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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 14)

idunno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2012 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
very intresing concept and diffrant than others like you to pm me updates.

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freya123 IF-Sizzlerz

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nice  update

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princess_mimi Senior Member

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Originally posted by seemamary

Amaizing one, who is the secret keeper?

u have 2 wait for this... keep reading u will get to know Wink
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Originally posted by jyoti_l

so every1 got message...but no1 disclosed...

it is only when maan asked they told this...hmm...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

Thanks for ur comment dear.. keep readingBig smile
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

awesome, brilliant superb part
loved it
so much suspense
too interesting
now every one got the sms from secret no
it's like ,m visualize everything

continue soon

thank u di... thanks for ur commentSmile
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tushti-kiran

what type of proofs they have cleared...

did they kill Damien...

when I read this update I remember a thriller movie---I know what u did last summer...

waiting to know more...

thanx for pm...

wait a lil ... u will come to know everything... graduallyLOL

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princess_mimi Senior Member

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guys thnks for ur comments.. hope ds part also will get your likes

Rated: 16+


A Gift From The Secret Keeper

Maan entered Brandon's penthouse before half an hours of the decided times. None was there only Brandon was at the dining room watching TV. Brandon smiled looking at Maan. Maan smiled back and sat on a sofa. Maan always liked Brandon's pent house. The two floored 15th roomed pent house is beautifully decorated. Every single thing of the house signified elegance. The pent house is mostly covered with white but never monotonous.

"So you know who's gonna investigate this case?" Maan asked taking a sip from his soda.

"I've tried to find out." Brandon said not looking at him. "couldn't know his name but he's newly shifted to NYC. It's gonna be his first case here."


"His name is Colt Martin." Adrian entered. "he who reopened Brandon's mom death case."


Brandon's jaw tightened. It's the only think he never wants anyone to talk about. After a few minutes Geet entered with Naomi and Nicole.


"So when's the detective is coming?" Geet asked.


"at 11.30." Maan answered.


"I just wanna get rid of this problem as soon as possible." Nicole said pushing her hair behind her ear.


"Yeah! So that you can start bitching about your sis again." Brandon spoke as soon as Nicole finished.

She frowns at him. "What did you say?"


"No need to act like a stupid." Brandon said looking directly in her eyes. "Always thinking why my sis is so beautiful, why I'm not as pretty as her. Why everyone likes her not me. You are always jealous of your sis."


It's not new to other Brandon hating Nicole fact. Always blaming for being jealous of her sis, bitching about others and blah blah blah.


"Shut up Brandon." Maan snapped. "it's not time to fight on a silly thing."


"Yeah! You are my friend Brandon, but my sis can never be jealous of me." Naomi said looking at her sis.


Suddenly Maan's phone rang. "guys they're here." Maan said after cutting the line. "Mr. Watts is here with the new detective."


After a few minutes a brown haired man in his mid fifties entered the room.


"Hello Mr. Watts." Geet said smiling.


"Hello! Miss Handa. How is your dad?" he smiled back.


"He is perfectly fine."


Mr. Watts looked at others "well well well see all jewels of NYC's new generation are here." He smiled showing his big shapeless teeth. "Such a pleasure to see you all together."


Mr. Watts is the senior detective NYC police department. He is a nice person. But sometimes they get irritated with him.


"we have to start investigation. Sorry if it bothers you." Mr. Watts spoke again.


"It's ok. We know you have to do your job." Maan spoke.


"Now let me introduce to the person who's gonna investigate your case. Meet Colt Martin."  


Their eyes first time fell on the guy who was standing next to Mr. Watts. The guy was a tall, not so attractive guy with blunt features. His eyes were smaller according to his face and there is a stupid expression always on his face.


"He's gonna investigate the case?" Adrian asked pointing a finger at him. He was fighting to stop his laughter after looking at the new detective.


"Yeah!" Mr. Watts patted on Martin's back. "he's only 34, he got promoted so early. He is such a talented guy."


"34?" Geet whispered in Maan's ear. "He looks like 24."


"I guess we don't even have to waste our time talking to him." Adrian said confidently in a low tone. "even Naomi can handle him. Look at him, his face is reflecting that he is such a humdrum."


"My dear Ivashkov" Maan looked directly at his eyes. "just wanna give you a lil tips. Don't judge a book by its cover."


The older detective  looked at them "Gotta go now. Again sorry to bother." He looked at Marti "Good luck." They shook hands and the older one left the place.


