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New Maaneet FF TUJHKO JO PAAYA #5 link#6 pg131 (Page 33)

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nice teaser

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next part of TJP enjoy reading it Smile
Nothing mattered to her today; she didn't care about the world nor did she bother about the people who were watching them...she went on loving him, kissing today she knew how lucky she was to have found a man like him. He was the man who completed her incomplete self by showering her with his unconditional love  making her feel she is precious...yes she is special and today she wanted the world to know that this man belongs to her... yes he is only her man...her Maan...only Geet's Maan
They parted due to lack of air Maan was not sure about Geet's reaction he thought maybe now she will feel shy as so many people were watching them but to his surprise he could only see pride and immense happiness in those angelic eyes of hers
He got all his answers in those magical eyes of Geet... yes she was proud of their relationship and their divine love...she was proud to be his Geet
Maan kissed her forehead and placed his arm on her waist and requested Geet to move out of the hospital. Geet rested her head on his shoulder and started walking with him not even once did she care to look at the hospital seemed that the entire world did not exist for them
With every step that they were taking; their hearts were making numerous promises
"Kadam se kadam milakar chalte rahenge hum
Jeewan k har dagar mein haath thame khadenge hum
Ruth gayi kismat toh kise hai parwah?
 Tumhari ek muskurahat ko hi apna mukadaar banalenge hum"
[We will keep walking together by matching our steps
We will continue holding each other's hands in every chapter of our life
Who cares if fate and fortune shows its back towards us?
Your one smile is enough to rewrite a beautiful destiny]
This was one of the several promises that Maaneet made as they walked from the hospital premises towards their car
Maaneet sit in the car. Geet hugged Maan lovingly
Maan: Mujhe maaf kar doh Geet [Pls forgive me Geet]
Geet: Kis baat ki maafi maang rahe hai Maan? [Why r u asking for forgiveness Maan?]
Maan: Maine tumhe bahut kuch keh diya Geet par main kya karta tum meri jaan ho aur mere rehthe hue meri zindagi k kadam dagmaga jaaye ya wo koi galat faisla le le ye main hone nahi de saktha [I went way to ahead Geet but I never wanted to hurt u... u r my life dear and I cannot let u to walk on wrong paths or take any wrong decisions as long as I m there with u]
Geet: Main aapki zindagi hoon ye kehkar haq bhi jaata rahe  hai aur dusre hi pal maafi maangkar mujhe khud se dur kyun kar rahe hai Maan? [I am your life u r claiming me by making this statement they why r u trying to separate your own life by asking for forgiveness?]
Maan: Nahi Geet aisi baat nahi hai par maine aaj anjaane mein shayad tumhare zhakmo ko phir se taaza kar diya par Geet mera yakeen mano tumhare parents ko apni galti ka ehsaas hai wo jaante hai k unhone tumhe tumhare bachpan ka wo waqt nahi diya jiski tumhe sabse zyada zarurat thi aur unhe uss baat ka pachtawa bhi hai [No Geet this is not the case maybe I have once again awakened your bitter memories by my talks but Geet trust me your parents have realized their mistake they are aware that they missed out those precious days of your childhood and they regretting their negligence as well]
Geet: Unse badi gunegaar toh main hoon Maan kumsekum Ma aur Bawuji ko apni galti ka ehsaas mujhse pehle hua par agar aaj aap mujhpar apna haq na jatathe toh shayad aaj bhi main ye baat nahi samaj paathi k har parent k liye uska bachha sabse zyada anmol hai ... aapke pyar ne mujhe pehle hi badal diya tha Maan par aaj jo thodi bahut kami reh gayi thi aaj wo kami aapke haq jatane par puri ho gayi [I am more guilty than my parents Maan atleast they realized their mistake long before but if today u had not opened my eyes then maybe I would have remained ignorant about this truth that for every parent his child is priceless.. ur love had already changed me Maan but whatever small change was remaining was completed today as soon as u claimed me]
