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New Maaneet FF TUJHKO JO PAAYA #5 link#6 pg131 (Page 56)

renjini263 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb teaser dear...
plzzz cont soon

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Both of them were standing beneath the shower...Maan turned Geet's back towards himself and started removing her kurti slowly sending shivers throughout her body

Geet drank her saliva as Maan started licking the traces of the chocolate syrup generously with his tongue...she didn't  even realize when her kurti landed on the floor

Maan saw some traces of chocolate on her bra... he moved his teeth and unhooked her bra with one quick movement 

Her heart skipped a beat as Maan's fingers slowly started making way towards her curvaceous secrets...

DREAMY TeaserEmbarrassed
Can't wait Piya
Plsss Update super soon

                  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Infinity. IF-Addictz

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Day DreamingTongueEmbarrassedWink

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_Maaneet_ IF-Stunnerz

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amazing teaser
now waiting for the update

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. I wanted to share something with each one of u Tongue the song that I have used in thsi update is really very close to my heart as this was the song that motivated me to pen down TJPSmile I was completing my assignments and was listening to radio simultaneously when I heard TUJHKO JO PAAYA song on radio and I dunno but I felt a strange connection with this song and by the end of this song the complete script of TJP was there in my mind.

So the credit of this ff actually goes to this song; if I had not heard this song then maybe I would have never written TJPEmbarrassed



Handa Haveli


Geet had ordered all the servants to go out and enjoy themselves as today she was the one who was going to prepare something special for her Maan and hence she didn't want any sort of disturbance


The servants immediately rushed out not for enjoying themselves but due to the fear that a storm was going to come in the kitchen and they were not at all interested to get trapped in this storm


Geet: Chal Geet utar jaa maidan mein aur bana kuch zabardast cheez apne Maan k liye [Common Geet step into the battlefield and come up with an extraordinary dish for your Maan]


She was very happy but then all of a sudden her smile faded


Geet: Par banana kya hai? Mujhe toh kuch bhi banana nahi aata [But what am I supposed to make? I have never worked in the kitchen]


After a lot of thinking she gets an idea


She gets her laptop and searches for some recipies on the net


She selects a sweetdish


Geet: Haan yahi thik rahega bilkul mere Maan ki tarah meetha hai; mere shehed jaise Maan k liye unki Habibi ek chocolate syrup ka sweet dish banayegi [Yes this perfect it is as sweet as my Maan; so for my Maan who is as sweet as honey your Habibi is going to prepare a sweet dish with the help of chocolate syrup]


With great difficulty Geet was successful in locating all the ingredients and then carefully she started preparing her dish


She was taking into consideration each and every minute detail that was mentioned in the preparation section on the net


Maan had a spare key of the Handa Haveli


He carefully entered the mansion without making any sound as he was already in his naughty mood and this time Geet had herself given him the licence by asking him the meaning of that phrase


He was pleasantly surprised to see his princess in the kitchen


Geet: Bus ab mere Maan ki dish aadhi ready ho chuki hai ab chal Geet baki ka kaam bhi pura kar de unke aane se pehle tujhe unki sweetdish ready karni hogi [That's it half the work is done now only the remaining half is left let me complete this work before Maan arrives as I want to give him a surprise my gifting him this special sweetdish]


Maan: (thinking) Main kitna lucky hoon jo mujhe Geet mili kitna khayal rakhti hai ye mera [I am so lucky to have got someone like Geet she is so caring and loving]


He stood in one corner and starts admiring his angel. He didn't want to distract her


While preparing the dish Geet touched her forehead with one of her fingers and her head got decorated with the chocolate paste


Maan wished to lick that paste with his loving touch there and then but he was controlling his emotions only for his Geet as he wanted her to enjoy this new experience of hers without any distraction


Geet: Hmm' ye kaha pe milegi? Haan maine Ma ko ye cheez yaha  pe rakhthe hue dekha tha [Hmm' where will I get this thing? Oh yes I had seen Mom keeping it in this shelf]


Geet sits on her knees and opens the shelf; one of her hands was on the kitchen desk and accidently it touched the container which had chocolate syrup in it


She was completely drained with the syrup and as soon as she realized this she got up and prevented the remaining syrup from falling


But it was too late as most of the container was almost empty


Geet's eyes were slowly becoming moist


Geet: Chocolate syrup k bagair main ye dish bana hi nah sakthi ab kya karu '[I can't prepare this dish without chocolate syrup now what should I do?]


