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ArHiliciousDroolers#26: Ranjha Ranjha KardiVe Mein

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ArHilicious Droolers #26:
Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Ve Mein

Gossip Girl

 Anjali to do law as she knows how to change her own statements ROFL 

 Arnav in J factor kept his mind at auctions thats why he was just finding Shayam and Khushi not AnjaliTongue ROFL 

  If anyone had understood the meaning of the Indian serials in the show is Payal as she is acting like abla bechaari bahuROFL 

 After giving speech Nautanki mama felt on the top of the world and n excitement she jumped from the stage and Gossip Girl is giving her all consolodence to that stage Stern SmileROFL 

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Arnav and Khushi start quarreling again, which is seen by Nani who realizes that All is not well with Arnav and khushi... She devises a plan of bringign them together..

The Raizada's  leave for the fancy dress competition, Nani takes away Arnav's car keys preventing him from leaving ..Arnav is frustrated ... Nani also makes sure that her costume  has been left behind and Khushi is left with her own costume...Khushi panics and seeks Nani's guidance..Nani assures  Khushi that she has  everything under control, calls up the costume rentals and asks them to deliver the costumes ..The rentals deliver Heer Ranjha  costume .. Khushi dresses herself  in Heer Costume and leaves for the stage..meanwhile Nani  realizes that the costume of Ranjha is male and refuses to wear it ... Nani forces Arnav to wear it and support his wife..Arnav reluctantly  agrees to the plan..

Khushi is hamming in the stage, Arnav walks on to the stage and whispers that he is doing  this on the urging of Nani and that he does not know a single lines from the drama..Khushi tells him to follow her lead  and they encat Heer Ranjha where Arnav almost  bares his true feelings for Khushi..Khushi picks up on this cues and seeks an explanation from a stonewalling Arnav..Khushi gets frustrated and leaves the green room and bumps into a worried looking Payal ..

Payal reveals to Khushi that she  deliberately lost  the competition after  getting a request  from one of the fellow contestant who pleaded with her to lose the competition as they were in dire need of the Money ...Just them Khushi gets to know that her act has got her the first prize defeating the very purpose of Payal's losing...Khushi meets the organizers , refuses to take the money saying that  she cheated ...

Arnav is angry and confronts Khushi, Khushi refuses to answer him..Arnav walks away in a huff..Anjali comes in search of Khushi  and finds Khushi  still in the Green room..Anjali  has a brief  dizzy spell  ..Khushi gets worried  and tells Anjali she will get  Anjali's medication from the nearby chemist, Anjali refuses to send ehr alone and calls Shyam to help Khushi... Shyam grabs this opportunity with both hands, corners her into leaving with him..A reluctant Khushi leaves with Shyam without informing anyone as Anjali does not want to bother anybody specifically Arnav..

The fancy dress competition comes to an end , Mami comes to know the truth from Veena who  informs Maami thatPayal lost bec she  had requested ehr to..Maami forgives Payal and accepts Payal as her Bahu...Meanwhile Arnav realizes both Khushi and Shyam are missing..Arnav goes in search of   Khushi and spots her having an apparently intimate moment  with Shyam ...Arnav does not realize that  Shyam is harassing Khushi , fully understanding that Khushi will not create a scene publicly...Arnav leaves the place before he can see all this..

Anjali  comes in search  Khushi, Khushi hands over the medicines to Anjali, Anjali  again  requests Khushi not to say anything to Arnav...Arnav  comes up to them, demands to know the whereabouts of  Khushi, Anjali pips up and lies that Khushi was with her backstage, Arnav does not buy it but holds his peace ...The Raizada's make a move..

 Arnav  stops Khushi right outside of the door and demands to know where Khushi was , he also says that he does not believe that Khushi was with Anjali..Khushi refuses to answer  any questions of Arnav... Arnav and Khushi have a huge blow out  with Arnav almost  stating the reason  for the marriage but stops himself after saying that he did it to save someone's life ...Khushi does not get the hint and both stalk away still angry at one another..

