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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 16)

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Guys thanks for you likes and comments. your comments always encourage me to write more. thanks a lottt...

Rated: 16+


Inglorious B**tards

It was a week after they encountered with the detective last time. Last time he met them Adrian's penthouse. The detective proved them it's not easy to fool him.


A week before


Exactly at 6.30 Maan entered Adrian's penthouse followed by Geet and Naomi. Geet was still lil bit scared but she was determined that she won't let any fight start between Maan and Adrian.


When three of them entered Brandon was already there talking about something. As soon as they seen them there they stopped talking.


"hey I didn't expected you guys will come this soon." Brandon forced a smile.


"why are we interrupted your secret talks?" Maan said with attitude.


"you know Adrian it's the first time I'm coming to your penthouse." Geet said in a hurry.


"yeah! Me too." Naomi spoke. "and it's really nice."


"where's your sister?"


"she will be late." Naomi answered.


"Now I'm happy." Brandon heaved a sigh.


"you know what I was thinking secret keeper is a normal guy we are abnormal." Geet said. " People do switch off their mobile if they get sms like these. But we guys started to run after secret keeper.." Geet continued.


Maan looked around the two floored seventeen roomed penthouse. It was not his first time here. He used to come here when he was 15 or 16. it had changed a lot. The penthouse is at least twice of his apartment. The walls are made by glass. Every single furniture of the pent house were detailing that he belongs from one of the richest families of the world.


"what do you do with this?" Geet said in a questioning voice. Following Geet's gaze Maan's eyes fell on the centre table. A few injection syringes, candles and spoon were lying on the table.


"Oh! It's still here I forget to clear it. Sorry." Adrian said collecting those things.


"what do you do with those things huh?" Geet asked again.


"what do people do with this thing?" Adrian answered with voice full of irritation.


"I know what they do. But I wanna hear it from you. What do you do with these things?" She said pointing at the things.


He was dumbstruck for a moment couldn't imagin someone could ask question like this.


"I do exactly the same thing what others do with it." Adrian said in a slow voice.


"Geet." Maan said in a strong voice. "why are you asking questions like this when you know that doing such thing isn't a work of bravery." Maan said arrogantly. Adrian didn't answer but went to put the stuffs in his room.


After half an hour the detective arrived.


"So all of you are here." The detective said as soon as he arrived.


"why are you always questioning us?" Maan asked. "there were also other people at the party."


"hmm there were. But I've came to know Damien was having a fight with you six. And the last day Mr. Khurana you have fought to him that was witnessed by all." Martin said pointing at Maan. "so can we go forward with my questions?"


As others nodded he started to question. "Tell me if somebody lives with you guys at your home."


"After my father was shifted to Florida I live here with my maid Lalain. She lives with me since I was 3years old." Geet said in a breath.


As Martin's eyes fell on Naomi she earned an elbow from her sis indicating her to talk. "we also live with our maid. Dad has to travel all over the world for business trip. After finishing our studies mom shifted to London."


"Hmm." The detective turned to Maan. "Mr. Khurana?"


"well my dad has shifted to Montana as he needed a weather change for his weak health. And my mom died two years ago. I don't live at my dad's penthouse though. Dad arranged a caretaker for me who comes to my apartment thrice in a week."


Next was Brandon's turn. "dad is always busy in his political career. I live with a caretaker and my driver. They work for Hydes before I was born. But a few months ago my caretaker appointed a helper as he is really old and needs help.


The detective nodded and turned to Adrian.

"I guess it's my turn." Adrian stopped to lit up a cigarette. "I'm living here since I was 14. I used to live at Ivashkov's hotel's penthouse before. But when I turned 14 problem started with Nathan."


"Nathan?" He was cut by the question of detective.


"My dad Nathan." He stopped for a sec to puff. "well Nathan didn't want to live with me anymore neither did I. So he went out of USA don't ask me where and I shifted here. But he arranged a thing for me. I can use hotel's room service from here."


"so where is Mr. Ivashkov living now?"


"I don't know. Seriously. And not interested." Adrian said within a second.


"I have a question. Why are you asking questions like these?" All turned to Maan. "Are you planning to spy us?"


"Not yet." Martin replied. "but if it helps investigation we've to do it." The detective left.


"Uff!!!! Another day is passed." Maan spoke.


"Oh! Again I forget. Wait a minute." Adrian went inside his room and came back with a transparent plastic in his hand. and the gun was inside it.


"Adrian you have still got the gun?" Nicole asked scared.


"Hmm. I cleared the finger prints." Adrian placed the plastic on the centre table.


"So what to do with it?" Maan asked clearing his throats.


"I'm gonna leave it to his apartment."


"when?" again Maan asked.


"just heading. Was waiting for Martin to go."


"thank you." Geet said.


"for what?" Adrian frowned.


"for clearing this finger prints thing. Thank you." Geet said sweetly.


"well I did it not for you but myself. I knew it you won't keep your mouth shut about me. So I had to do it.." He said in a breath.


"Ivashkov" Maan said in a low but strong voice. "talking like that doesn't suit you. You can't do anything now."


