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*||VirMan Partners for Life: Pg.93-LastUpdate||* (Page 44)

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Song for today's update ~ Bol Na Halke Halke! 

Part 12

PLEASE NOTE: These updates are entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people (living/passed away) are totally coincidental. These updates are not meant to offend anyone and are just a creative way of expressing thoughts and ideas.

Maanvi: Virat-

Virat puts his finger on Maanvi's lips.

Virat: Shhh'.

Virat leans in and gently kisses Maanvi's forehead. Maanvi has her eyes shut tight. Virat's lips trace down Maanvi's forehead to her nose. Virat kisses maanvi's nose. He moves his lips down to hers. Their lips are not even a centimetre apart when'.

Someone's stern voice echoes in the room'

Swamini: Virat?

Maanvi nearly jumps but Virat holds her down. He tries to act as if nothing ever happened. Maanvi's eyes are shut tight and Virat slowly turns around covering her face so Swamini won't be able to blame her for anything.

Virat: uh'..ji Bua ji? Kuch kaam thaa'.

Swamini:Virat'.tum Maanvi ke kamrey me kyaa kar rahey ho?

Virat: Vo'bua ji '.vo'''bua ji actually bua ji vo '.kya hai na ki'.vo bua ji'. Vo mein '. Um'..hain! mujhey na yaad aya ki maanvi ki tabyath khaarab thhi tho mainney socha ki mein aajatha hoon aur agar nahi aatha tho maanvi ko burra lagjaatha'.aur agar aatha tho kissi ko bura nahi lagtha issilie meinney socha ki aajatha hoon kyoki tab kissi ko bura nahi laggey ga aur vaysey bhi nahi aatha tho maanvi ko bura lagtha aur ajaatha tho sab theek hojatha tho bua ji vo actually maanvi ki tabyath kharaab thi tho mainney socha ki mein aajatha hoon'nahi aatha tho maanvi ko bura lagjatha aur aatha tho kissi ko nahi you see its all very simple'.

Maanvi: Kya?

Virat: Kya?

Maanvi: Kya-a?

Virat: kya-a-aa?

Maanvi: Tumney abhi kya kaha??

Virat: Meinney kahaa ki mujhey yaad aaya ki tumhari tabyath kharaab thhi tho mainney socha ki mein aajatha hoon aur agar nahi aatha tho tumhey burra lagjaatha aur agar aatha tho kissi ko bura nahi lagtha issiliye meinney socha ki aajatha hoon kyoku tab kissi ko bura nahi laggey aur vaysey bhi nahi aatha tho tumhey burra lagtha aur aajatha tho sab theek hohatha tho maanvi vo actually tumhaari tabyath kharaab thi tho mainney socha ki mein aajatha hoon'.nahi aatha tho tumhey burra lagjatha auar aatha tho kissi ko nahi bura lagtha issiliye '.. main agaya' you see its all very simple'..

Maanvi: kya?

Virat: : Meinney kahaa ki mujhey yaad aaya ki tumhari tabyath kharaab thhi tho mainney socha ki mein aajatha hoon aur agar nahi aatha-

Maanvi: Bass! Bass! Bass! Bass! Thank you'.thank you very much! Whispers to herself: Patha nahi kissey paala pargaya'.ek dhang ki excuse nahi banaa saktha hai yeh chep'.

Virat: Merri pyaari derh footiya'.zara samhal key ha'.

Maanvi: Kyu?!?!? Kyu? Mein kyu samhaalu ha?

Virat: Kyu ki-

Virat and Maanvi suddenly realize that Swamini is standing at the door way. They both simultaneously turn around. Virat lets out a mischievous laugh and slowly makes his way to the door to Swamini.

Virat: Vo'.merri pyaari'.bilkul lovely shovel vaali bua ji'.kya hai na'.ki vo'..Maanvi ki tabyath khaarab thii tho meiiney socha ki meain aajatha hoon aur agar nahi aatha tho-

Swamini: Bass! Hum samaj gaye. Acha eh sab choro aur upar aawo hummarey saath.

Virat: Kyu?

Swamini: Hummey tumsey kuch kaam hai-

Virat: KAAM? Mera matlaab'..kaaam? Swamini bua'.aapko tho patha hai na ki kaam mein nahi kartha'.aap jaa ke bhay ko bolye na please'.please!

Swamini: Virat'.hummney kaha na ki hummey tumsey kaam hai'viren se nahi'.chalo upar aawo hummarey saath.

Virat: Par mein'.kaam'.vo'.kaam-

Viren: Virat kaam nahi kartha!

Virat: Bhay! Bhay'.sumjaho na'..

