Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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This post is in honor of Yasmin Banu (username vimmiya) who encouraged me incessantly to write on the creep.

Also, I would like to ask all my dear friends and visiting friends, to not stick to this analysis alone. I would like, and really would appreciate it, if you could give me YOUR VIEWS on the  persona we discuss here: what you think makes him the man he is...

Yew! Shyawa, anyone? No? Fine, we'll drain the contents of the glass into the sewage. But before we throw it away, let's just gather our 'strengths' and' bear' a moment to peer into the glass and see what it looks like.




Shyam is a very complex character and to conduct an in-depth analysis of his psychology is a hard task. It is quite clever that the CVs have created him to flank the role of a lawyer because his strength in his tongue. His power lies in his words. Like a lawyer, he lets his lies appear as truths. He twists lies to manipulate minds. He lets lies create a whole new facade of himself or a situation he is in. Everyone and anyone can fall into his words especially when it is so innocently and humbly conveyed by his countenance that furnishes the fake authenticity of the words.


Unlike Arnav, we can't do a detailed study of Shyam owing to the fact that we are ignorant of his past. Psychoanalytically, a person's present depends on a  person's past. It is usually one's childhood, past experiences, and unconscious bearing obtained from one's past... that forces a man to act in a certain way in the present. And that is where we are lost to Shyam. We do not know what his past was like. We do not know what makes him evil. Is he so because he is plainly evil? Or is he acting on lust-driven instinct? Or most importantly, is he doing all this because of what he has become? Because of some unhealed wound that has led him to actions wherein he seeks to heal those scars from the past? We will not know until we are certain of his past in the later episodes.



Shyam's past is the key to all his present actions. This also includes his marriage with Anjali. Did he initially marry her for money and name alone? Or was there some other motive? Was there love? In every scene of Shyam with Anjali where he tries to please her with his words and caresses of love, I have failed to see genuineness. I was kind of determined that he had probably never loved her in the first place. But one instance struck me to doubt. Do you remember the scene where he presents the baby cot as a gift to her and she hugged him in loving gratitude? Of course, he hugged her in return. Of course, he spoke words of love to her. He did all that all the time, and they weren't necessarily from his heart. But what caught me frowning with thought at him was his action of wiping her tears and telling her not to cry so. That was new, and the expression he had was also something bewitching . (Don't know if the lawyer is easing into our minds us well. This villain is too good: he is making us viewers sympathize with him! Which I won't, YOU CREEP!!) So yes, there remains the question, does he LOVE Anjali? Did he ever?



Admitted, he is greedy for free cash. And he has used his title of 'husband of a Raizada' to get this desire accomplished. Maybe he had entered into marriage with her for cash. Or maybe he had married her out of love and it was through the course of time, having to eye and handle a lot of sudden wealth given to him wholeheartedly by a brother-in-law who thought greatly of him (Arnav had looked up to his Jijaji in the first episodes, remember? Jijaji says something, Arnav will obey! Not now though...) that he got himself to lust after cash, where it opened him to the possibilities which he had not been aware of before. So that is where the first desire stems from: whether he had it beforehand, or it appeared to him after marriage and seduced him to fall prey to its weakness: we do not know.

Then comes the second desire: the major desire of his, around which the entire plot of the show is threaded. His desire for our Kushi. The question remains as to whether she is his first try or not. Has he gone after other girls in the same way? But I have feeling she is the first and the last. 

Again, we are at a loss. Because we don't know that segment of the past that led him to walk into our story. Did he constantly watch her for many days before making his entry into her perfectly timed need to be rescued from the bystanders after Arnav had broadcasted the Fashion Show incident? Or did he just coincidently make his entry then? Did he fall for her when he was handing her back that dupatta? Or did he lust for her for some days until he got an opportunity to make a visible entry into her life and show his good side? He played into his desire's heart real well: by touching her core interests, her need for  a job, matching his likes and dislikes with hers, being lifted to a treasured position in her family. And for all this he used WORDS. His tongue laid the tricks and played them well.



