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Completed Deceived 3 suprise P 36 (Page 25)

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Part 45
The next morning when geet woke up she didn't saw maneet she looked at the time it was already 10 o'clock. Maan just came in.

M:Good morning Misty

Geet gave him a disgusted look and stood up.

G:Where is maneet
M:I made him ready and dropped him to school
M:MIsty here have you breakfast

Geet looked at the plate.:
I am sorry was written on the on the second heart shaped bread. Geet looked at it and left the room. Maan sighed. He walked behind her geet went to the kitchen and with diffeculty ate a apple. Maan looked at her worriedly. He went to her room and got her favorite dress ready with a sorry card:
Next to the card she saw a gift with a note on it:

I never meant to hurt you
the way I know I have.
Your love means more to me
than anything and I'll do whatever it takes
to prove that to you.

Since the day I met you and
your love touched my heart
I knew that my life would never be the same.

Please forgive me for the pain I've caused.
I'll make it up to you every chance I get.
You have my heart and my love forever. (written by daniel)

Geet looked at the note and closed her eyes for a while. Sorry Maan but this you geet is really gone. She grabbed his notes and put them in the drawer.  She wanted to keep it to remind her that the only thing maan could do was deceive and after that apoligize. She went and wore something else. She went to maan study and left him a poem.Maan walked in his study and saw geet's letter he got a bit hope. He started reading it:

There was a time
When I thought you were for me.
I saw no flaws in my choice;
I guess I didn't see.

You didn't treat me nicely
Despite how I treated you.
I cared for you, I loved you
And that you even knew.
I kept telling myself
That you could change your ways.
But you proved me wrong
Every single day.

Suddenly its all black, I can't remember
And I wake up curled up under my cover ( by charlene lopez)

Maan had fresh tears in his eyes. The poem was for maan really painful. he closed his eyes for a while and made some phone calls.The door bell rang geet opened the door it was meera, sheen with all the childeren and their husbands. maneet ran inside. He yelled before he took the stairs.

M:I am going to grab mine foothball.

G:Come in guys

V:What a plan bhabhi we loved your idea about the picknick so when maan bhai told us when came here.

G:Eh right just one minute will get Maan.

Geet walked in anger towards Maan's study. But what she heard made her freeze by the door.

M:Yes doc I know doc I am sorry I will never neglect my health like that again. I know it's dangerous for me to lose blood. Yes I know I should sleep probably but it where just some hectic days. Yes I know nothing is more important then my life. Yes doc I will take care of that. I am sorry. yes I promise. yes I have gotten the medicans.Yes I will take one after every meal. Yes I will eat at time. I know I know. Sure I promis.

Maan hung up when he turned around he saw a shocked and pale looking geet. Ohoh maan thought she isn't aloud to now. He walkd towards her.


no answer


again no answer. maan caresed her hair.

M:Misty what's wrong.

G:Maan what's wrong with you. Maan tour okay na

M:I am fine Misty. I was talking a script with my friend who his nervous for his audition tomorrow. BTW I thought you didn't care huh.

Maan smiled like a devil. I was hoping that geet would forget what just happenend and yelled on him. What said next shocked maan.

G:kaash you would ever get me kaash you would ever understand would a relationship means.

She turned around and was about to leave. But the she rememberd something.

G:Everyone came for the picknick. Come where waiting form you.

They went to a park. Ananya was sitting on giantty with the rest of the kids. The kids where playing whit the scary animals but somewhere geet and maan both didn't now what was happening around them. Late at night when geet was sitting in her bedroom Maan came and sat next to her. He grabbed her hand. geet didn push it away. She just looked at maan.

M:Misty I am sorry. I lied to you again.


M:I wasn't rehearsing a script. I just had a accident and that's why I need to take care of my health extra that's all

G:Accident when what happend maan

M:It happend 11 years ago it was nothing misty I don't wanne talk about it please.

G:Fine did you take you medicine.

M:Yes I did Mrs. Khurana.

