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Aquiline, nice to hear back from you after a week.
Happy Easter!!
 Amazing characterization of Shyam. Very aptly written being a lawyer he knows how to use words and how to use them so that he can convince the opponent so well. He really uses the lawyer traits which is to know your client and the case well before you defend him and that is what he has been doing along. He has been saying truth most of the time Anjali, like during the ring...he told her that he was going to marry someone else...which was true. So again when the truth comes out about him being Khushi's fiance' he will say Rani sahiba I told you ...and she will remember that day. Then again recently he talked about her property, although she did not take that very well but she still did not take it seriously either. He did the same with the Gupta family, he never said that he wanted to marry Khushi but he always manipulate and put those words in their mouths and Buaji ended up asking him to marry Khushi.
Again its soap and at the end all will be well. As his past or any member of his family has never been revealed, maybe when Arnav and Anjali past is uncovered they might show that his family was also involved. The CV has to give some kind of justification to his character as why he is the way he is.

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Bubbly!! What a post!! So much of time and effort it must have taken for you to put come up with this!! Thanks to Yasmin Banu we got such an insight!! This is brilliant!! You have made me think about it too..! Although I must say I have given it some thought earlier as well..! You know it!

Now its true.. that his past holds the secret to all his present actions! We have not been given any glimpse or clue to that! But I think this will come into picture when the truth is out before Anjali and he explains either in fury or in repentance why he is like this!! And then they might focus on past incidents! We cannot deny that he uses the extra cash when he needs it.. and gets it through Anjali and from Arnav's pocket! And his desire for Khushi is all evident!! He has announced it himself!!

Now I for one, do not want that angle to come true.. his perseverance in psyching Khushi to believe in his love and turn to him willingly when she needs a shoulder to cry on!! God!! This thought might give me a sleepless night or two!!

I would like to put forward what I think about it.. Well..if he says the truth while fooling everyone, which he does, to save himself from the web of lies and also to prepare his case in advance that he never lied about his intentions, its just that nobody believed him.. then I think thats what he did to Khushi too!! He told her this marriage suffocates him!!! That nobody knows the truth, the real story of the marriage!! He used lies to prove that or in your own words he used the truth to cover up the lies, but maybe that is how it is!! He feels suffocated by the zealous, bordering on crazy, brother-sister love, by the constant guarding, the fierce protection!! Maybe he has to live under the raizada roof which is something he doesnt want! Its only for Anjali's comfort that ASR has made such an arrangement!! We saw him living quite happily with Buaji and khushi and all in a small house, leaving all the luxuries behind!! That says a lot about him, doesnt it?

He said.. Kuchh galtiyan aisi hoti hain jinhe hum chaah kar bhi nahi badal pate!! Which he might quite mean!! He took a decision due to circumstances maybe, and then cudnt get out of it!! Coz he knew it was dangerous!! ASR would not let him take any decision!! We have also been shown what a control freak ASR is!! Maybe he controls Shyam's life too in a way, which Shyam doesnt like!!
We have not forgotten but the characters have been trampled with recently! Shyam was shown as a self respecting character not really interested in ASR's money in the beginning!! In fact thats what everyone admired so much about him in the Raizada house!! He has also been shown as grudging ASR his power and arrogance!! It was quite eveident on the day ASR left Khushi in the middle of the road and drove away!! The day Khushi did the Mausi ji act from Sholay!! She later tells Shyam about why she was upset and he says.. Arnav Singh Raizada, I will teach you a lesson someday for all your arrogance!! He also showed some of those shades recently when he mocked at his helplessness in telling the truth to Anjali!

Now, His desire for Khushi.. Ahh.. maybe its love, just the obsessive kind!! Again he admitted that himself to Arnav! May be this is his first love too.. love at first sight!! He cant help it!! Maybe Anjali has always only been an adjustment or compromise, an obligation!! While he feels not just attraction, but tender love too for Khushi! But the forbidden fruit factor has turned it into obsession!! She has been shown in the serial as someone who could affect the hardest of hearts!! ASR is one self proclaimed heartless, emotionless guy!! He has fallen for her madly, against his wishes!! Maybe, its like that with Shyam too.. he fell for her, and couldnt help it!

