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*||VirMan Partners for Life: Pg.93-LastUpdate||* (Page 51)

shuruli Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Hiii!!! Dear amazin story... Love it... Pls cntinue soon n pm me!! Smile

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minishap Groupbie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
great story! pm me and please update soon!

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MaRiZ Groupbie

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Posted: 05 June 2012 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Whattay update! Clap
But eee it was short .CryCry
Next time I want a super long update!!Big smileBig smile

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nirbasito Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
they are super hot...i love this partBig smile

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A lot of people asked me to continue my 
. I am keeping a bit busy therefore I will not be able to write to FFs. So what I am doing is merging the OS with this FF. The track will now become of Maanvi's jealousy towards Seema. If you have not already please read my OS:  
...if you have not already. Also, from now on the FF will be in a more colorful format!! Hehe! Thanks guys for all your encouragement and please continue to provide me with your feedback! 

I have also written another SS named: Saath Samandar Paar on VirMan! If you have not read that yet please do. I am a little busy therefore am unable to send out PMs for this SS currently. If you would like to read it here is the link:

PLEASE NOTE: These updates are entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people (living/passed away) are totally coincidental. These updates are not meant to offend anyone and are just a creative way of expressing thoughts and ideas.
Just to let you know: There is a new character being introduced in this section. 

Song for today's update:

