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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

DO SAPNE-THREAD 01 (Page 81)

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Nyc update...dii...!!!!!!

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Awesome updates.
Loved it.

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Originally posted by suhaaana

loved both the parts...
and happy b'day

thank u so much dear...Big smile
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hey dear
nice story i read it in one go
and found it really awesome
geet is really too naive 
and maan as usual hot and handsome
gr8 work dear..

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Originally posted by Gcs-girl

Awww its ur B'Day  2daySmile

thank u so much dearBig smile

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EmbarrassedNow MAAN is geting a little naughty not bad dear ... actually it was awesome Smile


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Maan's eyes popped feeling her soft curves on his rough ones.He had the urge to bite her...kiss her all over the body and enter inside her till she feels sour.But he had the barrier but Geet was Geet...she was melting him with her simple innocent touch.Geet didn't know that what she was doing but her fingers lingered on his back skin scratching and pulling him inside as if he's been pleasurized.

Maan's eyes popped up and he also saw upwards to stop this advances then he got the phone call immediately and it broke Geet's trance.Geet went far away from him covering herself from the sheet while Maan was glad that he got the phone call.Maan said with raged breath,"Hello...!!!!!"It was from his mother who had phoned up to ask is Geet ok or not.

Maan hadn't told abt Geet's accident to his family who r now far away from him.Maan said casually taking the deep breath calming his nerves which was craving Geet's touch,"Maa...Geet theek hai...aap chinta mat keejiye..aap apni yaatra khatam karke aaraam se aajaayiye...humaare baare mein kuch mat sochiye...!!!!!Dadi kaisi hai????"Nikhila said,"Woh theek hai beta...lekin pata nahin ek ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi thi isiliye phone kiya...theek hai bete hum rakhthe hai phone apna khayaal rakhiyega aur Geet ka bhi...!!!!!"

Maan said nodding,"Ji maa...!!!!"And he cut the phone call.On that time he heard some broking noise and rushed inside his room and saw that Geet was trying to stand supporting the bed.Maan asked immediately coming to her side and holding her while she felt a current run down her spine feeling his long fingers on her skin,"Geet kahan jaana hai???"Geet was trying to stand but couldn't stand as she was so weak becoz of the maturation and some thing thick she was feeling inside her inners.

Geet said feeling the pain which was coming from her abdomen near her woman hood which she couldn't tolerate,"Maan...mujhe washroom jaana hai lekin mujhe yahan par kyun dard ho raha hai...!!!!!"Geet pointed her finger near her abdomen and asked,"Jahan tak mujhe yaad hai accident mein mujhe yahan toh chot nahin lagi...mujhe toh pet mein lagi...aur mere haath mein bhi toh dard ho raha hai...lekin mujhe yahan kyun dard ho raha hai...!!!!!"

Geet knew that she has matured but in this time it's better that she hv to be with her mother who can teach her abt this..nourish her to make her get ready for this pain for which she's gonna suffer every month.But Maan had knew abt this and he had called Rano to the home to explain abt this to her.Geet felt blood oozing from her womanhood for which she was shocked.Geet was scared and asked,"Maan...yeh kyun ho raha hai yeh khoon...bataayiye kya mein theek hoon ya nahin...!!!!"

On that time someone said from behind,"Haan beta tum theek ho...!!!!!"They both turned towards the source of sound and it was Rano who was seeing the couple with immense love.Rano came forward and saw that her blood was overflowing and said to Maan,"I think we've to change her napkin...!!!!"seeing the blood which had been smeared to her dress.Maan nodded and went from there while Rano gripped Geet tightly and took her towards the washroom.

Rano made her sit on the platform of the washroom where they bath and took off her pant immediately.Rano went outside and brought the Whisper napkin while Geet saw her cutely and curiously.Rano said,"Isse lagao apne panty ke ander...!!!!!"For which Geet was shocked,"Isse lagao..maa...yeh toh bahut khatarnaak hogi na...aur mein kabhi isse mere panty ke ander nahin lagaaya...lekin ab kyun keh rahi ho..yeh bahut dangerous hai...!!!!!"

