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Lalita's take : Ram's reaction to Daadi's advice (Page 3)

Siacutie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 6:51am | IP Logged
beautiful @ touchy take 
i loved it 
continue soon

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged
awsome lalita. thanks

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fanraya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Wow Lalita, really beautiful.. as always.. love it.Smile

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pisces12 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by LalitaLahiri

Hey Guys, just read a few lovely versions of RaYa reactions on IF after Daadi's advice to them. Here's a another one to bore you with Cry

Ram  &  Priya  walked  up  the  stairs  to  their  room,  both  busy  in  their  own  thoughts.  Priya  was    embarrassed  on  hearing  Daadi's  dialogue    :  That  Krishnaji  had  been  pregnant  with  Ram  only  3  months  after  her  marriage  and  here  it  was  already  6  months  post  their  marriage.

Thank  God  only  she  and  Ram  were  there  in  the  room  with  Daadi  and  Rishabh  wasn't  there.

She  turned  to  share  her  thoughts  with  Ram  as  they  entered  their  room.  But  she  was  shocked  when  she  saw  his  face  !  Ram's  face  was  total  ashen;    he  looked  as  if  he'd  just  been  delivered  the  greatest  blow  of  his  life.

Priya  :  Kya  hua  Mr.  Kapoor  ?

Ram  :  Yeh  Daadi  ko  kya  ho  gaya  achanak  se?

Priya  :  Matlab  ?

Ram  :  Kya  matlab?  You  were  also  there  '  you  didn't  hear  her  ? 

Priya,  still  unable  to  comprehend  :  But  why  are  you  so  worried  '  so  tensedi  ?

Ram  :  Yeh  zaroori  hai  kya,  ki  shaadi  ke  baad  bachche  ho  ?

Priya  :  Nahin,  woh  zaroori  toh  nahin  hai  par  ..

Ram  :  I  don't  want  to  talk  about  this  at  all.  I  have  quite  a  bit  of  unfinished  work  as  I  rushed  back  home.  And  for  this  !  Anyways,  I  will  talk  to  Vikram  and  ask  his  help  as  to  how  to  deal  with  Daadi.

Priya  nodded  her  head.  Ram  settled  down  on  one  side  of  the  bed  with  his  laptop.  Priya  roamed  around  the  room  wondering  what  to  do.  Ram  continued  talking  to  her  once  in  a  while,  in  the  midst  of  his  work.  On  any  other  day,  Priya  would  have  been  overjoyed  to  have  her  husband  back  from  his  office  so  early  and  get  to  spend  so  much  time  with  him.  She  blushed  when  she  remembered  Daadi's  words  to  her  earlier  in  the  day.  Apparently  their  new  found  love  was  visible  to  everyone.  Neha  had  been  right  when  she'd  said  "Ishq  aur  mushq  chupaya  nahin  jaata". 

But  her  peace  of  mind  was  now  shattered  by  Ram's  reaction  to  Daadi  words.  She  had  thought  Ram  would  love  the  thought  of  having  a  baby  of  his  own.  He  had  been  so  excited  to  hear  of  Natasha's  baby.  Then  what  was  wrong  now?  Was  it  Daadi's  mention  of  Krishnaji  which  had  put  Ram  off?    She  knew  how  Ram  lost  his  temper  whenever  there  was  any  mention  of  his  real  mother.  Could  that  be  it?  She  mused  for  a  while.

No,  that  also  did  not  sound  plausible.  He  might  have  been  angry  with  Daadi  for  the  comment  but  why  would  he  react  so  negatively  to  having  babies  of  their  own?  That  night  on  the  boat  in  Australia,  he  had  seemed  to  regret  the  fact  that  there  was  apparently  no  possibility  of  his  own  kids  in  his  life.

Ram  did  not  bring  up  the  topic  again.  They  finished  with  their  dinner  and  Bansi  Kaka  came  in  and  cleared  the  table.  Ram  had  finished  with  his  work  before  dinner  and  so  they  now  had  time  to  chat,  to  watch  television  and  to  spend  time  together.  IPL  had  just  started  and  there  was  a  Mumbai  vs  Pune  match  that  day.  Sachin  was  injured  and  would  not  be  playing  but  still  it  was  expected  that  the  Mumbai  Indians  would  thrash  the  relatively  new  Pune  team.

Ram  switched  on  the  AC  and  the  television  simultaneously  and  leaned  against  the  pillows.  Priya  took    time  braiding  her  hair  into  a  plait,  applying  cream  on  her  face  and  was  finally  ready  to  relax.  She  smiled  when  noticed  that  Ram  had  used  up  both  the  pillows  as  support  behind  him.  She  turned  to  go  to  the  closet  for  another  pillow  when  Ram  pulled  her  back  into  the  bed,  close  to  him,  so  that  she  ended  up  sitting  very  close  to  him,  resting  against  him.  The  need  for  another  pillow  was  eliminated.   

  Both  of  them  knew  that  they  were  probably  behaving  like  teenagers  but  they  had  spent  so  many  years  alone  waiting  for  the  right  person  to  come  into  their  life  '.  and  to  fall  in  love.

Ram  :  Priya..

Priya  :  ji..?

Ram  :  Kaun  "ji"  ?

Priya  smiled  :  Kuch  nahin.  Kahiye?

Ram  :  Tum  soch  rahi  ho  na  ..  ki  main  Daadi  ki  baat  sunke  itna  pareshaan  kyon  hoon?

