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DO SAPNE-THREAD 01 (Page 56)

love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 May 2012 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
awesome teaser...

loved it...

thank u very much d pm...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

waiting eagerly...

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TanuDDian IF-Rockerz

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awesome...continue soon

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Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Nice teaser
waiting for update

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting eagerly after the A1 teaser

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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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Geet still was hating Maan's appearence but her eyes also searched him oftenly which Nikhila observed.Nikhila knew that Maaneet love each other but Geet knew that this feeling is love now but Maan wasn't accepting it.He never accepted that when he was with Prachi.But Maan still had the soft corner for Geet...his heart would tore to million pieces when he would see Geet's tears of pain.

Maan always came forward to wipe those sad tears from the almond eyes of Geet but still he didn't understand becoz he still was in the charm of Prachi.Handas & Khuranas decided to visit Amritsar & drove to the place.Maaneet came in his jeep as he was always with her protectively.Geet sat this still blank not saying anything.

Maan's heart cried seeing her state but he composed himself shrugging off the thoughts that it is only the affection of friendship.Maan still didn't accept this feeling towards Geet.While driving towards Amritsar...Maan glanced towards Geet intently but Geet didn't give any attention to him.Geet sat seeing straight with blank expression.

Maan wanted to make her cheerful but she wasn't coming to her chirpy state.Geet had become silent these days & was answering everyone with single word as Yes or No.Maan was trying everything but Geet was hating Maan's appearence.She thought that Maan stopped her marriage becoz of the behaviour on that day by her when Maan accused her falsely.

Geet wasn't talking to him properly which bothered him so much.While Nikhila was the silent spectator of their silent quarrel.She was waiting for the correct time to make them together.Firstly they came & settled in Rano's elder sister's house called Gurvinder Kaur.Geet' maasi & her brother's stood in the doorway to welcome their family.

When taayji got down from the car then Gurvinder touched her feet & took her blessings.Rupinder said keeping her palm on Gurvinder's head,"Khush rahiye...!!!!!!"Gurvinder's family came & took her blessings first & then went to meet their maasi.Tejinder Singh who was the eldest son came towards Geet & whispered with concern,"Geet...!!!!!!"

Geet without thinking went inside his arms & cried her heart out calling him,"Veerji...!!!!!!"Teji rubbed her back & soothed her softly & consoled her,"Rona mat meri gudiya...woh Manmeet tera laayak nahin tha...!!!!!!!"Gurvinder came forward & Geet went inside her arms immediately.Gurvinder wiped her tears & said,"Meri puttar...meri laado...roh mat beta kuch nahin huva hai...agar tumhaari shaadi us dhoke baaz se hota toh tu zindagi bhar mat huva sab achche ke liye huva...babaji sab theek kardenge...!!!!!!"

Then Gurvinder took Khuranas inside the home respectfully as they had saved Geet's life.There came the Jugnu who bumped into Maan with talli action.Maan glared at him seeing him bumping to him.No one bumps to MSK...Maan glared at him angrily while Jugnu came near to him & said,"Bhai saab...jugnu ki shaatir aankhen bata rahi hai ki meine aapko kahin dekha hai...!!!!!!!"

On that time Lucky came there & said seeing the scene as Jugnu was irritating Maan.Lucky said,"Oye maamme...tu yahan hai...jaa yahan se beeji bula rahi hai...!!!!!!!"Jugnu said,"Behen bula rahi hai...mein abhi chala...!!!!!!!"And he went from there while Maan wrinkled his nose not tolerating the alcohol smell.Lucky said softly,"Woh sorry ji...woh mera maama hai aap thodi inse bachke rahiyega kyunki bahut hi irritate kartha hai doosron ko apne hi dimaag chalaakar...!!!!!!"

Maan didn't say anything & went inside with attitude while Lucky thought,"Bada ghamand he isse...!!!!!!"And he also went inside.After sometime they got ready to visit Golden temple while here in jail a man came to talk to Manmeet.Manmeet whispered something to that man & both smiled evilly.That man went & said something to the villagers of the Amritsar & the villagers went to Kaur haveli to talk with Gurvinder.

Geet didn't had the mind to visit the golden temple as she was so depressed becoz of the incidents that she was left in the haveli only.Geet sat on the bench in courtyard of the haveli & was seeing straight completely blank.On that time the villagers came to haveli & entered the courtyard holding swords & sticks.Geet didn't see them coming & had sat there innocently thinking abt her life.