In any case, I always believe Shyam is just a few shades darker than what Arnav is!! They are very similar in most ways..! I am scared to say this lest people start shouting at me!!

This topic made me run away with my imagination and my burble!! I could so go on and on..!! Please bear with the length.. Oh Bubbly you entice the thinker in me!! I hope these musings made some sense!!

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Thanks supermom1 and Shweta! Your picture of Shyam is real thought-provoking! 
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I have given it a thought.
You know i have a theory...i dont know...a little weird but here it is..
What if Shyam got interested in Khushi because he thought she hates ASR? Maybe he hated ASR too, since start..! Because his wife valued her brother more than her husband, i mean that's what he must have felt or probably for some other 'unknown past' reason but what if he hates ASR since start...may be even before marrying Anjali! And knowing Khsuhi hates him too, he went after her...he wanted to win her! Win a woman who loved him and hated ASR which Anjali didn't...that can be his motivation to go blindly in love with Reading too much into things, am i? And later when he found Khushi falling for Arnav, he got all more challenged to win her back! Hows it?
And well you know that scene, where Shyam holds Khushi's hands forcibly while Arnav's watching them? Arnav can't see Khushi struggling and somehow i feel Shyam knows this...the way he leaves her hand in a snap...just like that! I don't know why they wont show if he deliberately mislead Arnav but i felt so..! I love my shows villian too :D

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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I have honored you with this designation for a very good reason!
That creep was siiting on your mind - wasn't he?
Wonderful Analysis - I guess, you almost have wriiten a short book on his character analysis -
I totally agree - he will change due to true love ultimately - there is
too much power in love and redemption has to have a place in life...
Otherwise nothing will stand together...
Ah, Aqua - this is true you!Clap

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Originally posted by Lovely1

I have honored you with this designation for a very good reason!
That creep was siiting on your mind - wasn't he?
Wonderful Analysis - I guess, you almost have wriiten a short book on his character analysis -
I totally agree - he will change due to true love ultimately - there is
too much power in love and redemption has to have a place in life...
Otherwise nothing will stand together...
Ah, Aqua - this is true you!Clap
Yes -
I call you 'Aqua' purposefully - you reflect - Aqui does not - it's my nickname given to you!
You look at WHOLE ArHii - every person affecting their life - that's what makes your thought process intriguing because every person affects their life - has deeper percussions - And yes, everyone wants Shyam dead but then what is different - life is about learning and correcting - and relearning... It never ends till death stops it!
Yes, your picture matches your name...

ps. After our PM communication decided to put it it stays...

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vimmiya Senior Member

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Dear Genius, sorry for the delay yaar - Here is
"invisible giant - Shyam Manohar Jha"

Intelligence is god gift, sometimes, people work on it and use it in appropriately, and sometimes people use it for deceit. That is the reason thief exhibits his intelligence and valour than the police force because he is breaking a firewall. The character that we encounter from the inception happens to be the antagonist "Shyam Manohar Jha" - (Darkness) personally, I name him "the invisible giant"

We are oblivious of the reason how Shyam was married to Anjali, still it is a guarded secret by the CV. The only highlight that shed some light is he married to Anjali Singh Raizada under an extraordinary circumstances and he entered into her life.

When we look in Shyam, we can understand that he is strategically placed. He makes himself invisible but makes a huge impact felt in other characters because of the geographical location he is in.

He is between Anjali and Arnav; between Arnav and Khushi; between Anjali and Khushi; between Aakash and Payal. We can envisage that even a slight tremor from his side can cause a real damage in the Raizada Richter scale. That is also the reason I call him "The invisible Giant"

Here let me start the analysis from a different perspective.

Who is Anjali and what role Shyam has in her life?

Anjali (Angel or Messenger of God) happens to be the wife of Shyam. She stands as the Apex character of the edifice of Raizadas. She happens to be the only daughter of Raizada family and her likes and dislikes always takes precedence. She in her own way carries an inferiority complex that she is an individual of special needs. Her parent's loss and a complex brother made her vulnerable but maintains her resolute when circumstances driven.