There are two reasons for him to not stop trying. One, he may be driven to think things that are not existing are real because he wants them badly. But it is the second reason I'll talk on: that he may know psychology well. The more he keeps appearing like he is still believing blindly that she loves him, the more chances that in the weak moment of her life, he might have her with her willingness. You see, the more he keeps saying that she loves him and is hiding it from herself, the more he will believe that lie himself. The more he believes that lie, the greater the chances for her to end up believing the lie. The slow approach for her to embrace the fact that he does not stop loving her is what he is waiting for. As soon as she accepts the fact that he loves her, she will resort to seek refuge in him because she had currently no one to run to. The man she loves (Arnav) does not want her and she cannot tell all to her family either. But once she realizes that Shyam knows what she is going through in the contract marriage, and that she is struggling against a man who does not love her, she will know the only person she can confide with is the man who knows about it. Shyam. And then Shyam will have laid his trap easily and caught her in it without much trouble. Of course, it's a long process but he is willing to play it as long as he gets her as the end result. For a man to know how to juggle truth and make them appear like lies and also to display lies behind the mask of truth, he should definitely know what effect his words has on others. Like I said, he knows how to use words. Its in actions that he fails. He doesn't know when to make an entry into Arnavs' room, what event to use to trigger an accidental death of his wife, and how to play around and get some easy cash. Somehow or other, he is found out and delayed in the action or caught in failure. Hence proved: he is a man of words, not of action.

But what is his drawback: Shyam does not know Kushi well.. She is a woman with her own beliefs and her own standpoints. If he thinks she will fall into his words after having betrayed of her trust once, he is wrong. She is holding onto what she knows, onto what she thinks is right. Yes, she is kindhearted and letting him reform. But he is not budging even then. He is still coming after her. Trying to tell her he loves her when he denies the love of his wife. Kushi is driven to wonder: how can he not love a woman who loves him and instead wants to love a woman who is disgusted of him? That leads her to the colossal conclusion: Shyam is mad. Driven lunatic by lust. Kushi is ready for him. If Shyam is waiting to have her when Arnav has left her with nothing, not even integrity or self-respect, he may make a move, but Kushi will be ready then. Because even in her weakness, she finds quick strength. Even when she is trampled and pushed to the ground, she has wings that only need a moment's pause to be spread out to let her fly to freedom. Shyam is a fool where he focuses only on general thought processes: he fails see what Kushi actually is within.

Remember how he had been cruel and abusive to her after she refrained from trusting him again (like on the Sangeet day, though he had other reasons too for being hard on her in that scene). He tries to wipe that vile face of his from her memory but it is not to be so. Every face of Shyam is deeply embedded and strung together in Kushi's mind and she will always feel only two things for Shyam: disgust at what he has become and what he is still doing, and pity at what he is losing out on.



This is something I replied on Shweta's comment to one of my posts: He has probably found out that the more lies you say the more you'll only  heap up on the mount of lies, one after the other. He must have found a different solution to dissolving this mound by saying the truth instead to cover up the lies. People fall for lies, but they don't fall for truths. Hence, he uses the real thing and no one is suspicious. Because the truth of his evil doings always sound absurd. Also, he must have assumed that if ever the REAL TRUTH comes out and he is accused of hiding something, he can always say I DID TELL YOU, REMEMBER? and then the accuser will have nothing to fight that statement with. Because he HAD told the truth of what he was planning and wanting. And regarding Arnav, he is probably making a chance for Arnav to get angry and confront him, which is when he can smartly attack Arnav with the 'I know your marriage secret' on his very face. Besides, Shyam is three steps ahead of Arnav now: he not only knows that Arnav knows about Shyam-Kushi relationship, he also knows that Arnav doesn't know the entire truth and that he believes Kushi is in the wrong as well, and that Anjali does not know the truth though Arnav tried to tell her, and that Kushi has now told him the truth of their contract marriage which Arnav doesn't know about. Three people at his mercy. This villain is ready to begin the war, his weapons ready to fire. All he needs now is to wait for the right time to attack. Shyam is one clever villain, admitted. But like the strategy of the story of the boy who cried 'wolf', his truths-masking-lies is soon to lose its game and people are going to think otherwise..




