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SwaRon/TanHa OS ~game of seduction~

DaShInG_DeViL IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
okay guys one more OS from my side...thank you so much for such a lovely response for my previous truly inspires me. okay so here is one more dunno how it's just some random thought wasn't panning on penning them down but swaron made me do that. anyways here it is enjoy.

Note: this OS contains some romantic stuff and i would refer it for above 13. if u have no probs in reading then go ahead and have some fun. there is no adult rated stuff just some mushy mushy romance and as the name says some seduction.

                                                      GAME OF SEDUCTION

"swayam." Said Sharon as he went inside their bedroom loosening the tie hanging around his neck. He didn't reply instead he placed his briefcase on the table and turned around to go in the bathroom to freshen up but as soon as he turned around she saw Sharon standing right behind him. He almost bumped into her but moved back at the right moment. He looked at her with narrowed eyes she placed her arms around his neck and gave him a sweet smile. His heart went out to her but this was way too much fun so he passed her a sarcastic smile and moved forward freeing himself from her grip. She stood there with her mouth open and slightly irritated. He removed the tie from his neck and opened the first button of his shirt. But before he could open the other one Sharon came forward and said while placing her hands upon his hands "you need help with that" he quickly pulled his hands back while she opened the rest of the buttons of his shirt. He stood there still looking at her with narrowed eyes and expressionless face. But inside he was enjoying so much. She was so adorable and she had been doing such cute tricks to make it up to him that he thought maybe he could act a little bit. Now she was seducing him, nice, he thought. Usually he was the one doing cute romantic stuff and now when she was doing it if felt so good and different. She had by now opened all the buttons and allowed the shirt to fall on the ground. She trailed a finger from his stomach upwards to his neck but he grabbed her hand in between and didn't allow her to move upwards. She had no idea what her touch was doing to him. His heart started to run at an abnormal pace whenever she touched him and now when all he wanted to do was to sweep her off her feet and make her get lost in a world of passion she was making it more difficult for him to resist. When she saw him starring in her eyes she felt like her knees would give away. "Stupid, idiot, moron" she thought and she tried to breathe normally. All she wanted to do right now was to love him and he on the other hand was not even allowing her to touch him. "hahha galiyaan de rahi ho mujhe han.but abhi toh fun start hua hai Mrs shekhawat thori aur mehnat karni pare gi" she really needed to look away or else her knees would literally give away and the look on his face told her that he would not catch her. She looked downwards and when she didn't look after a minute he also followed her gaze and then looked at her with a raised brow. She looked back managing the most seductive look she could and said "you need help with that too?" she said that while indicating towards his jeans. Only he knew how he managed to control himself from not accepting her offer at that time with that look in her face and before she could realize what was coming her way he twirled her around with the hand he was still holding, causing her back to bump in his chest. Then he left her hand and snaked his hand around her waist while she closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as his touch sent shivers down her spine. Then he huskily whispered in her ears "you know I thought you are being so helpful right nowso I should help u too" with this her pulled the strap of her dress down with his free hand making sure to brush his fingers upon her creamy and soft skin. She felt as if the world was spinning and quickly blurted out "no I think I have had enough of help" he smirked and kissed her bare shoulder then whispered once again in her ears "u gotta try hard" with this he twirled her back and moved towards the bathroom while she almost fell but gained her balance at the right moment. Then she ran a hand through her hair and crushed him mentally which brought her heart beat to a normal pace and allowed her to think clearly. "So it's a challenge hanwe will see who will win" she said while rubbing her hands together as her mind worked up an evil plan.


He came out wearing his trousers and a t-shirt and turned on the TV without even sparing her a look. She was now hell irritated "he is making a mountain out of ant hill" she thought "itni si baat thi aur itna naraz ho gaya hai" she pouted and went inside the bathroom. She came out after taking sometime because she was hell nervous. She had never worn or done anything like that before but she took a few deep breaths and finally came out and stood in front of him somehow managing the same seductive look. But with the gloss gone now and her lips the natural shade of pink pouted like that made her look even more seducing. She was wearing a black night dress which went only a few inches down after covering her hips and was sleeve or strap less. It was almost backless but there were a few strings on the back in a zigzag manner and its simple look with nothing on it except a black matching lace around the border gave it an extremely seductive look. Her hair was pulled over her left shoulder which didn't help cool the atmosphere a bit instead added fuel to the fire. She knew how much he loved her hair open and she was clearly inviting him to end the war. His eyes almost fell out of their sockets and his heart almost popped out of his chest upon looking at her in such an avatar. He clenched his hands into fists in order to control the urge to simply go and smash his lips upon hers and then gave her the best reaction he could manage. He looked at her of course without blinking and continued looking for few seconds, then yawned and looked away.

