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FF : Eternal love (part 6 updated) page 5 (Page 2)

ssktlk Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Thanks for the likes and encouragement friends. Gave me some courage to move ahead with the story. here is the second part.

Part 2
Nidhi's House

Anji came over looking for Nidhi. She was still in bed pondering over the events of last week. So much had happened
 in such less time. From her getting almost engaged to Rohan to Dr. Ashutosh's car crash, his much believed death( how she still shudders
at the thought of it), then his miraculous discovery, how she was rock solid in her belief through all this. That her love,
her Dr. Ashutosh would never leave her alone in this world. And what did she give him in return? He came all the way to 
Kerala searching for her, ready to take on Baba, Dadi Bua, the whole world for her, but it seemed as if all the energy
had been zapped from her. She turned so weak, her heart tore away when she had
to say she agrees to what her Baba wishes.  It seemed like a Tsunami which blew away her confidence, her smiles, all her happy moments
and all she was left was scattered fragments of her unforgettable moments spent with Dr. Ashutosh. And she lacked the
strength to pick up the fragments. Feelings of deep guilt, remorse, pain burdened her heart. Will she be able to survive like this?
She made Ashutosh promise that they would not meet or talk again, but she wasn't sure if she would be able to breathe
without thinking of him. Thinking all this, she didn't realise when her tears fell on Anji's hands and she hugged her hard.
Anji took her hand, wiped her tears and said bravely " Nidhi, get ready, I have to go look at some materials for a dress
I am designing, and I got a flat tyre. Could you please drive me there or I'll be late." She looked at Nidhi's blank face expectantly.
Nidhi wasn't so sure she wanted to go anywhere, but the genuine look on Anji's face, made her move. In half an hour they were 
on the road. Nidhi did not feel like having breakfast so she just got ready and got out of the house. Anji was observing 
Nidhi carefully but did not say anything. She just kept talking casually about her dress design and how she was having
a hard time deciding fabrics for the same. But Nidhi seemed to be in a world of her own. "Nidhi, are you listening? Do you think
think Bharat Fabrics would have a better collection or should I check with Yuvti?" On getting no response from Nidhi, Anji changed
the subject, " They say love makes this world a better place to live in, but I am starting to feel, what I thought earlier
was true, love is just our mind's wandering, doesn't leave you with anything but thorns". Suddenly Nidhi slowed the car, looked 
at Anji with moist eyes and said " Anji, not all are destined to find happiness in love, but once you are in love, its pain 
is also precious, and stays close to the heart, it becomes the disease as well as the cure." Anji was listening intently
when outside the window, they could hear some noises, she told Nidhi to stop the car. They got down and saw there was a small
crowd, when they walked there, saw it was a bike accident. A man and his 6 yr old daughter were hit by a car and people
were blocking the car threatening the driver. The little girl was unconscious and her father was frantic seeing his daughter's
condition. Anji told Nidhi to look at the girl and get her to the hospital right away. Nidhi helped the father and daughter 
in her car, and subconsciously drove her car to Kotnis general hospital. When she parked and got down, she realised
what she did and looked at Anji helplessly. Anji motioned her to help the patient and her father out and not to worry.
She called for the stretcher right away, and consoled the dad who was very scared, that his daughter would be fine, not
to worry, his daughter would be attended right away. Dr. Ranganath saw Nidhi and was happy, then saw the stretcher and 
quickly assessed the situation.He said " Dr. Nidhi, don't worry, I will inform Dr. Ashutosh right away, he will look at the girl".
A tear dropped as Nidhi heard Dr. Ashutosh's name and she seemed unsure what to do. Before she could think Dr. Ranganath went 
away. Dr. Ashutosh rushed out of his cabin right away, and on seeing Nidhi, he was rooted for a second with moist eyes, then 
quickly took note of the situation and looked at the girl. After checking her, he found the little girl to be out of danger, 
but ordered some tests and then talked to her dad. " Don't worry, she is just unconscious from the trauma, but we will have all the necessary  tests
done and keep her under observation for a day, she will be fine". The father was somewhat assured. Ashutosh turned around to look for Nidhi
but she was nowhere to be found. Without thinking he rushed out and checked with the receptionist " Dr Nidhi?", "Sir she just
went out towards her car." Nidhi was about to open the car when she heard the deep voice that always made her heart 
beat "Dr. Nidhi". She felt an unknown shiver down her body, and turned around, "yes Sir? ". Their eyes locked momentarily
and talked to each other. Ashutosh : " Why do I stop in your tracks knowing that you  wish not to tread this path? How
do I choose a new path now when you were the one who showed me this way?", tears welled up in his eyes as he looked longingly.
 Nidhi : "Unknowingly
my feet got me here, back to you, my heart is not in my control. I have decided to walk away from you, but my heart refuses
to listen, what do I do?" and she closed her tearful eyes, trying to look away. " Thanks for trusting me with this patient,
she is stable, I will inform you of the test results" Said Ashutosh and walked away. Nidhi waited till he was out of sight
and got into the car, feeling empty within.


