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*||VirMan Partners for Life: Pg.93-LastUpdate||* (Page 65)

.SalmanDeewani. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Havent read it .. going to read frm start.. den will comment..Wink

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hey ya ur story s too amazing plzz do continue...

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Sorry guys! I know I'm continuing after such a long time! Please forgive me! I have such a big work load! I have updated this one and will update my other FF (Saath Samandar Paar) ASAP too! Meanwhile enjoy the *promo* on that one ;) Okay so here is today's update! I hope you all haven't forgotten the FF and still manage to bear with me when I update...! Please keep the comments coming! Thanks and much love! :) xx

PLEASE NOTE: These updates are entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people (living/passed away) are totally coincidental. These updates are not meant to offend anyone and are just a creative way of expressing thoughts and ideas.


Maanvi: Partner?

Virat: Hmmm..?

Maanvi: Shirt peheno.

Virat: Shaadi ki baad.

'Virat said sarcastically indicating that he was not going to put it back on. Maanvi realized that there was no point trying to convince him. He would not put it back on. Instead of saying anything she simply pulled Virat closer to her. Virat kissed her hair before they both settled in for a good night's sleep.

Just before they both drifted off Virat whispered into Maanvi's ears'

Virat: Maanvi'mujhsey shaadi karogi?  

But Maanvi was already asleep.

Song for the update:

Mere Sang Tu Chal Zara (New York)

Reason: I just really felt in this part the VirMan were supporting, caring and encouraging each other hence, I chose this song! 

If this song was sung by a boy I would love it if Virat sang it to Maanvi! 

Part 15

When Virat woke up he flet Maanvi's head resting on her chest and her arm wrapped around her waist. Her beautiful shining hair and fallen over her face so Virat stroked the few strands away and tucked them behind her year. Soon after he kissed her forehead and pulled her body closer to his. Maanvi fidgeted a little but didn't wake up. Virat recalled all that had happened in the past few days. How ignorant and mean he had been, how rude he was. He had made his Maanvi cry. How could he do that? Virat looked down at Maanvi again and gently kissed her forehead, this time on the spot which was bandaged to cover the wound.

Virat: I'm sorry Partner. Yeh sab merrey vajey seyy hua hai. It's all my fault. Agar mein tumharrey saath rehetha tho tumheyy chot nahi aathi. I'm so sorry. Maanvi I'm so, so sorry. Par partner, tumhi tho mujhey chep bulaathi hoon. Tho chep hi bankey rahungaa na! Please Maanvi, iss baar mujheyy maaf kardo. Mein phir kabhi nahi karunga. I love you Partner. I'm so sorry. I love you.

A tear trickled down Virat's eyes and splashed onto Maanvi's face.

Maanvi: I love you too.

Virat: Maanvi! Tum jagi vi ho?

Maanvi: Ha partner.

Virat: Kya sunna tumney?

Maanvi: Sab kuch.

Virat: Maanvi look I'm so sorry. Please mujheyy maaf kardo. Main itna ghatiya insaan hua. Jab tumheyy merri sabsey zaada zaroorath thii tab main tumsey door chala gaya. Maanvi I'm sorry. Please!

Virat gently ran his fingers over Maanvi's wounded forehead.

Virat: Sab merrey vajey sey hua hai. I'm so sorry Maanvi. I'm so sorry.

Maanvi: Partner, yeh tum baar baar sorry kyu bolthey ho? Aur kuch keheney kilye nahi hai kya tumhey.

Virat: Tumhi batha do. Kya suna chah thi ho?

Maanvi stared into his so very penetrating eyes. She dug her head into his chest and closed her eyes. I sense of relief overtook her entire body.

Maanvi: I love you.

Virat: Yeh tum bol rahi hoy a tum yeh sunaa chah thi thii?

Maanvi: Dono.

Virat: Tho phir I love you too. And I'm sorry.

Maanvi: Acha baba maaf kiya.

Virat: Suchi?

Maanvi: Muchi.

Virat: Maanvi, I really love you.

Maanvi: I really love you too!

Virat: Nahi Maanvi. Shayad mein tumhey kabhi sanjhaa na pao ki main tumsey kithna pyaar kartha hoon. Tum merra raastha hi nahi meri manzil ho. Tumharreyy bina main nahi hoon Maanvi. I really love you. Tumhaari jo himath hai vo mujhey jeeney ki chah dethi hai.

Maanvi: Aur tumharrey bina main nahi hoon. Yeh kabhi nahi sochna ki main strong hua Virat. Not when it comes to us. I'm always hanging by a thread.

Virat: Well that makes two threads. We can work with that.

Maanvi: Virat mujheyy cancer hai. Main himath rakhni ki koshish karthi hoon Virat par yeh dhaaga kab toot jaye'Virat tumharrey parivaar valeyy yeh rishtey seyy kabhi khush nahi hongey. Kabhi inkaar nahi karengey!

Virat: Please Maanvi. Ayssa math kaho. Tumheyy paaye bina main marjaonga.

Maanvi: Virat, promise me, promise me we'll find a way, a way to be together and live happily.

Virat: I promise.

Virat kissed Maanvi's hair. Maanvi pulled Virat closer to her when she realized that Virat was in her room. Oh No!

Maanvi: Partner! Nahi! Partner dekho-dekho tumhey kamreyy main vapus jaana hai nahi tho koy dekhley gaa! Please vapus jao! Koy aajayega.