Her mouth almost fell to the ground when he just yawned at her and looked away. Now she was beyond angry. She yelled "MR SWAYAM SHIKHAWAT" he looked at her somehow managing his expressionless face and this made her even angrier. Without thinking twice she jumped on the bed and sat on him her legs on both sides of him and the collar of his shirt in her hand. Boy did she make his heart stop beating. He hadn't seen yet what she is capable of doing to his heart. She brought her face closer to him and yelled on his face "how dare you?..what the hell do u think of yourself? Main kabse tumhein manane ki koshis kar rahi hun aur tum ho k.itni si baat pe itna naraz ho gaye ho" now he couldn't control it anymore and a smile broke on his face. She looked like a hungry tigress ready to eat him up alive not that he would mind ;)she threw daggers at him through her eyes and said in disbelief "great and now u r laughing" before she could say anything else he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards himself causing her to lay flat on him. She tilted her head at the right moment in order to stop an accidental kiss from happening and then he rolled over trapping her beneath him and without saying anything engaged her in a long and passionate kiss. He finally gave her what she wanted and even though she wanted to resist in order to teach him a lesson it was just not in her control. Her hands within moments went in his hair and she responded back with the same passion. They had to stop in order to allow some air to go in their lungs. After getting his breath back he rubbed his nose against her cheek and whispered "I was never mad at you the first place. I was just enjoying you and your cute tricks since the morning but my my where did all this seduction came from? But I must say you look extremely sexy in that killer dress. Where did you got it? And why didn't u wear it before" he moved his face a little back so that he can get a clear view of her and she was red. He did not know why due to embarrassment or due to angry. He assumed both and then the outcome came and she yelled "how dare y" he silenced her with kiss and then when he moved back she once again started to yell at him and was once again silence in the same way. This time she chose to stay quiet and swayam chuckled at her cuteness. He brought his face closer to her and whispered in ears "I am sorry my sirennow how many more kisses before you calm down?" she looked at him with narrowed eyes and expressionless face pretty much the same way he was looking at her earlier and then said "keep going I'll tell you when to stop"

P.S: okay so how was it? do let me know and leave ur precious comments and press the button if u liked it.


NOTE #1: This story is written for SwaRon as Tanha only you are not allowed to read it while imagining Sharon as someone else except Sneha. No offence to VruShan but only TanHa are the ones who ruled my imagination while penning down this story. Without being rude this story is written for only SwaRon as TanHa and NOT as someone else so if you wanna read it while imagining someone else then kindly hit the back button! was not meant to offend anyone's feelings...if that happened then pardon me for that.

NOTE #2: Do not copy paste my work on other sites or even on IF as a new post. Be creative enough and pen down your own thoughts. If u do so then u will have to face severe consequences.


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Wow you penned it beautifully...very romantic and beautiful...i really enjoy reading your works..thanks for the PM write more and pls update your SS also..i'm waiting for that too...keep up the good work...
- Sree

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The007Shivani IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG that was HAWT I m dead my ghost is typing
Thanks for the amazing super awesome fab fantastic magical update ever

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nish22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Okay First of all.. Your Awesome!! I loove it when Sharon gets naughty.. Perfectly written,, Was sooper hot and Sopper sexy!! :D Keep it coming babe!! If possible PM Me next time u write anything!! :D

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BeulaSwaRon IF-Rockerz

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highly romantic yaar...aaj kal ppl are giving lot of romantic stories of swaron...nice...reading dse posts are more enjoyable than watching the show nowadays...thanks.

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Amazing update!!!

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Nicely written. It was superb.
thanks for the pm.
continue writing.

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that was freaking HAWT
i can so imagine swayam & sharon lik tht

amazing post dude 

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