"You think so? Mr. Maan Singh Khurana if you think I was blackmailing you I'm always ready with other plan." Both of them stopped. "you must see this"

He switched on his home theater and the video flashed in front of them on the tv screen.


Six of them were at the pool with Gwen. It was Damien who was recording it.


"Gwen. Come on we're here. Nothings gonna happen." Nicole spoke dragging her to the pool.


"No I am scared of water." Said a nervous Gwen.


Then someone pushed her to the swimming pool. She was shouting for help. Everybody was there including Maan.


The tv screen fades to black as Maan pull out the dvd from the player. He was fuming in anger. "what you're doing with this? You were told to destroy it but when you haven't did it I have to do this." He dropped the dvd on the floor and smashed it with his leg.


"Oh! You can have it Khurana. I've hundreds of copy of that."


"what do you want Ivashkov?" Maan said holding his collar tightly. "you want money?"


"money? You are offering me money. Khurana I can buy many like you." He laughed.


"Yah with your dad's money.. whom you hate" Maan smirked left his collar with a jerk he sat on an easy chair crossing his legs.


"Adrian you won't ever let out this." Brandon spoke in an ordering tone.


"Brandon I'm not that much rotten b*****d." He said looking at Brandon. "I won't let out anything as long as he throws any mud on my name." He pointed at Maan.


"I won't throw any mud to your name as long as you don't cause any harm to us." Maan said crossing his hands on his chest. "and I am not fond of playing dirty games like you."


"Ok." Adrian nodded.


"Lets leave guys." Maan said looking at others. "Brandon aren't you coming with us?"


"you guys carry on. I'm gonna go within a few minutes."


Maan nodded at him knowing they're still hiding something.





After a week


All were exited for the grand masquerade ball. The vanities wait for the day most eagerly throughout the whole year. All were busy in shopping. Maan only contacted Geet and Naomi in these days. Geet told him she got sms from secret keeper regularly as well as him. It seems secret keeper wanna annoy them till the height. And he came to know from Naomi Brandon and Adrian got msgs too. Maan was really thankful they didn't cross his way in these days. Brandon was busy to pose in front of press with Kate, his PDA girlfriend. Kate is daughter of the mayor of the city. Their families instructed them to date in front of camera. Or Kate is mostly found with Adrian's gang. And Adrian may busy with another dirty game. Maan doesn't care.


Maan was waiting out of Geet's apartment as she requested him to assist her in shopping and she will help him out in his shopping. They landed at 5th avenue on afternoon. 5th avenue the home to the world's luxury boutiques and Geet's most favorite place in the world. Every time she landed here she just got crazy.


"lets start with your shopping." Geet said finishing her caramel cappuccino. "so what do you prefer?"


"Usually I wear Armani. But I will prefer you to shop first." Maan replied smiling.


"Are you sure you want me to shop first?" Geet said raising one of her brows.


"Yeah! Ladies first always."


" You sure? Ii's gonna take time."


Maan decided to ignore her warning just to bit his nails the rest of the day.


They started with Louis Vuitton and end with Maan doesn't know. He had completely lost track of how many boutiques they went how many dresses she tried and how many she bought. Possibly she bought everything of her size from every boutique.


"Geet where are we going now?" Maan asked in a tired voice.


"At Cartier." Geet felt sorry for his condition. "Only one boutique left. It's my tradition to end up there."




"Chanel. I promise after that we're gonna go to Armani."  


"Ok!" Maan answered tiredly but happily.

May be for a few hours but it was the time without secret keeper. May be he was planning something big.






Guys thanks for reading.. do hit the like button n do comment.. i'm waiting.. this time plzz share ur views on the characters. 

Ok guys.. now this is really important.. I'm giving my blog link bookmark it.. ther is no grantee about my IF profile.. don't ask anything about it here.. u can pm me 


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interesting update ... gr8 jobClap... ur work on the characterization is gr8... 

n me totally loveing MAAN n ADRIAN f8... both r HOT n both r strong in own way

though Love MAAN n Adrian is quite annoying ... stillWink

n loved the last MAANEET scene... poor MAAN ... phass gayyaa 

asking GEET for helping in her shopping is d most stupid thing MAAN  did LOL

eagerly waiting for d masqueradeDay Dreaming... cont soon

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Originally posted by princess_mimi

Originally posted by sayaneegupta

hei brilliant updateClap
loving all the characters Heart
MAAN is strong n reasonable Day Dreaming
Adrian very smart... over smart actually Cool... n mean too
Brandon very calmWink
Geet is really sweetEmbarrassed

n the detective may look dumb but is really smart ... gonna gv them a tough time... Shocked

but who is d secret keeper??D'oh
plzzz cont soonCry

thanks for the looong and sweet comment... luv ya diSmile n yeah. Maan the man is always strong 1Wink

n what about d others??? I'v comment over all of them.. do u agree with me QuestionQuestion

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gud one...
This man s getting on my nerves..
hw dare he threaten maan..

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nice updt

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so party dear
its really mixing up holll thing in one bottle

its clear that maan and geet have a scene

but what is with this adrian

so much ego
dash it dear

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wonderful update...
waiting to know the next...

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