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MG ff "BE INTEHAH" teaser on 27,update nxt mnth (Page 12)

mansi.tripathi Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
nice update
loved it
maan being ragged
continue soon

6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 4:44am | IP Logged

Maan was ragged by Sasha and gang...

but Geet jhalli Maan ko shirtless dekh kar bhi kuch nahin hua...

Maan is clearly attracted towards her...

loved Geet and her friends moments...

thanx for pm...
ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
congo. loved da update
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 1:45am | IP Logged
part 12
nice part...
these 3 are useless...
Maan is too cool...
cont soon dear...

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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
amazing update...
loved it...

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Tarina.R.Totini Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 2:19pm | IP Logged

EmbarrassedPart 13Embarrassed

Maan was lying on his bed with a lost xpresion on his face.He remembrd the moment in the library whr he had lost himself for a moment.He jerked humself up r8 thking
"cum on was jst a weak was jst nothg...jst forget it...aur usse dur rah...khabardar jo uske pass gaya..yeh sab thik nahi...nah tere liye...nah uske liye"
 Maan tried his best to calme his nerves but failed miserably.He jst decieded to do 
the bst thg he can do to put his mind in the r8 way.He left to towards the gym to giv himself more pain to save othr's frm pain.

Geet was munching the chocobar in a weird way looking at sasha who was now roaming around in a very idiotic way beside maan.Meera looked at Geet & looked ay way Geet
was staring.Meera "areh Geet aise kya ghur rahi hai waha..." Geet looks at Meera saying " kuch nahi..bas dekh raahi thi k kisiko pura 2 saal ka saaza mila.."
Meera frownd aying "kya..??" Geet smiled mischievously & said pionting towards sasha & Maan "woh dekh...meri saza toh ek hafte khatam ho un janab
ko toh pure 2 saal ka saza mili hai...woh bhi xtra punishmnts k sath.." Meera laughed saying "woh ..toh hai..ab tak to Sasha ne Maan k bare pura research kar lia
hoga..." Geet "poor maan.." Meera "waise tujhe ajeeb nahi laga...k aise koi mid-term me aake clss join's kinda weird.." Geet "shayed..special case hai..uske
demag ki tarah...whtevr...kise faraq parta hai.." Meera "han..waise today is the starting day of cllg -fest...Tu part nahi legi..??" Geet "nahi pata yr...debates mujhe
ate nahi...mera gana sunke kutta bhi bhag jayega..aur paiting ki taraf toh sochna bhi mat...toh no chance.." Meera jst hit her saying "tu nah..bilkul pagal hai...
kuch to hoga..i mean..yess..u can participate in acting.. waise bhi tujse bari nautankibaj kaun ho sakta hai..." Geet gav it thought saying " May b...waise yeh sab
bad me ...akhir humara gang hai kaha...??"

Pinky & Annie started going inside cllg while Yash parked his car.Annie looked lovingly at Arjun who was smilling whole heartedly on Adi's joke.Pinky saw her & sighed
saying "jab itna hi pasand karti hai toh bolti kyun nahi.." Annie smiled sadly "tu janti hai k kyun nahi bolti.." Pinky stopped saying "but atleast use pata
toh chalna chahiye k koi use kitna pasand karta hai.." Annie "cum on yr...u knw k uske dil me sirf Geet hai...aur yeh sab jante hai ..xpect Geet"
Pinky smiled saying "han..use kabhi samaj me bhi nahi ayega.." Annie & Pinky laughed.Pinky looked at Annie & said in a serious tone "par kya tu use kabhi nahi batayegi
tht u love him..." Annie "pata nahi...ab yeh sab chor chal...sare intezar kar rahe honge.."

Whole Xcell cllg ws present in hall room to participate in different aspets of cllg-fest.Today was half day in cllg to giv evryone time to fill forms in order
to take part in this occa\sion .Geet was in a corner reading her fevorite novel "THE TWILIGHT SAGA-BREAKING DAWN PART 1".Evryone in her grp were busy participating 
in different sectors.Pinky was in debate,Annie was in singing.But yash-meera decieded to try their luck in fashion ramp walk not to win but to irritate Sasha,Tasha &
Natasha who also were in this field.Geet had no interest in these xtra works.So she was here jst to support thm in these.