Maanvi pushed Virat off of the bed all the way to the door. It was only then when she realized that he still wasn't wearing his shirt.

Maanvi: Virat! Shirt peheno!

Virat: Nahi.

Maanvi: Kyu?

Virat: Mainney kaha thaa na! Shaadi key baad!

Maanvi: Shaadi ka bhoot chara va hai tumhey! Ayseyy bahar jao gay tum? Pagal hogaye ho kya?

Virat: Vaysey ek raastha hai ki main shirt pehen lu.

Maanvi: Aur vo kya hai?

Virat: Main shirt pehenoonga agar tum mujhey pehenaaongi.

Maanvi: Partner, that's not happening.

Virat: Okay! Main ayyseyy hi bahar chalaa jatha hoon!

Maanvi: Theek hai jao!

Virat turned around and opened the door to exit the room.

Maanvi: VIRAT! VIRAT! ACHAA RUK JAO! Pehenaathi hoon! Pehenaathi hoon! Ek minute!
Maanvi went and picked up the shirt which was lying on the floor of the room from the previous room. She took it over to Virat and wrapped it around his back. Virat put his arms in the sleeves whilst he continued to stare at Maanvi flirtingly.

Maanvi: Hogaya.

Virat: Hogaya?

Maanvi: Ha!!

Virat: Maanvi, button lagao!!!

Maanvi sighed and then began doing up the buttons finding no other way out. Virat pulled Maanvi closer to him so their lips were inches apart. Maanvi slipped her hands down Virat's bare chest with the flaps of the unbuttoned shirt hovering over her hands. She moved her hands and wrapped them around his waist later moving them up to underneath his shoulders. Virat and Maanvi were caught in an embrace. Virat was stroking her hair softly and it was then when he remembered.

Virat: Maanvi?

Maanvi: Ha partner?

Virat : Aaj tumharra third chemotherapy session hai'yaad hai na.
Maanvi almost instantly said that she was not going.

Maanvi: Virat please mujhey nahi jaana. Partner please. Nahi jaana mujhey please.
Virat: Maani dekho zid math karo. Main hoonga na vaha tumharreyy saath. Daro math. When Virat is here not to fear.

Maanvi: Virat tumhey mazaak sujhraha hai? Mujhey dar lagraha hai partner.

Virat: Acha mujhey tho laga ki Maanvi Chaudary kissi sey nahi darthi ?

Maanvi : Theek kaha nahi darthi ! Koy log sey nahi darthi par cancer, Virat cancer-

Virat : Tum cancer sey nahi darthi Maanvi. Tum yeh bimaari sey jaadey strong ho aur tum yeh ladaayi jeeth key hi raho gi.

Maanvi : Please partner ! Aaj chemotherapy kilye bilkul mann nahi hai. Please aaj nahi.

Virat: Tumheyy hummari pyaar ki kassam.

Maanvi tugged and Virat's shirt from the back tighter. She could not deny going now, after all, Virat had made her swear on their love.
Maanvi: Theek-theek hai partner. Par tum please merrey saath rehena. Please?

Virat: Jaha tum ho vaha main hoon. Main tumharaa saaya bankey tumharrey saath chalunga Maanvi.

Maanvi: Hamesha kilye?

Virat: Hamesha key baad bhi

Quote: You life partner will be the one who is willing to support you throughout your entire life as a shadow.

Precap: Dr Bakshi was in Chadigar to treat a patient and hence Maanvi's chemotherapy is happening today. The doctor is talking to Jeevika, Virat and Viren saying that this chemotherapy's sessions will have more serious side effects that other ones may have had. A little while later Virat goes into Maanvi's ward and sits by her side. He leans in and kisses her hair promising that he will love her forever, no matter what. Maanvi gains consciousness and sees that Virat's eyes are filled with tears.

Please forgive any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Suggestions, ideas, feedback and criticisms are most welcome-don't hesitate to post! Please let me know if you wanted a PM but didn't receive one! It really does mean a lot to me if you hit LIKE and COMMENT! Don't have to but it would mean a lot if you did! Hope you enjoyed it :) x  

Are you still liking this? Please lemme know! I hope I'm not boring you all out to bits and pieces! Wink Just for your info there's a major upcoming track planned in the FF! But it will only happen if I have your support and encouragement Big smile

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love_never_dies IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Iam first with out PM..
aww, very nice update preetiClap..
virman love is very intense here tooBig smile, naughty viratWink. made maanvi to wore his shirtEmbarrassed..
loved as usualHeart.. continue soon.. and the other FF too.. 

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AdorableTrouble IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Wonderful update. Love the naughty Virat Embarrassed 
Third Chemo session...matlab hair loss Ouch
Virat will be her strength...what irony na ? Your love is your strongest strength and your weakest weakness... anyway, lovely update, enjoyed it Big smile Update soon 

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by love_never_dies

Iam first with out PM..
aww, very nice update preetiClap..
virman love is very intense here tooBig smile, naughty viratWink. made maanvi to wore his shirtEmbarrassed..
loved as usualHeart.. continue soon.. and the other FF too.. 

Yes you are! Thank you for your feedback Hug
Krazzy4u786 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it!!!
Thanks 4 the pm!!

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mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Loved it ur doing an awesome job

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