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"Lyf Starts Where It Ends" Thread 1 (Page 70)

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hey gals! guess what going to update next part in few mins... Gosh Cant believe that i am updating it second tym wothin a week... Thanks for all the love nd support...

so next part coming wothin few mins... Who all are waiting

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waiting dear
pls update destined to be dear
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                                                                     Part 5:

There was an awkward silence prevailed in the room between Maan nd Geet as both don't know what to say to each other. Geet was worried, nervous nd curious at the same tym to know how much Maan know about Seher while collecting Seher's belongings nd in which way he had taken it. On the other hand Maan didn't know whether he should ask Geet about Seher's father or not.


"Ummm I am sorry for the mess Seher has created sir." Geet said breaking the silence.


"It's ok Geet. She's a kid Afterall. I don't mind." Maan said giving her a warm smile to which she just smiled faintly.


"I think I take your leave Sir. I'll ask peon to clean this mess nd I had kept the file that Mr. Bajaj had sent at the table over dere. Do you need anything else sir." Geet asked all the while avoiding Maan's gaze


"No Geet its fine. You should go to Seher now." Maan assured her nd Geet just took Seher's bag nd was about to leave wen Maan's voice stopped her


"Geet, who is Seher's father?" Maan's question made Geet stopped dead in her tracks nd she horrified listening to his question. Maan immediately realized that he asked a wrong question at wrong tym seeing Geet's body getting stiffened but it was too late now.


"Seher's Father Nd mother is Geet Handa only. Apart from me she doesn't have anyone else in her family." Geet said as she composed herself nd goes out from his cabin leaving Maan behind Dumbfounded looking at her retreating figure




"Seher's Father Nd mother is Geet Handa only. Apart from me she doesn't have anyone else in her family."


"Seher's Father Nd mother is Geet Handa only. Apart from me she doesn't have anyone else in her family."


This sentence of Geet echoed in his mind again nd again as he vigorously throws kicks nd punches in the air while doing his intense tai-chi to calm down his restless mind.


                                 Maan's monologue:


Why? Why did she said that? What does she mean that Seher doesn't have anyone in her family apart from her? Where is her family then and most importantly where is Seher's father? All these questions were running in my mind since the tym Geet had left my office. Wenever I think of Seher my mind only get stuck up at the point that y such an innocent girl is deprived from her Father's love but wenever I think of Geet I could only feel that there is some hidden pain in her words that she don't want to show this world. But wat was that? I feel an unknown rage towards that person who had spoiled the life of such an innocent girl like Geet because knowing Geet I know that she can't be at fault if her marriage didn't worked because she always handles everything calmly nd with great understanding. But I didn't even know that whether she was married also or not but whatever it is I know that Geet can't be at fault ever.


And Seher y cant that person give Love to his own daughter specially wen she's so innocent nd adorable. A girl who can melt such a stone-hearted person like me in just a matter of few hours deserves all the Love nd happiness of this world den y both Geet's nd Seher's lyf is so empty. I don't doubt at Geet because I know that she's more den capable of giving Seher both the Love of her father nd mother nd it has been proved in the moments I spend with Seher today. Her innocent yet meaningful talks show that how successful Geet is in her upbringing yet I could feel somewhere that Seher too longed for her father's love.


But above all this does I had this right to know about Geet's past. I could still remember how stiffened she got wen I asked her about Seher's father. I shouldn't have asked her this especially not at that moment. Till now we never had any other talks apart from professional nd today all of a sudden I asked her this question which was way too personal. She must have felt awkward or may be she could have felt bad too. O God! Wat she must be thinking about me? Y didn't I thought of it den? But wat can I do at that moment I was too curious to know who was Seher's father that I didn't thought twice before asking this question to Geet. But whatever the reason is, I still shouldn't have asked such a personal question like this to her all of a sudden. I should nd I'll apologize to her tomorrow at office nd anyways as I decided before it didn't matter to me that who is Seher's father or whether Geet is married or not. My Bond with Seher will remain like this only throughout the whole lyf


                                (Maan's Monologue ends)


The loud shrill of the ringtone of his cell broke his session nd he abruptly stopped his tai chi. Thinking who could be calling him at this tym he went to pick up the phone only to find it from an unknown number. Frowning he picks up the call nd a wide smile crept up on his face as he realizes who's on other side of the call.