Bole Chudiyaan -Kabhu Khushi Kabhi Gam

Part 13 Section b):
At the breakfast table Maanvi and Virat were sitting next to each other. Jeevika and Viren were sitting opposite them with Bua Ji sitting at her usual spot right at the front and Maya sitting on the other side of Virat. Virat turned around at Maanvi and smiled whilst gently taking her hand underneath the table. Maanvi's first reaction was *blushing* but when she realised that they were at a breakfast table where all the family members were present she tried to break free of Virat's hold. Seeing Virat's strength obviously she was having trouble and in trying to escape from his grip Maanvi brought her and Virat's hands out from the shelter of the table. When doing so Maya saw that they were holding hands. She was furious. More furious than ever. She aggressively leaves the table and storms up in to her room.
Maya is thinking of ways to get Maanvi away from Virat. Then she suddenly comes up with an idea! She will have to use Swamini Bua. She will get Swamini Bua to hate Maanvi...she will use Swamini bua in order to get Maanvi away from Virat. This time she won't give up.
Meanwhile Virat is telling Maanvi that he promises that he will never let anything happen to her. He promises her that everything will be alright. The thought of marrying Maanvi comes to his mind so no one will be able to separate them two. But then he wonders whether Maanvi will be ready for marriage. There are so many preparations'so much 'hungama' and with Maanvi suffering from cancer'will it be safe? His though process continues inside his head.
Maya is now in Swamini Bua's room discussing how to get her and Virat back together again. What can she possibly do? She asks of Swamini Bua to suggest ways of getting Maanvi out of the house. She eventually gets furious that she has to do all of the thinking and Swamini is not suggesting any ideas.
Maya: Kaysi Bua hai aap? Virat ke bhalayi kilye bhi kuch nahi kar sakthey. Arrey aapko tho sharam aaney chahyey.
Hearing this from Maya Swamini is furious and extremely let down.
Swamini: Humney tumhaareyliye ithna kuch kiya aur tum? Hummey dhamkaari ho yeh kehekar ki mein Virat ki bhalla nahi chaathi? How dare you? Himath kaysi huyi yeh sab keheney ki tumhaari.
Maya has now realised that she has made a very big mistake.
Maya: Bua ji vo-
Swamini: Nikal jao'.abhi iss vaqt iss ghar sey nikal jao.
Maya tries to get the chance to explain but Swamini is so angry that she grabs Maya's hand, takes her into her guest room, gets a servant to pack her bags and throws her out of the house. She does this all without giving Maya the chance to explain or say anything. Even though Maya tries her best to explain to Swamini Bua and tries to "Suck UP" nothing seems to work. Maya is eventually kicked out of the house. The whole family is shocked of Swamini's sudden reaction but no one dares to say anything. Dada ji remains quiet as he did not like Maya in the first place so there was no point of defending her at all. As for Virat, he is quite happy that Maanvi and himself can get some privacy and be away from Maya's pointless forceful deeds. Maanvi is unsure about whether being away from Maya will cause Virat to fall for her again but Virat reassures her that nothing like this will happen. She trusts Virat and hugs him. As rude as it may seem, everyone is happy about Maya leaving the house, even Swamini Bua. After all Swamini had heard from Maya she is nothing but glad that Maya is no longer in their house. She was never needed. However, Swamini has still not accepted Maanvi even after the exit of Maya.
Things have now settled down a little. Maanvi and Virat are extremely happy. As expected from Swamini Bua, she has still not accepted Maanvi. Beeji has had to go back to Hrishikesh with Chachu to handle the house and business over there and help with the house work etc. Jeevika had insisted that Maanvi stay in Chandigar for a little longer. Beeji was worried at first but Virat promised her that he would take the BEST care of Maanvi.
The entire family is gathered at the table for lunch.
Maanvi: Di! Mujhey na bohoth bhuk laggi hai'kuch khaaney kilye do na! Di!!! Kithna der lagaari ho!! Do na!! Di Bhuk laga hai! Di do na khaana!! Di!!!
Jeevika: Shehethaan. Jithn badi hothey jaari hai tu uthni hi badmaash. Ruk deri hu. Vaysey bhi'aaj meinney tumhaarey liye khaas khaana banaya hai!!
Maanvi: Khaas? Di??? Khaas kya hai?? Bathao na di!!
Jeevika:  Masaaley daar pakora!!
