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*||VirMan Partners for Life: Pg.93-LastUpdate||* (Page 70)

mary9053 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:49am | IP Logged
loved it truly amazing
cont soon thank u for the pmSmile

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Thank you so much all my lovely shovely kudis! Please do keep the comments coming as I love reading them Big smile

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:08am | IP Logged
...and I'll try to update asap Big smile

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Sorry I didn't reply before, didn't get a chance to read it but it is amazing as usual!!!!!
Seriously, one of the best FF's on the forum and my absolute favorite!! You are such a gifted writer and always choose the right song and quote too. You should update more often, only when you stop getting bags of homework that is, bloomin Aussie teachers Wink
Don't stop here please, carry on writing and surprise us, though I hope that the new twist doesn't make our VirMan apart.
Keep it up Preets. 
Lishi Wink

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it was assmmm
continue soon

pm me nxt time plss
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loved itClap
pls add me to ur pm list
pm me nxt time Day Dreaming
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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Finally updated guys! I'm sorry for all the delay! I'll update the other FF ASAP too! Hope you still remember me! LOL Thank you for all your feedback! Your comments mean a lot! Keep smiling and enjoying the FF (if that's possible)! I tried to make this update as interesting as possible for you all! Sorry if it's not matching your expectations! Please leave your suggestions/feedback behind! Chappals are most welcome LOL

PLEASE NOTE: These updates are entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people (living/passed away) are totally coincidental. These updates are not meant to offend anyone and are just a creative way of expressing thoughts and ideas.


Maanvi tugged and Virat's shirt from the back tighter. She could not deny going for chemo now, after all, Virat had made her swear on their love.
Maanvi: Theek-theek hai partner. Par tum please merrey saath rehena. Please?

Virat: Jaha tum ho vaha main hoon. Main tumharaa saaya bankey tumharrey saath chalunga Maanvi.

Maanvi: Hamesha kilye?

Virat: Hamesha key baad bhi


Song for the update:

Tu Jaane Naa (Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani)

Chapter 17

Jeevika, Maanvi, Viren and Virat made their way to the doctor for Maanvi's next chemo. Since Dr Bakshi was in Chandigar to treat a different patient, he could also hold Maanvi's chemo session today. Maanvi was quite nervous seeing that this was her third chemo session. She wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the rest of the world. Instead, she simply lay her head down in Jeevika's lap and closed her eyes. The car ride was a bumpy one. Virat was driving with Viren sitting next to him. Every few minutes Virat looked back to check on Maanvi. Whenever he did so, Maanvi tried to put on a brave smile but Virat could tell how nervous she was. He wished that he could cuddle her up in his arms and drag her away from the world of cancer. He hid the tears swelling up in his eyes and concentrated on the road ahead. After a while they arrived at the doctor's surgery. The registered there and met Dr Bakshi. He could tell that Maanvi was nervous and he reassured her that everything would be okay. Jeevika insisted on going inside the surgery with Maanvi. Jeevika's heart stabbed with pain as she saw her little sister being injected and treated on. She wished she could suffer this pain instead of her but it was almost impossible. She closed her eyes tight as Maanvi was being treated on. Her heart yearned for her to somehow steal Maanvi's disease and make it hers, but God had something else in his plans.

Once the treatment was done Virat and Viren entered the surgery room immediately. It was quite obvious to Viren and Jeevika now that Virat and Maanvi were in love. Jeevika watched her devar care of his little sister. Virat went and held Maanvi's had firmly kissing her forehead gently. Maanvi had not yet gained consciousness. Just then Dr Bakshi entered the room. He said to Jeevika, Virat and Viren saying that this chemotherapy's sessions will have more serious side effects that other ones may have had. It may cause quite a bit of hair loss, joint pain and fainting.  After Dr Bakshi had gone Virat said to himself that no matter what happened he would never leave Maanvi. A tear strolled down Virat's cheek and landed on Maanvi's face. Maanvi's eye twitched and she regained consciousness. There she saw her partner, his eyes filled with tears of love and concern, all for her. Maanvi extended her arm forward and wiped Virat's damp face with her fingers. As soon as he realized she was awake he gave her a massive embrace. They stayed like that for a while when finally Viren coughed teasing them about their romance. Maanvi blushed and Virat simply continued staring at the love of his life. Then Maanvi realized that Jeevika was standing right there. What would she be thinking of her and Virat's relationship right now? Would she accept them being together?

