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Posted: 07 July 2012 at 1:52am | IP Logged
neha r u gng 2 update 2day Tongue

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Originally posted by tejuangel

neha r u gng 2 update 2day Tongue
hey hi...yes be doing one chapter today and if possible il get the next chapter updated today itself

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Posted: 07 July 2012 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
yaar u was about to update it 
today eagerly waiting for it
u have created a brilliant starting cont soon
pm me if u can

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He hated rains, he hated the cold and he hated the city London - well it was apt to say that he was dead bored of her. She was like an old acquaintance that he longed to escape but couldn't. He stood looking at the rain pouring on the streets and the people clad in grey and black walking briskly carrying huge umbrellas. The scene brought just one word to his mind - funeral. He gripped the leather chair even more tightly as his jaw tightened. That scene played over and over in his mind. The scene which he longed to forget but couldn't.

"Bhai" a voice called out and he turned sharply and looked around. He found him sitting on the black leather sofa with a devilish grin plastered on his lips.

"Come on bhai, are you going to break your promise" the boy said standing up. "I want you to meet her, she is so special and woooh I'm in love"

He took in a sharp breath as he moved forward. The boy disappeared.

Another scene came before him - a hospital scene and this time he saw himself. He was drenched from head to toe. He was in white but his shirt was covered in red - blood, the blood of the boy who was lying in front of him - the boy who was dying.

"Bhai, i..i..." he said trying to breathe

"Yes, tell me, tell me Rocky"


"Who Rocky, who cheated you?" he asked as the boy tightened the grip


"No" he screamed holding onto the lifeless hand of his brother.

"Rocky!" he screamed again and ran forward as if trying to catch him as the scene slowly disappeared in front of his eyes and he dropped down on the floor breathing heavily.

The door to his office opened and a woman came in slowly. The click of her six inch heels was muted due to the plush carpet.

"Sir," she said cautiously as her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. Her boss was on the floor clutching at the carpet as if it was a lifeline.

"Sir, are you alright?" she asked again as she came closer and reached out to touch him.

Immediately his eyes snapped open and he turned his head sharply and the woman involuntarily took a step back.

"Leave" he said in a low lethal voice.

"But sir'" she said

"Leave" he repeated

"Sir, I can help'" she started

"GET OUT!" he shouted and she hurried closing the door behind her.

He sat there for a long moment with his eyes closed breathing slowly and deeply. Rocky'..he said slowly as his breathing returned to normal. He reached out for the remote and pressed it. The LED flickered to life and a voice of a woman filled the room

"Kunwar Ranvijay Singh the youngest son of Maharaj Giriraj Singh and late Maharani Indira Devi of the royal family of Jaigadh passed away yesterday in a car accident in London. The young prince who celebrated his twentieth birthday last month was studying international business in London. The details of the car accident are not known but sources say that he was last seen with Yuvrani Manyata Kumari of Devgadh and onlookers confirmed that all wasn't well. Princess Manyata was not available for comment. Princess Manyata is engaged to Yuvraj Udayveer Singh who is the older brother of the deceased prince. Our sources also confirm that Yuvraj Udayveer Singh was present in the hospital at the time of his brother's death. The body of the deceased prince will be flown to Jaigadh today for the last rite as per the Hindu system. The Jaigadh royals haven't released an official statement as yet. We will keep you updated.

Now we would like to enlighten our viewers a bit on the Jaigadh royal family

The Jaigadh royal family is said to be one of the important and richest in the Indian royal circle. Prince Ranvijay is survived by his father Maharaj Giriraj Singh and siblings Yuvraj Udayveer Singh and Princess Unnati.

 Uday switched the tv off but the words were still ringing in his ears. His brother was last seen with Manyata. He recalled the painful conversation he had with her.


LONDON March 29th, 2010

He didn't believe anything. No he won't he told himself. He knew the relation his brother had with Manyata. Rocky adored Manyata and called her bhabi sa. He had to speak to her. He had to know the truth, he said to himself as he drove his Ferrari toward Maida vale

Manyata switched off the tv and threw the remote which landed on the floor. She had an urge to pick the tv and throw it too but decided against it. She felt like crying but no tears came out.

"Never let your emotions take the better of you Manyata" she recalled her grandmother saying the words at the time of her coronation. "From now on you are a Yuvrani first, your estate and your people come first and then your family and finally if you have time you. Make sure that no harm comes either way to Devgadh"

She sat remembering Rocky's baby face and wondered how she would face Uday. Could she? What could she say? Did she dare tell the truth?

"You are a Yuvrani first and your family comes next" the words rung in her ears. But what about Uday, was he family? It was true that they were supposed to get engaged and it was true that they were bound by a promise, but could she trust him and most important will he understand?

"No Manyata" she told herself. "He won't understand. To understand, you need to trust that person and to trust him you need love. You don't love him''..or do you?" She frowned at the direction her thoughts were taking.

"All marriages don't require love beta" her mother had said. "I've adjusted with your father didn't I and your dadi saab too, so will learn to adjust with Uday. Always remember beta, love in royalty is like asking for the moon."

She was still thinking when her sister came dashing in and engulfed her in a hug.