Maanvi was extremely excited to hear what her di had made for her but after hearing what it was she did not know how to handle the situation. Maanvi turned to Virat. Virat looked at her in a way that was saying to her "No Matter What Happens You Can Not Eat That. I Will Not Let You." Maanvi was silent. She couldn't say NO to her di. What now? What would she do? How could she explain that even though Jeevika had made Maanvi food after so long, she could NOT eat it. The doctors had not allowed her to eat spicy or any oily food as it could make her quite sick. What would she do now? She turned to her partner to look for some hope. Virat nodded and his eyes were saying to Maanvi, "Don't worry, I will handle it partner." Meanwhile Jeevika had realised the strange eye-contact conversation going on between her devar and sister.
Jeevika: Mannu? Virat? Kya hua? Mannu tujhey tho masaaley daar pakorrey bohoth passand hai na. Khaa na. Kyu nahi khaathi hai?
Virat: Ha-ha Maanvi! Khao na. Yu tho humeshaa khaana ka shor bana rakhthi ho. Khao na.
Maanvi looks at Virat worriedly. Jeevika laughs at Virat's words, on the other hand.
Jeevika: Virat'tumhey patha hai'jab Maanvi chotti thi na tho vo jaysey hi "pakora" ka naam sunthi thhi saarey ghar mein shor machadethi thhi. Jabtak ussey pakora nahi miljatha tha tabtaq koy sakoon sey saas nahi ley pattha thhaa. Ek baar Dabbu neyy Maanvi ko chirayaa aur usskey pakorrey ko chupdiya. Maanvi ney purri ki purri chatni ki bowl uthay aur seedha usskey cheherrey ki upar phekdiya!!
The family had a good laugh and teased Maanvi about her bachpana. But Virat and Maanvi were only concerned about one thing. What were they going to say to Jeevika so she would not give Maanvi the pakora?
Jeevika picked up a pakora from the plate and held it up to Maanvi's mouth.
Jeevika: Ley Mannu. Chintha math karr'iss baar mein teri pakorrey nahi chupaongi aur tujhey kissi ki upar chatni nahi pheknaa parrey ga! Ley'teri di ney khaas terrey liye manaaya hai'ley khaaley.
Viren: Khalo Maanvi! Meri pyaari pathni ne manaya hai'.mujhey bhi khaana hai !! Saali sayba nakhrey math manao'khaa bhi lo !!
Jeevika placed the pakora a little closer to Maanvi's mouth so it was nearly touching. Just that Virat suddenly and instantaneously grabbed the pakora.
Virat: Partner, tum mujhey bohoth bore karri ho. Koy bhalla ithna derr lagaatha hai pakora khaaney mein? Theek hai tum math khao mein hi khaleytha hoon.
Virat still has his hold on the masala pakora on his right hand. With his other hand he grabs a paneer pakora (so quickly that no one realises or sees him) and makes a run for it. Maanvi chases after him.
Maanvi: Virat'Virat!! Di ney merreyliye manaaya hai!! Mujhey MERA PAKORA DO !!! Virat do !! Mujhey mera PAKORA DO!!!
Maanvi continues to chase after him but begins to lose energy. She tries to control herself making sure that no one sees her. Virat realises that she is falling. He comes up and wraps his hand around her back pulling her close. He tries to cover up Maanvi's sickness.
Virat: Accha'.lo partner'lo'.I'm sorry'khaalo apney di ka pakora'lo khao!
Virat pulls her closer to give her his body to lean on. He tries to make sure that no one can see what is happening to Maanvi because he knows that Maanvi does not want Jeevika to find out about her cancer yet. Maanvi feels stable again. Virat gives her the pakora in his left hand which is the paneer pakora. Maanvi is shocked wondering why Virat gave it to even after knowing about her cancer. It is then when Virat subtly leans into Maanvi and whispers into her ear:
Virat: (whispers) Paneer ka pakora thaa'.masala vala nahi.
Maanvi just wants to grab Virat and hug him for handling the situation so well. But she can't of course, since everyone is right there they both have to control their urge and cravings for each other. Virat and Maanvi *try* to act disciplined as they return to the table. Swamini is of course very disappointed with Maanvi because of all the "shor" caused at the lunch table. But she does not want to disappoint anyone else so she simply continues with the rest of her meal.
Maanvi: Di!! Mein aapko kya bathao!! Ithna achaa pakora manaa tha !! Jee bhargaya!! Thank you di!!
Jeevika: Thank YOU Mannu! Tujhey patha hai'mera haath ka manaya tujhey accha lagtha hai tho mera dil muskraaney lagtha hai!
Maanvi: Kaysi baath karri ho di? Aapkey haath ka manaya mujhey kaysey achaa nahi lagey ga. Aakhir behena hai hum'khun ka rishta hai hummara.
Everyone finished off their lunch and returns to their rooms. Virat forces Maanvi to go and get some sleep. Virat stays with her until she falls asleep. Just before he leaves her room he quickly presses his lips on hers. Maanvi's eyes start to flutter but he places his hand over the top of them so she won't wake up. He kisses her once more. Wanting her consumes him but right now he knows she needs rest. He is at the door and he turns around to look at Maanvi. He is once again thinking through his idea of marrying her'but may be it is too soon. If he asked her would she agree? With this question ringing in his mind he leaves the room.