"Well I wanna ask each of you guys a few questions one by one." Martin started to speak without any introduction. "so who's the first.."


"I'm going first." Maan said.


"Use the last room on left." Brandon said pointing at the way to the room.




One by one the detective talked to all of them. Brandon was the last one. After one and a half hours the detective came out of the room at sit at the dining room with all of them.

Clearing his throats he started to speak. "I've asked all of you exactly the same questions to all of you. And all of you gave the same answer."


After a few sec of silence Brandon asked "So?"


"People have their own different views on a fact. Six of you gave the exactly same answer. It's like you had prepared your answers before." He was going to say more but Maan cut him. "It proves we said exactly what happened that day. And our views are same on the fact." 


"you guys were drunk. Mr. Khurana had fight with Damien but it wasn't a big one. Others were there. You guys were there all the night and you don't know where he has gone." He stopped. Crossing his legs he started to speak again. "I want you to tell me the exact truth. Don't try to hide anything. You guys are trapped where your parents even can't buy the way out." Martin said with an attitude.


"Don't be so overconfident. Not good for health." Adrian smirked at him.


"Well I was going to say same thing to you guys." After a few minutes Martin left.


"This guy won't be easy." Adrian sighed.


"Ivashkov," Maan called. "you were saying something about him being humdrum.."


"Guys.." Geet started to speak all turned their attention to her. "I went to library today. And I saw Gwen's pic there.. what we did to her'"


"What we did to her?" Adrian asked the question calmly but all were shocked.


"Adrian but.." Geet managed to say in a low tone.


"Listen Gwen was just another girl rather say most insignificant one for us, and we last saw her before a month at the pool party, then don't know what happened to her." Adrian lit a joint.


"Adrian don't talk like that. Gwen loved you." Geet managed to say.


"Geet I already have lots of problem in my life. I'm not interested to hear anything about her." Arian said coldly.


"Leave him Geet. Gwen thing isn't new to him. He had done this kind of things with others too." Maan said shifting his eyes to Adrian from Geet "You guys remember Lean."


"yes I do." Naomi responded. "she was our classmates. She said she is gonna join Columbia University but she never showed up. Then I came to know she had gained phobia on darkness, she was even scared to go out of home." She stopped.


"coz some one played a dirty game with her" Maan gave a look to Adrian "on the party of your graduation day that Geet arranged.. all waiters were wearing same masks, a bu***rd with his so called friends targeted poor Lean to make a practical joke. They bribed the bartender to mix sleeping pills in her drink which made her to fall asleep. They took the opportunity and leave her in lonely sea beach. Next day morning a life guard found her, she had high fever and grew phobias. I discovered her in hospital." Maan stopped after saying the whole thing. He turned around to see Adrian smirking at him. "Nice story Khurana."


"It's not a story, and you know it." Maan said fighting with his anger.


"Ok. I have done it. I admit. But do you have any prove against me Khurana?" He stopped. "she was just my drunken amusement." He let out smoke from his mouth.


"enough guys." Brandon spoke. "no need to talk about past. And you guys don't forget to attend my party tonight at Ivaskovs' hotel's club. Now go home and take rest." He finished and headed to his room.




The thing Geet enjoyed most is partying. She loves to see people are talking about her, admiring her dress and listening the recent gossips. She was standing at the corner of the club with a group of girls. Maan came to her with two glasses of Martini. HE gave one of then to Geet. "exactly how you like extra dirty with olives." Maan smiled.


Geet looked at the girls to say excuse us as they left she turned to Maan. "Thank you." She smiled.


"Don't you think this place is too crowdie."


"Mr. Maan Singh Khurana you can say it without any hesitation." Geet smiled. "you want to be alone with me."


"if this you want I will do according to your order." Maan said smirking.




They went to a corner room of the club. They could hear the music from there but none was there.


"How nice it feels no?" Geet asked.




"you and me.. together, alone." She replied.


"Alone and together. Nice choice of words." Maan smiled.


Suddenly Geet stumbled on something. She fell on the floor, her hand touched something hard.


"Geet are you ok?"


"I'm fine. Here's something.." Geet dragged out the thing. As soon as her eyes fell on it she discovered a gun in her hand. She was so shocked that she couldn't even shout.


"Geet" Maan knelt down in front of her and watched Geet with the gun. His eyes traveled beside her. At first he saw a hand then discovered a body. Maan checked his pulse. "He's dead."




"Geet go and call Brandon."