"Jini, darling I told you to sleep" said Manyata gently touching her sister's head.

"Jiji..i...jiji...i don't...I'm sorry" she said while sobbing. "I couldn't sleep, I can't stop thinking" she cried

"Shush darling, it is not your fault. You did nothing wrong sweety. It was just a misunderstanding and besides no one knows you were involved. My name is already in so I will take care of it" she said with a firm voice of a Yuvrani. Her sister looked up "Uday, what about Uday?" she asked fearfully

"What Uday doesn't know won't hurt him. Rocky is gone and that's the truth. I will tell Naina to release a press statement."

"Let's go back jiji. Let's please go back to Mumbai or even Devgadh I don't care I just don't want to be here anymore" said Jini as she sobbed more.

"We will darling but not now. We don't want to arise any sort of talks regarding our going back and not while you are in this condition. Once you calm down, we will go. Anyways we will have to attend the funeral" she said

"Jiji, what would I do without you. I feel so good after talking to you" said Jini hugging her sister again.

"Good, now please go back to sleep. I don't want to get stress yourself" said Manyata as she pushed her gently toward the door

"Thank you jiji" said Jini as she reached the door "I love you"

"I love you too" said Manyata as she watched her sister leave. At that moment she had decided that Dvegadh was important, Jini was important but protecting Devgadh's honor was more important. After all she was the Yuvrani of Devgadh.

A figure that was standing all this while listening to the conversation between the sisters moved forward. His eyes burned with hatred for the person who stood calmly as if nothing had happened. He had been driving like crazy on the road wondering how he would console Manyata. He had been angry and upset with the press for dragging her name in this. He had expected tears, he had expected her to come running to him and he had expected to hold her close and comfort her. His heart was in pain and he had wanted to tell her so many things. He wanted to tell her that he would be there for her always, to kiss her pain away, and to tell her that he loved her. Yes, he wanted to tell her that he had fallen in love with her. His brother's death had triggered this. Not that he would let anything happen to her, but what if he wasn't there tomorrow, what if something happened to him. He came to her ready to confess and comfort but the picture what she presented was beyond belief. He closed his eyes for a moment hoping this to be a bad dream. When he opened his eyes she was still there, looking out of the window, her face devoid of any emotion. He slowly walked toward her, his steps lethal like a panther. His eyes burned with hatred for the woman standing in front of him.

She turned toward him as if she was expecting him and gave a half smile. He stared at her intently, his eyes boring into her soul. Did she have any remorse, guilt?

"Uday, when did you come?" she asked calmly. "I'I'm sorry about Rocky" she said in a controlled voice. His eyebrows shot up as he replied "I'm sure".

"How is Unnati?" she asked after a moment

Uday thrust his hands into his trouser pocket trying to curb himself from lunging at her throat. She looked radiant as ever, beautiful like an angel in her off white salwar. An angel with the heart of a witch he decided.

"Uday?" she prodded waiting for an answer to her previous question.

"Unnati has lost her brother Manyata, how do you think she would be?" he replied anger seeping into his words. She felt it too as she flinched but she made a good show of turning away.

"Was she that heartless" thought Uday as he waited for her to speak the truth. He decided to give her a fair chance.

"Is there anything I should know Manyata" he asked slowly and she turned at that, not sharply but gently. Her long hair swished and he could smell her light floral perfume like summer or wild flowers. He had to give it to her, her ancestors would have been proud he thought.

"No Uday, what do what me to tell you?" she asked innocently

"The press..." he started and she waved a hand in the air.

"Come on Uday, you should know better than to trust a bunch of people earning their bread and butter by prying into other's lives. Well if you should know, yes I was with Rocky the day before. He wanted to meet me to tell me something but I was late and he was irritated. He blew off the handle without any warning and drove away even before I could stop him. I just thought he was having a bad day" she said with finality and turned to the window again. Uday's anger reached the peak and he grabbed her and turned her toward him, crushing her to himself. He held her waist with one hand while he twisted her right arm and pinned it behind her.

"You lying bitch" he said venomously and he tightened his grip on her hand.

"Uday, what'" she spoke surprised at his sudden behavior. "You are hurting me Uday" she said now equally angry.

Uday laughed as he held her closer.

"You asked me when I came didn't you. Well I came the moment you held your darling sister and said that you will take care of everything. You could have fooled me Manyata, you being all poised and calm showing as if you were hurting, but you're forgetting something Your Highness; I'm Yuvraj Udayveer Singh and I'm every bit blue blooded just like you are."

Manyata squirmed against him as he held her. She hated when he did this, hated the feeling she experienced when he held her. It wasn't hatred or anger but a different sensation. She felt alive when he touched her and it irritated her to the core because she was having the same feeling even though he was hurting her.

"Leave me Uday" she shouted. Uday looked into her eyes for a moment more and pushed her away. Manyata fell on the sofa and she rubbed her hand which now had his finger marks on them. He was angry and she knew it that was why she decided to keep it to herself. Now looking at the man in front of her hurting her heart squeezed and she reached out her hand.