Maanvi wakes up a little while later at the sound of the phone ringing downstairs. She goes there to see Bittu (the servant) talking to someone on the phone. Bittu is trying to explain that Virat is not at home as he has gone outside to get something. Maanvi tells him to give the phone to her.
Maanvi: Hello?
Person on the other side: Hello? Hello? Virat hai? Please agar Virat hai tho mujhey phone do na! Please'.
Maanvi: Aap kaun hai?
Person on the other side: Mera naam Seema hai'main Virat ki bachpan ki dost hoon. Mein aur Virat best friends hua karthey thhey. Thorrey din peheley Swamini Bua ne mujhey phone kiya thaa aur vo mujhey Chandigar bulaarahi thhi. Vaysey bhi mein aaney vali thii kyuki mein doctor hoon aur Chandigar key kuch patients ko treat karney they issiliye. Aap kaun?
Maanvi: Mein'mera naam Maanvi hai!
Seema: Aap uss ghar ki kaun hai?
Maanvi: Mein meri di ki behen hoon!
Seema: Di?? Um...Di kaun?
Maanvi: Merri di iss ghar ki bahu hai. Virat abhi ghar pe nahi hai ayngey tho boldungi unhey phone kardeyney kilye.
Maanvi does not know why however, after talking to Seems she feels irritated. Maanvi is lost in her thoughts until she hears Jeevika calling her name.
Jeevika: Mannu? Kaun thaa phone pey?
Virat is just entering the door after returning from being outside.
Maanvi: Phone par'vo di phone par Virat ki koy dost thii'um'usska naam thaa Seema'
Virat: Seema ?
Jeevika and Maanvi turn around to see Virat standing there.
Virat: Maanvi tumney kya kaha Seema.
Maanvi: Nahi'meinney kaha Bandar! Tumney galath sunliya? Duffer'Seema kahungi tho Seema hi sunayi dega na. Dus baar confirm karney ki kya zaroorath hai?
Virat: Arrey nahi der footiya vo kya hai na ki Seem aur mein bachpan sey friends thhey. Actually, thhey nahi hai'BEST FRIENDS.
Maanvi remembers Seems saying this to her as well. BEST FRIENDS. Virat picks up the phone and calls back Seema.
Virat: Hello? SEEMA! Kaysi ho tum?? Ithney din sey nahi milley yaar'
Virat is engaged in a conversation with his so called "BEST FRIEND" Seema. Maanvi does not want to but she has admitted that she is jealous.
A while later Virat puts down the phone. Jeevika and Maanvi are still standing there.
Virat: Guess what bhabhi? Guess what partner? Seema yaha arahi hai. I am so excited! Ithney din key baad mein ussey miloonga!! YES!!
Jeevika: Arrey Virat yeh tho bohoth acchi khabar hai. Iss bahaney mein bhi tumhaari BEST FRIEND sey miloongi! Mein aur Seema milkey bohoth mazaa karrengey.
Virat: Ha bhabhi! Aur best bit yeh hai ki vo yaha 5 haftey kilye rehey ri hai! Aur sabki ijazath bhi milgayi hai. Usskey aaney sey bohoth mazaa ayega.
Every word of Virat's is piercing Maanvi. She is jealous. And it is final. She wants Virat to herself. She has never seen him so involved in another girl before. Another girl apart from her. Without further ado Maanvi leaves Virat and Jeevika standing where they are and returns to her room. Tears have swelled up in her eyes. Then she asks herself why she is crying. Virat loves her. She can trust him'she tells herself that there is no need to be so frightened of losing Virat. She trusts her partner enough.
Quote: You only realize how much someone really means to you when they leave you.

Precap: (The precap won't be word for word like this but just to give you a brief idea):
Seema has now come into the house and Virat is extremely happy. She has won the hearts of everyone. Swamini Bua is all in all in her favour. Even Jeevika seems to like Seema. Swamini Bua has given the responsibility of taking care of Seema to Virat since she is his "BEST FRIEND." Amongst all this Maanvi feels scared that she will lose Virat however, most of all she feels lonely. She needs him there, right next to him. Without Virat part of her is missing.
Please forgive any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Suggestions, ideas, feedback and criticisms are most welcome-don't hesitate to post! Please let me know if you wanted a PM but didn't receive one! It really does mean a lot to me if you hit LIKE and COMMENT! Don't have to but it would mean a lot if you did! Hope you enjoyed it :) x

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-bonbon- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged

When would you like me to stop writing my FF-soon? Or would you like me to continue? Please give me your advice. It is really important to see whether you all are enjoying or not before I take any decisions.
Kind regards,
Take care.

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PhoenixAsh Groupbie

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Continue please Embarrassed 

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lavender_A2 Senior Member

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C'mon yaar continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't even think of ending it soon.
Awesome update and thanks 4 d PM.Big smile

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