Virat slowly walks up to Viren at the door way and whispers as quiet and subtly as he can:

Virat: Aap sumjaho na ki mein abhi kaam nahi karsaktha...mujhey kamreey mein beythnaa hai...yeh kamrey main bethnaa hain'baath karni hai'.samjhao na bhay.

Once Viren and Virat's little secret whispering conversation is finished Viren says to Swamini:

Viren: Choryeh na bua ji! Chalyeh main kaam kartha hoon. Chalyeh!

Viren doesn't give swamini a chance to say anything and basically drags her out of the rrom to give virat and maanvi some privacy. He shuts the door behind him and then it is just virat and maanvi inside. Virat slowly makes his way to is Maanvi gently closing the distance between them. Virat begins with a gentle kiss on Maanvi's cheek. Then he moves down and kisses the corner of her mouth and lingers his lips gently on hers, then gradually moving into the centre. Maanvi moves her hand up into Virat's hair and begins kissing him gently. As the kiss is about to become more passionate there was another knock on the door. VIrat let out a massive sigh and Virat and Maanvi just rested their heads on each other with their lips nearby to catch their breath. The knock occurred once more, this time louder. Virat quickly pressed his lips against Maanvi before going to open the door. It was a servant telling Virat that Viren was calling him urgently. Virat told Maanvi he needed to go. He laid her down and told her to get some rest. Maanvi agreed. Virat went out and made his way up to Viren's room. As he was heading upstairs he went past Maya's room and heard that she was talking extremely furiously and angrily to someone on the phone.

Maya: Meinney kaha thaa na tumsey ki kaam hojaana chaheyeh! Paagal ho kya Prakash? Ek kaam dhang sey nahi niptaa sakthey ho. How dare you? Tumney mera'Maya ka kaam adhura chordiya!! Tumharrey vajjey sey'sirf tumharrey vajjey sey sab kuch garbar hogaya. Thoda aur tej nahi chalaasakthey thhey tum gaari ko'.Kaash'.kaash uss Prakash ne kaam theek seyy kiya hotha. Kaash Maanvi voh gaari ke neechey hothi. Patha nahi Virat kahaseyy aakey ussey bachaliya. Patha nahi.


Maya turns around slowly. She is so shocked to see Virat standing there.

ViratTho tum thi yeh sab ke peechey? Tumney Maanvi ki accident karvanney ki koshish ki thhi?

The phone slowly dropped out of Maya's hands.

Virat: Tumhaari himmath kaysi huyi meri Maanvi ko haath lagaaney ki? KAYSI HUYI HIMMATH?

Maya: Nahi'nahi Virat'.meri baath suno'meinney ayssa kuch nahi kiya-

Maya rushed over to Virat and grabbed the collar of his shirt.

Maya: Virat mein tho bas tumhey paana chaathi thhi Virat, aur kuch nahi.

Virat: Meinney kabhi socha bhi nahi thaa ki tum apni yeh chotti si zid kilye itna gir sakthi ho. Yeh tho shukr manao Maya ki meri Maanvi ko kuch hua nahi'.Virat points a finger at Maanvi'likin'likin agar ussko kuch hojaatha na tho agar tum iss vaqt bhagwaan ki godh mein bhi bethi rehethi naa tho tumhey kheech ke neechey ley attha tumhey sazza denney kilye. Maanvi ney kyaa bigara hai tumhara? You know what Maya'.I just hate you! I hate you and your personality! I hate everything about you. Tumhey lagtha hai ki mein tum jaysi ghatiya ladki sey pyaar karoonga. You know what Maya'.just snap out of it! Ayssa kabhi nahi hoga'.kyuki mein tumsey pyaar nahi kartha! I hate you!
Maya: Tho phir kissey pyaar karthey ho Virat?...Maanvi sey?

Virat: Ha'.kartha hoon mein Maanvi sey pyaar'kya karlogi tum? Ha kya karlogi?

Maya laughs.

Maya: Tum voh do kauri cheap ladki ko merrey instead chunreyy ho Virat? Bohtoh bari galthi karrey ho tum? Uss Maanvi ko tho mein ayysi saza doongi ki saas bhi nahi ley payegi vo '.

Virat: MAYA! Maanvi key khilaaf ek aur shabd bola na tho zinda gar doonga mein tumhey. Aapni yeh bakwaas band karo.


***Maanvi's room***


Over at her room Maanvi realizes that Virat has left her phone there. Maanvi thinks it will be best to return it to him. She starts making her way off of the bed and to Virat's bedroom upstairs. 


***Maya's room***

Maya sees Maanvi coming up the stairs and sees her gradually passing her (Maya's) room. Suddenly to get Maanvi's attention Maya purposely calls out a loud:

Maya: I love you too Virat!

Maanvi hears this and steps back to see what is happening between Maya and Virat in the room.