Rano smiled at her and said,"Geet tumhe pata hai tumne kabhi Rajji se poocha ki woh isse kyun laathi hai har mahine???"Geet racked her brains cutely and said,"Haan...lekin woh mujhe bataaye na tabhi mujhe pata chalegi...!!!!!"Geet pouted her lips cutely while Rano smiled and said,"Geet...jis baath ke liye hum itne saalon  se intezaar kar rahe the woh baat abhi tumhaare zindagi mein huva hai bete...!!!!!!"

Geet saw her innocently while Rano explained her slowly while Geet came to know the whole picture.At the end Geet was blushing furiously when she came to know everything.Geet cutely put her new whisper pad inside her inners cutely and adjusted it.Geet asked cutely,"Yeh kitne din tak rahegi????"Rano said,"Paanch din tak...aur haan...tum dar mat jab tumhe pehla din hi kuch mehsoos nahin ho toh...aur haan kuch logon ko poora paanch din apna pet bahut dard hogi is samay par ya phir kuch logon ko pehla din aisa dard hoga ki usse bardaasht nahin hogi...lekin yahi iski nature hai...!!!!!"

Geet asked her other question,"Agar yeh ek mahina nahin huva toh uska arth kya hai???"Rano smiled and said,"Uska arth yeh hai ki aap maa banne waali hai...!!!!!"Geet blushed furiously but she asked,"Yeh har ladki ko necessary hai kya????"Rano said,"Haan bete...isiliye toh humein tumhaari har baar chinta hoti thi...par babaji sab theek kardiya...!!!!!"Smile

Geet asked cutely,"Agar doosri complication ho to????"Rano said,"Tab toh beta woh complication sirf doctor hi bata sakthi hai...!!!!!!Lekin babaji se yahi prarthana hai ki koi bhi complication na ho...!!!!!"Now Geet's mind had become question bank and Rano was answering package.Geet asked cutely,"Agar yeh chata din bhi huva toh...!!!!"Rano answered,"Wahi mein kaha woh complication hogi...aur haan..yeh paanchva din hi stop ho jaayega...!!!!!!"

Geet asked cutely,"Uske liye kya karna chaahiye..???"Rano said,"Uske liye aapko apna khayaal rakhna chaahiye...phal khaana chaahiye...aur vegetables bhi...aur yeh jo tel ki padaarth jo hai usse poora stop kardena chaahiye..poore ek saal tak...!!!!!!!"Geet's eyes popped up and said,"U mean ghaas poos khaana chaahiye...!!!!!"Rano nodded and said,"Aur haan anda bhi khaana chaahiye...!!!!!"Geet said making disgusted face,"Yuck...!!!!"Hearing the name of the egg.

Rano said smiling,"Aise moo banaane se koi faida nahin tumhe yeh sab karna chaahiye..apne sehat ke liye nahin toh...!!!!!"Geet said,"Nahin toh...nahi toh kya mom...!!!!!"Rano said immediately,"Mujhe daammadji se kehna hoga ki woh aapko khilaaye...!!!!!"For which Geet's cheeks turned red immediately and wacked Rano's arm softly,"Maa...aap bhi na...!!!!"

Rano saw her blushing gudiya and kissed her forehead and said,"Geet...bas ab teri sehat achcha ho jaaye toh humein koi chinta nahin...!!!!!!"Geet gave a dimple smile to her mom and she put the napkin to her inners and went from there slowly.When Geet came outside while Rano was supporting her then she was abt to fall but Maan came forward and lifted her in his strong arms.Maan made her lie down on the bed carefully.

Rano saw the love which she saw in Maan's eyes and her eyes welled up but she wiped it immediately or else both will shout at her crying.Rano explained abt Geet's food to Maan as Maan heard it intently.In this time which type of food she have to be given and she strictly prohibited Geet to not to eat the outside gol gappe.Geet pouted cutely twisting her lips while Maan was fida seeing her baby pink luscious lips.