The love and care showered by her to all the family members and especially her brother who is realistically driven makes her the apple of the eye.

The irrevocable love and faith she has towards Shyam is always at the zenith. She considers him as a god sent bounty and is affirmative that the bond she shares with him dilutes boundaries. The world she believes and lives is illusionary, as she does not see her life beyond the veneer.

When the truth is revealed about her unfaithful husband what is her disposition is something that is a subject of debate, the mainly reason being the rest of the people lives are intertwined with her existence. That is the power of Anjali.

Shyam Manohar Jha Perspective about her?

Shyam Manohar Jha is an enigma but a great opportunist. Though he is a lawyer by profession, he administers his skill better at home. He married her without an iota of love, a sacrifice he made with conscious the apparent reason being the wealth and bounty that comes with it. He scheduled and rescheduled himself to build a castle of trust in front of Anjali shaking that trust is not everyone's dream and possibility.

The ace for him is Anjali, he always is a stimulus to her and she reciprocates with vigor. In other words, Shyam always can manipulate her and make her dance to his whims and fancies.

With his deceit, he kept giving direct answers to Anjali - I am going to marry, I am looking for your money, but the love in Anjali made his answers sustain.

Anjali, I have heard from my grandmother that husband is "Aatheen Ka Sanp". Therefore, we do not when he will bite. Therefore, always have a caution.  

Deviyani Singh Raizada (Main goddess or Mastermind) Vs Darkness

She is the patriarch of the Raizada family and maternal grandmother of Anjali Jha. With the twist of turn and fortunes, she took the charge of two orphaned grand children and still managed to have her voice heard and felt in the household. She considers that Shyam is the best match that happen to Anjali at odd circumstances, she did not bother about his status but very contented that Shyam is keeping his grand daughter happy.

More significantly, she respects and adores his grand Son-in-law.

Shyam's game plan with Madame Raizada

Shyam - being a manipulator, he always romances with words more than anything does. His ulterior motive being to gain the implicit trust in the family. Deviyani Raizada stands as a pedestal to his motive. His words and actions are synchronized as he dealt with Deviyani to get the best deal from her. For eg., the sacred thread reached the wallet of Arnav mainly because of the DSR.

Deviyani Singh Raizada - you should know by experience that all that glitters is not gold - most of the time artificial jewellery gives more dazzle, therefore, tries to understand the motive.

Manorama (pleasing to the mind) all comes from the root word Manoranjan (pleasing)

Manorama's take on Shyam

Women from a humble beginning and still trying to carve her niche in the foothold of Raizada Clan. With her razor sharp tongue and wit, she always grasp the attention of the family. From what I inferred, she is the sharpest woman of the womenfolk there. She sees reality and was able to augur what is going to happen. She was the first to inform her husband that Shyam's long absence intermittently is not a good sign. Despite her misgivings towards anyone, she loves the Raizada family very much. She adores and loves Anjali and loves.

Shyam's take on Manorama

Shyam never had any problem in dealing with Manorama, except they always have a casual communication. There are no threats from Shyam regarding Manorama neither Shyam envisages one.

Manorama : instead of concentrating more on Payal and status, little attention from your side will connect the dots.

Aakash (He is Aakash - the sky - the fifth element of nature though its existence cannot be perceived but the other four elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth is incomplete without Aakash).

As according to his name, an unassuming gentleman, though camouflaged by an authoritative and charismatic brother, views things in equanimity and takes a panorama angle in resolving issues. Undisputedly he loves his sister Anjali and ready to take an extra walk for her but also he adores and respects his jijajee Shyam. For Eg. They are many times, he praises Shyam before Payal, that Jijajee takes care of Di and he wants to be like him. When he masterminded the Scorpio attack on Anjali, and the Scorpio was right on the back of Shyam, and the first person to enter the room was Aakash.

Arnav moved his sister from her room to his room and enquired about his sister, he did not even ask about Shyam but Aakash approached his Jiju and enquired about his well-being.