Priya  looked  into  his  eyes  and  did  not  reply.

Ram  :  Priya.  I'm  selfish.  Very  selfish.    All  my  life  I  have  been  alone,  craving  for  a  little  bit  of  love.  Finally  when  I  understood  that  love  was  not  there  in  the  basket  of  treasures  God  had  otherwise  gifted  me  with,  I  learned  to  live  without  it.  I  thought  love  in  my  life  would  take  on  the  meaning  of  making  my  family  happy,  giving  in  to  all  their  demands.  And  their  happiness  would  bring  happiness  to  me.  But  you've  changed  everything  in  my  life  Priya.  You've  turned  all  my  theories    upside  down.  Now  I  want  to  live  for  myself.    Do  you  remember,  on  the  morning  when  I  was  going  to  collect  your  cancer  report,  you  said  '  I'm  afraid  to  get  a  positive  report  now.  .because  in  the  last  7  days  I've  learnt  what  happiness  is  '.?  Its  the  same  with  me  Priya. 

Priya  :  Ram,  it's  the  same  with  me  too.  ..

At  hearing  her  say  "Ram"  so  spontaneously,  Ram  interrupted  her  and  gave  her  a  hug.  Priya  blushed.

Ram  :  Haan,  continue.

Priya  :  I  agee  with  everything  you're  saying  and  you  know  that  I  feel  the  same  way  too.  But  I  cannot  understand  why  you're  so  against  a  child  coming  into  our  lives  ..  ?

Ram  takes  a  deep  breadth  :  Priya,  before  I  came  into  your  life,  you  loved  your  family  wholeheartedly.  Right? 

Priya  :  Haan

Ram  :  I  know  I'm  being  dramatic  ..  but  if  required,  you  would  also  be  willing  to  die  for  them,  right?

Priya  smiles  :  Haan

Ram  :  And  now?  Mujhe  pata  hai,  Priya,  now  you  will  never  leave  me  for  your  family  ever  again.  Even  if  it  is  a  case  of  a  simple  dinner,  you'll  choose  to  have  it  with  me  rather  than  with  them.  Leave  aside  all  big  issues  where  you'll  definitely  be  there  for  me.  You'll  choose  me  over  all  of  them  put  together.  Hai  na?

Priya  nodded.

Ram  :  I  know  Priya.  I  know  this  doesn't  mean  that  you  love  them  any  less.  But  you  love  me  more.  And  I'll  do  the  same  for  you. 

They  sat  quietly, engulfed  in  each  others'  arms.  Content.

Ram,  softly  :  Main  selfish  hoon  Priya.  Bahut  selfish  hoon.  Main  janta  hoon    that  you'll  make  a  very  good  mother.  Par  main  yeh  nahin  chahta  ki  bachche  hone  ke  baad,  tum  usse  mere  se  zyaada  pyaar  karo.    I'm  not  saying  that's  wrong.  Motherwood  is  probably  the  most  fulfilling  experience  in  any  woman's  life.  But  I  want  to  remain  the  priority  in  your  life  Priya.  I  want  to  be  your  whole  life.  Like  you  are  for  me.  Mujhe  galat  mat  samjho  Priya.  This  is  why  I  don't  want  even  my  own  baby  to  come  into  our  lives.  Please.

Priya  cradled  him  in  her  arms.  She  was  overwhelmed  with  what  he  just  said  and  could  understand  his  apprehension,  his  fear,  his  anxiety.  This  was  not  a  simple  fear,  like  a  fear  of  injections  which  she  could  talk  and  soothe  away.  This  was  a  deep  rooted  fear  of  being  abandoned  and  '.  unloved. 

Would  she  ever  be  able  to  help  him  overcome  this?

Wonderful story.
I am so relieved to read this version. There was so much of misunderstanding on the forum about Ram calling Vikram for advice. But you have put the concern, fear in the most beautiful way.  You really write very well. Love to read your takes. Very nice thoughts and very beautifully quoted in this take. I hope the CVs actually show this. 

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Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 8:22am | IP Logged
nice thought 
hope cv's planned something like this 

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
As usual awesome take.Big smile

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mem1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged

another wonderful post! I like your idea of Ram's insecurity. 
And it was really good writing. Enjoyed it a lot. 
When watching the show, I thought maybe they are concerned about their age and that might be their chief concern on why they don't want to have kids. but who knows. Whatever it is, I like your take.

I was reading those negative comments too, and feel bad. But you know what. I am kind of losing that addiction I had to the show. I still love it, but I don't find myself thinking about it every second of the day. To me, it is losing that charm slowly. HOpe that is temporary. 
But your posts have not lost any of that charm they always had. So keep writing. 

I was reading several comments and seems like a lot of people got hooked to IF just because of your takes. I am one of them. I didn't even know of IF. i found your take on google one day, and then kept searching in google to see if you had a new one. That is how I found IF.

As for your concern about them having babies, here's what I am hoping. 6 months since their wedding took more than 6 months in the serail .so what if Priya gets pregnant, and the 9 months of pregnancy take about an year in the seral. That might be fun to watch, don't you think. all the love and care that Ram can shower on his pregnant wife can be something really cute to watch. 

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Dear Lalita before I read this and give my feedback i wanna ask something... rn't u gonna write more on ur other fiction based on RaYa's separation? sorry for using this space as u seemed to be active on this page at the moment.


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