She tries to control her emotions and opens the shelf where all the ingredients were kept


Geet: Maine toh pura saaman utilize kar liya ab toh kuch nahi bacha; main Maan k liye itni chothi cheez bhi nahi kar paayi [I have utilized all the things nothing is remaining; I could not manage to do such a small thing for Maan..]


Tears started flowing down her cheeks Maan rushed to her aid


Maan: Kya hua Geet tum roh kyun rahi ho? [Geet why r u crying?]


Geet: Main kisi kaam ki nahi ek chothi cheez main samaal nahi paayi aap mere liye kya kuch nahi karte aur main aapke liye ek simple sa dish nahi bana paayi [I am useless I could not handle such a simple task. U do so many things for me but I was unable to prepare a simple sweetdish for u]


Maan: Par Habibi tum bana toh rahi thina ab wo chocolate syrup gir gaya issmein tumhari galti kay hai? [But Habibi u were preparing it now what is your fault if the chocolate syrup got ruined?]


Geet: Nahi meri hi galti hai mujhe dhyan rakhna chahiye tha [no its my fault I should have been more careful]


She started crying


Geet: Meri wajah aaj Maan ye dish taste nahi paaye [Just because of me he Maan could not taste this dish]


Maan comes and hugs her from behind


Maan: Galat bol rahi ho Geet tumhari wajah se main ye dish abhi aur bhi haseen tareeke se taste karunga [U r wrong Geet just because of u I have got the opportunity to taste this dish in a better way]


Geet: Mujhe behlane ki koshish mat kijiye Maan [Don't try to divert my mind Maan]


Saying so she started walking  




Mere bina main rehne laga hoon

Teri hawa mein behne laga hoon

Maan stopped her immediately by holding her hand; Geet closed her eyes as she was intoxicated with Maan's one loving and caring touch



Jaane main kaise tera hua hoon

Mujhe toh lagta hai shayad main tere dil ki dua hoon'

He pulled her back slowly with his sensous hold and allowed Geet to rest her back on his chest




Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan'

Geet started breathing heavely as she felt Maan's warm breath on her shoulder. With the help of his middle finger Maan shifted the strap of her dress slightly and placed a passionate kiss on her shoulder




Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan

He squeezed her belly possessively and turned her with one quick movement; they were now face to face and Geet could only see a beautiful blend of love and care in his eyes



Pehle se zyada main jee  raha hoon

Tere hi dil se main toh juda hoon

But Geet was still feeling guilty she saw the bowl of chocolate syrup and her face once again becomes pale; she was going to the washroom to clean herself when Maan stopped her by blocking her path



Raho pe teri main toh chala hoon

Tu meri manzil hai tere kadmo pe bus rukhne laga hoon'

Before Geet could question him; he picked up the bowl which had the remaining chocolate syrup in it and without thinking twice he went on his knees and turned the container upside down and declared that every act of yours is a precious moment for your slave




Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan

Maan was looking really funny and Geet could not stop herself from laughing after seeing Maan in this condition'Maan got a new life after hearing her musical laughter





Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan

Geet was busy laughing and she failed to notice the mischievious glint in Maan's eyes. Maan kept the bowl on the table and he started looking at Geet's chest possessively.