Maan: Geet...
Geet hugged him with all her love
Geet: Aaj maine jaana k main iss jahah ki sabse khushkismat ladki hoon jise ek nahi 2 families mili hai aur ye khushkismati mere takdeer mein iss liye hai kyunki mujhe aapka saath mila hai aur jaante hai Maan aajse meri ek nayi pehchaan hai aur marte dumtak main chaahungi k meri pehchaan yuhi salamat rahe [Today I have realized that I am the luckiest girl on this earth as I have not one but 2 families and this is all because of u... Maan I have got a new identity today and I pray that this identity remains safe till the last breath of my life]
Maan: Nayi pehchaan? [New identity?]
Geet: Aaj se main Geet nahi balki Maan ki Geet hoon aur marte dum tak bus apne Maan ki hi rahungi [I am no longer Geet from today I am only Maan's Geet and I will remain so till I breath my last]
Maan kissed the corner of her lips softly
Maan: Par main toh tumhe Habibi bulaunga [But I will call u Habibi]
Geet: Ye Habibi kya hotha hai? [What do u mean by Habibi?]
Maan looks seductively at Geet and pulls Geet strongly. He brushed his lips with her soft petals.
Geet closed her eyes and Maan placed a small peck on her lips and whispered huskily
Maan: Habibi ek Arabic word hai jiska matlab hai Sweetheart [Habibi is an Arabic word which means Sweetheart]
As soon as Maan mentioned the meaning he captured Geet's lips giving rise to a passionate kiss. Geet responded back immediately. They continued to explore the secrets of each other's mouth as Maan went on writing the true meaning of this word on Geet's heart by this simple yet soul touching kiss that both of them shared
After few minutes
Maan: Ab jab bhi main tumhe Habibi karke pukarunga tumhe humara ye khoobsurat pal yaad aa jaayega [From now onwards whenever I will address u as Habibi u will automatically recollect this blissful moment that both of us shared few minutes ago]
Geet hit him playfully on his chest and submitted herself in his embrace
Maan: Ghar chale Geet koi tumhara interzaar kar raha hoga [Someone is waiting for u Geet shall we go home?]
Geet: Intezaar k din guzar chuke Maan aaj Handa Haveli mein Geet nahi balki Ma Bawuji ki laadorani jaayegi [The days of wait are over Maan today instead of Geet the darling daughter of my parents would be placing her first step in the Handa Haveli]
Maan kissed her forehead and started driving the car
Handa Haveli
It was lunch time
Mohinder and Rano were waiting for Geet; they had continued this practice right from the day Maan had requested them to do so
Maan and Geet entered the Mansion
As soon as Rano saw Geet she got up from her chair and looked at her lovingly; she gave her a signal through her eyes that your favourite dish is ready come lets have lunch together
Geet started approaching her mom; Rano's heartbeat started increasing as today she could sense something different in Geet's behaviour. Maan was following Geet but for unknown reasons Mohinder and Rano could not remove their gaze from Geet's face
Rano: Puttarji dekhiye humne aapka manchaha khana banaya hai zara chakar bataiye kaisa bana hai khana? [My darling child I have made ur favourite dish today taste it and tell me is it good?]
Rano starts serving the dishes on Geet's plate but Geet walks past her mom and goes to her room
Rano and Mohinder were heartbroken. Maan was also confused
Maan was thinking of entering Geet's room when he saw Geet coming down holding a chair in her hands.
Geet placed that chair in between the chair of her mom and the chair of her dad
Mohinder: Ye toh wahi chair hai [This is the same chair...]
Geet: Jo aapne apni laadorani k liye khaas banyawi thi haina bauji [U had  ordered this chair specially for your darling daughter]
Mohinder had tears in his eyes after so many years he had heard this magical word from Geet "Bauji"  
Geet got up immediately and wiped his tears