Maya: Mujhey pathaa thaa ki tum vo Maanvi ko chor key merrey paas ajaogey; Bilkul theek kaha tumney'.voh ghatiyan ladki kilye tum kyu aapan vaqt barbaad karogey? Ha? Awo, merrey paas awo. Aaj raath humdono ek saath-

Virat opens his mouth to say something against Maya but Maya doesn't give him a chance. She tries to launch herself into Virat's arms. Virat is trying to push her off but since Virat's back is facing Maanvi, Maanvi misunderstands and thinks that Virat is hugging her back. Maya notices this and tries to act as if she is now kissing Virat. She gets on her tiptoes to reach her face up to reach his level. Virat is pushing her off and his face is nowhere near Maya's but from Maanvi's angle it seems to look like Virat and Maya are kissing. Tears stream down Maanvi's face. Virat is continuing to try and push Maya off. Meanwhile Maya takes her hand and puts it behind her back on her dressing table. She finds the lipp gloss she is wearing and takes some in her finger. Then she gets her hand and puts that lip gloss on Virat's lips. Maanvi takes a step back and her arm hits the latch of the door which creates a sound that Virat hears. Maya finally lets go of Virat. Virat turns around and sees Maanvi standing there. He sees the tears streaming down her face and instantly understands that she has misunderstood the situation.  

Maanvi: Maanvi's tears are not coming to a stop. Vi-vi-vir-aa-t?

Virat: Maanvi! Maanvi!

Maanvi runs out of the room unable to believe what she has just seen. Virat gives Maya the biggest push and runs out of the room to chase after Maanvi but Maanvi has already reached her room downstairs and has locked the room. Virat thinks of Viren. The same servant that told Virat a few minutes ago that Viren was wanting to talk to him passes by. Virat asks him where Viren is. The servant says everyone has gone out of the house to the temple. It is only you, Maanvi, Swamini Bua and Maya at home. Virat asks him why he said that Viren was wanting to talk to him if Viren wasn't even in the house. The servant says because Maya told me to say this to you. Virat then realises that this was all Maya's plan. Virat races down to Maanvi's room.

In her room Maanvi is remembering her and Virat's gentle kiss a few moments ago. She remembers herself stroking Virat's hair with her hand. Maanvi takes her hand and smashes it extremely hardly against a glass flower vase. The vase breaks and Maanvi's hand starts bleeding. Virat hears this noise from outside Maanvi's room. Virat is trying his best to break the door because Maanvi won't unlock it. Maanvi takes her hand and bangs in against the wall. The bleeding increases causing her hand to hurt and sting. To prevent herself from screaming with pain Maanvi places her hand over her mouth. Virat can hear the banging and is extremely scared about Maanvi's condition. Maanvi begins to feel dizzy. Her symptoms of cancer are popping up. She is getting tired and is falling to the ground. Swamini and Maya comes rushing down hearing all the noise. Virat finally manages to break the door open. He sees Maanvi's bleeding hand and her extremely fatal condition. He races to pick Maanvi up in his arms. Maanvi fights and tries to separate herself from him but is too weak. Virat lifts her up into his arms and takes her into his room where they can get some privacy. Once they are up at Virat's room, Virat shuts the door and lays Maanvi down. He heads off to get the bandages from the first aid kit. He is back with them and goes to Maanvi.

Maanvi: Door'.door raho muj-muj-mujhsey doo-door raho'.

Virat: Please Maanvi ek minute'Maanvi bohoth khoon nikalraha hai, please ek minute'

Maanvi: Choro! Choro! Doo-door raho'Door raho! Choro mujhey!

Virat pulls Maanvi into his arms aggressively and uses all his strength to hold here there while bandaging her injured hand. Maanvi is trying to push herself away from him but his failing at doing so due to her weakness. After Maanvi's hand is bandaged and she has lost all energy Virat gently stokes her hair. Maanvi hates it how she feels so safe in Virat's arms. How she doesn't want to leave his arms. Maanvi hates it how she loves Virat when he loves Maya and has been betraying her. Maanvi starts crying. She wants to get away from Virat but can't. There is some bond between them which is stopping Maanvi from getting out of his warm and comforting arms. Maanvi cries more and more. Virat just gently strokes her hair resting his lips upon her head.  

Maanvi: kyu kiya? Virat'tumney merrey saath ay-ay-ayssa kyu kiya? Virat'.

Virat: Maanvi please try to understand'.I love you Maanvi.

Maanvi: Jhoot! Jhoot bolrey ho'.tum Maya seyy-Maya ss-ssey-Maya sey pyaar kathey ho.

