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DO SAPNE-THREAD 01 (Page 33)

Ash1991 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
amazing update...maneet hv feelings fr each other bt dont understand them...interesting...

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Tia-AFreeBird IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
hayee babaji ye dono apni fllngs ko kb smjege...
nd wtnng
4 precp..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 7:30am | IP Logged
loved it

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kamiya Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
precap is scary

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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 2:25am | IP Logged


Maan taught Geet how to dance sweetly which was making Geet difficult to resist him.She was having difficulty in resisting his touch.His masculine scent was driving her crazy while DJ changed music to lighten up the mood of party.He changed the song to PAPPU CAN'T DANCE.

Both Maaneet danced to the song happily & teased Maan's friends so much.After that DJ changed to the romantic song to Mar Jawan



Geet couldn't figure out what is this feeling while Maan was a bit angry on Prachi that he started dancing with Geet.When Geet inhaled his masculine scent then she felt she was driving crazy.This scent was creating a havoc inside her.Maan observed the turmoil in her eyes which were windows of her soul.Maaneet danced to this song passionately & was tired & went towards the counter where the drinks r served.

Maan ordered mocktail for him while Geet ordered orange cocktail.On that time Maan got the phone from Prachi & he went that side to talk with her while waiter kept the coktail & mocktail at one row.Geet thought mocktail as her orange cocktail & sipped it.Geet felt good sipping it then she ordered more.

Waiter felt weird that how a person behaving like this & gave the cocktail but Geet said to him innocently,'Yeh nahi...woh doosrawala aapne diya tha woh mujhe chaahiye...!"Waiter didn't oppose & he gave it.Geet drained it inside her throat & ordered more.When Maan came back then she had drained 5 glasses of mocktail & was asking for more.

Maan saw this & glared at waiter & said,"Inhe keh nahi sakthe the ki unki peene ki cheez nahi...!"Waiter said innocently,"Sorry sir,mujhe nahi pata tha ki yeh inka first time hai...!Geet was shaking & saw Maan was seen as eights & tens.Geet asked cutely but innocently,"Maan...aap aat aur das kyun dikh rahe ho...!"She tried to catch Maan but she moved her hands in thin air.

Maan held his hands & said cutely,"Mein yahan hoon...!"Geet smiled cutely which made him his breath take away seeing her cute smile.Geet said still shaking,"Mujhe aapke saath dance karna hai...!"Maan said Geet,tum zyaada pee chuke ho...tum is waqt dance nahin kar sakthi...!"Geet made cute complaining face & said cutely,"Har waqt possessive...lekin mujhe ek baat toh bataayiye ki aap mujh par itna haq kyun jataate hai...!Aap jaanthe hai poora college mujhse darthi hai...kyunki kuch log keh rahe hai ki mein aapki girl friend hoon...aur kuch log toh mujhse baat karne se bhi bahut darthe hai...kyunki mein aapki dost hoon...!"

Maan felt awkward now seeing around him becoz Geet was blabbering continuously.Geet continued,"Mein aapki kya hoon?Lekin mujhe aapke saath rehna bahut achcha lagtha hai...sirf aapke baahon mein rehne ka man kartha hai...aisa kyun...?"Maan was a bit embarassed becoz of Geet's confession & her temper was raising while Geet continued unawarely,"Aap jab bhi aate hai mere saamne toh meri dhadkane tez hoti hai...aur jab aap mujhse door jaathe hai tab mera dil dhadkna band ho jaatha hai...aisa kyun...???"

Maan didn't understand what Geet was telling while Geet had gone outside the party.Maan searched for her crazily everywhere & saw she was sitting on the college bench cutely & then he sighed taking a deep calming breath.Maan kept his hands on Geet's shoulder & was abt to shout at her but stood there with shocking expression.

Geet was crying silently & he can listen her sobbing.Maan went & stood in front of her & saw those almond eyes which had turned moist & was glistening with tears.He didn't like those tears which were falling from those almond eyes.Something bothered him as if his heart is gonna burst with emotions.He felt his heart was choking seeing those tears which he can't understand.