Next day Anjali clears Arnav's misconception and  says that Khushi  hid the truth cos anjali had asked her too, Khushi who observes the affectionate bond that exists between the siblings feels sad  that she  is recipient of Arnav's  hate..Arnav  feels slightly guilty , Arnav makes an indirect apology to Khushi who brushes it off with her usual acerbity.. arnav gets angry on this rebuff and immediately notes to himself that Khushi could have declined going with Shyam if she had felt so inclined...

A already hurt Khush is further  hurt when Arnav  speaks harshly .. Khushi resolves not to come infront of Arnav and give him the peace of mind that he is supposed to have lost after marriage ..Arnav begins to miss Khushi and searches for her ...

Ranjha ranjha kardi ve main aape ranjha hoyi
Ranjha ranjha saddo ni mainu heer na aakho koyi

^I have chanted Ranjha's name so many times and I am Ranjha myself now. There is no Heer anymore.

When we love someone with such depth, they become embedded in us to an extent where we forget who we really are, what it is like to have a life where we don't have them with us. This week's Achari Scene is the Heer-Ranjha's play which indicates ArHi's future, a future of unconditional and irrevocable love, a future where we won't be able to tell one apart from the other, a future where one cannot exist without the other. Arnav and Khushi, two halves of the same soul. Take one away and the other will come running behind like a shadow otherwise, they will be left incomplete...

A very well deserved Joota scene of the week:

While everyone is preparing for the talent show, Shyam is in Arnav's room working on his flop plansLOL to steal the bank papers. And, he escapes quickly when he hears Anjali coming in, thus leaving the dhaaga which is tied around his wrist accidentally on Arnav's cupboard knob. Now, we all thought that this is great.Clap.Arnav will eventually find out that Shyam was snooping around his room and will be more aware of his misdeeds...Wink

But all went down the drainShocked...when the dhaaga landed up straight on Anjali's hands..and the pativrata that AnjaliD'oh is thought that her pati parmeshwar Shyam must have accidentally dropped it or left it when he went to search for his kurta in Arnav's cupboard. D'ohNow please tell me that you dont feel like throwing your shoes...right at this scene. What was the whole point to show Shyam leaving that dhaaga behind and then for that dhaaga to land right on Einstein Anjali's hands..for no rhyme or reason.Confused

So go ahead and throw as many shoes you have my friends...this entire scenario takes the award of warehouse of joota's.ROFL  I feel like a breaking  coconut outside ganesh temple in hopes of making Anjali even smarter than what she already is.LOL

Luv ya all and have a fab weekend folksEmbarrassed


Date: 2nd April 2012 Day: Monday Episode: 221 Scene: Not taking any risk when horn is concerned! Reason: The natural flow of the scene This time, it's a really short scene that captured my attention. Khushi and Arnav both were searching in the dressing room for Nani for their respective reasons. Inevitably, they run into each other and their forehead bumps. Without giving Arnav Singh Raizada to utter a single What the, Khushi promptly held his face in her palms and pulled him close to bang their forehead together once again.She ignored his 'Have you gone mad' and dismissed him saying she didn't want to have a horn in her head! Dialogue of the Scene: Khushi: Hum nehi chahte ke hamare sing nikal aye! Performer of the Scene: Arnav, for his incredulous look when she banged their foreheads and the hint of an invisible smile at her ridiculous remark. Message from me: Say NO to Plagiarism!

This weeks Rakshabandan Scene was the bond between Arnav and Anjali which left even Khushi awestruck. How cute was that? He acutally searched up things about pregnancy so he could take care of his sister. That is the cutest thing in the world.

I loved the way there were not as many dialogues but Daljeet and Barun's facial expression said it all. Great work to the both of them and amazing scene!

That is it from me!

Heya fellow Arhi droolers 

The entire week can be made 2 come under this section cos there were literally loads of fillers...

Fancy dress competition for grown ups?! The promotion for sum Super star show with Chikni Chameli ...gawwd! I can understand channel's pressure but wat was with  dedicating entire epi for promotions?! And for god's if u wanted 2 show fancy dress show, wat s the reason for making us watch gabbar-thakur, pari-rakshash, vikram-betal?! The list goes on n on...And entire family cajoling mami, few secs is OK , half of the epi s so NOT ok!