Geet noticed the possessive look that Maan was giving; she lowered her gaze and realized that Maan was feeling jealous of the chocolate drop that was slowly entering the territory of her soft curves


Geet was just about to stop the drop by wiping it with her finger when all of a sudden Maan pulled Geet possessively and started erasing the traces of the chocolate syrup by licking the entire path generously


Geet clutched Maan's hair in a tight grip as Maan started decorating that particular part of her skin with hungry and demanding wet smooches


She declared her submission by moaning his name with utmost love


This clue was enough for Maan to understand the language of her heart. He scooped her immediately in his strong arms and started walking towards the washroom

Geet started unbuttoning his shirt whereas Maan was busy in marking the sensitive area of her nape by gifting her sharp and possessive love bites


Maan closed the door of the washroom with his leg and placed Geet on her feet. He opened the knob of the shower and allowed the water droplets to mark her majestic beauty with a special glow by taking her in its folds


He removed his shirt completely and opened Geet's hair and allowed her curls to touch her body completely  



Teri nazar mein nayi si aada hai

naya sa nasha bhi ghula hai'

Both of them were standing beneath the shower. Geet's back was facing Maan; he started removing her kurti slowly sending shivers throughout Geet's body


Geet drank her saliva as Maan started licking the traces of the chocolate paste generously with his tongue'she didn't even realize when her kurti landed on the floor



Kayi dino se bhandha tha baadal jo

Tere hi bhalo mein khula hai

Her breaths were uneven'she was still trying to get a complete feel of Maan's intoxicating touch when Maan saw some traces of chocolate on her bra

He let out a loud possessive groan and moved his teeth and unhooked her bra in one quick movement


Her heart skipped a beat as Maan's fingers were slowly making way to her curvaceous secrets



Teri hadhon mein meri basar hai

She was wearing a strapless bra and she had prevented it from falling by holding it securely from the front


She was waiting for the love of her life to claim her by removing this material by his own hands


Ab tujhe bhi jaana kidar hai

She closed her eyes as she felt the touch of Maan's fingers on her nip***s'she was waiting for the moment when he will remove this last barrier between them completely


But once again Maan surprised her by covering her with a towel'her respect for Maan reached a new level with this act of his


Jahah rahe tu main wo jahah hoon

Once Maan had ensured that the knot of the towel was perfect he allowed his right hand to enter her upper secret feminine portion and gracefully removed the bra from her beautiful soft curves


Jise jiye tu main wo sama hoon

Geet turned around immediately and started claiming him by placing loving kisses on his well toned chest


She bit his nip**e when she saw some chocolate stains on her possession' yes every thing related to Maan was only hers


Teri wajah se naya naya hoon

It seemed she was not satisfied with her act she went on biting both the tips of his chest aggressively. Maan allowed his hand to move around her smooth back shamelessly by making an entry through the towel



Maine kahana pehle ab toh ye main kehne laga hoon haan'

When Geet's torture was becoming unbearable for Maan he smashed his lips and took her rosy petals within his territory


Geet responded to his kiss with equal passion and pulled him closer; without breaking the kiss Maan placed Geet in the bath tub and he himself got on top of her  



Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan

He left her lips and started sucking the bulge of her milky curves aggressively.


Oh Geet was drowning in his captivating and magical charm; but she was also not far behind she too started gifting Maan with hungry bites and demanding kisses


Maan cupped her br***ts and took both her tips inbetween his teeth and started tasting the delicacy of her softness



Ab ye lamha theher jaaye tham jaaye bus jaaye hum dono k darmiyaan

Every touch of his was making Geet realize the depth of his love' she was only his and he was proving it by loving her in one of the most beautiful ways


Geet became more demanding as Maan continued to shower her with his love by claiming and tasting every inch of her upper body without removing the towel


He was communicating the love and respect that he holds for her by touching her soul with his blissful and magical grace


She allowed him to claim her and infact she was all ready to submit herself completely to him but Maan knew his limits and he ensured not to cross those limits


They continued to love each other and ensured their dominance on one another by removing every trace of the chocolate paste from each other's body; they continued to shower own another by loving and soft kisses as well as hungry and demanding smooches


Sometimes their innocent love took a wild turn and they kept on portraying their wild side by giving each other a sweet torture of animalistic love bites


But overall they were satisfied to have found each other' and today was just a blissful beginning of their new life as both of them were unaware that a sweet surprise was going to knock their lives very soon which would provide them with a licence to take their relationship to a new level



PRECAP: Naughty Maan is all ready to explain Geet the meaning of the special phraseEmbarrassed  






Part 43: Page 105

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