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DO SAPNE-THREAD 01 (Page 35)

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Maan drove his jeep towards Mukeria while Brij came to the Hoshiarpur town where Maan had given the police commissioner's address.When Maan entered then the whole Mukeria was decorated with color papers & flower garlands.Maan didn't understand what was going on then he heard some of the villagers talking to themselves.

One villager said proudly,"Aaj toh Geet beti ki shaadi us Kaur parivaar ke ladka Manmeet se ho rahi hai...isiliye toh woh Kaur parivaar ke logon ne toh sajaaya hai yeh sab kuch...bahut hi changa ladka hai...!!!!"Another villager said,"Kudi bhi bhaut changi hai...bahut hi susheel...sadgun sampan...rab kare in dono ki jodi salaamat rakhe...!"Another vilaager said,"Haan paaji...taayji toh bahut hi changi hai...unke pati ke jaane ke baad parivaar ko kitne achche se sambhaala...bahut hi changa parivaar hai...humaare mushkilon mein kitna saath diya...un logon ne...!!!!"

Then Maan came to those vilaagers & asked,"Paaji...yeh Handa haveli kahan hai???"The villagers saw the handsome guy Maan Singh Khurana who sweating from top to bottom due to fear becoz he was thinking abt Geet & asked,"Unhe kyun milna hai aapko paaji???"Maan said trying to calm his temper,"Dekhiye...mein yahan unke shaadi mein shaameel hone ke liye aaya hoon...toh pls aap bata sakthe hai...!!!!"

The villagers were so delighted that he's the guest of Handa family & tried to make him happy & one villager said to his wife happily,"O is bande ko mast lassi pilao...!!!!"Maan said immediately,"Dekhiye paaji...mein yahan lassi peene ke liye nahin aaya hoon...mujhe Handa haveli jaana hai...kya aap bata sakthe kahan jaana hai...!!!!"Another villager said politely,"Theek hai paaji...!!!!"And he showed the way to go to Handa haveli.

Maan started his jeep & went towards the Handa haveli.Here that villager asked to the villager who offered Maan lassi,"Oye kaake...tu itni mehmaan nawaazi kyun kar rah tha uss bande ko!!!!"That man said," bande ko dekha...kitna sona tha...itna sona gabru jawaan ko mein apna jamaayi banaana chahtha tha toh meine usse lassi pilaane ko kaha meri sardaarni ko...!!!!"

Paramjeet said innocently,"Oi kaake teri beti toh sirf khaati rehthi hai...yeh kya us bande ko dekhegi...yeh toh woh kaun hai raakshas...haan bakaasur ka dossra avatar hai...!!!!"That villager glared at Paramjeet & chased him.Here Maan reached the Handa haveli while Nikhila who was standing outside worriedly saw Maan's jeep & took the deep calming breath.

Maan saw her mother worried but before Nikhila blast on him angrily asked,"Maa...Geet kahan hai...!!!!"Nikhila felt odd & thought,"Yeh to aate hi...Geet ki maala jap raha hai...!!!Aakhir us ladki ne kya jaadu kardiya ki yeh humesha se hi Geet ke baare mein sochta hai...!!!!"Maan asked once again to his mother,"Maa...Geet kaha hai...boliye...!!!!"Nikhila didn't answer & saw him with stunned belief.

Maan ran inside & saw around him & spotted Meera there who was dancing between the girls for the song.Maan satyed calm for sometime till her dance ends but didn't end then Maan went & stood in front of her.Meera saw him & Maan eye gestured to come with him.Meera glared at him & went from there angrily.

Maan ran behind her & held her shoulder behind the pillar & said,"Dekho tumhaare jo bhi naaraazgi hai mujhse hum dono baad mein niptaalenge par abhi humein Geet ko bachaana hai...!!!!"Meera was shocked & asked with panic,"Kya hone waala hai Geet ke saath bhaiyya...aur waise bhi aapko kya hai in sab se Geet toh aapse door jaa rahi haina...!!!!!"This words pricked Maan's heart so much & his eyes welled up but he resisted his tears & composed himself showing anger in those chocolate brown eyes & said,"Dekho...mujhe koi farak nahin padtha agar woh mujhse door jaa rahi hai ya nahin lekin is waqt Geet ki zindagi barbaad ho jaayegi agar uski shaadi Manmeet ke saath huyi...!!!!"

Meera understood his turmoil seeing his eyes which showed multiple emotions now & nodded to him.Maan told everything to her abt Brij & Manmeet.Then Meera told Maan to meet Geet once & convince her to refuse this marriage.Maan nodded to her plan & Meera helped Maan to go to Geet's room without anyone's suspicion.Maan entered Geet's room & turned to search Geet but what he saw made him his breath taken away.

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There stood Geet wearing a red color selwaar kameez with highly kundan worked dupatta...she wore the dozen bangles & chuda to her each hands.She put over the maang teeka to her forehead partition & wore the tingling silver paayals to her ankles.The nose ring which was made from gold had the small diamond pearls which gleamed to the person when it is exposed to the sunlight.

Those almond eyes were shaped neatly with the kajal & it was made bright by brushing some mascara on her eye lashes.Those hazel brown eyes gleamed between those bright kajal & mascara.She had smeared some powder to her face which was making her even white apart from her natural beauty white.Maan couldn't help himself taking his eyes off on those luscious lips which were inviting him to taste it...devour it...make it his...his claim it that she's only his...only his...

