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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 38)

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who is trying to hurt them...

what did adrian c in the cd...

continue soon...

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hey guys here is the next part... plzzz forgv my grammatical mistakes.. didn't hv enough time of reding it again to edit.
imp: many of you are confused on what Adrian was watching in the CD. I 4gt to mention it there.
Adrian had the video where Damien recorded them with Gwen playing in the pool. Damien used to blackmail them with the tape. It was with Adrian. After watching a few seconds of the video in the party he was watching the video again just to be sure it was not stolen.And why he was thinking he is responsible for everything.. Keep readWink


Part 9: Be ready for next Surprise

After a week

None try to contact each other in these seven days. Brandon called Maan once to ask his condition. Naomi came once to meet with Geet and him. No call from Nicole and Adrian. Well it wasn't strange to Maan. The strange thing is even Secret Keeper didn't ask how is he? Though he was perfectly fine still Geet was with him. Finally after 9days of the incident they planned to meet at Adrian's penthouse. As decided Maan and Geet arrived with Sen sisters.  Adrian took a few minutes to open the door.

"what takes so long?" Geet asked.

"I was just busy." He answered plainly.

Maan knotted his eyebrows seeing Adrian holding a gun. "Ivashkov.. what you are doing with this?"

"this.." he said taking a glance at the gun.. "Oh.. nothing at all.. I was just checking out if it's in the right place." Adrian forced a smile.

It wasn't difficult to Maan to catch he is suffering from insecurity. His appearance proved Maan right. There were dark circles under his eyes. His pale skin was looking more pale. He looked exhausted and maybe taking more doses nowadays.  His each and every gesture was confirming his insecurity.

They sat on the couch with their drinks. A brightly lit city was sprawling in front of them.  Doesn't matter how bright the city is their lives were lost in darkness and they're not able to find a hint of light there. Actually light seems a mirage in their lives.  All were in daze. It was ruined by sound of door bell. Their lips were yet to touch their drink but all stopped at the sudden sound of the bell. As soon as the bell rang in a fraction of second Adrian unlocked the safety catch of the gun.

"Adrian it's Brandon. He just texted me he's here." Maan assured him but it wasn't enough. He turn on the camera to see who is outside.

"Come in." He welcomed Brandon with a smile. Brandon's eyes travelled to his gun which Adrian noticed.

"Oh! Please don't ask why I'm carrying this."

"Don't worry. I won't." Brandon said taking seat next to Naomi. "cause I'm doing the same and maybe our reason is same." He smiled.

"wow all of you have got a gun but me." Geet said in a disappointing tone.

"Geet.." Nicole cut. "I don't have it."

"Nor do I." Naomi nodded negatively.

"Hmm I'm not alone."  She turned to face Brandon. "how old were you when you got it?"

"on my 18th birthday. It was gift from my grandfather." He replied on the next second.

"And you Adrian?" She asked Adrian.

"can't remember the exact date but I was 16 I guess." He replied.

"You're only 16." Geet cried.

"Geet." Maan raised his voice a little. "It's a gun. A lethal weapon not any play thing. I don't own any gun and I'm happy for this."

"Maan calm down.. she was just asking simple questions." Brandon placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." Maan  sighed.

"it's ok. I know you're tensed." Adrian gave a small smile. "So you guys want wine?"

"I'm gonna ask for a cigarette too." Brandon stated looking at the cigarette packet lying on the centre table.

"Don't take that one. It's not plain." Adrian said and threw another unopened pack to Brandon. "Take this."

"I want to try it too.. ." Geet jumped from his sitting position and took the pack which was lying on the table.

"Geet no.." Adrian snatched it from her hand. "I told you it's not plain. It's a joint."

"Ohh" Geet nodded knowingly. Then suddenly a confused expression overpowered her face. "What is a joint?"

All were dumbstruck.

"Geet." Maan raised his voice. "Smoking isn't good for health."

Nicole was sitting next to Adrian. She whispered.. "I m confused who is more dumb. Geet or Naomi?"

Adrian smirked on her comment. But they weren't lucky enough. Brandon overheard them. " Hey.. don't drag Naomi here." He whispered back angrily.

"Sorry.." Adrian and Nicole replied in chorus trying hard to stop laughter.

"Ok guys enough now." Brandon cleared his throats. "who's going to the party tomorrow?"

"I'm always in." Adrian said as his eyes glittered.

"and you know what.." Geet said excitedly "the party is going to be like our graduation party. All waiter is going to wear same black mask. Though a lil bit spooky but I love it." Geet stopped.

"So all are ready to enjoy the party?" Maan said with a smirk.

"Not me." Geet shouted.

"What happened?" Naomi asked worryingly.

"I don't have anything to wear." Geet sighed. "Maan I have to shop." She said and amazingly managed an expression which was pouting and alluring both.

"I'm helpless." Making a poor face Maan sighed and followed Geet.


