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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 35)

princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Alicia2001

wow great story plz update soon
it's an amazing story
my name is alicia pm me
hey thnks Alicia.. sent u buddy request.. plz add me..Smile

princess_mimi Senior Member

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Originally posted by $ara_$hachi

Mimi, mere 'eid ke chaand', not to worry ... as far as i am here, i will let you remember EVERYTHING & ANYTHING. Yup, totally agree ... this girl is crossing the limit of 'lazy-ass'. I mean there should be some rules pointed out specially for it. But what to do, i love her to that extent where i can strangle my phone but not her. Dosti cheez hi aisi hai ki 'kamino' pe bhi pyaar aa hi jata hai, LOVE is not the only 'blind' thing. AND the height of foolishness, that girl doesn't remember her 'latke' huey works. How shameless, she can get, hai na. Sara is the ultimate dose for the writers gang. Kitna kaam karvate hai mujhse.

Back to the part, again not that 'SARA's choice' long. Ab, itne saalo baad aa kar update karti hai toh it should be long enough to write this much long comment. Waise, ab ye nayi 'entry' kya hai, Yup, 'kya' not 'kaun'. Dan ??? But the loved the 'trying to be normal in such horrible situation' scene is hats off. Maan is the only one here who seems to be SENSIBLE enough. I agree that, Adrian is also smart & Brandon is also clever here but when it comes to think straight & catch the slightest thing, my hero is the only BRAINy here. Geet, why becoming dumb enough to match Naomi ?? Awe, not just Maan but someone else too is so much in love, way to go Brandon. Shopping & Maan, Geet is the only one who can make this KHURANA man do anything for her, in any story. Adrian, unknown fear & high dose is the most dreadful combo. Sara still thinks there is something more in store. Other than they being same in many way, as stated by me in many comments, and being normal ... there is something missing here. Gosh, too much part animal & that too with the weirdest themes. Loved every ounce of the 'past' drama sequence. The most 'hatke' & 'refreshing' scene of this work. Haye, never thought, Geet being this 'revengeful' or Adrian 'laughing' like that. Every bit of it was unexpected & loveable, those golden days. What happened that drastic ?? Even these two are using their name instead of their surnames. Argh, i was expecting that kiss. Me wanted to kill that 'secret keeper'. WHO ???? Don't tell me Maan's jaan. Okay, i have a very logic reason behind this ... Geet was the only one, who was the prime target from the starting ... Geet is the only one, who can be frightened easily *not to forget, calmed down ONLY by Maan* ... Geet is the only one, through which Maan can be broken down. Other logics, i have many of it ... this is more of a MANEET story ... secret keeper & MANEET have a more close connection *coz as far now, only these 2 have been harmed* ... it will be more exciting to see a raged Maan after a long time, a POSSESSIVE-cum-OBESSIVE-yet-INSANE Maan Singh Khurana. Other than that, Sara is always ready to be surprised & shocked too. I am always there to put my 'guessing' power. Overall, FANTASTIC, for sure.

Do cont soon & do PM me.

Sara the reader of the year award goes to you.. you read every word carefully.. i'm really happy to gt a reader like you.. love you..Big smile
n abt MaanEet i hv decided i wl put more luv scns here.. Heart
n abt Brandon n Naomi i hope Brandon is lucky enough to date NaomiWink
abt Adrian... can't say anything... Tongue

thoda aur wait karo.. pyaas barao.. ROFL
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Hey guys I'm back with a new part.. I went on a vacation so I'm late this time.. but I've enjoyed a lot .. enough of my bakbak posting the next part.. hope you will like it and plzzz comment..Embarrassed plz overlook my grammatical and spelling mistakes..Smile


Part 10: And The Game Begins Now

Maan was quite sure not only him and Geet but the others got the same message too. Taking a look at others he realized he wasn't wrong. All were holding their cell phone looking disturbed.

"Geet.. don't worry.." He put his arms around her shoulders. "he's  just trying to scare us."

"whoever this guy is he is sick. If he wants money he should just tell us." Geet replied. "and if he doesn't want money then what's the reason to do this with us?" They made their way towards the bar and ordered their drinks.

"actually everything is unveiled. Who he is what the hell he wants from us everything.." Brandon joined them.

"so what to do now?" Geet questioned looking at Brandon.

"do about what?" Brandon replied with a question.

Geet rolled her eyes and bring her blackberry in front of Brandon's face so that he can read the sms of secret keeper.

"oh.. about this crazy guy.." He said casually drinking his cocktail. "just stay cool."

"stay cool!" Geet parroted. "you don't even.."

Before Geet could finish Brandon started "so what you are planning to do? Run on the high way of NYC in your bikini.." He said joking..

"hey that was not any pink bikini.. it was sea beach collection of Victoria's secret.." Geet snapped back.

"Geet.." Maan joined them. "you know what today here I saw a girl who wore exactly same shoes like you have wore right now."

"who is she?" Geet said looking around trying to spot the girl..