She had painted her lips from the slight lip gloss which had baby pink color & her cheeks were given slight rosy tinge by make-up.She looked like an angel in that attire.Maan went gaga seeing her in that attire & whispered softly,"Geet...!!!!"Which made her entire existence shook hearing her name from M shaped lips.

Geet turned towards the source of the sound & saw Maan there mesmerised with her beauty.Geet gaped at him with dis belief that he's standing there...or it is only her dream.Maan on other way had wore the black color suit with blue color tie & was looking ever so handsome.Geet saw him with mouth hanging open in shock.

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Geet wanted to know that it is a dream & she walked towards him slowly.When she reached him with her baby steps then his heart beat had raised & was throbbing rapidly.Geet lifted her hand & kept it on his left cheek...ever so slowly...ever so tenderly...ever so slowly that if her touch would make him pain.When her fingers moved tenderly on his cheek which reached near his lips then he felt 100 butterflies fluttered inside his stomach.

He felt peace when she touched as if it is washing away all the pain which he had suffered in previous days.Her touch had the power to soothe his pain which he had suffered in previous days due to Prachi.Geet had the urge to kiss those lips but she still not convinced that is it reality or is it a dream.Maan on the other ways couldn't resist these sensations & closed his eyes feeling calm...feeling contented...

He felt that her touch is making him soothe the pain and he pressed her hand from his hand to his heart.He couldn't bear this torture while Geet was shocked to see his hand on hers & she pulled away immediately which made him disturbed & saw her in shock.His complaining eyes made her keep her hands on his cheek once again which made him once again lost in her touch.

Geet came close to him & closed the gap between them & her elbow touched his hard chest.He felt complete feeling his hands on his hard chest & his heart anticipated.His hands willingly went to her waist & held it ever so possessively...protectively...gently.Geet smiled & moaned,"Hmmm!!!!!"Maan pulled her to his hard frame & hugged her tightly.

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When he hugged him then he felt so feather if he haven't having any burden on his heart & unwillingly tears poured down from his chocolate brown eyes & it wet her shoulder.Geet was alarmed seeing his tears & she rubbed his back gently to calm soothe console him...When he felt her hands on his back then he felt a current run down his spine just like the current is running inside the wire.

Maan immediately crushed her in his embrace tightly for which Geet moaned inhaling his masculine scent.Maan smiled for the first time which had carefree feeling calm.That smile had so many meanings...carefree...calm...peace...mischeivousness...
naughtiness...and he giggled peacefully inhaling her fresh feminine scent.Maan knew that she's only his...only one is gonna claim her from one had the guts to claim her from his possession.She's his possession...only his...only he has the right claim her...only him...!!!!

On that time reality turned in front of them both & both pushed themselves far from them & saw each other with shock.On that time someone called Geet & she ran from there to them one who called her.Maan who had stood there with shock & thought making his hairs even more messy,"Kyun mein itna sukoon mehssos kartha hoon jab bhi mein iski paas aata hoon...kyun...aisa kaisi kashish hai isme jisse meri bolti band ho jaathi hai...aur mein kuch bhi nahin bolna nahin chaahtha...!!!!"

And he also went outside to tell the truth but before this would happen he bumped to his mother who saw him sternly.Maan couldn't avoid his mother's eyes & told everything to her abt his feelings towards Geet.He also told her that if she marries that Manmeet then her life will be ruined.Here Nikhila helped with Maan & Meera also joined them.

But these would happen the bridegroom's family was closing the all odd incidents which were going on in the family.They had fear that if Handa family comes to know that these apashakun r occuring then they wil broke the relationship.This was noticed by Nikhila & higlighted it immediately to the guests.The shagun's mehndi which was abt to be designed on Geet's hands were found the dead lizard which made the Handa family to be afraid.

Meanwhile Brij was bringing the police commissioner to the Mukeria.During all the ceremony's one or the other apashakun was happening which made the purohit to see their both's kundali.When the purohit saw the kundali then he said only one word that the horoscope won't match which made the Handa family shocked.

Becoz the Kaur family said before that the horoscope match with all the gunas but this made him leave in shock.Kaur family protested the Nikhila who had shown those apashagun while taayji stood in front of her protectively & said that she had saved her daughter from the bunch of frauds.

On that time police came & explained who's the Kaur family.These family were the one who r lootere of the dulhan's money.He also explained that these family had made marry his son Manmeet to 15 dulhans whose money was transferred to them & the dulhan was made to die giving tortures & making them suicide themselves.

Maan was angry on Manmeet and he also cursed himself for giving admission to him in his martial arts school.The police arrested the Kaur family but Manmeet vowed that he'll ruin Geet's life in front of the Handa family.

Precap-Geet is broken from inside while Maan couldn't see her pain.CryHandas & Khuranas visiting AmritsarCry

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Next Part 16-

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awesome update 
wonder what woudl that bas***d do in future update

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manmeet arrested good but he vowed to make geet life hell hope maan will save herupdate

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arent maan n geet MARRIED??
how cud they not recognise each other when they saw them?
btw call me AASh..:)

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    hug between maaneet shows they pain they missing eachother...they love..i just loved it

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jo bhi hota hai...acchhe k liye hota maan ko bhi geet se pyar hone laga hai...toh abb maan ki geet aur geet ki maan honge...duja koi nehi...

awesome n beautiful update...

loved it...

waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

n thank u very much fr d wonderful update n also fr d pm...

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loved the update Smile

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