Maan came forward while Geet said still crying like a small child,she asked him cutely,"Maa bhi mujhse baat nahin karthi jab bhi mein koi sawaal poochti hoon toh woh rone lagthi hai...kyun aisa...???Aur mein Meera se bhi poochthi hoon toh woh baat badalthi hai...!Kya huva hai mujhse jiske wajaise sabko pata hai sivay mere...!"

She was still cribbing her complainta to Maan while Maan couldn't answer her questioning almond eyes which had only sad & pain.After her continuous cribbing she was exhausted & slept on Maan's shoulder feeling contented.Maan saw Geet sleeping on his shoulder facing down to his shoulder.Maan took off her hair sideways which were soft & silky which exposed her milky white neck.

He inhaled her fresh feminine scent which drived him crazy but resisted while Meera came there & saw Geet sleeping on Maan's shoulder & asked with concern,"Kya huva isse...?"Maan said calmly,"Woh Meera isne galathi se mocktail peeli aur uska nateeja yeh hai...!Mein tumhaara hi intezaar kar raha tha...!Meera & Maan took Geet to hostel & made her sleep in her room & Maan left Meer & Geet.

Maan went to home & had a shower but Geet's scent lingered on his shirt which drove him crazy.


Maan thought that he's cheating Prachi by attracting himself towards Geet.After confessing her feelings to Maan Geet slept on his shoulder peacefully which made him contented.Maan thought seeing his shoulder & rubbed it till it became red.He thought that he is becoming impure feeling Geet's feelings & he remembered Nimmo's words.How girls try to cheat but his heart always screamed that Geet is innocent that's why he was helping her.

But Geet's confession made Maan to doubt Geet's intentions.Maan thought,"Why am feeling contented when other girl is sleeping on my shoulder which had the right to Prachi only...!"He couldn't bear this truth that he's attracted towards Geet.He confronted Geet next morning.

"Geet tum eri sharaafat ka naajayaz faida utha rahi ho...!Meine kabhi nahi socha tha ki tum is hadh tak gir jaaoge...!"said Maan angrily.Geet's eyes welled up &tears poured down from those almond eyes which bothered Maan.But still Maan composed himself & he accused without any mistake.

Geet shouted at him angrily,"Enough Mr.Khurana,aapko kya lagtha hai ki mein aapki zindagi ko...!Yeh sach hai ki mere man mein aapke liye kuch ehsaas hai lekin yeh kya hai...mujhe nahi samajh mein aa rahi hai...!Maan accused Geet that she's behind his money once again as usual which made Geet hell angry & was abt to slap him for Maan saw her with shock.

But Geet stopped halfway & said still raising her hand,her voice was shaking with anger,"Aap sahi kehthe hai...kamzor par haath uthaana galath hai...aap bhale hi taaqat mujhse zyaada hogi par dimaag mujhse kamzor aur aapki soch usse bhi choti...!"And she went from there angrily.Meera saw this incident & couldn't bear that the man whom she called as brother was thinking abt Geet like this.Meera felt disgusted thinking abt Maan.

Maan knew abt Geet's state but then also he accused for the mistake she never done.Geet confided her feelings to Maan innocently thinking that he'll help her understandin the feeling & that too in drunken state.If she was in consciousness then she would never tell him,becoz she feared his anger which would raise for these type of feelings.

When he got the rude behaviour & harsh answer from Geet,he was feeling guilty of thinking abt Geet wrongly.(Am thinking jab pata hai ki woh bholi hai to kyun chillaaya us par aur ab feeling guilty)And after this confrontation Maaneet didn't meet each other.When they met then Geet's marraige was fixed & Rano had called Nikhila Khurana & family for Geet's marraige.

After once yr of Maaneet's confrontation in Handa Haveli,Rupinder walking this side & that side on that time a woman came & said,"Parchaayji,woh log aagaye...!"Rupinder nodded & stood near the doorway to welcome the guests meanwhile she shouted to Rano,"Rano kudi tayyar hai ki nahi...!"Rano said from the room,"Ji parchaayji Geet tayyar hai...!"Rano turned towards Geet who sat in front of the mirror said,"Mamma mujhe itni jaldi shaadi nahin karni...!"