One of the men saw Geet there & said,"Oye dekho yahi baithi hai daayan...!!!!!!!"And he moved his hands on Geet's back without giving any warning.Geet who felt the pain in her back shouted hoarsely.on that time Maan felt pain as if someone is in trouble & stood halfway before he was abt to enter Golden Temple.

Geet's lips shouted,"Maan...!!!!!!"Painfully...becoz that was the name which came from her lips on that time.On that time Maan once again turned around him feeling his name someone called.Geet was shocked to see the man attacking her & she punched him using her martial arts skill.

Geet asked angrily,"Kyun...kyun aap maar rahe hai mujhe??????"On that time one of the men said angrily,"Oye tu daayan hai...!!!!!!!"And he moved his sword to stab him but Geet avoided him immediately & kicked him far away from him.The men saw this & was shocked but said,"Maaro is ladki ko...!!!!!!"While Geet ran immediately to save her life.

Geet ran immediately towards Golden Temple where Maan & her family had went to visit there.Geet ran at the broad daylight who was hurted top to bottom with scratches becoz of the swords.The packs of men who were holding the swords & sticks followed her in top speed.Geet ran inside the golden temple & bumped her self to Maan & Teji who was abt to enter the temple.

Maan was shocked to see Geet in that state & asked shockingly,"Geet...yeh kisine kiya...aur tum yahan kaise?????ShockedGeet hugged him & pleaded,"Bacha leejiye mujhe...un logon se bacha leejiye...pls..woh mujhe maarna chaahthe hai...!!!!!!"Maan was shocked,"Kaun tujhe maarna chaahtha hai...???????"

On that time those pack of men holding the swords entered the golden temple.While Teji Geet's cousin came forward & shielded her & said,"Oye...kisiki himmat hai jo meri behen ko maarna chaahtha hai...!!!!!!"AngryOne of the men said politely,"Paaji...aapki behen humaare liye khatra ban chuki hai...isse hum ladki hi keh nahin sakthe...yeh baanj hai...baanj...isse maarna hi behtar hai...tabhi is ladki ki saaya baaki upar bhi nahin padegi...!!!!!!Angry

Maan was angry seeing the pack of men attacking a helpless girl with swords & said angrily,"Arre sharam aati hai...aap jaise logon ko dekh kar...mard ho kar tum ek asahaay ladki par waar kar rahe ho...?Yeh kaise bhi hai aapko kya farak padtha hai...yeh unke parivaar ka maamla hai aap logon ko koi haq nahin hai...inke maamle mein dakha;l dena...!!!!!!"Angry

But one of the men teased M,aan that who is he to say that & also asked that is she his...Censored!For that Maan slapped the man immediately grabbed his sword & cut his thumb from the blade which made Geet scream painfully,"Maan...!!!!!!"And he put that like a sindhoor to Geet's forehead for which she was shocked.

Khuranas & Handas saw Maan with shock,his father Amarnath saw his son proudly while Geet was shocked seeing Maan.Maan said immediately with attitude,"Geet ke naame ke saath ab Maan Singh Khurana ka naam jud gaya hai...!Aaayinda Geet ko kuch bhi bolne se pehle ek baar soch le ki tum kisse baat kar rahe ho...!Angry

Everyone saw him with shock then the pack of the men said,"Oye..yeh samaaj ke ussoollon ko tod raha hai...maaron isse...!"But on that time Teji stood between Maaneet to save them but they were saved by the police who came to the temple & fired the bullet to the air & said to his juniors,"Oye giraftar karlo in logon ko...!"And the men ran helter skelter to dave themselves from the police.

Geet saw Maan with shock & was abt to wipe the sindhoor but taayji said immediately,"Usse mat nikalo beta...yeh ichcha toh babaji ka hai isiliye shaayad yeh yahan huva hai...!Babaji ne humein raah dikha diya hai beta...!!!"From then onwards Geet's family left their village & living in Delhi.Maan's one haste decision made Geet's life to get a destiny but she didn't know that she was entering to the new zone of pain.

After one month of this incident,Geet was staying in KM in outhouse as she was the Khurana bahu.But Maan was also staying in outhouse as he hadn't forgiven his family till now.Geet was attending her college in day time & working as part time as Maan's secretary.Maan had made her his secretary which made Sasha the head architect of his company furious as she had the crush on Maan on the day when they both met each other.

One night Maan came to the home wet in the rain & went to his room to change.Geet kept his night dress & came back to the dining hall to heat the food.Geet sat in the dining hall waiting for Maan to enter the dining hall.After 15 minutes he didn't come to the dining hall & Geet was worried.Geet went back to their room & saw Maan sleeping on the bed.