G:Hmm go to sleep

M:Geet I know I am bugging you but i can't sleep when your sleeping on the sofa.

G:Maan will there ever come a day that you will tell me evrything without that I have to ask you or find out from others.

Maan knew where she was talking about. He grabbed her hand and started telling her the last part of his past.

M:I was really disturbed because I was missing you but didn't want to admit. I hated the funerals and the one minute silence it killed me inside but my ego and anger where to big for me to admit it. One day after I couldn't handle it anymore I was driving like a mad man I couldn't take is anymore. So I met with a accident, I got hospitalized. Emma lied to everyone that we where on a vacation will the truth was that I had slipped into a 6 month coma.


M:Wait There is more.When I woke up the doctors and Emma told me the following. They even showed me a tape to prove it. In that hospital the record everything.tBefore I slipped  in to the coma  I kept muttering. Geet why did you do that. geet please come back to me. What did I do wrong. Geet I am sorry you are never death for me and so on. The doctors had asked Emma to find you. You where the only one who good get me back.  The doctors asked Emma to find you. She said she had find you but you said you didn't care about me and where happy with Ronald. She said she even fell on you feet but you wouldn't budge.

G:Maan that's not true I

M:Shh geet I know Misty I know. 

Without thinking Maan side hugged geet. Suddenly he realized what he did. he persumed Geet would push him away. But geet lay her head on his chest.Maan got a sweet shock. A smile formed on his lips.

G:what happened after that

M:The doctors didn't now what do I wasn't reacting to any treatment so they came with a idea. Emma figured out that on my mobile are convo s where recorded. I used to record them. I used to listen to them secretly. After everything that happened I still wanted to hear you voice because I missed you a lot yes I wouldn't admit it I used to tell myself that I was listen to are convo to remind me how unreliable girls are but my heart knew that wasn't true.But my brain wouldn't adimit it.

Geet gave a kiss on maan's heart. Maan looked shocked at geet and carresed her hear and gave a kiss on her head.

M: Misty what was that for. I hurt you so much. and you

G:Don't get to emotional that was because your heart somewhere always trusted me. 

Geet gave a little tick on Maan's head. Maan gave her a confused look.

G:That was because your stupid brains always tell you dumb things.

Maan smiled and hold her closer to him.

M:Love you misty.

G:Hmm continue.

Maan smiled.

M:Emma must heard it. So she told the doctors. They decided to let me hear your beautifull voice. When they didn I started reacting to it and started muttering again geet forgive me I know you could do nothing wrong geet come back your maan will die without you ect.

G:see that's why I love your heart it knew I was innocent instead of your stupid brain.

Maan smiled.

M: I woke up and got pissed of on myself that I was so despo for you I tried to ignore it and put all me attention to my work.But even after so many years I need to care of myself that I don't slip back in coma. Cause I lost a lot of blood and because I kept torturing myself and I lost hope in life my health didn't really improve. But I promise I will take care of myself for you and maneet. So there's nothing to worry.

G:I don't trust you

Maan gave geet a hurt look.

M: I can

G:Shh my pagal pati I mean I don't trust you with your health I will take care of my dhak dhak

M:Geet no how can you forgive me that easly

G:Because I love you I thought my heart was turned of ice but you made it beat again.

Tears had formed in geet's eyes without her realizing it. She noticed when maan wiped them away. Geet looked up at maan and also saw tears in his eyes. She wiped it also away.

M:geet I promise no hiding deceiving more. Please geet I need on last change just one please.

G:I hate you maan

Maan looked in shock and geet.

M:Sorry for all the pain I caused you I am so sorry I

G:Maan before you start with you endless sorry song let me tell you that I hate you and I will never forgive you for being so loveable that I just cant stay angry on you even when my heart turns ice cold.

M:You scared me misty

Maan hugged her. happenis seemed to make his entery back in geet life.

                                                  10 years later

Geet couldn't believe it Maaneet was now 20 years and it was his wedding. He was marring Sally. Geet was looking out of the window and thinking how fast years move on.Maan came and hugged her from behind.