Rano said lovingly,"Nahi beta aise nahi kehthe...har ladki ko apne sasuraal jaana padtha hai...ab mujhe hi dekh lo...aur tumhaare taayji bhi aise hi aayi thi na...!"Geet didn't say anything & made cute puppy face & twisted her lips.Rupinder welcomed the family who had come to see Geet & offered tea & pakoras to them.

Rupinder talked to them & asked abt the boy who has come to see her Geet.Then she came to know that munda has gone to see around the haveli.After sometime that Munda walked inside seeing around the haveli.When taayji saw the baoy then her mouth haged open with amusement.

On that time Rano & Geet walked into the hall.Geet saw towards the ground with shy(Of course not...not shy but she don't want to see the boy becoz she don't want to marry him)Geet was made to sit between Taayji & Brij.Taayji said,"Geet...munde ko dekh...!"Geet nodded no to her then Taayji said to the family,"Sharma rahi hai...!"After lots of persuasion from taayji then Geet lifted & saw towards the boy.

When she saw the boy then her eyes were widened with amusement which she composed to the shy immediately.When she saw the boy then her eyes fell on the big moustache which was smoothed & trimmed neatly.Then Geet searched for his eyes,nose & lips but for only big moustache was seen.

Geet pouted cutely to her babaji in her mind,"Babaji,yeh kaisi namoona bhej di aapne mere liye,jiske aankh,naak hot kuch bhi nahi hai...sirf itni badi mooch dikh rahi hai...!"Then she imagined how will be her first night if she marries him...!She imagined that she's sitting in the middle in the bed & the boy came there & sat beside her & was abt to kiss her but his big moustache came between the kiss & it was pricked to Geet's lips & she was angry.

Geet said angrily,"yeh mooch humesha beech mein aa jaatha hai...!and she took the scissors & she cut the moustache & laughed loudly.She was laughing loudly that the family saw her apprehensively.Taayji smiled weakly to them & whispered to Geet,"Tum has kyun rahi ho...!"Geet said innocently,"Taayji inki aankh,naak,hot kaha hai,kuch bhi nahi dikhta sirf itni badi mooch dikh rahi hai...!"

Taayji muffled her laughter but their demands made her nerved getting on.They demanded dahej(Am thinking dahej kyun Geet itni soni kudi hai toh phir dahej kyun...?)and demanded that the kudi will have to decorated with 24 karat gold ornaments(Am thinking Geet ek shopping maal ki show piece hai kya ki us par 24 karat ka gold ornaments lagana padega...humaari Geet toh usse na pehne bagay hi khoobsoorat dikthi hai...!)Then the Munda's family's greediness became high now that the property will be in the name of Geet which made Rupinder to play a prank.

Rupinder said them to have tea & pakoras till then she discuss abt this with her family.The Munda's bua who had come there to eavesdrop with her daamaad i.e.,munda heard taayji's words & got scared.Taayji who had tied her pet cat said to it,"Brij bahut demands hai iski lagtha hai humine inki mooch kaatna padega...!Brij said smirking towards the door where they were eavesdropping,"Haan maa,mein talwaar leke aatha hoon...!"And he took the talwaar & said moving his finger on the sharp blade,"Maa bahut hi sharp hai...ek baar mooch par wave kardoon toh bahut asaani se kat jaatha hai...!"

Taayji said calmly,"To soch kya rahe ho chalaao talwaar aur kaat daalo iska mooch...!"When they heard that then the boy closed his mooch & ran from HM not seeing behind with his family.Handa family laughed at them seeing their back.

Precap-Geet's marraige with Manmeet.Wink

Previous Part 11-

Next Part 13-

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
awsem update manmeet geet marryplease don't do this

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rani1391 Senior Member

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nice update but please ye manmeet nahin please geet ke saath please

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2012 at 4:38am | IP Logged
nice update ,please manmeet se geet ki shadi please mat karwav

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