Jeevika noticed the tension on Maanvi's face and stepped forward. She stroked a bit of hair off of Maanvi's face and gave her a reassuring smile. Maanvi new that smile of Jeevika. When Jeevika smiled that smile it mean that everything was okay. And this meant that Jeevika had accept Virat and Maanvi's love for each other. Without words, the two sisters were able to have an entire conversation. Viren and Virat simply stood there staring at them if they were the craziest sisters in the world having a conversation without words, but JeeMan  continued to smile and eventually Maanvi leapt up and hugged her sister the tightest she ever remembered that she had. Jeevika smiled and smiled and smiled. Then she looked up at her devar and smiled at him too. She had surprised herself with how happy she was about Virat and Maanvi. She had earlier thought that she would not be able to accept their jodi but seeing how much Virat cared for Maanvi, she could not help but accept their relationship.

After of a couple of hours of laying in the bed Maanvi was discharged. Her feet and joints were already aching. This got all three; Virat, Viren and of course Jeevika worried like anything.

Maanvi: Ab tak tho merrey paas ek hi Fikir Metre thaa, aur vo merri Di thi. Theen, theen FM kaha sey aagaye?

Virat and Viren could not help but smile but Jeevika was dead scared for sister.

Jeevika: Mannu? Dard ho raha hai? Kya hua? Chal sakthi hai na tu?

Virat: Nahi bhi chal sakthi hai bhabhi tho main hoon na.

Within an instance and without thinking twice Virat scooped Maanvi up in his arms and was absolutely willingly ready to carry her to the car. After all, being close to Maanvi comforted him like aways. Virat and Maanvi stared at each other. Maanvi blushed as she realized what a romantic mood Virat was in today. She did not know how but Virat read her thoughts and realized what Maanvi was thinking.

Virat: Pyaar kilye waqt aur jagaa nahi dekha jaatha hai Jeevika Bhabhi ki Mannu!

Maanvi blushed even harder and managed to pinch him. Virat jumped. Maanvi was scared that he would drop him but he hold on her was firm. Virat laughed as he realized that he had scared her. Maanvi took a deep breath and pinched him once more, this time not afraid of him dropping her.  Maanvi tightened her grip on Virat's shirt. Seeing VirMan be all romantic made Virika romantic. Viren wrapped his hand around Jeevika's shoulder and all four of them shared a cute and personal moment between themselves. They finally made their way out, Maanvi still in Virat's arms. She smiled and blushed and smiled and blushed. Virat was flirting with her. It was quite obvious but she had to admit she kind of liked it.

Once Virat, Viren, Maanvi and Jeevika were home they found Seema sitting on the couch. Virat took Maanvi to her room before going down to talk to Seema. Maanvi still felt a tinge of jealousy glow inside her knowing the fact that Virat was going to go down to talk to Seema but this slightest bit of jealousy instantly disappeared when Virat plopped a quick kiss on to Maanvi's lips and whispered I love you, quite romantically, into her ear. The way he said it made Maanvi shiver and smile and the same time. His low, soothing, honey like voice always made her feel insecure but secure at the same time. How she loved him so much.

Jeevika told Maanvi to get some rest as she needed it. When Maanvi woke up after quite some time she found Virat sitting on her bed next to her. He kissed Maanvi's forehead to waken her totally. Maanvi sat up and wrapped her arms over his shoulders. She made herself comfortable as she new she wanted to stay there with Virat for a while.

Virat: Maanvi. Seema's gone.

Maanvi: Kyu?

Virat: Kyuki ussey koy urgent patient ka treatment karnaa thaa issiliye usseyy jaana para. I just dropped her off to the airport.

Maanvi: Oh.

That was all Maanvi had left to say. She hugged Virat a little more firmly. Virat put a hand on the back of her head and kissed her head. Then he began stroking her hair. He did this for a while and just he was removing his hand he found a large part of Maanvi's hair had fallen off from the roots and was tangled in his hand. Virat was shocked. He felt emotionless and for the first time in his life he did not know that he wanted to tell Maanvi the truth about her hair loss.

Virat pulled Maanvi closer into his arms so she would not turn around and see that her hair had fallen off. Jeevika came into the room calling Maanvi's name.

Jeevika: Mannu.

Maanvi tried to escape from Virat's arms to talk to her Di but Virat's hold on her was way too tight and she could not get out of his hold.

Maanvi: Virat choro na. Di sey baath karnaa hai.

But Virat did not let her go. He was too afraid that this truth of her life would shatter Maanvi. Jeevika saw Maanvi's tangled part of her hair caught on his arm and realized why Virat wasn't letting Maanvi go. Maanvi was fighting to let go of Virat's grasp on her but her boyfriend was just too strong. Viren entered from behind Jeevika and saw what was wrapped around Virat's fingers. Viren shut the door behind him making sure that nobody else found his way in. He looked down at Jeevika, expressionless and frozen. Jeevika's face was still. So still that it looked almost as if she had died from the inside. Viren wrapped his arms around her and shook her a little but Jeevika did not react.

Viren: Jeevika?

Maanvi: Virat dekho jeegu bhi aagaye. Ab choro mujhey. Virat choro! Choro Virat!