Geet: Aapke ye moti kafi anmol hai bauji inhe yuhi bahaiye mat aap hi toh bachpan mein kehthe thena k gudiya chothi chothi baato mein inn ashko ko gawaya nahi karte inhe samalkar rakh jis din teri doli uthegi uss din inn motiyon ko apni yaadon ka taufa banakar hume de jaana...[These pearls are really important Bauji don't shed them unnecessarily do u remember during my childhood days u used to tell me that I should not shed tears and waste thses beautiful gems I should preserve it till my wedding day and once I enter my new life I should give shed these pearls so that u can keep and cherish it as a gift og my memories]
Geet: Toh ab aap kyun ro rahe ho bauji aapki laadoraani toh aapke nazro k saamne hai aur aage se aapke palko k chau se kabhi bhi dur nahi jaayegi phir chaahe mere dulhe ko kitna bhi intezaar karna pade ab toh aapki gudiya apne bauji ko chodkar kahi nahi jaayegi kyunki main jaanti hoon main mere bauji k dil ki dhadkan hoon aur wo mujhse bahut pyar karte hai haina? [Why r u crying Bauji ur darling daughter is in front of ur eyes and I promise I will never go away from the shade of your bridegroom can wait but your doll will never leave u and go anywhere as she has realized that she is your heartbeat and u love her a lot... u love me na?]
Mohinder crushed Geet in a tight fatherly hug
Mohinder: Apne bauji ko maaf karde gudiyaa... tu toh humesha se hi iss jahah ki sabse pyari beti thi par main hi pita ka farz thik tareeke se nibha nahi paaya par sach kehtha hoon gudiya tere bauji ko jab apni galti ka ehsaas hua toh wo chahkar bhi apni galti ko sudhaar nahi sake...apne naadan bauji ko maaf kar bete mujhe saza de par kabhi bhi mujhse dur mat jaana ab tujhse judayi ka ek bhi pal tera ye pita bardassh nahi kar paayega [Pls Forgive your Bauji my doll... u were always the sweetest daughter of this world but I was the one who could not fulfill the duties of a father properly but trust me dear I am dying a slow death from the day I realized my mistake but somehow I could not do anything to rectify my fault... punish me Geet do whatever u want but never go away from ur dad as he will never be able to survive if u go away from him]
Geet: Maafi maangkar sharminda mat kijiye Bauji aap bade ho aur aapse koi galthi nahi hui galthi toh mujhse hui hai k main aapka pyar samaj na sakhi ho sake toh apni nadaan bachhi ko maaf kar dijiye [Pls don't embarras me by asking for forgiveness I was the one who was wrong as I did not understand the depth of your love if possible pls forgive your ignorant daughter]
Geet broke the hug and held her ears cutely
Geet: Vada karti hoon bauji ab ye galti dubara nahi hogi [I promise Bauji I won't be repeating this mistake again]
Mohinder and Rano felt as if someone had gifted them their life back
Geet placed both her hands in front of Mohinder 
Geet: Saza dijiye Bauji aur apni shaitan bachhi ko sahi raaste par le aayiye [Punish me Bauji and bring your naughty daughter back on the right track]
Mohinder had tears of happiness in his eyes. He held her hands and kissed her palms affectionately
Mohinder: Bauji ko toh apni shaitan gudiyaa hi pasand hai wo jaisi bhi hai sabse best hai [Ur Bauji loves his naughty doll as she is the best]
Geet once again hugged her dad. Rano wiped her tears after watching the daughter father reunion
She was about to go to the kitchen when Geet called her name
Geet: Ma apni laado ko khana nahi khilayengi? [Mom won't u feed your daughter with your own hands?]
Rano got a new life after listening to the word "Ma" it seemed that her wandering soul had returned back to her body
Rano turned around and started kissing Geet's face continuosly
She could not control her tears and hugged Geet with all her love
Geet: Mujhe maaf kar dijiye Ma maine aapko kafi takleef pauchayi [Forgive me Mom I troubled u a lot]
Rano: Tune mujhe takleef nahi balki mujhe meri zindagi lautayi hai...Ek baar phir se mujhe Ma kehkar pukar lado pukarogina? [U have not given me any trouble infact u have gifted me my life back pls address me as "Ma" once again laado]