Geet felt a tap on her shoulder to find Armaan looking at her with a smile.Armaan "hey..aise kyun baithi hai?" Geet smiled "aise hi..bhai...ap kaise ho...ap ghar atte
hi nahi..." Armmaan smiled " kya karu yaar..tu toh janti hai nah...studies...k wajah se...Dai Ma kaisi hai..??" Geet "she is fine...apko yaad karti hai.waise chachu
kaise hai..???" Armaan looked at Geet painfully "hmmm...ache hai..he is still not able to forgiv himself Geet'' Geet sighed saying "us baat ko hoke bohot time ho
gaya hai aur usme unki koi galti nahi thi..main unhe bata chuka hu.." Armaan "main aj tak khud ko maaf nahi kar paya..Geet ..unhe kya bolu.." Geet "bhai.." 
Armaan jst cut her between saying " woh sab chor...yeh bata k tu kisme participate kar rahi hai..u knw iske liye xtra credits mile ge..u can't let tht go
" Geet smiled saying 'oh ..hello..u knw me..bhai..main aur is sab ways..." Armaan "kyun nahi..tu...haan..tu acting me participate kar...
iss bar laila-majnu hoga..tera favourate.." Geet's eye twikeled in joy saying " toh kuch ho sakta hai.." Geet has been a g8 fan of romantic flics so 
it was a drm cum true for her.Armaan smiled seeing the joy in Geet's eye & said "par mehnat karni padegi coz Sasha'l also try to take the lead actress's role..." 
Geet's eyes popped hearing Armaan "kya...woh aur..kisi play me..R u kidding bhai.."Armaan jst shook his head saying "'s true...aur iski wajah kafi khas
haai.." Geet looked at Armaan in confusion.Armaan "areh...maan jo is me participate kar raha hai...woh bhi tere tarah in sab se bhag ta i persuaded him 
to join it.." Geet "god..firse use jhelna padega...god..I hate him.." Armaan "areh..han...Arjun ne kaha tha...tera aur uske encountr k bare me...par use aise welcum
karneka kya matlab tha" Geet smiled slyly saying "woh..lambi kahani hai..badd me bataungi okk..ab main jati hu ...mujhe forms bhi submit karni hongi.." Armaan jst
smiled seeing her naughty cousin who was the closest sibling he had.

All the students were gone xpect the ones who wanted to try their luck in the "LAILA-MAJNU" play.Thy ere giving their auditions to get The role thy desired.Maan was 
jst cursing his luck & Armaan for getting him into this.But he can't secrific tht xtra credit.He might need thm to get admission in anothr place whr he may b forced to
get admitted nxt time.All the auditionns were done & evryone was jst waiting 4 the result.Sasha was quite confident tht she was going to get the lead role.Afterall
those acting with xtra sentuality can't go in vein.The head of the Drama departmnt came on stage to annouc the nams who made their way into the play.A young guy comes
in front to announce the nams."hey guys..u knw me...m Rohan...head of this departmnt in student m here to announce the lucky  here goes.."

Maan & Geet were selected to do the lead pair.Aftr the announcmnt thy looked at each othr.Geet jst wantd to kill him for making her each celebration into a sad one 
& Maan wanted to kill his destiny  becoz the more he trys to get away from her..the more it brings thm closer.Rohan "so guyss..get ready 4 the rehersals..okk...the
drama will be held on the last day of the we hav only 15 days..we hav to work fast.aur han Maan & geet met me in the green room...I hav sumthg important 
discussion wid u guys..." 

Sasha was burning in rage.She jst wanted to strangle Geet for snatching this oppertunity 4m her.She so wanted to be with Maan in this 
play.She had gathr all the information abt Maan.He was alone in this wrld.His parents were dead leaving a lot of riches 4 him.His rides & his mansion proves
his wealthy status.He was the only one who could match her status.Nd most importantly He was sooo..haawwwttt.She was not going to lose this chance.Maan & Geet were waiting for Rohan in the Green Room.Thy were
jst sitting beside each othr not evn looking at each othr.Rohan entered the room to find Maaneet in this same way.Rohan jst shook his head.He was going to call thm
but a sudden entrace in the room stopped him.

