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Maaneet went to their respective office while Sasha was sitting in her office smiling slyly.Tasha saw her and asked curiously,"Sasha...!!!!!!"Sasha glared at her while Tasha said,"Silly mean madam...aap aise kyun has rahi hai?????"Sasha said happily,"Tasha...kal mein DD ke saath business trip par jaa rahi hoon...jab hum dono akele hotel ke kamre mein tanha rahenge tab DD ko meri taraf yeh havaayien kheech laayegi...meri khoobsoorati toh hai hi DD ko meri taraf...aakarshit karegi...aur hum dono ke beech ek pyaar ka phool khilega...aur woh lehro mein bina kisi bandish ke leharaata rahega humesha ke liye...hayee...!!!!!!!"

Tasha smiled and nodded but in her  mind she was cursing Sasha.Tasha thought,"Sasha...tum jitne bhi koshish karlo DD sir apne jaal mein phasaane ki woh tumhaare kabze mein nahin aane waale...aur Geet se itna pyaar karthe hai ki tum us Geet ke saamne kuch bhi nahin ho...!!!!!!!"And then Sasha started imagining abt her and Maan's romance that she didn't notice that Amarnath is back.

Phone came to Sasha's cabin and Tasha lifted it.Tasha said immediately with respect,"Gud morning sir...!!!!!!!!...Jee sir...jee mein Sasha madam ko inform kar dethi hoon...!!!!!!!Mein unhe abhi bhejthi hoon aapke cabin mein...!!!!!!"She kept back the phone and saw sasha who was immersed in her lala land.Tasha said immediately," mean madam...silly me...woh Amarnath sir waapis aagaye hai...London...wwoh aapko dekhna chaahthe hai...unke cabin mein...!!!!!!"

Sasha nodded and went towards his cabin...she glanced over Maan's cabin where Maan was working in his laptop in extreme  concentration.Sasha drooled over him.

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Sasha knocked the Amarnath's cabin..a firm voice said to come in.Sasha went inside and stood in front of him politely.Amaranth said with stern voice,"Did u fixed the meeting with Mr.Mohinder Handa???"Sasha said politely,"Yes sir...we're having the meeting on 12 noon now and i and MK r going to the meeting for it...!!!!!"Amarnath said sternly,"Ok am gonna come with u two for the meeting...inform me when u get i want to attend the meeting with Mr.Gaur...!!!!!"

Sasha nodded while Amar left his cabin leaving Sasha alone there.Sash cursed Amarnath,"Ab ye budda bhi waapis aagaya...ab mein kay karoon...mein toh MK ke saath akeli jaana chaahthi thi...aur is budde ne saara plan chopat kardiya...!!!!!!"Here in Handa industries Mohinder entered his office and everyone stood and wished him.Brij came walking along with his chaachu and Geet in his office attire.

Mohinder said,"Brij...tum aur Geet presentation ke liye tayyar hona...aaj Maan aur unke papa aa rahe hai meeting ke liye..i want everything perfect.Geet didn't knew abt this as she had gone inside the cabin to start her work as CEO of Handa industries.Brij said politely,"Ji..chachaji...shaayad Geet ko pata nahin hogi..usse mein bataadoon...!!!!!!!"Mohinder said winking,"Nahin...daamadji ne kaha hai ki usse surprise dena chaahthe hai...!!!!!!!"Brij smiled immediately and went to his cabin.

Geet asked cute and innocently to her brother," client ki naam toh bataayiye...!!!!!!"Brij said smiling but hiding it fm Geet,"Geet..jab woh aayenge toh khus hi dekh lo...ab kaam karo...unke aane ka time ho gaya hai...!!!!!"Geet nodded cutely and she was working under some presentation and Brij exited the cabin immediately for some work.Geet was working on the presentation with so much concentration that she didn't saw who entered the cabin and said,"Woh budget ki file dena...!!!!!!"

The person gave the file and Geet took it and saw the file and said angrily,"Meine..aaj ki presentation ki file maangi...wahan rack mein hai..dena...!!!!!!"The person gave the wrong file once again to attract her attention to her but still she was immersed in her work.The person admired her so much seeing her cute expressions which was changing becoz of the wrong files the person was giving.

Geet looked up immediately giving the wrong file and shouted at that person before realising who was the person.Geet said seeing the person with mouth hanging open,"Aap..yahan...!!!!!!"The person pulled her inside his embrace and held her waist possessively and pecked her lips softly.Geet blushed furiously and saw the person intently.It was none other than Maan Singh Khurana who had seen Geet working in concentration when he entered inside the office of Handa industries.

Geet was amazed,"Aap yahan kya kar rahe hai?????"Maan pulled her inside his hard frame and said lovingly,"Tumhe pyaar karne yahan aa gaya...!!!!!!"And he bit her nose softly.Geet winced with pain and she rubbed her nose cutely.Maan pulled her so close to him to take her lips but Geet held her neck backwards and said bossily,"Pehle bataayiye ki aap yahan kya kar rahe hai...!!!!!!!"Maan said rolling his eyes,"Kahaana Geet...mein tumse milne chale aaya...!!!!!!!"