Maanvi pushed Virat so hard that they broke apart from their embrace. Maanvi's eyes first landed on her Di's face. She followed her older sister's horrified gaze and looked at her hair entwined between Virat's fingers. Maanvi's heart sunk. She slowly took her right hand over and behind her head. She placed it down to where there should have been hair but all she could feel was hair bare scalp. Her hair was falling off.

Maanvi: D-d-di.

There came Maanvi's stammering and crying voice.

Maanvi: D-Di!

She said filled with grieve a little louder.

Jeevika wiped the tear that had escaped her eyes and said:

Jeevika: Mannu. Ye terey cancer ki side effects hai na, aur kuch nahi. Tu-Tu ro math Mannu. Sab theek hojayegaa. Tu ro math.

Maanvi: Di-Di merrey baal saarey dheerey dheerey girjaayengey. Mein kayssi lagungi Di? Sab merrey upar hassengey Di. Mein kya karungi. Di!

Maanvi said with a pool of tears falling down her face.  Viren and Virat were still. They did not know what to do or say. Both of them realized that Jeevika could handle her sister right now better than what anybody else would be able to.

Maanvi: Di. Mein pal pal apni baal go girthey vey nahi dekh sakhthi. Di, merri saarey baal nikalvaado. Please Di. Pal pal marney sey achaa hai ki mein ek hi baar mar jau.

Jeevika: Mannu?! Kya keheri hai tu?

Maanvi: Please Di. Aapko hummarey khun key rishtey ki kassam.

Jeevika froze. She could not believe what Maanvi was making her do. But she had to do it. She could not go against what Maanvi had said. She had made her swear on their relationship. And their relationship was above all for Jeevika.


Jeevika watched as the hairdresser shaved Maanvi's head off. Virat and Viren were waiting outside the room. Virat's feelings and pain for Maanvi were indescribable. He wanted to do something to help her, but he himself felt to helpless that he was barely able to move.

Suddenly, the hairdresser opened the door and exited the room. Viren and Virat watched her go and as soon as they could entered the room where an extremely helpless Maanvi was sitting crying in her sisters arms. Virat could not see her face. It was covered by her scarf. He went closer to Maanvi and tried to lift it off of her face but Maanvi pushed him away.

Maanvi: Chaley jao Virat. Please chaley jao.

Virat: Maanvi, mujhey tumhey dekhnaa hai.

Maanvi: Di aap Virat ko bolo ki vo chaley jay. Please Di. Nahi dekhsakthaa vo mujhey.

Virat: Maanvi, tumney bhabhi ko ek kasm diya thaa na, aapney behen ki rishtaa ka kasm. Ab mein tumhey ek kasm detha hoon. Tumhey humarrey pyaar ki kasm, mujhey apna cheheyraa dikhaawo.

Maanvi's inside out shivered. She knew Virat would never love her the same after seeing her. Never. She would be forgotten. Virat would move on his life and create his own happily ever after with a girl whose life was much more reliable than her self's.  Virat would hate her from the very moment he saw her bald. Virat extended his arms out. Jeevika let Maanvi go into Virat's arms. Virat held Maanvi up and lifted her scarf off of her head.

Virat stared at her. He did not know how long he was just looking at her. Helpless, crying and devastated. He saw that she needed love. She needed his love. He saw the fear in her eyes of losing him. He saw it all. Her emotions to him were as clear and visible as a crystal. He could see and realize all the pain hidden in his heart. Virat put a hand on Maanvi's hairless head. Maanvi shivered. Shivered like anything.

Maanvi: Virat go. Please Virat. Jau yaha sey. Virat jau!

Virat did not move and nor did he react to what Maanvi said. He pulled her into his arms which surprised Maanvi to the limits. He kissed Maanvi's head. The same way he used to when she did have hair. He treated her exactly the same way. He held her tight, as if she still loved her.

Yeah right. Maanvi thought to herself. Stop expecting him to love you Maanvi. You are no longer the girl he fell in love with. You are different.

There was a shrieking silence. Maanvi did not know what Virat was going to say next. Did he still love her? Or would he decide to move on. Maanvi's tears stopped streaming for her eyes in that particular moment. She shut her eyes tight. For the first time in her life Maanvi was scared of Virat. Scared of what he was going to say. Scared that he was going to leave her. Scared that her life would fall apart from this minute onwards.

What was Virat about to say?

Quote: The highest complications will resolve, if you have the power to believe.

No precap Tongue

Please forgive any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Suggestions, ideas, feedback and criticisms are most welcome-don't hesitate to post! Please let me know if you wanted a PM but didn't receive one! It really does mean a lot to me if you hit LIKE and COMMENT! Don't have to but it would mean a lot if you did! Hope you enjoyed it :) x  

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