"Hello! May I speak to Mishter Khulana?" Maan heard the sweet nd chirpy voice of Seher from the other side nd he instantly smiled widely seeing her speaking so formally. Probably she had heard Geet saying like this.


"Ya Speaking. May I know who's it?" Maan said while playing along


"Hawww you didn't recognize me. I am Seher Handa your GF." Seher said while making a cute pout nd Maan chuckled imagining her expressions.


"Oh! Princess I am so sorry I didn't recognize you." Maan said while trying his best to control his laugh


"No I am not going to talk to you. You didn't recognize my Voice. You know Eric always recognize Abby's Voice nd even James recognize Sally's voice but you didn't recognize mine. I'll not talk to you. You are not a good Boyfriend." Seher complained nd Maan literally found it hard to control his Laugh.


"Hey Princess don't get Angry Na. I am really sorry. See it's my first mistake Na. Please" Maan literally pleaded nd Seher went quiet for the sometym. Maan himself couldn't believe that he was pleading in front of someone that too a kid but he was loving it actually.

"No i'll not talk to you. Katti" Seher said still not giving up nd Maan just sighed heavily.

"Ok wat if i give you 20 chocolates" Maan said smirking knowing very well her weakness nd it did melt Seher


"Ok As this is your first mistake so it's accepted but next tym I won't accept it. Ok." Seher said in a warning tone nd Maan grinned widely.


"Pakka next tym no mistakes. So tell me what are you doing." Maan said while wiping the sweat from his torso from towel.


"Nothing! I am just lyieng on my bed, trying to sleep." Seher said while making a baby face nd Maan felt like just go to her then nd there..


"Why? Aren't you feeling sleepy?


"Wo to I am. But I can't sleep without listening to the Bed Time story from Mumma Na nd mumma is not here." Seher revealed the reason to Maan while Maan made his way towards his room while talking to her


"Y? Where is your Mumma Den?" Maan said while flopping in his bed


"Wo Mumma is doing her Homework na." Seher replied innocently nd Maan instantly sat upright on his bed.


"Homework? Which Homework." Maan asked unbelievingly


"Wo the one which she got in his office." She said nd Maan instantly realized that she's talking about Office work.


"Will you tell a story to me?" Seher said out of Blue nd Maan almost fell from his bed. Story nd he, no way


"Seher I……" he tried to say something wen interrupted by Seher.


"Will you not tell a story to me?" Seher spoke in a sad voice nd Maan didn't have a heart to refuse her now. He sighed as his mind started working on some story


"Ok u know once there was a king…. Nd… nd she had a queen…… nd they had a big kingdom….. Nd…. Dey were happy……." Maan tried to formulate a sensible story but he himself knows that he was just telling a crap nd it is proved wen he heard Seher's giggle from the other side


"Wat Mishter Khulana you didn't even know to say a story. Don't worry I'll say to mumma nd he'll teach you how to tell a story." Seher said between her giggles nd Maan made a pout


"Hey it's not like that ok. I can tell a story. Wait let me think" Maan said as his mind worked to think a sensible story nd den he smiled widely s he thought of a best story.


"ok here my story begins… Once upon a tym there use to be a prince who had a very big empire but he was very rude to others." Maan said as his mind automatically went in a flow of story


"Y he was so rude?" Seher asked curiously


"Wo wen he was small na den his father dies nd after some years his mother died too nd den he himself had to take care of his whole kingdom na so he started becoming rude nd arrogant." Maan reasoned nd he himself didn't realize wen he started telling his own story


"Oh! Poor him. Den wat happen?" Seher asked as she felt pity on the prince


"Den he use to take care of his kingdom alone as his granny has grown old nd his younger brother was still small to take care of kingdom nd his Sister was not at all interested in business. So wen he got all the responsibilities all of a sudden nd he started getting more nd more rude to others but you know no one was able to understand wat actually he is from inside nd dey use to get scared of him. No one had courage to stand in front of him den let alone talk to him. In the amidst of taking care of his Kingdom he had lost himself somewhere nd was just living his mechanically. Dere was no one to whom he can open up his heart nd He was all alone nd isolated." Maan stopped as he felt getting chocked with emotions.