Of course, many of you may be against me with what I am about to say, but this is something I root the plot in. The story is about love. Love that heals, love that transforms a human being, and love that makes way for new beginnings. In Arnav's case we can see it will happen. But to us, even though Shyam is a villain, he needs to have a share in the story as well. Every character in the story needs healing, needs transforming, needs a step into a new beginning. Anjali, Kushi, Lavanya, NK, Payal, Akash, Mamiji...and even Shyam. Yes, the creep too. I understand what Kushi is trying to do, what Arnav is believing will happen: That Shyam will change. But it isn't happening. He is too stuck in the mud of evil, that he cannot be released until he is pulled out by the very roots. The past needs to be unveiled. Secrets need to be brought to light. Darkness needs to be pierced by light. Shyam needs to be brought to heavy judgment. But what of the end of the judgment? Do we just let him lie there and rot? Is there nothing more to his story? Like I told you, the key is in his past: You cure his past, you're on your way to cure his present.

And what kind of a future should exist for a broken, battered and heavily punished, evil villain? Exactly the future that all other characters are reveling in: a future in healing love. We must understand one thing: Shyam is blind to his wife's love. He thinks of her as dependent on him and showing too much of attention on him. He might get suffocated by it. Maybe he wants to love someone else for a change, maybe he wants to know what it is to be cared by someone more softer and tender and no so weighty-with-emotions as his wife. Maybe that is why he wanted Kushi. But he is not reciprocated in his lust. For it was never love, but lust he had for Kushi. He fails to realize the potency and value of true love. He is blind, I say again, to the true love which is for him to be ground in his life. He doesn't know its there, but it is there.

When Shyam, in the end, is left wounded and alone in the darkness, Anjali in all her divine dedication for her husband must come to him. Just like Kushi is training Arnav to walk towards the light of love and embrace the fact that true love exists, Anjali should hold her husband's hand from where he lies in the dirt and help him to stand on his feet. Then he will realize what he has been missing all along. That love is not something you need to run to. It is always there. Right next to you,. Waiting for you to notice it. Notice it and embrace it. Arnav knows his love is in Kushi but he doesn't embrace it. He will when he loses her and he struggles to get her back. But Shyam: he has been blind to the love that he always been aware of. He hugged his love not knowing that he was hugging his healer, his future, the meaning of his life... He married the woman not knowing that he need not run to look for a cure to his past, to his desire, to his was all there in his wife. She was the only one and will be the only one for him. He does not see it. He will not see it. Until he falls greatly and when there is no one to comfort him, his true love will come, and then Shyam will realize how blind he was, he will cry endless tears and punish himself for his ignorance. That all along his Rani Saiba had been what he was looking for. What he sought in Kushi was already his, in the persona of his dear wife. And then he will cry like a child healed of his age-old wounds, embraced in Anjali's arms (she might take a long time probably to accept him again, may be, but she will in the end, that is the power of love! You never give up on your own!). The blindness of his eyes will have faded away and they will shine with genuine love for the one he took for granted. The one he was running away from and who was the only one he could return back to, crying, into her arms. Anjali must heal Shyam just like Kushi is healing Arnav. And then the story will have attained its theme. That love heals, love transforms and love makes way for new beginnings.


*phew* Its over! *chuckle* Thanks for being brave enough to stare with me into the glass of the creep gore this long. You may now turn your face way, tilt the glass and pour out the contents and let it get lost in the sewage.