"umm'" Maan act as if he is trying to think.. "I forgot.." Maan and Brandon both burst out into laughter.

"oh my 'F' ing god.. Maan how could you forget.." Looking both of them laughing she realized they was just pulling her leg. "Maan!!" Geet hit his arm with her clutch, "stop pulling my leg."

"sorry Geet." Maan caught own ears with his hands. "I'll never pull your sexy legs again.."

Suddenly Maan's eyes fell on Adrian who was standing with his friends looking at a high school senior geek guy. From their gesture Maan realized they are going to do something really wrong with him. Maan knew it they had played some really bad practical joke on people before for their entertainment. For this they have spoilt life of people before. Maan knew what they did to Lean. They left her in a sea beach alone in night. The joke of one night spoilt her entire life. [mentioned in part 3] No. Maan can't let him spoil another life again. Maan walked towards the guy. It wasn't difficult for him to send the guy out of the club saying a hot girl is waiting for him at the met steps.  Maan looked at Adrian. It was clear from his expression he is irritated. Maan gave a smirk and joined Geet at the bar counter again.

"why you've to interrupt in my business every time." Adrian said with rage in his voice.

"what are you talking about?" Maan said casually.

"Khurana you know what I'm talking about."

"Oh! I saved a life." Maan chuckled.

"whose life? You just spoilt our whole night."

"Sorry for ruining your night Ivashkov." Maan stood up from sitting position . "I saved him from being target of a spotlight hungry guy."

"correction Khurana. I don't need the spotlight the spotlight needs me." He said brushing his hand on Maan's shirt as if cleaning something. "the great Khurana has saved a life.. who is even not in the team of this season."

It was true Maan couldn't play this season. He had to skip it for the attack happened to him the previous week.

It could be the beginning of another big fight but thankfully Brandon stopped them.

"guys I'm leaving." Brandon stated.

"it's only 12.30." Maan replied. "now?"

"I've a few works to do. My limo is waiting. Please meet me tomorrow at my penthouse. Gonna text you the time later."

"Brandon I've something important to say." Maan stated and left the place with him.

"ok then see you tomorrow." When they were out of the club Brandon spoke and took a step towards his limo. On the very moment a truck came from nowhere and hit the limo. The limo got crunched like a can made by metal.

They rooted to their place being expressionless.  It didn't take a minute to reach the news of the accident inside of the club. In a few seconds all gathered outside to witness the ruined car.

"911.." It was Maan who overcome the shock first and made the phone call.

"Somehow Adrian managed to open the gate of driver's side. After a few seconds he declared " he's dead."

In no times the police arrived. After doing the primary investigation they left.

All gathered in front of the bar.

"Brandon are you okay?" Maan asked looking at him.

"yup I'm." He forced a smile. "I guess I'm one of the luckiest guys. I could have died there."

"relax. You're alive and perfectly fine." Adrian said ordering a vodka tonic.

"Hey Brandon." It was Kate.

"Kate.. I didn't notice you're around." Brandon said looking at her.

"Are you all right?" Kate is the girl Naomi never liked. She hates it Brandon and Kate is a couple. At least people think they're in a relationship.

"yes he's fine. You can see it." Naomi answered.

"Ok Brandon I know it's not the right time to say it but dad is back and he wants to talk to Mr. Hyde." Kate said sitting next to Adrian.

"don't worry I'm gonna inform dad." Brandon said taking the last sip from his drink.

"I'm gonna take exactly what's he's taking." Kate said looking at Adrian's drink.

"Kate it's vodka tonic." Adrian stated.

"I'm gonna try it too."

"take this one. I'm gonna order another drink." Adrian handed his drink to her.

"I'm not feeling well. I should leave." As soon as Kate finished the drink she stood up to leave. She was feeling dizzy.

"Are you ok?" She heard Adrian saying something but she couldn't hear what he was saying. Before she could realize anything she hit the ground darkness absorbed her.

At hospital.

Maan, Adrian, Brandon, Geet and Naomi were there. Nicole went to home as she is not interested in what happened with Kate. She asked Naomi to come along but she refused as Brandon is staying at the hospital. Doctor has already declared she has somehow consumed poison with liquid, but she is out of danger now. Some one poisoned daughter of the mayor. Press were being crazy to get some juicy news.Brandon has sent their PRO to handle the press.

It was the moment when they saw detective Martin coming towards them.

"he comes everywhere without invitation." Brandon fumed. "I'm in no mood to answer his stupid questions."

"I know I'm not the person who will make you happy." Detective gave a toothy smile. "But my job is to disturb you and they pay me to do this."

"And you're doing a great job." Adrian faked a smile.

"Thank you.." the detective replied. "but before you say something let me tell you I want to finish this questioning thing as soon as possible." He stopped to take a look of all of them. "trust me it's not a pleasure to see you." He spoke again.

"For the first and may be it's the last time I agree with you on something.." Adrian was going to continue but Maan cut him. "Shut up Ivashkov. Let him do his job."