Virat: Nahi kartha mein Maya sey pyaar!!! I love you Maanvi! I love YOU! Tumney jo dekha such nahi thaa Maanvi. Tum mujhsey mera pyaar ka sabuth kyu maangri ho Maanvi? I love you Maanvi please'..please samjho' tumney dekha vo such nahi thaa'Maanvi please.

Maanvi: Virat, tumney Maya ke saath kuch nahi kiya thaa?

Virat: Nahi Maanvi'.I love you please.

Maanvi: Toh phir yeh kyaa hai?

Maanvi wipes Maya's lip gloss off of Virat's lips on to her thumb and shows him. Kya hai yeh Virat? Virat realises what Maya has done.  

Virat: Maanvi yeh sab jhut hai. Please'.yeh sab Maya ka plan thaa Maanvi'sab ek plan thaa jismey mein aur tum dono phasgaya'. Maanvi tum mera vishwaas nahi karthi na?

Maanvi: Karthi hoon Virat! Aur hamesha karthi ay hoon! Tum kyu nahi samajhthey Virat ki mujhey dard hotha tumhey aur Maya ko ek saath dekh key. Dard hotha hai mujhey!

Virat: Kyu Maanvi?

Virat is trying to get the truth out of Maanvi. He is trying to get Maanvi to admit that she loves him.

Virat: Kyu dard hotha hai tumhey Maanvi?

Maanvi: Because...

Glitter Text Generator

Everything is silent. VirMan are both lost for words. Never has this happened before. After quite a big pause filled with silence Virat finally says something.

Virat: I love you too Maanvi.   

This does it for Maanvi. She suddenly understands that Virat is not wrong. She sees the love in his eyes. She sees the fear of losing her in Virat's eyes. She sees her future in Virat's eyes. She sees her and his partnership in his eyes. She sees her life in his eyes. Maanvi launches herself into Virat's arms pushing Virat back onto the bed. Virat rolls over so he is on top. His lips brush over Maanvi's and then they kiss like they never have before'

The kiss gets more and more passionate as seconds go buy. Virat entwines his fingers in Maanvi's hair. Maanvi is kissing Virat back'all she knows is that Virat is all she needs now. Maanvi moves her hand up Virat's back and into his hair. The kiss is hard but soft, fierce but cool. The kiss is addictive. None of them seem to want to let go of each other. Maanvi's eyes are shut tight'..the kiss has a sense of understanding. Nor Virat nor Maanvi can pull back. Virat's fingers are tangled in Maanvi's hair and Maanvi's hands are tightly gripping onto Virat's shirt. Virat and Maanvi roll over so Maanvi is on top of Virat. They cannot have enough of each other. As each second passes they are getting closer and closer, oblivious to the world around them. It is all very sudden and instantaneous when Maanvi and Virat break apart from the kiss. Moments pass and Maanvi is just cuddled in Virat's arms lying on the bed. In between they gently stroke each other's lips with their own and come back to each other's arms. Virat will not let go of Maanvi. Time passes and eventually Virat moves his hand to the back of Maanvi's blouse and undoes the string holding it together. Once it is out he puts his hand on her bare skin. He moves his hands to Maanvi's shoulder and pushes off the shoulders on Maanvi's blouse. Virat leans down and kisses Maanvi's bare shoulders with his warm lips. Then he whispers in Maanvi's ears:

Virat: I love you Partner'.   

Alrightie guys! That's it Part 12 for ya! Hope you all enjoyed it!! Smile x


Quote: I thought some romance quotes would do the trick today! I usually right the quotes myself but these one are not written by me! Still, hope you like them!  

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

'Ingrid Bergman

A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving.

'Cyrano de Bergerac

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

'Lao Tzu   

Sorry no precap this time! Just wait and read!! Smile xxx 

Please forgive any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. Suggestions, ideas, feedback and criticisms are most welcome-don't hesitate to post! Please let me know if you wanted a PM but didn't receive one! It really does mean a lot to me if you hit LIKE and COMMENT! Don't have to but it would mean a lot if you did! Hope you enjoyed it :) x

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beautiful,beautiful updateHeart loooved it!!!

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Beautiful update!!
Loved it!!
Thanx 4 pm!!

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oh my god it was awesome im soo happy that manvi believed virat next part soon plzzz  and pm me ClapClap

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U made me speechless
I loved it so much it was damn interesting
I hate maya but i loved the whole interupting Virman thing, Maya's evil plan and finally the beautiful romantic and intense VirMan Confession
Continue soon and please pm me when u do

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I really loved it, thanks for the pm 

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Omg this was beautiful and romantic please PM me when you update

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Loved it swetheart. Mind blowng yar
u mak my day now i m mad on yr ff
love u n whole updt.cntinue sun n pm me
There a big hug fr u... Love u muah<3<3<3

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