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Arnav is wrong, Is Khushi right? (Page 8)

mysterygirl123 Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Just a few of responses:
1. She avoided looking into his eyes at that time, not because she felt guilty. That was a  reaction , because she wanted to point out that Arnav Singh Raizada too could be wrong, and she was scared and hesitant to tell him that just like he told Akash that anybody could make mistakes, he too could let down his ego to admit that he could have made a mistake. The shift of eyes at that poitn was because of that, nothing else
2. Khushi made a mistake from the viewer's spoint of view (because we can see things which obviously she cant) , not from the story point of view.
At one time she did want to tell him, but stopped when she remembered his intense love for his sister. At that time, she wanted to protect him from any hurt. She did that with Anjali too. Her reason for hiding is, she wants to protect people she cares for from any hurt. That is not a fault ( yes from the viewer's point it is, cause we see the repurcussions which she cannot)
3. Somewhere I read , that Khushi's characterization in the story is weak. I would say it is as strong as Arnav's. Its a complete Yin and Yang,  because if the Khushi characterization wasnt so strongly etched on the softer and milder side, Arnav's aggressive side wouldnt have been so strongly pronounced. And it is the strong Khushi characterization which will ultimately make ASR into Arnav.
The only reason females end up falling for Arnav, is because of the age old syndrome of loving the bad boy with a hard exterior and a soft heart, which struggles to come out. Thats a female thing, not because some other characterizations were weak.
4. My POV on whether Arnav is wrong or not, the fact that he misunderstood is not wrong. Anybody could have misunderstood. That he took such a ruthless and hasty decision of getting married without looking for explanations was certainly wrong. Because you do want to give a chance to a person to speak.
But if he did give a chance to let people speak, then he wouldnt be Arnav Singh Raizada. The fact that he rushed headlong into something so dark in a moment of anger, is just him...that is his imperfection (as Khushi had once said ...jab aap gusse mein hote hain , tab sochna band kar dete hain)
The story is not in thinking how bad or ruthless he is, the story is in looking forward to seeing this aggressive man with his imperfections take the effort to let his heart start speaking... and the one who will bring out this change , is another strong character , his better half in more ways than one...Khushi.
Sabzi mein sirf mirch daalo, to maza nahi. Sabzi mein sirf namak daalo to bhi koi maza nahi. Sabzi mein namak aur mirch dono chahiye.  ASR is mirch, and we love mirchi dont we? But we forget that jab tak namak(Khushi) na ho ( the supposedly inconsequential ingredient) , tab tak mirch ka swaad nikal ke nahi aata hai. The namak is crucial.
Too long a post !!!!!!!!Confused

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..BhUvaNa Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:30am | IP Logged
agree  zoha,

both have their faults.. and both will forgive and love each other once things are cleared

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sarra0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Both r wrong in their own way, two wrongs do not make a right.

Khushi for not tellin him initially, then wen she wud have told he did not listen and now she wudnt tell him because she thinks he hates her . But she shud at least tell someone as Shayam is gettin bolder.

ASR 4not asking her about the terrace scene, and then his subsequent actions and words wit her.

I think the difference is that his actions and words are crueler and more hurtful to Khushi for the most part. I get y neither have spoken about it initially but they are both at fault, but that is wat makes serials.
AR-ARHI_naila IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Ok zohu, I guess I couldnt explain my regret part in the previos post. let me try once more.
Imagine Khushi regretting like crazy for not letting Arnav the truth in the first place. Does it make any sense!!?? Shocked

Now imagine Arnav regretting like crazy for not not trustimg khushi, marrying her forcefully, hurting her badly several times etc. etc...Now got my point? I think I did explain my pov more clearly now. Wink
trina2010 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Great post Zoha.
I feel when the Shyam fiasco happened then Khushi should have told the truth to the Raizadas but she did not for two reasons . First over panicked Anji and second Payals marriage. Still I wanna give her benefit of doubt since she felt Shyam could be rectified. Now Shyam was always good to her from the beginning and she did not know his real intentions so she gave him a chance.
After that again after the terrace scene she decided to give him another chance because Anji was pregnant. That's the biggest mistake of her. She knew by that time that Arnav is being nice to her. She shouldnt have take the decision without informing him .I think this is a big mistake done by her. She did think so that Payal gets married easily and she was selfish in hiding the truth.
Now even after marriage Shyam is leaving no stones unturned to touch her and she is doing NOTHING. Does she need more confirmations regarding this? Why is she keeping mum about it? I find her irritating nowadays regarding this.
Arnavs anger is justified is the med scene but then is it possible to avoid Anji? She is sooo nagging. I don't think Khushi had much options there but overall I think it's mostly her fault that she is suffering. When Shyam manhandles her I get angry at her , at her weaknesses , at her stubbornness to do e everything on her own. Arnav was right when he said no one can do everything on their own. She should understand she is ruining many lives including her by keeping mum about Shyam still.
Arnav on the other hand is keeping mum regarding the reason for marriage is because he is afraid of loosing Khushi for good. He feels if he spits out the reason and Khushi confirms he won't be able to bear it.on the other hand if he is proven wrong Khushi might leave him for good without ever forgiving him for his mistake. He is in a tight spot. Though the more he is keeping quiet his path to redemption is becoming difficult and presently he is acting cruel because he is beyond jealous . It's NOT ABOUT ONLY DIs welfare now. It's pure jealousy and he can't control himself anymore.
So in short none of them are Saint. Khushi is no angel in fact she is commiting a crime actually by keeping quiet about Shyam nowadays and so does Arnav by doing the same mistake of letting his jinaji roam free inspire of knowing his true nature just because Shyamu is his nagging dumbo Di s fav boy toy.
I f

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coldy07 Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:37am | IP Logged

Lovely topic of discussion: Clap

Here is my POV on both of these:


Ok, I completely understand that she and her family were betrayed by Shyam. She was shocked, and was in a dilemma.