"And Den?" Seher's voice broke his reverie nd he realized that he had to continue further


"And then an angel came into his lyf nd his lyf started changing. That angel didn't talk much yet she had power to stop him from making wrong decisions. That Prince always felt an unknown attraction towards that angel but he never understand why? But you know only that angel has the courage not only stand in front of him but also keeps her point of view in front of him without any fear nd hesitation nd that Prince also cant say anything to that angel even if he wants to. Day by Day he started getting dependent on that angel yet he couldn't name his Feelings because the feelings that he had felt at that moment he had never felt it before for anyone. Moreover that angel too never talks to him anything apart from work. She had always maintained some distance from him nd not only him but from every other male in his kingdom. This continued for 3 years yet that Prince can't understand wat was the feeling that he was having towards that angel until the day he met someone else." Maan narrated to Seher not realizing that he was telling his own story to her


"Who?" Seher asked slowly as she was getting engrossed in Maan's story


"She was his angel's angel so ultimately he became that Prince's angel too. You know she was as cute nd Adorable as you. After meeting that Angel that Prince realize about his feelings towards his angel nd it was that he had started falling for his angel. You know that cute little angel made him realize that he too had a human inside him. that prince had just spend few hours with that little angel yet he felt connected with her like he felt connected with his angel. That cute little angel had made him laugh, unknowingly had taught him many things with her innocent yet meaningful talks nd that Prince instantly liked this little angel as she was the one who made him realize that the feeling he was having for his angel was just not an attraction but something Pure nd Divine nd den he decided to take care of this cute little angel for whole of his lyf no matter wat comes nd regarding his own Angel he still don't know how to voice out his feelings to her as there are still many things which needs to be cleared out between them but he had decided that he'll remove that mist too soon. And….." Maan stopped in mid wen he heard heavy breathings from other side indicating that Seher has drifted into deep sleep. He smiled as he remembered how cutely he was cuddled up to him wen she slept in his arms. He heard her calm breathings from other side for some more tym nd was about to cut the call wen he heard another voice from other side.


"Hello! Who's it?" it was Geet's voice nd Maan felt that he had caught off guard as he was not sure that did Geet too listened to wat he said to Seher or not.


"Ummm Geet, it's me Maan." Maan replied hesitatingly nd Geet went numb for sometym.


Geet had came to check on Seher as after coming to office she couldn't able to spend much tym with her as she needs to complete the work which was pending due to her absence from office. Moreover she knows that Seher can't sleep until she tells her a Bed time story so she decided that first she'll make Seher sleep nd den will complete the remaining work but wen she came inside the room she saw that Seher was already sleeping peacefully. She felt strange as Seher never slept before without listening to Bed tym story. Thinking this wen she came near her she saw that she was clutching the Phone tight near her ears while she was sleeping peacefully. She smiled nd caressed Seher's hair affectionally nd gently took the phone out from her tiny palm only to find Maan on the other side.


"Maan Sir, You called at this tym of night? Anything important?" Geet asked after coming out from the shock.


"No Geet I haven't called. Wo Actually Seher had called me. She wanted to listen Bed Time Story." Maan said smiling surprising Geet.


"Oh I am really very sorry sir. Seher bothered you yet again." Geet said feeling guilty


"Don't be sorry Geet. Seher is really a very cute child nd I really didn't bother a bit. Infact I love to talk to her." Maan said nd Geet smiled caressing Seher's head.


"BTW did Seher really had called you to listen Bed time story from you?" Geet asked unbelievingly as she still didn't understand why would Seher called Maan nd most importantly how come Maan is so nice to her wen she had always seen him rude to others


"Ya Geet. Why do you think I can't tell stories to kids?" Maan said nd chuckled making Geet smile too.


"No Sir it's nothing like that. It was just I never saw you getting mingle with anyone especially a kid so quiet unbelievable for me." Geet said while chuckling a bit nd automatically a smile crept on Maan's lips as this was the first tym he heard her chuckling


"Am I really very much Rude to everyone?" Maan asked out of blue nd Geet instantly stopped smiling.