"But Maan"


"we've no time to ask question. Go."


Geet ran towards the party. She found Adrian and Brandon at the pub.


"Brandon" she shouted.


"why are you panting?" Brandon asked.


"I think she has danced so much." Adrian said taking a sip from his drink. "Go and take rest."


"Brandon you need to come with me." Geet stopped to take breath. "there's a body."


Within a few seconds they were in the room where Maan was with the body.


"I'm gonna call 911." Geet bring out her blackberry.


"NO!!" Brandon snatched it from her hand. "if you call the police, they're gonna spoil the party more than that  my name will get dirty. The election is coming close.. and my family.."


"Who cares about your damn party." Maan raised his voice a lil bit.


"I do." Adrian replied. "Not only Brandon's but all of us gonna get dirty."


"so what should we do?" Maan turned his gaze at Adrian.


"Just let me do my work." Adrian stopped. "Don't touch anything." He said in an ordering tone.


"I've touched the gun accidentally." Geet said nervously.


"Geet are you crazy?" Adrian shouted. All were stunned for a moment. None ever heard Adrian shouting at any body.


"After a few sec Maan shouted back "Don't even dare to shout on Geet. Every body isn't a cold blooded criminal like you."


Adrian returned to his calm self and didn't bother to pay attention. He bent down to see the face properly. Seeing the face of the man his jaw tightened. He brought out a black silk handkerchief out of his pocket and covered the handle of the gun."


"What are you doing?" Maan asked frowning. Again no answer as he couldn't hear his words.


He took the gun carefully covering with the handkerchief and put it in the inner pocket of his suit. Three of them witnessed silently.


"Ok guys!" He stood up to see others. His stone like cold blue eyes were reflecting his cold mind. "listen to me carefully. When the police gonna question you, you will say Khurana and Geet you two discovered the body and you called me. others were at the party. They don't know anything. Ok?" All agreed silently.


"Brandon go back to the party, Khurana call 911."


Again there was Martin who came to investigate. All said exactly what they had preplanned.


Detective looked at Geet. "Did you find any gun? I can smell so much gun powder from his hand and he was shot at back!"


Geet was so scared that he couldn't utter a word.


"No we didn't." Maan hold Geet's hand tightly and looked at others to see their expression. Naomi and Nicole were scared and confused. Brandon closed his eyes at him to convey his support. Maan turned at Adrian. Not a single change in his attitude. Maan was shocked seeing how come a person could be so calm after finding a dead body and hiding a gun in his inner pocket.


"Do you know him?" Detective asked.


All answered negatively but Maan noticed something odd in Brandon and Adrian's behavior.


"He worked here. At the hotel." The detective looked at Adrian.


"There are thousands of people working under Ivashkov's. It's not possible to recognize all of them." He replied quickly without getting nervous.


"Hmm." Detective nodded. "by the way we found this from his pocket." He raised a piece of paper in front of them. A sentenced was printed on it. " A gift from Secret Keeper. Secret Keeper Blesses You." They all stood there like a statue.


The detective gave an odd glance with a grin and left the place.


"Now go to your home and forget about the gun." Adrian said in his natural tone and took a step towards the exit door.


"Ivashkov" He stopped hearing Maan's voice. "why should we do exactly what you told us to do?"


Adrian turned to face an angry Maan. "I would go to the police and gonna tell them everything that are happening. Everything started from you."


"Khurana" Adrian said calmly. " may be I'm nice to you but don't forget I'm still Adrian Ivashkov."


"Oh really? What are you gonna do?" Maan crossed his hand on his chest.


Adrian smirked "I've got the gun Khurana and it has Geet's finger prints. If you say a word about me I'm just gonna drop it to the police station. Are you ready to handle this?" An eerie silence engulfed them. "Meet me at my penthouse tomorrow evening. Good night." He left. One by one the others left.


"Geet lets go. I'm gonna drop you." Maan placed his hand around her shoulder protectively.


"Maan." Geet was silent all the way. She spoke when Maan was going to leave from her pent house.



"I'm very scared, Maan." She hid her face in his chest.


"Geet" Maan raised her face holding her chin. "no thing is going to happen as long as I'm with you." He kissed on her forehead again she hid her face in his chest.


Maan started to move his hands on her hair thinking why did Adrian and Brandon acted in a strange way? Why did he remove the gun from the spot? Was it needed? We could say the truth.

But he removed the thoughts from his mind. Let it go. Geet is scared I don't want her name to get dirty here.

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