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Before even reading the analysis, My only word for you my child is "Thank you"
That means a lot for me - love you and bless you with all goodness and prosperity in both the worlds
Love you more

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Amazing analysis of ShyamClap

I never thought about Shyam's past .Often we are curious about ArHi's past that we didn't pay much attention about Shyam's past.

First of all I want to applaud Abhaas Mehta for portraying Shyam beautifully.ClapTo tell the truth, his acting has improved a lot from the first episodes and now it is brilliant combined with that evil smirk .Also he is looking more handsome now.Wink

1.Shyam is a complex character.Agree.Thumbs UpBut I want to say not only Shyam, whole IP characters are extremes of complexity.
And U know what , I can really relate to these complex characters.Bcoz in real, a man is complex.It is really hard to understand a person completely .Human minds are that much complicated .Even eminent scientists fail to understand it.It is the conflict between his mind and heart  that make a man distinct from other creatures.

2.I still can't figure out one thing .Why he is behind Khushi?When he has such a beautiful and loving wife like Anjali ,why to fall for a girl who don't love u?
What made him so? Was he insecure of  Anjali -Arnav bond?Did her over protective nature irritate him to the core that  he want to seek solace in Khushi, a free spirit? Did  he ever love her?Complex qns to be answered.

3.Money is his biggest desire.Even Khushi  came second. He didn't mind to stoop low to any extent to fulfill his biggest desire.We have seen many incidents proving it to the core.

4.He is a man of words, not actions.BravoClapAnother brilliant point.Thumbs Up
He only knows how to manipulate words , but in actions he is a big dumbo.Most of his evil plans are backfiring him.We know that unknowingly he is playing as a cupid for ArHi.Even their marriage happened bcoz of him.
Sweet words..this is what Anjali and Shyam share in common.While one is real, the other is fake.
We often fall for such people .Only  a few can distinguish the real from fake.Raizadas are trapped in it and can't see his double nature.We have to agree, even the cunning ASR didn't  suspect him before the terrace scene.

5.He is playing the mind game with himself.Repeatedly uttering 'Khushi loves me' ,he is stamping that statement in his mind.And so he fail to see the real feelings of Khushi .He is living in his own dream world like his wife. Another similarity between Anjali and Shyam.

6.Future of Shyam. That is where I think the CV's will give a complete justice .Either he can turn completely into a horrible psyche or a peaceful soul.
Shyam...a man who was shown as a perfect man initially , later shed his hidden mask and come as a double faced.His attraction towards Khushi, gradually turning to admiration,desire,lust,obsession and now turning him into a psyche making him completely mad.Will he ever recover from this madness? Will he ever aware of the sin he is committing?Will he ever repent for his actions? Qns to be answered by CV's.Tongue

It is a fresh topic that has a wide scope to explore.ClapThank U for Vimmiya who made u to write this topic.Hug
After reading ur posts and writing my perspective, a slight sympathy is arising for this character.TongueDon't beat me pls.LOL

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I'm going to read it in a bit but I know one thing... you have written some very good stuff and I have full faith in your writing abilities to tell you that it is great! The title in itself is intriguing.. "In the shoes of the creepwa" I don't think anyone's shown his POV until now if that's what it is. 

Happy Easter and may the good Lord bless you and your loved ones. Be happy and stay happy!Smile

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aqualine amazing ..shyam is a complex character .. at present he is surviving because there is  no solid evidence against him nd only 1 left is babuji .. we can get to see some shades only after babujis character is etched out properly. shyam is one person at present  who is not only having his cake but he is able to eat it too .. yesterday was one bold move from him..

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Thanks: sowmyadharini, kushifan, lastdesire, ASRsweetKKG, smelling_salts, labi and yasmin for your appreciation and your kind visit to what I had thought of on the creep...

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Clap Clap Clap

did u study physcology by any chance???

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Its awesome analysis.. brilliant Thumbs Up

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