"I know what my employees think of me Geet. I know they are scared from me, from my anger. I know that they think that I am a heartless person who doesn't have any emotions or feelings so you too don't have to hesitate telling me anything." Maan said for the first tym opening his heart to someone


"It's all wrong. Whatever you are thinking about urself is all wrong. I know what others think of you nd dey are right at their places because they never saw the other side of you. But I know that this heartless person too had heart in him. Otherwise, who'll take care of the treatment nd other expenses of his employee who is no more capable of giving his services to the office? Who'll reimburse all the expenses of the family of his deceased employee without letting them know nd most importantly who'll take care of someone else' child as his own for the whole day wen till now he didn't had any knowledge of that child. You are not heartless sir. Situations have made you like this. You are just like a coconut, Hard from outside but very soft from inside. Nd very soon everyone will see this side of yours." Geet said for the first tym speaking something apart from profession nd Maan was numb for sometym. Till now he had thought that it was only he who had noticed all the small nd big things of Geet but today he realizes that Geet too notices each nd every thing of him which no one knows nd the mere realization has filled his heart with immense happiness nd satisfaction.


"Thanks Geet for making me feel better." Maan spoke softly after a moment of silence


"You don't have to thank me Sir because I said wat I actually saw nd felt." Geet said with a smile nd Maan just closed his eyes in contentment. It was then only he realizes that he had to ask something else also to her.


"Ummm Geet, I need to say you something else also." Maan said hesitatingly not knowing how to formulate a sensible sentence so that she won't feel awkward yet again.


"What Maan Sir? Do you need to say something regarding project?" Geet said nd Maan rolled his eyes thinking that she can never speak anything to him apart from work


"No Geet it's nothing regarding project. Wo actually I wanted to say Sorry to you." Maan finally said nd Geet's eyes literally popped out as this is for the first tym she had heard him apologizing to anyone.


"Sorry? But why Sir?" Geet asked not understanding anything


"Wo at office I asked about Seher's father to you. I shouldn't have asked you like that. I don't know what came over me that I asked you about Seher's father nd I am really really very sorry for that" Maan said all in a breath nd Geet closed her eyes in pain. Y? Y Everytym something or other has to remind her of Seher's father. But how can she blame Maan for it wen he was nowhere at fault, wen he didn't know anything about her


"You don't have to be sorry for anything Sir. It was not your fault. If there was anyone else also at your place den he too must have asked the same. You haven't done any mistake to be sorry for that. But there is just one thing I wanted to say that me nd Seher only are the family for each other nd apart from each other we don't have any other person in our lives. We both are only each other life" Geet said sighing nd Maan could easily sense the hidden pain behind those words. By now he was sure that something really very terrible happened in Geet's lyf which she don't want to discuss therefore he decided to let go of it for now as he don't want Geet to be back in her shell yet again.


"Its really very late Maan Sir Nd I think you should also sleep now. Good Night." Geet's voice broke his trail of thoughts nd he realized that Geet is right.


"Good night Geet. See you in the office tomorrow." Maan said nd cuts the call not knowing what to say to her more. 


He puts his cell phone aside nd laid on his bed trying to register Geet's words. He was feeling different kind of emotions right now after talking to Geet. he was happy as he realizes that Geet knows him so well, he was restless as he still didn't got any clue of Geet's past not that it matters to him but he just wanted to know who was that person who had spoiled the lives of two innocent people nd unknowingly he felt rage towards him, he was feeling pained realizing how much Pain Geet must have bear in the upbringing of Seher alone, he was feeling respected towards Geet for giving Seher the love of both mother nd father alone nd managed to instill good values in her. He had never felt all the emotions together like this before but Geet had managed to make him do so. Nd how can he forget his cute little angel Seher who can brighten anyone's life with her presence. The mere thought of her had brought smile on his face. Probably God had finally decided to give him happiness in this way nd he vowed that he'll spend his whole life in talking care of his these two angels no matter if they consider him as a part of their lives but they had already became an integral part of his lyf. With all these thoughts in his mind he didn't realize wen he drifted into deep nd peaceful sleep thinking about the two angels of his lyf.