Rohan "tum yaha...???" Maan & Geet looked back to see a fuming Sasha who was going to klill evryone present there.Geet 
jst looked away knwing  y she was here.Geet & sasha have gone through same kindrgarden,school & nw cllg.She knw Sasha won't giv up tht easily.She was sure Sasha was here
to do anothr nautanki.Sasha "hw can u do this ...rohan..i mean i did so good...i was bound to get the lead role...kahi kisine koi ulta rasta toh nahi ajmaya.." Saying
this she looked at Geet who answerd her with a look saying " R u insane..?" Geet was used to these taunts.At first it used to bother,but nw she didn't care at all.
Rohan "listen lady..whoevr u r...tum ne jo kia use bardast karneki taqat mujme nahi thi..
toh main bechare audienc ko kyun i promise..agar dirty picture k jaisa koi role aya toh...i will call u surely..." Maan jst smiled hearing the comment 
where Get jst burst out laughing.Sasha became red in anger & embarassemnt.She marched outside widout evn looking bck at all.Rohan"so..tht was done...toh mere lead pair 
kaise hai..??" Maan & Geet jst smiled at Rohan.Rohan "toh..i won't beat around the bush..dekho..i knw k tum dono ek duje k khun k paise ho.." Geet "so u knw...jab 
tumhe pata hai...thn y u casted us...i mean we can't stand each othr..." Saying this Geet gave a hard glare at Maan who returned it with a equal glare.Rohan sighed saying 
"kyun ki u both were bst...& i want bst in my compromises ...tht's y...i hav decieded sumthg..." Maan "wht is tht..??" Roohan "yehi k aaj se har roz tum
dono uss samne wale coffe shop me atleast 1 hour knw each build frndship.." Maaneet shouted in unison "kya...??' Geet "rohan ..i thk..u 
r nuts..pagal ho kya..i m backing off..uss churail ko cast karlo...mere credits jaye,,,i can manage...but iss k sath 1 minute nahi reh sakti...nd u r saying 
abt an hour..huh.." Maan "xcuse me...miss.i m the bst ..mujhe bhi nahi karna yeh drama...agar pata hota k tum yaha ho to to main...forms hi nahi bharta.."
Geet "toh form bharne ko kya maine kaha tha.." Rohn looked at thm in disbeileve.Atlast he couldn't toletare anymore & shouted "hello..time out...tum
dono ko wahi karna main kehta hu..okk.." Geet "but.." Rohan "no buts geet..i knw u can't stand each othr..issiliye yeh tarika azmaya hai leads 
should b looking so mch in love on stage...nd to make tht happen u to should hav a gr8 undrstanding off-stage...par agar tum dono ne aise behave kia...t
oh mera play will b destroyed...nd i can't let tht happen...aur han...don't evn thnk to back off..warna main
khud prici se tum dono ki shikayat karunga..nd u both knw tht i mean wht i say...nd u knw hw mch bad it can for ur reputation ab acche bacho ki tarah coffe shop jao...
nd spend some time.."Maaneet looked at Rohan in a murdurous way while
Rohan jst gulped hard in fear.Rohan "areh yaar..main shadi karneko thodi nah kehraha hu..jst try to b friends..." Maaneet jst started going 4m there but stopped hearing
Rohan's voice.Rohan "aur han...cofffee shop me mere admi hav a check on u don't evn think abt ditching me.." So Maaneet were now on their way to hav 
the xperience of a official date..

Dev was busy taking a bath aftr the hawt make out session with Tara when his phone suddenly buzzed.He smirked a little to c the caller id. Dev pressed the recieve
button saying " tht was prity fast's been only a week.." Jon smiled saying "u knw me..i don't sit around whn i hav a job in my hand. i hav kidnapped a guy who may hav sum informations 
abt him..." Dev "really.." Jon "yep...he was chef in the house whr he was last kept.."Dev gritted his teeth saying
whr is he nw..??" Jon "in ur farm house...u should b here " Dev "m cuming.." Dev stopped the shower nd looked out the window.Dev "so the game begins nw...i hav gottn 
a master...whrevr u r...m gonnna find u...nd KILL u.." saying this he started getting ready to start a new chapter.


first date...of MAANEET

Guys i knw may b u r getting confused abt Maaneet's past...but m gonna disclose thm for nw chill...

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged

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CrazyMaaneetFan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
Wondeful part...

Maan knws he's gettng attrctd to geet n wnts to b away frm her...

So Arjun lovs geet n dis fact is knwn to ALL excpt Geet...

Armaan is geet's cousin bt thr seems to b sum past mystry...

Sasha is aftr maan nw.
Wanna see hw maan gets rid of her.

So maaneet doin leads in act...
N to be "friendly" both r snt on date... Vry gud idea. Grt job Rohan...

Rohan ne sash ki achhi tarah taareef ki... Lolz!!

John did found lead n dat too so soon...

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