musical drama became a fun play woth Lady Gaga song rofl .. I was just imagining d scene n going lol 

I wish Maan dodn't pull d curtain .. it was really a fun 

n den omg Pride n Prejudice ka kya haal bana diya .. 

aww Maan as Darcy .. both r my fav .. I really wanted to c Maan as Darcy .. n Geet as Lizy .. perfect 

I just loved loved loved their f8 on stage .. soo cute 

n d last reaction of Brandon was the cherry on d cake 

Pride n Prejudice go better n funnier with ds four n not to forget Adrian's voice over lol 

loved ds group .. hope ds fun days come back soon in der life 

ur longest comment till date... LOL thnks for the lovely comment...Embarrassed

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oh sorry I am late again  

any way  ds part .. omg .. so many happenings a 

starting from the beginning .. again that crazy man send a sms .. uff 

but I loved how Maan destructed Geet's mind .. his shoe talk lol loved it  

n ds secret keeper  .. what does he want .. damaging Brandon's car, putting poison in Adrian's drink, he doen't want to kill them but to torture them .. pressurize them mentally but Y??

n now that Geet is kidnapped its getting really intrigue now  

brilliant dear .. u r amazing  

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Girls don't be shocked seeing I have gv an early update..thanks for the likes and the comments.. love you all..Embarrassed And this is Durga Puja gift from me to my beautiful readers...Big smile


Part 11:Dig in 89

"Geet is with him. She's in danger." Maan said panicking. "I've to find her." Maan started to walk towards the door.

"Maan stop." Brandon stopped him by blocking his way.

"Brandon let me go." Maan shouted. "She's in danger."

"Maan you can't find her like this." Brandon tried to stop him again.

"Geet is kidnapped Brandon." Maan shouted. "I know you don't care about what happened to her but I do."

"Let him go Brandon." Adrian stated. "let him go. I wanna see how Khurana finds Geet without knowing where she is, without any clue." As Maan looked at him he walked towards Maan. "I'm ready to help you Khurana. What do you want? A private plane? I just need to make a few phone calls to arrange it." He stopped to look Maan's reaction.  

Maan hated to admit it but Adrian is right. He can't find Geet like this. She can be anywhere.

"So what should we do now?" Naomi sighed.

"Go to your own house and wait." Adrian said walking towards the door.

"wait? You want us to wait?" Maan said being disgusted.

"We don't have any other option except waiting for secret keeper's sms ." He stopped to breath. " Have we?" saying that he left.


At Maan's apartment

Every second felt like a decade to him. On every minute he checked his mobile for secret keeper's sms. Damien was also kidnapped by him. And they saw what happened to him. Thoughts of Damien made him shiver.

After hours of waiting he got a massage.

"go to former Mrs. Ivashkov, now Anna Mitchell and gather info on senior Mr. Ivashkov, Mr. Hyde and Mr. Khurana on their 1989 activities. Go there with Adrian Ivashkov. And she is with me.. Time never stops. ask all the private detectives you've hired to find her to back off. Secret keeper blesses you."

As soon as he got it he ran to Adrian's.


"Ivashkov." Maan shouted as he entered the drawing room. He had stopped the private detectives and one and only way was to hear secret keeper blindly.

"Who's now?" Adrian came out of a room with bloodshot eyes and messy hair. "I told the security I'm in no mood of taking any visitors."

"Ivashkov stop the rubbish now.  Secret Keeper wants us to go to Anna Mitchell." He was saying without breathing. "I'm waiting at the car. Come soon." He headed to the door.

"I'm not going." Adrian stated.

Maan stopped hearing his voice.

"what did you say?"

"I'm not coming with you."

"listen I know you've got issues with your mom but Geet is in danger. We need to.."

"I don't think I'm stopping you to save Geet." Adrian shirked. "go save her."

"you know Ivashkov you're nothing but a pathetic bas***d. Haven't seen any one as vicious as you.  No wonder Mr. Ivashkov thinks you're useless and can imagine the reason why your mom left you. It's normal they don't want a son like you. It hurts when people say we used to be friends cause we were never friends and a guy like you can never have any friend. You just acted to be my friend so that you can talk on my back." In anger Maan didn't realize in anger he was shouting at the highest pitch of his voice.

"Khurana." Adrian said in low but strong voice. "leave or I'm gonna call the security to escort you outside."

"Oh really" In a moment Maan took out the revolver and placed on Adrian's head. "Now?"

"So Mr. Khurana wants my help putting me on gunshot?"  Blue of Adrian's eyes became darker.

Maan threw the revolver along with a nasty word and stormed out of his room.


It was an hour drive to Anna Mitchell's house. Thankfully she was free so gave him an appointment. As he reached the mansion a housekeeper told him to wait in the sitting room. Being impatience he started to play with a paper wait.

"Mr. Khurana." Hearing his name he looked at the stairs where Anna Mitchel was standing. She was wearing a lavish violet evening dress with a lotus earring. She was looking elegant in every way.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Mitchell." Maan shook her hand.

"Please call me Anna. I'm not that old to be called Mrs. Mitchell." As she smiled Maan forced smile in reply.