Rano took her leave from KM instructing Maan abt her health while Nikhila and Dadi decided to return back from their trip.When they come back then they were shocked to know abt Geet's accident.They were happy while Geet has matured physically and was even more happy when they saw Maan taking care of Geet.Geet still was feeling shy to her new found sensation towards Maan.While Maan now had become too naughty to provoke her.

She became better after one weak and she got used to this new change inside her body.She would use the napkins and it made her feel comfortable.She resisted the pain which came this time inside her andomen and Maan helped her so much with this time.He gave a moral support to her and tried to make her busy with his talks so that it diverts the mind and she won't feel the pain.Geet always was the open book to him she told everything abt her pain and he cutely tried to calm her by chatting with her and listening patiently to her non-stop chatter box.

Maan was gradually falling for her so much.Her cute expressions pouting to her babaji cutely and cutely complaining abt his mistake.Her bubbliness...she was coming to her original avatar but some changes he saw when she was matured.Geet would feel shy whenever his fingers went on her skin.Maan didn't know but this new change made him to eat Geet alive.Her cheeks always turned apple color these days due to blushing and he would enjoy those blushing so much.

When she would blush then he would bit her red cheeks thehn she would more blush.Maan had become naughty these days.One day she was wearing the selwaar kameez closing her room door after her shower.Geet didn't knew that Maan was present there and he was inside his study room.Maan came outside holding some files then he saw that she was struggling to hook her back.

Maan saw her milky white back and saw that she was struggling then he cutely went towards her.Geet didn't knew that Maan was behind her while she struggle to hook it.Then a pair of long fingers brushed on her back which made a shudder down her soine.Geet turned immediately and said it was Maan.Maan eyed asking her permission while Geet gave one blink slowly still mesmerised with those chocolate brown eyes.

Maan took her hook and hooked it immediately and tied the dori and brushed his fingers on her back.Geet shuddered smiling feeling his fingers on her skin while maan chuckled cutely.Maan was abt to go but Geet held his hand and saw his shirt.Maan saw that he had loosened button for which he didn't glance and he had wore it.Maan said,"Doosri shirt dedo...!!!!!"

Geet said,"Maan...yeh toh aapki fav shirt haina????"Maan nodded but Geet said,"Mein abhi aati hoon...!!!!"And she went and came back holding a needle and thread.She fixed the thread to the needle and held the button correctly and started sewing it cutely.Maan saw her concentration and he kept his hand on her waist gently.Maan squeezed it slowly while Geet's eyes popped up and glared at him from those almond eyes.

Maan chuckled cutely while his hands went inside her kurti and crushed her skin inside his fingers.A moan escaped from those petal like lips for the sensation which he was arousing inside Geet.Geet wacked him immediately and ordered,"Seedhe seedhe khade rahiye..nahin toh sooyi ko yahan ghusa doongi...!!!!"Maan knew that she's not gonna do that then he came forward and kissed her cheek.

Geet blushed furiously and glared at him.Man kissed those almond eyes and her white nose.He bit her nose and she winced in pain and she rubbed her nose cutely glaring at him.Maan was fida seeing her cute anger while she finally sewed the button and when Maan came forward then she went back and said,"Ho gaya...!!!!!!"Maan was disappointed that her work was over but he pulled his another button and said,"Yeh bhi nikal gayi...!!!!"

Geet glared at him and she went and fixed the thread and she sewed his button cutely.Maan kissed her shoulder giving butterfly wet kisses while she sewed it immediately feeling anticipated in her heart.Then Maan said pulling his another button,"Yeh bhi nikal gaya...!!!!!"Now Geet was hell irritated then she went and gave another shirt to him to wear and she kept it aside sewing the button to its shirt.Maan smirked seeing her cute anger and pouting lips.


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