Okay...from Monday s new week...hope CVs won't disappoint us this time

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this week's best character is khushi. she was d best. i juz lovd her boldness nd frank attitude! when arnav decided to be ranjah nd said i dont know any dialogues khushi helped him nd handled d situation nicely. she even asked arnav to complete d unfilled sentence he was saying. i was cheering for her when she said called shyam jeejaji in d medical shop nd made him embarrased!! nd she even decided nt to show arnav her face nd make him hppy. wow khushi u even sacrificed d award 4 others!! ur d best khushi. 

Hey peeps!

The most irritating character of the week is one who bothers us to such an extent that we want to smash our television screens! This week's most annoying personality is none other than Arnav.

To be honest, it has become so repititive and boring to see him treat Khushi with so much harshness without really knowing the whole truth. He should, at the very least, talk to it about Khushi even if he hates her. She will give him some sort of answer!  The whole week has been going on the same track of him backing out before blurting out the truth to her face. Why doesn't he??? Is he scared it'll be true? I thought Arnav Singh Raizada was a man who faced his fears. 

Similarly, he behaved really harsh with Khushi in Thursday's episode. Felt really bad seeing Khushi endure so much pain because of no reason whatsoever!

Anyways, that's it for this week. Hope to see you guys in the next. Byeee

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week how has the week been for you all...hope everyone is doing fine both in the terms of health and also coping with the MU track. Well there were ups and downs this week but oh well the positives can't be looked over and therefore that is wat's keeping me glued to the show. Friday was a good episode and i would be lying if i say that i have no hope left...i actually feel the cvs are learning and coming back on track and yes that is one of the reasons i am giving u this maha speech cause there weren't many funny scenes this week and therefore i have nothing else to talk about<<<<

So anyways coming to the topic this week's funniest character award goes to none other then the guy who was dancing in front of the stage during the chikni chammali number, he had great self esteem *cough cough* and his maturity level was quite high too..*rolls eyes* pardon the sarcasm please...

 i know this is so illogical but m afraid i have no one else to give this award to so who ever disagrees with me well i got one phrase to say to them...suck it up princess. lol sorry i think i had too much red bull today

So this is all for this week...i'll spare u guys the horror and go back to my depressingly boring weekend chores...u guys have fun and take care..!!

Hello Guys! I am back now  With the dialogue of the Week! *dances* This weeks Special dialogue. 

Looking at my blush emoticon u must have realized which dialogue is it..  

**Jab joh bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahi. Jab joh bura kiya, uska koi matlab nahi. Iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi, bas ek cheez ka matlab mein hamesha, hamesha tumse..** <<(I wish he would complete the sentence) *DD*

Anyway, see u wonderful people Next week...

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not much progress on the week.. but do our actors ever disappoint? Wink tragic or happy.. love stories were never this perfectly impersonated.. 

Khushi and Payal looked lovely, indeed, in their Heer and Radha costumes and Arnav looked extra-delicious and droolicious in the Ranjha suitDay Dreaming But leaving all of them behind this week, Manorma Mami once again takes the crown.

^^Not only does she literally have a crown on her forehead, but the Krishnaji look is tailor made for her. I never thought I'd say this but she actually looks adorable!Heart

Alright does anyone remember Thursday episode when Khushi was about to fall like usualLOL but this time she made me KAANPHUSED by her left and right hand

Is it right hand or left handShocked

After looking these pics I am still  KAANPHUSEDEmbarrassed

Okay whatever is they are still holding there hands thats what matter to me.

We have not one but two bloopers this week. Another one being this one.

Yolaaa frendsss! how'd u all been doing! well lets get straight to the bloopers we had this week..


Okay The ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA participates in a community Fashion show! And there's no news/headlines/media coverage about it?!!remember how it was all hyped in the fashion show at the beginning! And even when he announced his engagement to what the! CV's choose to create that whenever they want! This even pricked me when Arnav married Khushi ,damn its Arnav Singh Raizada, this has to be the news! everything related to him has to be headlines! Gahhh


And why do I see almost ermm exactly the same people! In the audience!??? why are these set of people always the same who play the relatives of Raizada's,AR's employees,ASR's collegues, and the society neighbors!!grrr CV's and Producer's get new actors!!

dekho dekho ghoor se dekho!im sure u all must've noticed them at so many scenes!blah..