"Lets come to the point Anna." Maan cleared his throats. "I'm doing a research on my dad's work of 1989. Sadly couldn't find all of the files but came to know it was connected with Mr. Ivashkov. Mr. Ivashkov is out of town so.."

"So you came to me.." She smiled. "1989.. long time back.."

"Please try to remember something."

Their conversation got interrupted as another guy entered the rom.

"Adrian." Anna smiled. "you came in such a short notice."

Maan never thought he would come. Adrian looked at Maan once then shifted his attention on Anna.

"I'm not gonna take much time Mrs. Mitchell. Please tell us what you remember on dad's works and projects of 1989." He said in a breath.

"both of you're researching on the same topic." Anna said picking out a cigar out of the box. She offered a cigar to Maan.

"Thanks Anna." Maan said picking out one.

Then she moved the box towards Adrian offering a cigar.

"No thanks." Adrian gave a short answer.

"1989.." Anna puffed from the cigar. "can't remember much but Mr. Ivashkov were working on a hotel project. The place he wanted was occupied by a few people. Some legal problem happened and Mr Hyde and Mr. Khurana helped him through this."

"Thanks Anna." Maan said as both of them stood up to leave.

"thanks for hearing us with patience Mrs Mitchell. Sorry to come like this." Adrian said in a breath and both of them left the house.

As soon as they left the house Secret Keeper sent another sms describing which road they should take to come back. It was the longer way.

"Ivashkov.. I'm gonna drop you to home." Maan said and Adrian didn't disobey.

Most of the time they were silent. Maan wasn't happy with the little information he got. But he had no other way.

Their phone buzzed as a massage from secret keeper arrived.

"Just add a big while shopping..

And it will never be a miss."

"what rubbish?" Adrian murmured as he read it.

"you said something?"

"does it make any sense?" Adrian read the massage loudly.

"It does." Maan argued. "It has to. Secret Keeper doesn't say nonsense."

Again silence over powered them.

The car was passing through an old construction site. For a few reason works were not completed and the construction site is abandoned atpresent.  Maan suddenly stopped the car noticing the sign board.

"The Big House." Maan read it loudly. "Ivashkov what did Brandon say the name of the shop Secret Keeper wants him to show."

"The House." Adrian said knotting his eyebrows.

"add a big.." Maan murmured. "Geet is here."

Maan shut the door of the car with a bang and ran inside the site.

"Geet.." Maan shouted going though every doors. Finally he found her. She was tied on a chair.

"Geet.." Maan said opening the knots. "Geet are you fine?"

Geet nodded positively. She was panting as for a long time her mouth was tied. Maan freed her hands and Geet hugged him instantly. Maan hold her strongly, "your are safe Geet, don't worry. I am here with you." Maan whispered holding her protectively.

"I am leaving for the car."Adrian left.

Maan helped Geet to stand on her feet and come out of the place.

"Khurana.. let me drive the car." As Maan handed him the key he left.

 Suddenly Maan's eyes fell on the table. An empty pack of cigarettes was lying there. He read the name of the brand.

'It's the same brand that Adrian uses most of the time.' Maan thought. There were some already used cigarettes in the ash tray. The smoker smoked half of the filter of the cigarettes. Maan looked around thinking if there is any clue but secret keeper is too smart for that. 'but what's the point of this kidnapping. He didn't harm Geet that means it wasn't his motive. Then what does this jerk wants to prove?' Maan's brain didn't know the answer but one thing 'secret keeper definitely wants to prove something and may be it has something to do with 1989.'

Maan supported Geet to walk to the car.



At 10pm, Maan's apartment.

Sen sisters and Brandon reached there as they got the news of Geet being fine.

"where is Ivashkov?" Maan asked as he handed a glass of wine to Brandon.

"you're lucky he's not coming." Brandon replied and got busy with Naomi.


At midnight after dropping Geet to her home Maan decided to go to club to talk to Adrian. He was feeling bad for what he said. He is not unaware of the issues with Adrian and Anna.

He reached the club within a few minutes. The club was full with people. He spotted Adrian sitting at pub. Maan ordered a pink lady sitting next to him.

"Ivashkov. I'm sorry you know I didn't mean that." Maan was expecting a reply but he was wrong. Not getting any reply he started again.

"Ivashkov what happened with us? Even we used to be friends." Again no reply. Being annoyed Maan paid his bill and stood up to leave.

"Khurana.." Maan was too annoyed to talk to him. He didn't pay attention. "Khurana.."

"Maan." Maan stopped this time. He turned his gaze towards Adrian.

"I was never your friend Khurana. I just acted to be your friend so that I can talk on your back." He again concentrated on his cocktail and Maan left.



Precap: "I can't believe I'm doing job of a kidnapper." Geet who was victim of kidnapping before some days clapped excitedly while doing the same. "I'm kidnapping Dan Humphrey. Kidnap. I mean kidnap." Looking at Adrian she asked. "Adrian do you do this kind of thing a lot?"

"what kind of thing?" He replied with a question.

"Kidnapping.. duh!"

"yes a lot." Adrian nodded like a wise. "A lot more times than you can imagine." He smirked.


 Now do hit the like button and do comment. I'm waitingSmile

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