Shyam take on Aakash

The master minder never found a threat in him as an individual. Initial stages, when Khushi started working in AR design, he did not like the proximity of Khushi with Aakash, but that vanished. The unsuccessful umpteen-suicide attempt to kill Anjali was to kill two birds from one stone, namely, to stop the wedding of Payal with Aakash. 

Aakash, there is a serpent that entered your garden, just little observation is required. Nevertheless, do what you are supposed to do?

Here comes the protagonist and the antagonist - their challenge

Arnav Singh Raizada (Ocean) - A man who is living dynamite, a debonair, believes in making his own destiny, with his sharp business acumen placed himself in the circle of "Who's Who". In abstract a non-conformist. I called him a "Towering Giant" Apart from his business world, there in the residential domain, he is a proverbial brother to Anjali. His solar system is his sister, what might come and go the sister makes his life. He is the mangrove forest that can withstand the threat of tsunami. He very much charge of the helm of affairs on both quarters .

Without his knowledge and permission, someone not only knocked his door but also mercilessly entered this ocean called Khushi. It is said that ocean is divided into five layers : the deepest and forbidden zone is Hadalpelagic zone where even a trace of light cannot be felt. Somehow, Khushi entered that zone of this Ocean - ASR. After his sister if there is someone who takes makes their presence felt in his life is Khushi Kumari Gupta.

When connecting his equation with Shyam :

What he witnessed in the terrace was just a happenstance, a person with his caliber never used his repertoire in cornering Shyam. The constancy in purpose was never met by the giant. He undermined Shyam potential by thinking as a tumor growth. He never realized Shyam is a cancer. He downscaled the risk by marrying Khushi for a period of six months. However, with prudence he stopped the cash flow in Anjali's joint account. The deal he had with the lawyer is yet to know. I preferred if he have done the checklist of where, what, why, when and will Shyam doing?  

Arnav Just always remember "keep your friend close but keep your enemies closer".

Shyam equation.

Here comes the real face-off between the Towering Giant and Invisible giant. Shyam - always benefited from the indirect funding and respect that Arnav bestowed in him courtesy Anjali. Shyam always sided Arnav because he knows his strength and weakness superficially. 

Here comes the real test of each other's caliber. It was primarily because of Shyam that Khushi indirectly entered into ASR's life. Though he did not like Khushi in RM, he never though that ASR gaining inroads to Khushi, according to Khushi, she did not like ASR. Little did he know that ASR and Khushi have a very strong undercurrents that never in his imagination and theory. 

He was completely taken by surprise that Khushi and ASR have developed fondness towards each other after Khush's broke her engagement with him. He took every opportunity to woo the young lady back in his courtyard, alas, he drew flank. 

During the infamous terrace scene that was witnessed by ASR, when confronted by ASR, he really did the icebreaking when ASR misunderstood that khushi was also involved. He threw the first joker from his cards on the table - Khushi, he is having a relationship, and Anjali is the impediment.   

When coming to the real test of Shyam when caught red-handed, despite his vulnerable position he emerged victor. 

In this whole gambit, ASR fell short of expectations, as he did not trust the women he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He trusted the man who deceived his sister's faith, he also deceived the women who loved her and made her present life and future and living hell (khushi). The only reason is ASR got himself in the whirlpool of emotions, that it was the two most significant women of his life - Sister and Khushi. He acted antithetical to his character. 

Though he managed to infuriate ASR in the wrong side as he married Khushi, still he made his stronger presence felt unobtrusively that is the impact that Shyam had and conclusively He is an invisible giant.

Shashi - Moonbeam

The father of the lovely daughters, a man of principles and as his name is a moonbeam. I personally felt that he gave the adopted daughter Khushi more freedom and unconditional love. May be a reason for all the tantrums that she does. His experience with life was the impetus that suggested that Shyam strange encounter on the streets of Lucknow and Delhi cannot be coincidence. He never agreed with the alliance of Khushi with Shyam.