It was upto her to decide between 2 things then:

1)      Disclose his truth to the Raizadas, which might shatter Anjali's life, she'll  feel guilty for destroying her life. Wrong in a way. What if Shyam does repent one day? Let Anjali live peacefully

2)      Stay quiet, thereby betraying Anjali's trust. Again WRONG.

So you see, here the 1st path would lead to a WRONG, the 2nd would be wrong.

I remember a dialogue from a movie, " It's easy to choose between something  RIGHT and WRONG. But very difficult to choose between 2 WRONG things." Here Khushi had to make that, and must say it was a difficult one.

Maybe she thought, Shyam will rectify one day, and be sorry and return back to Anjali. She was a nave girl, she knew the pain of a broken marriage. Her sister had borne that. She didn't want to be the cause to ruin abother girl's life.


He believed what he saw. His temper overpowered everything else, his logic, his reasoning, everything!

At that minute all he could see was 2 things:

1)      His brother in law backstabbing his sister

2)      The worst part, the girl who he had given his heart to was involved in shattering his Di's life.

He felt guilty, guilty for allowing himself to fall for a girl who was responsible for ruining his Di's life. But more importantly, angry ,angry that a girl whom he had set eyes for, was actually seeing her dreams in the eyes of another MAN.

Jealousy, anger, helplessness, guilt! He decided to marry her! What better way to CONTROL the situations. After all he was ASR.

HE didn't give her the reason to marry, Khushi obliged, coz at stake was her sister's life.

Now here comes the point, she never thought she owed him an explanation, coz they actually didn't have a relationship before. Arnav had never really given her a positive signal. His actions confused her, and the poor soul was confused herself for what she was feeling. So prior to marriage, she never OWED him an explanation , if we consider the terms for a relationship.

But she did owe one to Nani and Anjali.

Arnav felt he didn't have to explain her the reason for the marriage, coz he felt she DESERVED this. For ruining di's life, and for unknowingly rejecting him

After marriage, pertaining to the recent incidents, of going with Shyam, she feels that she still doesn't OWE him an explanation, as he never fulfills the relationship that he has started. And he too hasn't given her a strong reason for the marriage to her. So why does she have to be answerable to him? 

Verdict : TongueSo finally, both need to start TALKING. Both have had trust issues. Both have been right in their own way!!They both have to see the  other in good light, realize what a gem of a person the other one is, ponder over themselves (Mainly Arnav here).

Khushi too needs to introspect, if  aperson can be all lovey dovey towards his Di, why the hatred towards her? It's probably something BIG. She should try and find out. And then, she needs to understand that, Shyam is in noway ever going to change. He has bigger plans, she needs to confide into someone ASAP. She alone will not be able to handle him. 

PS: If you've read the whole post, thank you for reaching till here.Tongue

PPS: I tried to put my thoughts in the best way possible. Sorry if I didn't make sense somewhere.

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nabnab

Hey zoha,

great post! You are right; they are both at fault to an extent.

Asr's flaw is his ego and pride which prevents him from confronting khushi about the terrace scene. He is afraid to hear her say that she is in love with another man.
But I think he has other reasoning too;
firstly, he heard her asking shyam to leave anjali-therefore she is the biggest threat to his di's married life. He has therefore identified her as the enemy and so doesn't want her to cotton on to his plans. By witholding the reason for marriage he has the upperhand in the relationship and he gets to punish her by going through with such a sham.
Also because he thinks she's the enemy, he doesn't want her to know that he is aware of what she is supposedly doing. He doesn't want her to know he knows

because arnav knows that shyam knows he saw the terrace scene
so what I don't understand is why does it never cross arnav's mind that shyam could have told khushi that arnav saw and heard!
If shyam and khushi are together and still carrying on after her marriage, surely shyam would have told her!!! It makes no sense that arnav believes shyam loves khushi and that she doesn't know that yet!!!!

My second point of frustration is our dear khushi
I'm one of those who believes she really should have told the raizadas..but she had Anjali and payal to think of. But what I never understood was that track where she started feeling sorry for shyam?!?!?! Of course that's just her nature wherein she innocently sees the best in everyone yet at the same fine she has never given arnav the benefit of the doubt and always expected the worst from him!
On the day of the marriage khushi like amav gave shyam one last chance to redeem himself cos of the pregnanc but since then his perverted behaviour has just gotten bolder and bolder!
It is so silly that she Spends her time playing petty games with asr with a creep like that on the loose! She 'can't' tell the raizadas. Fine- I. Understand that! But why not payal or her family?!
Whatever this reply may suggest, I'm not khushi bashing- I love her character! I just think it's getting beyond ridiculous that she does nothing about shyam. She's putting her body at risk and all this crap about protecting anjali is clearly BS cos she knows he lusts towards her!
Even if she waits till after birth, she must realise the truth will be out sooner or later and how will she expect anyone to understand her intentions then!
What we need is some introspection from her part and the cvs to wake up!

Anaya right?

After reading all that u wrote, i realised this show is not for u at all!! LOL, no Indian show infact for u,, coz u are very sensiblle! Big smile  big loopholes in the story,,,!

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fly_chick Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:39am | IP Logged
I think both are wrong and Both are right in their own POV
Khushi was wrong in concealing the truth from Arnav & Family- she has no right to decide whether they should or shouldn't know
Arnav was wrong in forcing her to marry him like that- the best thing would have been to say he wants to marry her and tell the pandit that that day is the only day they can so that the family would have done it( but we know that's not ASR's charecter).
I think the fact that they're both wrong in their own ways will make it easier for them to forgive and forget which hopefully is soon

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