At Party.

All people were becoming insane. Insanity was crossing all the boundaries. Maan was standing with Geet  after a few minutes Brandon joined them who was carrying a glass of blue cocktail.

"so enjoying the party?" Brandon asked taking a sip.

"yup.." Geet nodded. "music is making me insane."

"People should be insane." Brandon replied. "life is nothing without insanity."

"where are others?" Maan asked.

"The Sen sisters are there on the dance floor." Brandon pointed at the floor. "and Adrian called me he'll be here in ten minutes. There he is." He said as Adrian entered.

Adrian came towards them and Maan welcomed him with a warm smile and Adrian smiled back.

"so what's going on? And how was your shopping Geet? I'm sure Maan you've enjoyed a lot." Adrian said with a playful tone.

"stop doing what you're doing now Adrian." Maan replied placing a hand on forehead.

"you know I'm not gonna stop it ever."

It was strangest thing to Maan they're calling each other by their names not surnames. Actually for the last few days they've again started calling by their names. And Maan was happy the ice is melting between them. It can never be like old days but still it's better than what used to be.

"Hey look.. that's Dan Humphrey." Geet said pointing at a guy whose hair is like wild grass.

"ya.. I didn't know he's back in NYC." Adrian stated.

"we all have changed since our high school.. but not Dan." Brandon spoke.

"you guys are talking about his famous hairstyle.. right?" Geet asked.

Sen sisters were standing next to Dan.

"hey Dan." Naomi said looking at his top to bottom. "Nice hairstyle."

After a few seconds Sen sisters joined them.

"Did you.." Nicole was cut by Geet..

"Ya we noticed his hair style is still same.."

"remember.." Geet turned to face Maan.. "when you guys were in 12th n we were in 11th we did two dramas for charity."

"Who can forget that day?" Brandon said smiling.

A few years back.

Maan was in 12th n Geet in 11th.

All the guests and students and parents and professors were gathered in the auditorium as the students have arranged two dramas.

The group of Dan have arranged a musical drama. And another drama was Pride and Prejudice.

Maan as Darcy

Geet as Lizzy

Brandon as Bingley

Naomi as Jane

Nicole took the responsibility of dialogue prompting and Adrian was in charge of back stage.

The moment they entered the back stage Geet and Naomi had a big fight with Dan. The girls had already planned their revenge.

Dan and company were performing a musical drama. The songs were to play from back stage. The plan of girls' was simple and unique. They've decided to change the CD in which songs of the drama were recorded.

Geet was really happy that Adrian was in charge of back stage. He won't say anything if Geet says she wanna take revenge from Dan. Geet and Naomi headed to the place where Adrian and other back stage workers were.

"I know Adrian will be really busy in works but you know he will help us. I'm sure." Geet said to Naomi.

But what they found was really disappointing.  Adrian was chatting and laughing actually he was doing everything except his works.with his gang as if he doesn't have any responsibility when he has the biggest responsibility.

Now what a responsible girl like Geet will do? She marched towards Adrian and roared "Adrian.."

He was shaken by her voice. "Uff.. Geet.. you gave me a heart attack.. why are you shouting?"

"what are you doing?" She shouted again.

"Geet I'm standing in front of you. No need of shouting. I can hear you."

"you're doing everything but working when you've got the biggest responsibility." She fumed.

"Geet." Adrian took a deep breath to relax. "yeah! I know I've got the biggest responsibility as in charge of backstage. But you know Dan Humphrey." Both of them looked at Dan who was on stage. "He doesn't think I'm good enough to take this responsibility. So he declared one of his friends gonna take he back stage responsibility of their drama." Adrian shifted back his attention on his friends.

The boring musical drama was still going on. The audience was in half sleeping mode hearing the weird song. People who were at back stage were fighting to keep their eyes open suddenly the song which was playing from back stage stopped. For a few seconds everything was silent people were confused. The song started to play again but it was not the song of the drama. The song  had changed into a pop song. A song of Lady Gaga.

Leather and jeansGarage glamorousNot sure what it means But this photo of us..

Maan was in make up room when it happened. He noticed Geet coming out of the room from where the song was playing. Realizing Geet is behind everything he covered half of his face with a hand and heaved a sigh. "Uff! Geet.."

Maan came out of the room as Brandon and other people of their play ran to join the audience to take the fun of the musical-comedy drama. Adrian was still at back stage technically rolling on the floor.

"Ivashkov.." Maan called out but he was too busy in laughing to notice Maan.

"Ivashkov.." Maan shouted this time trying to make a serious face. It was really difficult to keep a serious face while a classic-rap musical drama on stage.

The song was still going on.

I'm your biggest fanI'll follow you until you love me Papa-paparazzi

 And funniest thing was face of Dan. He was looking like a goat trapped in a cage. He couldn't understand from where the paparazzi song started to play when it was his time to sing a old song. He couldn't decide what he should do? He should start singing the right song on stage or leave the stage.