Geet went near him but he didn't feel her presence & she kept her palm on his forehead.It was burning...Geet was shocked & she ran to doctor's house in an downpour of raining.The doctor came & gave some injections & said to keep the wet cloth on his forehead & went from there.Geet came with cold water & a cloth to their room then she heard Maan mumbling in his sleep,"Chali jao...chali jao...!!!!!!!"

Geet thought that he's saying it for her & her eyes welled up & tears poured down from those almond eyes becoz he always tried to distance himself from her after their marriage also.Geet was abt to go from the room then she heard him once again mumbling in his sleep,"Geet...!!!!!!!"Geet turned & was shocked to hear her name from his lips.Her entire existence shook hearing her name in those lips.

Maan once again whispered,"Geet...!!!!!!"In which Geet was so happy & she came near him & kept the wet cloth on his forehead while he held her hand tightly feeling contented.She kept the wet cloth on his forehead for several hours & thought that his temperature coming to normal.Geet slept beside him holding his hand tightly.

But after sometime he started shivering which made Geet get up & was shocked seeing his state.Geet kept the thermometer inside his mouth & saw that his temperature was going low from the normal.Geet immediately dialled to the doctor & said him to come & see...but how can he come when the rain is not stopping.Then doctor suggested Geet to give some warmth by spreading the thick sheet on him.

Doctor also told her that if the temperature won't come to the normal then give him her warmth & told her to rub his whole body to make him come to his normal temperature.Geet felt awkward hearing the doctor's last advice but nodded & spread the 10-11 blankets on him.Maan was still shivering when he was wrapped inside the 10-11 blankets.

Geet couldn't understand now what to do & she can't wake the members of the family or Nikhila mom as they were sleeping peacefully.Geet couldn't see his state as his body was becoming cold then she entered inside the blankets.Geet's hands trembled when she took off his vest & made him to sleep half-naked.Geet then slept on him & started rubbing his body giving her warmth to him.

Geet controlled her urges which was creating havoc inside her seeing his greek god body.Geet slept on him rubbing his body continously.After sometime Maan was feeling her warmth & inhaled her feminine scent & he held her waist from his left hand & his right hand went to her back caressing it.

Geet's eyes popped up feeling his touch which was heavenly but creating havoc inside her.Maan mumbled something which Geet couldn't hear as she was drowning in his touch.Geet bit her lips to control her urges on that time Maan pulled her inside his embrace & crushed her tightly.A moan escaped from Geet's lips feeling his hands on her waist which were squeezing & her back's skin was also crushed inside his fingers.

Geet still was rubbing him from her hands to make his temperature normal but didn't know that his temperature was going to its peak feeling Geet's hands on him.Maan came near Geet' face & took her soft supple lips crushing it on his rough lips.Geet was shocked & she moaned in her kiss,"Maan...!!!!!!"But it didn't heard by Maan & crushed his lips deeply on her soft petal like lips.

Geet felt the kiss heavenly & felt that she's only her heart and soul had become his...only his.Maan kissed those lips & nibbled her lower lips while he entered inside her mouth & tasted the honey sweet juice.Geet didn't had the idea how to end it becoz his kiss was making her knees weak.

Maan's hands went to her dori & pulled open the thread & moved his hands on her bare back.Geet moaned feeling his hands on her but still she rubbed his body from her hands.Maan's lips didn't leave Geet's & her mouth became dry & she whimpered feeling out of breath.On that time Maan gave his air enter inside her lungs which made her breathe peacefully but still he didn't left those petal like lips.

After sometime Geet was exhausted rubbing his body & slept on him tired but still she moved her hands on his greek god body to warm him up.Maan also slept feeling contented as Geet was in his embrace & his lips on her lips feeling contented.

Precap-Maan is angry on Geet...!Angryand Geet is Cry

Previous Part 16-

Next Part 18-

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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awsome update

maan working as geet secretary

loved it

precap interesting

updte soon

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awwsem update maneet married and geet now maan secretary maan shivering geet giving warmth

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Tia-AFreeBird IF-Rockerz

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koi lakh bura chahe toh kya hoa hai
whi hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai.wah wah LOLLOLLOL
wah maaneet ke shaddi nd in golden temple Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
bd geet is wrkng as maans' secrtry gr8LOLBig smileBig smile
omg maaneets' frst kiss bt maan is nt in his sense na..shit yaar..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
lvd it...
precap..  uff dushat danav is bak..LOLLOLLOLLOL

bt ek baat mai khna chahugi amritsar mai aise log nhi hai nd golden temple mai sword wha bhut security hai so nt possible bt its ok kyuki ye ek imaginry ff hai..Big smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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