Shyam's take of Shashi

He took all the possibilities of making himself plausible in the eyes of Shashi was seeking Khushi's hand. He fell short of expectation to Shashi Ji. When he was traced down to the truth, he wanted to annihilate Shashi. His murder attempt did not materialise, but he is paralysed and bed ridden.


The elder sister of Shashi's ji, the lady who was instrumental in fixing Shyam as the paying guest and also fixing the alliance of Shyam to Khushi. Though Madhumathi Ji loved khushi, still she has a slight penchant of loving towards Payal. Time and again, Khushi was given the dosage of being an adopted child by Madhumathi Ji. With Khushi's antics, she thought Shyam has the wherewithal to deal with Khushi.

Shyam's take on Madhumathi

Shyam took complete advance of the financial dependence both Shashi's ji is having on her sister and entered the home as Madhumathi's lawyer to sort out his plans to marry Khushi. He won all the accolades and laurels from Madhumathi's ji, that his reached his target with ease.

When time comes, he really has to deal with Madhumathi in a different turf.

Khushi Kumari gupta


The name is khushi (happiness), had sought the imagination of the people, it has the ingredients of miss Sunshine, ebullient, effervescent, laughing away the sorrows and a positive ray of hope for tomorrow's dreams.

Despite the positive adjectives somewhere the characters is very much flawed in my vision as it lacked the de-rigueur - dignity, sensibility, corrective measurement, counseling, consulting. As per the writer of the characters - he termed her to be weird.

It is not the term weird in Khushi that is drawing my attention she is the "Epic centre" of the problems that are compounded. The intelligent men in the raizada home seems to have fallen for this 'femme fatale", be the ASR, Shyam or the Nanda Kishore. Only sensible man was perhaps Aakash as he already choose her sister, otherwise, we would be having a quadrangle to discuss with.

Though Khushi is thankful that Shyam saved her from the hooligans after the Fashion show CD released. She never shared any form of rapport with them. Really not knowing the reason, probably, it is instincts, because Shyam wanted to make her happy.

Even after the engagement to Shyam, she distanced herself to the core, the moment she knew the farce, she was shocked by his deceit, not for losing him. That is the major difference.

Khushi always coverts herself that she is an orphan and gives all the respect for her adopted family. Deep down she feels indebted and takes thinks in her stride without any consent, consulting and dodging things, even if she cannot handle it. Neither she had a strategy and adopts one, she is an extempore and never learns from her mistakes.

Her pitfall made her a victim and that is what came to the benefit of Shyam.

Khushi instead of looking into 101 ways to irritate ASR, find one-way to understand the reason for him marrying you.

Shyam's equation with her :

We really do not know if the saving of Khushi was by chance or was the premeditated. The moment he set his eyes on her, things started moving forward for him. Though he was married to Anjali, something was very much lacking in their relationship - that vacuum was filled by Khushi. Whether it is infatuation, lust or love I am unable to say.

The problem is he want to place his feet in two boats and sail peacefully.

All his strategy came to a standstill when he got the job for her in AR designs but what needs to be taken note despite the impediments he moved to gain inroads into the life of Khushi.

Prior to his engagement with Khushi to the present track, he is very much aware that Khushi never had an iota of feeling for him. She just respected him, nothing more or less, but his demented mind and also his persona of never accepting no for an answer made him thread a very dangerous path. The path that has no redemption.

How Did Shyam conceived Khushi and why did he pursue the target ?

Shyam believes in his destination, the path he chooses makes not an iota of difference to his thoughts and actions. Khushi is a destination for him presently, just as Anjali was prior for her wealth.

He went length and breath for this destination, his targets of homicide were Shashi Ji and Anjali both for the sake of Khushi.

The venom he used for poisoning the mind if of Arnav was to see that Khushi retreats to him.  

The simple truth here is a bird in hand is better than two in the bush

I have done this analysis with the best of abilities and I thank Aquiline (my sis genius) who took the lead and I said that I will take it from there. It was lot of time taken by me to bring it into writing form. Finally, I was able to share this.

Thank you Aquiline, for making me travel with you in this journey of discovering Shyam Manohar Jha.

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