"You are Yuvrani Manyata Kumari of Devgadh. You're estate comes first, Devgadh comes first and then your family. You are bound to protect both" said a voice.

"Jiji, im so scared. I didn't do anything" Jini's face came in front of her.

Manyata shut her heart and got up.

"I'm sorry about what happened to Rocky, Uday, but I can't lose Jini. I can't forgo my responsibility toward Devgadh. I'm the Yuvrani of Devgadh Uday and hence my priorities lie elsewhere"

"What about your responsibility toward Jaigadh, Manyata?" shouted Uday as he paced up and down the room.

"Uday, we are not formally engaged, I don't have your ring on my finger. Yes we are betrothed but that doesn't mean I cease to exist for Devgadh."

Uday looked at her with pain in his eyes. He didn't like being vulnerable. He didn't like being weak, but she had always evoked his vulnerable side and he had adored that about her, until now. She had broken his heart into a million pieces. He deserved this, he told himself as he looked at her calm demeanor. At that moment something shut in him and he smiled.

"I will destroy you Manyata" he said slowly as he continued to smile. "I will destroy the Devgadh royals. I will make sure you and your sister suffer just like my Rocky might have suffered. be on your toes Your Highness as I will attack when you least expect it. Watch out" he said finally as he walked out with a deathly glare.


He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulders and his eyes opened. He was irritated but he didn't shrug the hand away nor did he turn to see who it was. He knew who it was.

"You scared her" the new comer said with a smile. "The poor thing is crying" he continued

"Like I care" he shrugged as he got up

The other man smiled again as he went over to the drink cabinet. "On the rocks, eh buddy" he said more like an answer and poured out the drink without waiting for an answer.

The other man extended the glass and he reached out for the glass and took a sip of the golden yellow liquid. It burned his throat but he welcomed the feeling. He shouldn't feel weak. No place for emotions he said to himself as he took another sip. Yuvraj Udayveer Singh was bereft of any emotions and he liked it that way.

"So, was it the same thing?" the other man asked as he sipped his own drink

Uday looked up and gave a dry smile.

"What else Shiv" he replied as he took another sip

"You need to let go" said Shiv as he sat opposite to Uday. "It has been two years Uday and'"

Uday looked at his best friend with anger slowly seeping into him. This was the same thing Shiv said time and again "let it go" and Uday always replied as to why he can't. Can't the bozo get this into his head?

"Two years, six months and twenty one days to be precise Shiv and no I can never let it go" he said under his breath

"Uday, I know you are angry but how long will you torture yourself and your family. He is gone Uday and you need to move on. You have to accept the fact" he said slowly

"Ha.." Uday let out a dry laugh "sometimes Shiv I wonder if you really are a royal? If you were then you wouldn't forget the first and foremost lesson in royalty''.Revenge'.and I will have mine"

Shiv smiled but said nothing. He knew his best friend was hurting and as any good friend he had to support him but he was bound by another promise which he had given to someone before he could come here; his beautiful wife Unnati, who was his whole world and for whom he would do anything ' even if it means facing the raging bull in front of him. He had to try again

"Uday, forgiveness is divine" he started as Uday held up his hand

"Please man Shiv, remember the fact that you are my best friend first and these are not your words but of your wife who thinks she is smart but is not"

"Now, now Uday lets not drag her into this okay" said Shiv as he shifted in his seat

Uday smiled and for the first time the smile reached his eyes.

"I know she sent you and so Yuvraj Shivendra Kumar Singh please tell your wife who is also my darling sister Rajkumari Unnati that I will not have her meddle in my affairs"

"But Rocky is her affair" said Shiv

"Rocky was...but not anymore" he said in a voice which meant that the discussion ended.

"So what brings you here" asked Uday

"Good news. We've bagged it" said Shiv as he placed a file in front of Uday

"Thank you Shiv. I know you didn't have to do this and'"

"Cut the crap Uday. You know very well id do anything for you. I'm not only your best friend but also your brother-in-law."

Uday smiled and mentally thanked the gods for Shiv. His sister was really lucky.

"I heard that the DPH is in shock. They had expected the tender and if they had got it, it would have been the fourth year" he continued

Uday smirked as he picked the file.

"Also I have some interesting news" said Shiv as he took out a newspaper cutting from his pocket and placed it on the table. Uday frowned as he opened it. As he read on his eyes had an unusual twinkle in them.

"Round two to you Uday" he said as he reached for the phone.

"Connect me to Amarnath Varma" he spoke into the phone and saying so turned to Shiv and winked.

"Yuvrani Manyata Kumari had enough peace. Oh yes, enough and more" he told himself

I know, I know iknow'.many of you want to kill me. But trust me I was so so so busy'.was travelling so much that I couldn't update. That's why this long one'.i will update one more today itself'..

Love you all and do let me know how it was

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rocker12 Goldie

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awesome gr8 update cont soon cant wait solve up the mystery soon :)
ultravioletray Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 5:42am | IP Logged
gr8 update...continue soonSmile

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mahara23 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 5:47am | IP Logged
loved it continue sooon

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IshaAkbar Senior Member

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Great update soon kind of confuse pls make it clear in next update what really happened thanks for the pm

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