And what??We had a BODY DOUBLE for AKaash!! And he didn't wee-bit looked like akash at all!!he hardly has any scenes! duh!

---- of the obvious bloopers was the hand hold during the obnoxiously put Rabba ve in Thursday's bombastic ARHI scene ! Goshhh! Better direction required!!


and BTW the community hall was our Raizada mansion itself!LOL


That's all folks! Sorry couldn't get pics for you all!

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By Zunni ! 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - viniva sharma 

Here is ur Gift

By Ragii !  

Here is ur Gift

Made By - Baki 

Here is ur Gift

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CrazySaRunianThreeDspink.lotus..-Niru-..Nikki_Cpollypollymits002reyaa.saniya.x--Sobi--Electric_BuBBlePunkin22--Siva--Keshriya.infinite.-GredForge---sumana13--the_rain.Mandy.shybabeDark-Hues..Sakeena..pinky_blueskies.Saraa.--sunshine--sarra0.Jazz.bahi...Amina..somergasm.-Deepali-Roshini1494delightful.mishti_17Sunshine Girlilluminated.ZoobiDoobi

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Pride and Beauty

 " Eternal Love "

So many miles apart , broken paths and hearts
Buried deep within the thoughts, that faces every day
Burning questions of the games that are playing with us,
Unable now to lend a comfort to the painful tears inside
Covered with a cloak of sorrow, no place to be found to hide,
Her heart made of glass and his heart is made of stone

Days have become harder
Since the last time they held each-other close
And even though they are far away
They still love more than their hearts know
In his garden, the sky is no longer blue,
Clouds take on a different hue
The flowers droop; surrendered and defeated,
Their days falls and seems to be repeated
Trapped in their own world-
where their fantasy turned to a bitter
nightmare haunts him every night and day,

And now they find ways to astray, clinging to the edge, hoping to
see each-other once more, 'cause both are lost,
And they don't know how to be found
As he doesn't found any pillows tonight,
Things are lost to treasure, paths are distorted to walk
Numb and frozen in time; they screams and no voices shudders,
Silence have landed upon an empty shore , breathless yet forlorn

As the sunlit fades away in between the thunderstorms
Love is running in the midst of chaos to seek the destination,
As they stepped on that ship,
He couldn't sleep, she couldn't breathe
Mind is running with thoughts of love and hate
The happiness they had with each-other turned to blue,
Even though how far their cross roads are,
Love completes the puzzle for a moment ,
For a lifetime , destined to be one , destined to hold forever.

Runner Up

Aftermath of the Heer and Ranjha Dance by mandira 1

Here is ur Gift


The Dark Prince: OS- He's Not the Perfect Prince
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Untouched Memories by Ri_luvs_ArShi

Here is ur gift


Surreptitious by reyabear

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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This week... need I say how annoying it was? Misunderstanding on top of misunderstanding. Seriously, what's going on? One hasn't ended that other has started. But must say, Heer-Rangha scenes were the only part worth watching. On top, Shyam! Censored It's about time he gets kicked out of the show. At least start the track of everyone finding out. All Anjali seems to be doing is ignoring the suspections and vibes. Why? Stern SmileThis week deserves no more than 2 stars. StarStar

Alright apart from friday episode we felt like why are we watching this showTongue. Thanks to spoiler we know whats coming up and we are bit relaxed now but one request make these 6 months as short as possible because we are tortured to see ArHi in this ondition and we can't see them like this anymore.Ouch PLEASE avoid any kind of man-handling as it directly questions woman's dignity.

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skamaniCrazySaRunianThreeDspink.lotusNikki_Cpollypollyreyaa.saniya.xElectric_BuBBle--Sobi----Siva--Keshriya--sumana13--.infinite.Punkin22the_rain.Mandy.Dark-Hues--sunshine--pinky_blueskies..Amina...Jazz.bahi.somergasm.illuminated.-Deepali-delightful.Sunshine Girlmishti_17ZoobiDoobi

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Hello, DroolersHug

Hereon we begin to aspire to reach the next milestone for our Newsletter and hopefully, like us Droolers, our ArHi will also mark a new beginning in their relationship.

Thank you, readers, for being our inspiration and thank you, team, for being our backbone!

Hope you enjoy reading the 26th edition!Big smile

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