M:Kya soch ri ho Misty

G;I can't believe it Maneet is now a world famous agent and has a company togheter with his patner agent Ajenn. The duo is unbeateble. Can't believe he is going to be married to sally. Kitna badle ge ya.

M:Really I don't fell like that the only thing that has changed is that Ananya's pets has gotten more dangerous

G:But we are not scared of them anymore

Maan giggled

M:Right there is a Tiger sitting on a chair in a suit and we are not screaming.

Maan and geet laughed.

G:Gosh remember ananya's wedding almost the guests were animals

M:LOL how could I forget that. And Ruchs gosh she had become a huge script writer for movies.And Francessa she had become a singer are music_ girl

G:That girl was always really talented. And Francessa she had become a singer are music_ girl. Roopali and Ananya have opened there own zoo.LOL

M:Yes and hone wally bahu sally has become a architect

G:Just like geet from


Maan and geet giggled.

G:Maan and our litle princess are daughter gosh she is already ten

M:And already a wrtiter just like Ruchs

G:she promised me to write deewanigi part 3

M:LOL She geet nothing changed

G:But I have to say maan there will be a lot of dhamikis in the book. Kitni dhamki dehti hai hamari sara. I wonder from whom she learned

Maan gave geet a look

G:Ow you want to say that I theart people a lot

M:Geet I don't now about people.

G:Maan I am warning you

Suddenly geet released what she said. She hugged maan and they smiled.

Sara came running.

S:Mom mom mayapari is crying but I can't find Roopali aunty

Mayapari was roopali's daughter. She looked like a angel just like a mom but was a litle devil like her aunt Ananya.

Maan picked his litle princess up.

M:come lets search make mayapari smile again.

Mohinder and Evelien just walked in.

E:Come Geet everyone is waiting the wedding is about to start.

G:Yes Evelien mom

You won't believe it but Evelien used to take care and love geet a lot after being deceived by her own daughter. And Monder was now 70 and doing health wise fine. Mohinder and geet has got there old bond back. You now what they say time is a big healer.

                  The end hope you enjoyed my first FF

Love ya all will miss ya all and your comments. Wishing you a speedy recovery Anu. Guys Ananya met with a accident pray for her well being.


Link my new FF:

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Gosh… Poor Maan… He was also one of the victim in this whole scenario….Cry

OMG he was in coma for 6 months….Shocked

Haaye Geet finally forgave Maan…Embarrassed

She is really sweet but me guesses love does miracles….Embarrassed

Me SO happpy…..Embarrassed

10 YEARS LATER….Shocked

Gosh Maneet marrying Sally???? Hey Babaji...Shocked

OH god Ananya ki shaadi ho gayi….Shocked

Grrr Ananya you didn't call me….Angry

Of course sari space toh animals ne hi le li hogi….LOL

Just one question…Wink

Did you marry a human???LOL

If yes, is he insured????Wink

OMG me became a film script writer????Shocked

Oh god me flattered….Big smile

Deewangi 3????Shocked

Haaye Maan-Geet's baby girl also a writer????Embarrassed

Ajenn and Maneet ki company??? Hmm now me know who to hire when required….Wink

OMG Mayapari and roopali part was so cute….Embarrassed

Evelien…. Umm still unable to digest….LOL

Me loved the update dear…Clap

Very sad that it ended…Cry

But guess all good things have to come to an end….Embarrassed

This FF will always remain very close to my heart….Embarrassed

Thank you Mel for making me feel so special through your beautiful FF….Embarrassed

You are an awesome writer…Clap

Me waiting for your new FF to start already……Wink

Love you so much….HeartHug

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Awww me sad sad!!!!!
Geet being soo rude but maan deserves dat!! Lekin now cant c him like dat!!!!
Awsome update

Now gona read last part

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Originally posted by SONOMAKTER1


mysteriousmilli IF-Stunnerz

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Lovely ending...

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All i could say is awsome ff!!!!!!!!!

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@Ananya- OMG how did it happen…..Shocked

How are you now dear????

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