He didn't took much times. Within 15mints he left.

They were in relief hearing from the doc she's fine. If she had drank the full glass she could have died.

"another narrow escape." Geet said sighing when they were out of hospital. "Adrian see you're lucky that you gave your drink to Kate." Geet stated as Maan wrapped his arm around her shoulders protectively.

"Even if I took the drink I wouldn't have died." Adrian said clearing his throat.

"What do you wanna say?" Maan looked at him knotting his eyebrows.

"Didn't you guys notice Kate took the whole shot." He stopped. "The secret keeper wants to scare us. He doesn't want to kill us now."

"Adrian.." As Naomi called him all fixed attention on her. "I guess I'm the stupid one who can't understand your words."

"Remember the party on Damien's memory? When Geet was going on the stage the chandelier fall. It didn't fall on her. On the same day some one attacked Khurana in parking area but he wasn't stab into any vital organ. Again he is perfectly fine and didn't suffer much for it. As Brandon said you n your sis got a narrow escape and none of you were hurt." He stopped to take breath.

"And tonight the truck hit Brandon's limo when he wasn't inside" Maan started where Adrian has been stopped. "What does it mean?"

 "He's  playing with us like we're his puppets." Maan answered his own question. He couldn't finish their mobile buzzed. Another sms. They had expected one from secret keeper.

 "And the game begins now. Secret keeper blesses you."


Two days later.

Brandon is standing at the subway! Yeah! HE is using subway to go somewhere. Secret Keeper wants him to use subway to go Green Flea. He never thought in his life he would go to a market where second handed things are sold. He was angry cause secret keeper just want him to see a shop called "The House" there. And he was going to erupt like a volcano when all started to call him asking what he is doing there.

At first Naomi then Geet , Nicole, Adrian.

"Adrian from where you came to know I'm at flea market?" he asked being irritated.

"it's everywhere. On facebook on youtube on every site I know name of."

"Gossip travels faster than light here." Brandon sighed.

"so what are you doing there?"

Brandon cut the line. Now it was Maan. He was happy to see Maan's call cause he knew it Maan isn't the guy who will ask not so important question.

"what're you doing in flea market?"

"Maan.. you too asking me the same question?"

"it's seems impossible you're in flea market."

"meet me at my penthouse in an hour. I'm gonna explain everything."


At Brandon's penthouse

"So how was sub way?" Naomi asked.

"Horrible." Brandon answered.

"how was flea market?"

"even worse"

"Did you shop?"

"Naomi stop it." Brandon raised his voice.


"So secret keeper wanted you to experience subway?" Maan asked.

"and wanted to show me a shop called 'the house.' God knows why."

Again sms tone broke their conversation.

"I'm sad that you couldn't understand what I wanted. Maybe someone among you can help you here. Look around who is not with you now? Come here n meet her. Secret Keeper Blesses You."

"Where is Geet?" Maan asked not seeing Geet around.

"She hasn't come here till now." Naomi answered.

"Geet is with him." Brandon said fearfully.


Plzz do comment Cry


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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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wow great story plz update soon
it's an amazing story to read
thanks for the pm

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awesome Update!!

Loved it!!

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Mimi, *bang*. Yeh hui na baat. Reader of the century. I told you, i do read all the works very carefully. Tabhi toh teri spell mistake aur grammar, make me a littile more time to read it. When i am engrossed in it than trust me, it is the universe for me. Glad to see your comment in my speech thread. Ok, enough of this bhashan.

For the first time ever i saw the funny and naughty mood in between all the stress. Ok, i agree that drama part where Geet was the minx was also funny but that time it was a plain life with no secret keeper or cold words. Nice mixture. They again went to their cold demour, life can't be same again. Poor geek guy, bach gaya, thanks to Khurana. Not jurt Nicole, Naomi hate that Kate too. Agree, that girl is a big glue. Till here, what a part to enjoy. If i go straight to Adrian words, it strike me that yes, he is right. After recalling all the parts, he is exactly doing this. Making them stress, worried and a mere puppet. I am sure that he is present everywhere, to keep a very close eye. What ever happened till now clearly says that he is just not a clever ass but a very close observer too. Geet is thinking that it is all about money but others are not interested to keep their voice for what they are thinking and i am sure Maan is still thinking that it is related to their past life. Agree, coz i also told, they all have most of the thing common, the past too. Brandon's state makes me confuse coz the first time ever, he asked rather than attacking or sending the same msg. And he himself spread the news. What is exactly going in his mind? Everytime, he is simply unprecitable. Geet too called him than what happened after that? Maan is now going to break the hell. Glad to see their lovey-dovey scenes and even the small gestures in between. Time to meet the real furious Maan Singh Khurana, the man in super action. He is known for his anger and immense love for Geet and now, we will see the exactly same thing. Overall, ab bhi kuch kehna hai? This much detail of my view, like always, is enough.

Do cont soon and do PM me.
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nice part 

thnx for pm

cont soon 

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