Geet: Ma... Aapki Geet aapse bahut pyar karti hai aap mujhe chodkar kabhi nahi jaayogena? [Mom...ur Geet loves u a lot Mom promise me u will never leave me and go again]
Rano: Kabhi nahi putaarji aap hi toh iss ma ki jeene ki wajah ho aapke bagair hum kaha jaayenge? [Never my darling daughter u r the sole reason of my existence where would I go without u?]
Geet: Par mujhe iss baat ka yakeen dilayiye tabhi main maanu [ But u need to prove this thing to me]
Rano: Bolo laadorani mujhe kya karna hoga? [Tell me my darling daughter what do I need to do?]
Geet breaks the hug and made a cute baby face
Geet: Mujhe bhook lagi hai aur ye bhook tabhi mitegi jab aap mujhe apne haatho se khana khilaugi [I am hungry and my hunger would be satisfied only if u feed me with your own hands]
Rano got emotional and kissed Geet's forehead
She made her comfortable on her favourite chair that her father had designed for her
She took the plate and served Geet's favourite dishes in it and started feeding her 
Mohinder continued to caress Geet's head and all 3 of them could not stop their tears from flowing
Maan was witnessing this silently he got emotional after seeing the reunion of Geet and her parents; he was just about to leave as he thought there was no need of him right now but before he could even think of taking the first step he found himself trapped in an unbreakable bond...
Geet was holding his hand firmly and this was enough for him to know she wants to be with him in every phase of her life be it happiness or grief
He looked into Geet's eyes which were clearly conveying her emotions beautifully
Geet: (through her eyes)
"Zindagi hai hum iss zindagi ka maksad tum ho
Saasein hai hum inn saason ki leher tum ho
Saadgi hai hum inn saadgi ki raunak tum ho
Mitti hai hum iss mitti ki khushboo tum ho
Batkismat the hum humari ruthi hui takdeer ka sitara tum ho"
[I am life but u r the destination of this life
I am breath but u the waves of this breath
I am simplicity but u r the glow of this simplicity
I am wet mud but u the fragrance of this mud
I was unfortunate but u the brightest star of my fortunate destiny]
It was the need of time or rather the declaration of destiny that very soon these 2 have to tie a knot which will keep them united for ages to come
PRECAP: Geet's special experiment in the kitchen for MaanLOLLOLLOL
Okay guys many of u were asking me if the poems that I include in my updates r written by me or not? Well the answer is YES I myself write these poems and all the poems that r included in my FFs have been penned down by me Smile 

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sweet piya waiting

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On teaser
chakte faate kudia... i know tume samj nahi aya hoga mane kya awesome teasure yaar...thoda sa emotionalSmile...if i m not wrong ta ki iss ff me bi hume maaneet ki shaddi jaldi hi milne wali hai kya?muje apki last lines se asa lagaEmbarrassed...cont soon
love u alot muaah
thanx for pm

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haye yaar shona aj to pura hi emotional kar diya...ajj ka update to bahot hi jyada emotional kar gaya muje...geet aur uske parents ka union bahot bahot bahot bahot badia tha...isse best kuch aur ho hi nahi sakta ...its out of this world...bilkul pihu ke world jasaTongue
precap is so funnyLOL i know next update pakka super funny hoga...kyuki geet ko to kuch bana hi nahi ata hoga..bechara maan bali ka bakra banegaROFL...god ji humare MAAN ki rakhsha karnaLOL
i dont know what to say more...muje shabad nahi mil rahe apki perfect update ko appreciate karne ke lia...just mesmerizing with emotions...too goood
cont soon
waiting eagerly
thankx for pm
love u alot
ur's bacha

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Heart touching update

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Its beautiful dear...

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nice update

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