On the other hand Geet was lyieng beside Seher slowly patting her arm while lost in deep thoughts. She still didn't understand Maan's sudden change of behaviour. Its not that she was suspecting him for anything because she knows that Maan is not among the person who could take advantage of anyone's weakness atleast this much trust she had on him but the things that she had faced in past had made her drawn in her own shell. She cant rust anyone yet somewhere in her heart she trust Maan especially wen she saw him taking care of Seher like his own child. In these 3 years she had never seen this side of his. yes she knows that he had a soft heart inside nd tough exterior outside yet she had never witnessed that from her own eyes but today after witnessing that she realizes that not every male is same. People like Maan are also present in this world who are selfless nd trustworthy. The way he had took care of Seher today had increased the respect in her heart for him ten folds. She kissed Seher who was fast asleep nd prayed to her Babaji to give Maan all the happiness of this world because people like him deserve to be happy. But least she knows that his happiness lies in his two angels who are fast asleep by now oblivious to his feelings.




Days went by nd so did Weeks nd it's been a month now since Maan had met Seher. Though Seher didn't come to office after that but Maan was always in touch with her through phone calls. He just can't spend his day without listening to her cute talks once. He felt his day incomplete until he listens to his cute voice. By every passing day the bond between Maan nd Seher was getting more nd more strong nd Geet was yet oblivious to it. She had no idea what her boss nd daughter are doing behind her back but she did notice some changes in Maan's behaviour towards everyone. He often use to smile now nd don't get angry also much until the thing is really out of his patience level. She felt strange first but then thought that it's good if the employees of his office are now getting some relief from his terror. She mentally thanked to the person who had brought this change in him but least she knows that it was her own daughter.


Relationship between Maan nd Geet too changed a bit. Initially they just use to talk about office nd work but now they got one more topic to talk about nd that's Seher. Both didn't realize wen from talking about work they started talking about Seher. Maan get to know more nd more about Seher nd Geet too shared with him each nd every activity of Seher. She don't know why but she feels free to discuss about Seher to him now-a-days. Since the day Seher had came to office nd she had seen Maan taking care of her she felt more respected towards him. Therefore she don't feel hesitate now wenever he asks her about Seher because he had never questioned her on Seher's identity. Maan too had not asked about Seher's father after that day as he still remembers Geet's words wen he asked her about Seher's father.


Unknown to Geet, Maan always use to be near Geet nd Seher making sure that they didn't saw him. Wenever Geet goes to Seher's day-boarding to pick her up Maan too use to follow dem with a safe distance nd just use to watch them from far. Just like that day wen Geet had gone to pick Seher up nd as usual Maan too follow her just to get a glimpse of Seher. He watched Seher hugging Geet as soon she saw her nd then telling all her activities to her. Though he couldn't listen wat she was saying to her but with her cute animated gestures he could easily understand that she must be telling Geet about her friends nd their BFs. He chuckled seeing his cute little angel nd wen he saw them heading towards their home he too follows.


But that day rather den going home Geet nd Seher stopped at some park. He frowned nd followed them till park nd hides behind a tree where he can easily see them. He saw Geet nd Seher playing freely. Seher was running while Geet was running behind her to catch her. For the first tym in these years he saw Geet laughing nd smiling whole-heartedly. That day her smile reached to her eyes unlike other days. Automatically a smile crept on his lips wen he saw his both Angels playing nd laughing so freely without any fear or inhibitions. He had a strong urge to go near them nd join them but he controlled himself because he knows that may be Geet wont like him intruding in their private moment. Though they had became quiet informal now-a-days yet he had to maintain some limits. Thinking this he just stood there watching both of them from far.


"Aah Mumma!" Seher's scream broke the trail of his thoughts nd he felt someone has squeezed his heart wen he saw Seher falling down nd her elbow got hurt.


Leaving all the logical nd rational things he immediately came out from behind the tree nd in no tym Maan was near her picking her up in his arms. Geet who was running behind Seher till now immediately rushed towards her wen she heard Seher's scream but she stop dead in her tracks wen she saw Maan picking up Seher in his arms.


"Ssshhh Bache nothing happened. It's just a small hurt, nothing happened. Don't cry ha." Maan said as he gently rubbed her elbows while blowing over there nd dusting her frock


"Mishter Khulana I am not crying. I am a strong girl Na. Its you who is crying" Seher said while making a cute pout nd that's wen Maan realize that its he whose eyes got teary wen he saw Seher getting hurt.