"What?" He replied panting.

"Drop the curtain." Maan ordered realizing the thing is going out of control.

"Are you nut Khurana?" Adrian replied being shocked. "you wanna drop the curtain now? See all of the audiences are enjoying the boring drama." Maan saw the audiences. Surely the students were enjoying but mayor of NYC was saying some thing to their principal. From their expression it was clear they were not happy. Maan understood if it goes on the prestige of their school will be demolished. And requesting Adrian to drop the curtain won't work as he is too engaged to watch the classical rap drama. So he decided he will drop the curtain and did accordingly.

"who the hell dropped the curtain.." Maan heard Geet shouting. "Adrian did you?"

"I was glued to my place." Adrian shouted back.

"Then who did it?" Nicole questioned.

"Adrian why did you dropped the curtain." Brandon returned.

"It's Khurana." Adrian stated.

Maan was standing next to Geet.

"Maan why did you do that?" Geet enquaried Maan.

"Had no way left to control the situation."

"you spoilt the fun." Brandon remarked angrily.

"and you guys were spoiling the prestige.."

"Khurana from when you joined Humphrey rescue club?" Adrian stated.

"From the day you left smoking." Maan answered. "The day never came and not gonna come in this century. But.."

"Mr Maan Darcy Khurana." Geet stood just inches away from Maan looking directly in his eyes angrily. "I'm not gonna leave you." She threatened and left.

Maan sighed thinking now what this girl is going to do.


Naomi, Geet, Maan and Brandon were on stage. It was a scene of Darcy-Lizzie fight.

"The man who betrays his friends can't be trusted." Geet said dramatically looking at Maan.

Others were taken a back.

"I can't remember the dialogue of Geet." Brandon whispered in Naomi's ear.

"Neither do I." Naomi nodded negatively looking at Nicole who was standing at the passage way of front stage and back stage.  She took the responsibility of prompting dialogue. It seemed like she can't find where the dialogue is.

It was only Maan who understood what Geet is saying.

"If the man is doing it for greater good it's not his fault not to join friends. It's a virtue." Maan replied equally dramatically to save the drama from Geet's anger.

"Oh! Betraying is a virtue then." Geet snapped back.

While this not bookish drama was going on others were totally clueless about what's going on between Maan and Geet.

Finally Geet lost in front of Maan's logic and looked at other direction waiting for the voice over.

Adrian was going to do the voice over. He was also sitting in the dark passage between front stage and back stage with his friends chatting. He was holding the paper on which the lines to be voice over was written.

"It's time to voice over." Some one from back stage handed Adrian a mike which was already switched on. He didn't notice.

On the stage others were waiting for voice over. The voice over came.

"and that he was looking like the frog prince.."

Another high voltage shock. Nobody knows what's role of frog prince in pride and prejudice.

"and you know Humphrey worths a big round of clap for making the drama so enjoyable.." He was still unware the mike was open and all the audiences could hear him.

"It's time of voice over.." some one poked him.

"hmm.. I know.." Then he tried to switch on the already switched on electric mike. "it's not working."

"cause it's already switched on." Nicole shouted.

Now he noticed. He took a glance at the stage to see four of them looking at him angrily.

"sorry for disturbance." Intentionally he said it on mike and finally did the voice over.

Well no need to say what was going on the front stage. Geet was still doing illogical fight with Maan. Maan was trying to calm her down. Brandon was trying to save the drama. And Naomi she just stood there like statue of liberty.

"Uff.. enough.." It was Brandon's turn to shock people. He was the one who was trying to save it.. "you wanna know who is right? Mr. Maan Singh Khu.."

"Darcy.." Maan corrected though he knew there is no way out to save the drama.

"whatever.. you both are wrong.. n I'm tired of witnessing your drama.. do what ever you want I'm leaving.." He left.

Well the drama ended there. But a new fight started between Maan's batch and Geet's batch.


Present day at party..

"By the way Geet how did you managed to change the song?" Brandon asked taking a sip from his blue cocktail.

"secret.." she said smiling.

One by one others left leaving Maan and Geet alone.



"lets dance.." they made their way to the dance floor..

As Geet slid her arms around Maan's neck he pulled her closer by her waste. He pushed her hair behind her ears to kiss her bare shoulder. Geet shivered in excitement. Slowly he made his way to her luscious lips. He touched her lips with his.

It didn't last longer as their phone beeped the message tone.

"Be ready for next Surprise.. Secret keeper blesses you."


Precap: One of them is missing.. who????Ouch


I'm waiting for your comments.. n ds time plzzz a long one for this long update .. plzz spend some words for review like a critic plzzzSmile

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update maneet romance precap????

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nice update sweety

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Superb update dr,
waiting for next.

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nice updateSmile

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Superb part

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nice part 

liked it 

thnx for pm

waiting for next 

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