Maan was gazing her luscious lips hungrily and took it immediately not giving her next to speak.Geet punched his chest with her soft fist but Maan pressurized on her lips tightly.On that time Geet's secretary entered and saw the situation with pink in her cheeks.She ran from there feeling embarassed while Maaneet didn't knew that she was there or not becoz they were lost in their kiss.

Maan nibbled her lower lips and sucked its honey sweet juice.Geet parted her lips and his tongue entered to suck the sweetest juice and Maan said in between their kiss,"U r so yummy jaan...u r so sweet mishti...i love to kiss u and bite u...!!!!!"Geet's cheeks turned apple color hearing his words and his tongue entwined to her tongue and danced inside their mouth.

Geet tried to free herself but Maan pulled her inside him squeezing her soft waist.Geet moaned in their kiss and his hands traveled inside her kurti.Geet's mouth went dry becoz of his hot kiss and she whimpered for breath and he left her swollen lips.Maaneet saw each other breathing heavily while Geet kept her head on his rough chest breathing heavily.

Geet's lips curved into cute smile which made his breath take away and he squeezed her soft slender bare waist inside his fingers.Maan said licking her lips for one last time,"I missed u so much jaan...!!!!!"Geet smiled and saw him lovingly, for which Maan said,"Aise mat dekho jaan ..or else am gonna loose my control..aur yahi par humaari suhaag raat ho jaayegi...!!!!!"Geet wacked his chest softly and said,"Maan...!!!!!!"

Geet stood keeping her hands on her hips,"Waise aap yahan kaise...?????"While Maan pulled her inside his embrace even more to feel her body warmth against his body.Maan saw her almond eyes which had turned into suspicion and asked making baby face,"Kyun mein yahan nahin aa saktha...ab kya kare jab biwi apne maayke mein jaake baithi ho toh...mein apne biwi ko milne yahan nahin aa saktha kya...?????"

Geet melted seeing his baby face but said with fake anger,"Zyaada moo banaaneki koi zaroorat nahin...aap aap yahan kyun aaye hai...aur waise bhi mujhe bahut saara kaam hai...jaldi bataayiyena...!!!!"Maan said hugging her tightly,"Aaj yahi hai meri meeting...aur aap meherbaani karke conference hall pohunchiye...nahin toh papa bahut naazaar honge...!!!!!!"

Geet was shocked,"Oh my god...toh aap hi hai woh client...veerji mein aapko nahin chodoongi...agar mujhe pata hotah ki aap aane waale hai...toh mein aur bhi achche se tayaar karthi presentation ko...waise aapko sab kuch perfect hi toh chaahiye...!!!!!!"Maan nodded seeing her blabbering and saw her colect all the files and laptop and was abt to go but Maan held her by her waist and pinned her to his hard frame and said,"Aaj toh aapki pati aapka saath dega...!!!!!"

Geet was happy and she kissed his cheeks and said,"Thank u so much..!!!!!"And she ran to the conference hall while Maan rubbed his cheek which burned when she kissed him.Maan was abt to go to the conference hall but he met Geet's secretary who was so embarassed seeing his gaze that she ran from there.Maan thought she's mad and entered the conference hall.

Maan sat beside his father and Amarnath whispered in his ear,"Ho gayi biwi ke saath romance...!!!!!!"For which Maan said with embarassment,"Dad...!!!"Amarnath grinned cutely when he saw Geet enter with the pile of file and the laptop.Sasha didn't saw Geet as she had covered her face with so many files while she said with insult,"Kya yeh hai aapki architect..inhe punctuality nahin pata hai kya...hum yahan das minute se baithe hai...aur yeh ab haazir ho rahi hai..pata nahin kaise kaam karthi hogi...aapke yahan CEO bankar...!!!!!!!"

Geet didn't answer for her comment while Maan's blood boiled hearing Sasha's words.Geet said immediately getting ready,"Toh shuru kare...!!!!!!"On that time Sasha saw the girl who was giving presentation and couldn't believe that she's working here as CEO.Geet gave the presentation perfectly while Maan and Amarnath was so impressed.Sasha tried to deny some part asking some silly questions but Geet answered her firmly.

At last they decided to collaborate the two company so that in future they can get new ideas from the Geet and Brij.Brij was also perfect here and was handling the company from one year as MD.Sasha couldn't see the way to stop this further movement or else she can't get the way to impress Maan.But the time played with her oppositely.By the time the presentation ended the two elder people decided to ready the papers.