But before he could say or do anything he heard someone giggling aloud nd he snapped his head towards the direction nd the sight that he saw Geet giggling while throwing her head backward in air. Probably she had heard wat Seher had said to him. He just stood over there mesmerized at her musical laughter. Her smiles really adds charm to her beauty nd he was the lucky one to witness this beautiful sight in front of him. he kept on looking at her until Seher poked his shoulders


"BTW Mishter Khulana. What are you doing over here? Had you also came to play over here?" Seher asked innocently nd Maan just looked other side not knowing wat to answer. He looked from the corner of his eyes nd saw Geet too looking at him expecting an answer


"Wo…. Actually…. Ya I came here to attend a meeting." Maan lied nd immediately whacked himself mentally for such a stupid excuse especially den wen Geet is herself here nd she knows about each nd every meeting of his.


"Meeting? Here at Park?" Geet asked suspiciously as she very well knows that Maan had no meeting here at park.


"Ya wo actually wen you had gone from office den Mr. Smith had called me to ask if I could meet him urgently so I came but in the way he called to say that he'll meet me tomorrow. God knows what's wrong in the minds of these English peoples. I saw this park so thought of spending some tym over here nd that's wen I saw Seher falling down. I don't know that you guys were here too until that" Maan said it all in a breath crossing his fingers that Geet believes this lie of his.


"Oh ok!" Geet said still not fully convinced while Maan just smiled nervously wen Seher holds his hand nd lowers him down to her level


"Why are you saying lie to Mumma? I know you had came here to meet your GF means me hai Na" Seher asked in a hushed voice while knotting her brows.


"wo you had only said na that it'll be our little secret thatsy I lied to your mumma." Maan replied back in hushed voice nd Seher got convinced easily as her innocent mind didn't saw anything beyond that.


"Any Problem Maan Sir." Geet asked wen she saw both of them talking in a hush voice


"Huh no Problem wo I was just saying to Seher that I didn't knew that you guys are also here in the park. Right Seher?" Maan said to which Seher just innocently nodded


"BTW you guys are going to stay here for some more tym or planned to go home." Maan asked in order to change the topic.


"No We are just planning to go home only." Geet answered as she looks at her watch


"Ok den come I'll drop you both."


"No Maan Sir Dats perfectly fine. We can go." Geet said feeling hesitated.


"don't be so formal Geet. I was going t that side only so I'll drop you guys also" Maan insisted nd Geet had to give up. she picked Seher's bag nd bottle from the bench nd started heading outside towards the exit.


"Wo Geet I didn't know that……."


"You didn't know that we are here at park too. I know now lets go." Geet completed his sentence as she was tired of listening to same sentence of his while Maan just smacked himself mentally for his foolishness.


He smiled foolishly at her nd den headed towards his car followed by Seher nd Geet. Seher happily hopped to sit in front behind Maan while Geet silently sit at the back side. Maan adjusted his rear view mirror so that he could see Geet clearly nd drove towards Geet's home.

Phew! so dis is it guys... hope you all are going to like this part too like you all liked the previous one... Please keep showering your Love on me like this only as it just motivates me a lot... hit the like button oif you all are going to like it nd Do leave your comment/criticism its necessary

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:23am | IP Logged
happy to be first at this beautiful ff of yours...

DancingDancingDancing   Dancing      Dancing     Dancing

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maansee IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 June 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:24am | IP Logged
loved the update... mind blowing... loved the cute talk between maan and sahar...  nice talk betwwen maan and geet also maan babu  is falling for geet... hai har jagah uska peecha kar raha hai...egarely waiting for next part... ki ab kya hoga... kya geet ko pata chalega... maan kuch express kar payega... come back soon with another mindblowing update aku asap...
waiting ...

Edited by maansee - 18 May 2012 at 3:03am
maansee IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 June 2010
Posts: 18485

Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:26am | IP Logged
and yes this is my third post ...

first position ... maansee... Big smile

second position... maansee...Blushing

third bhi mai mai mai mai mai Wink

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meettu IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 January 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Awsome update...loved it

seher calling maan pppss bf
--Fairy-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 August 2011
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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 1:44am | IP Logged
Awww I loved the Bonding b/w seher and Maan and Now geet-Maan too
Awesome Update ..
Waiting for next one

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