On that time Maan wanted to be with her closely for giving such a gud presentation.Mohinder said smiling,"Geet puttar..tu aur Maan..aage ki formalities poori kar aur mein aur Brij Lawyer ko bulvaa kar papers tayaar karvathe hai...!!!!!!"Geet nodded and said,"Jee dad...!!!!!!"Sasha was even more shocked when she heard Geet calling Mohinder as dad.Sasha was abt to faint but she held the wall immediately and thought,"Mohinder Handa Geet ki daddyji hai...!!!!!!!Oh my god mein kisse panga lena chaahthi thi...Geet...100 million crores ki malik Mohinder Handa ki beti...!!!!"

Maaneet left the conference hall while Sasha stood there with shock.She felt numb when she had heard dad from Geet to Mohinder.Here Maaneet entered Geet's cabin.Geet went to keep the files while Maan closed the door locking it and closing the blinds.Geet didn't give the attention to Maan while she said to him,"Baithiye Maan...mein abhi aati hoon...!!!!!"

She went towards the rack to take some files while Maan pulled her strongly that she landed on his lap immediately.Geet frowned and said,"Maan...yeh office hai..!!!!!!!"Maan said seeing those bright twinkling hazels,"Mujhe pata hai jaan..lekin kya kare mujhe tumse door rehna sehen nahin hota...!!!!!!!"Geet smiled and said,"Toh phir shaadi keejiye sabke saamne aur apna banaakar mujhe apne ghar le jaayiye...waise mein aapki toh banchuki hoon..sirf is society ke saamne bannaa chaahiye...!!!!"

Maan said,"Isiliye keh raha surprise ke liye tayyar hona...!!!!"Geet blushed furiously but nodded yes cutely.Maan took her lips without any warning and kissed her passionately.Geet also kissed him back with full love and they broke apart to grab some air.But this was seen by Sasha who saw it from outside when the blinds was opened due to the air.Sasha wasn't bearing the their closeness now.She wanted to do sumthing before it will be too late for her.

At night Geet came back to outhouse and saw that it was empty.She saw Nikhila waiting for her with happiness on her face.Nikhila came and hugged her tightly and said to her,"Oh Geet...aapke wajaise maan phir se laut aaye hai ghar...thank u so much for making him to go back to his his his mother...!!!!"Geet was so happy and said,"Maa..meine kuch nahin kiya hai...yeh sab babaji ka kaam hai...woh kissiko aivanyi nahin chodthe...!!!!"

Nikhila nodded with tears of happiness and Maan saw this and smiled seeing his mother's happiness.Maan came to Geet while nikhila left giving privacy to them.Geet hugged him tightly and said,"Thank u for giving this happiness to so happy that u came back to our house.!!!!"Maan hugged her tightly and then he lifted her in his strong arms.Geet asked,"Yeh aap kahan leke jaa rahe hai...!!!!"Maan said,"Ready for surprise???"

Maan carried her to his room seeing her lovingly.Geet blushed furiously seeing his lovely eyes which was filled with imense love for her.Geet saw his room was decorated with rose petals and scented candles.Geet was surprised seeing the room decorated and asked,"Maan...yeh sab kya hai...!!!!!!!"But before Geet ask him further he made her stand on the ground.

He went inside his room making Geet stand in the dehleez of the room.Geet was seeing Maan as where he went and was surprised to see him holding a thaal & kalash.

Maan kept the kalash in front of Geet on the ground & made her duppatta to wrap her head.Then Maan did aarti & Geet aaj mein tumhe apni patni ke roop mein zindagi mein pravesh karne ke liye keh raha hoon...apne daayne pair se kalash ko gira kar mere ghar mein aur mere zindagi mein pravesh karo...!!!!!"Geet was overwhelmed & tears poured down from her eyes which made Maan frown.

Geet kicked the kalash softly & entered his room keeping her feet on the red thaal & walkng bare foot on the ground which made the feet of the ghar ki lakshmi.Maan made her stand in front of the mirror and took a mangalsutra from a box & put it around Geet's neck & filled her from sindhoor.

And then Maan lfited her on his strong arms and made her lie on the bed and came beside her and slept.Geet saw Maan and her eyes welled up while Maan asked,"Achcha laga surprise...????"Geet said still crying,"Bahut...!!!"Maan frowned seeing her tears and kissed away her tears.Geet came on him and kissed his forehead and then cheeks and nose and pecked his lips and slept on his rock chest.Geet felt contented when she felt his hands around her waist holding it protectively,possessively and lovingly.

Precap-Business tripConfused

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superb Clap
sasha ka haal dekh kar  ROFL

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Awesome n plzz maan geet ko trip main leke jaaye plzzz

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awesome update yaar plz make them one aur kitna tadpaogee

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oops ye sasha  nd uski khoobsurti ROFLROFLROFL
ys she is pretty like a cudail..ROFLROFL
hay4ee babaji ye maaneet to aaj kal khi b shuru ho jate hai..
yhx god ki maaneet ke dads wha nhui aaye..LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
bt poor sasha shock lga heheLOLLOLLOL
awsmmm updt yaar
precap- plz dnt tell me ke sasha is going wid him
bcoz mai uski khoobsurti tolrt nhi kar skti.. poor maanLOLLOLLOLLOL

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