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Pooja_0910 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Wonderful n emotionaly touchy update...
Poor my AshNi...hope they come together soon
Thank you..waiting for next
niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
good one buddyClap
ssktlk Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Friends, I am posting the 3rd part of my ff. I think due to the fact that this story starts after the separation, not many readers. I will continue this ff if I get some encouragement, or would not bore you further. Thank you for reading.

Part 3

Nidhi's house

Baba : "Nidhi there is an ad in the paper for an intern in SV hospital. Why don't you apply beta?" " Nidhi looks at him
with pained eyes and says " I don't know if I would be able to do a good job Baba, I have lost confidence in myself." Baba
gulps with sad eyes and looks at Dadi Bua helpelssly, while she looks at him with assured eyes and turns to Nidhi " What is
my dear Nidhi saying? Is there any other girl in lucknow who stood 14th all over India in MBBS? So only Nidhi can be suitable
for any such job. Come on, get up, you quickly get ready, I am serving your favorite breakfast, and then you see how it
will give you all the confidence and luck you need for the job". Nidhi looked unsure, but Dadi Bua seemed determined, and waited
patiently till Nidhi went to get ready.

While going in the car with Anjie, Nidhi said " You know Anjie, in the last few days, whatever I went through, never thought
I could work in a hospital again. Those surroundings, the OT, the patients everything would remind me of Kotnis and him. 
How would I ever get over it", her eyes started getting moist. Anjie, patted her shoulder softly, " Time is the best healer
Nidhi, helps you out of your biggest sorrows. And then think of those patients, who are missing out on such a wonderful doctor.
You're lucky you will always have a purpose in life Nidhi, being a doctor you always have your patients to take care of
and share their pain. Few get this opportunity to forget their own pain while helping others." As they looked out, they had reached
SV hospital. After meeting the dean and staff there, Nidhi warmed up to the place. Sarita, the admin manager was a friendly
middle aged lady and offered Nidhi to show around the hospital. Though not as big as Kotnis, the hospital seemed good with 
cheerful staff and Nidhi hoped it would help her to be a good doctor, at the same time keep herself busy and forget her pain.
"You look around Dr. Nidhi, I will be back soon", said sarita as she got a call. Nidhi took a peek at her favorite ward, the
children's ward, and suddenly remember the kids in Kotnis. You get so attached to kids, she was wondering the kids there also must be
missing her like she misses them. As she tiptoed in the ward, she saw some kids were sleeping, some were reading books, one little boy
boy was looking here and there, sometimes at the ceiling with a look of fear, sometimes sadness in his eyes. Nidhi went up to him,
"Hi, whats your name, I am Nidhi", she got her hand forward for a handshake. The boy ignored her and sat staring at the walls now.
"You know I also like to look at the walls and ceiling when I am sad", this time the boy looked at her. " Do you like to make
pictures? of the sky, the trees, the sun outside?" The boy nodded yes. Nidhi grabbed a paper and a pencil and said, "Draw whatever
u like and next time I will get markers so you can color your pictures, ok? " the boy smiled a little. Just then, Sarita came
looking for Nidhi " Oh here you are Dr. Nidhi, I was looking for you. Come let me introduce to the rest of the staff", and
they met a bunch of doctors, interns,nurses. " Welcome to SV hospital Dr. Nidhi, I hope you will like working as a team here'
and we will scare the diseases away together", said the dean Mr Kadam smiling, who was an old bearded man in his late fifties probably, but
seemed good humored and calm. Then they all went to work. sarita told Nidhi, her duty was in the Gynecology ward, where she would assist 
Dr. Lata. Nidhi went to the Gynaec ward and went through some case files.She didn't realise it was lunchtime till Sarita told her
about the cafeteria and showed her. Nidhi took her purse and went with some interns. Though she didn't feel much hunger these
days, still she thought her body would need it now that she is working, and a burger on the menu caught her eyes, so she
decided to give it a try. Nidhi got to talk with the other interns Asha, Ritu, Sanya, Jiya while at lunch. It seemed as if 
it had been so long, she did all this talking. While going back to her ward, she passed by the children's ward again and
saw the boy who was drawing. He had finished his drawing and playing with a balloon, which had got a smile on his face now.
Nidhi couldn't help going in, and said " You look lovely with the smile, who gave you this balloon?", Sarita aunty did, its my 
favorite color blue, look, he excitedly showed Nidhi, as soon as Nidhi tried to hold it, the balloon flew away, "my balloon,
my balloon," cried the boy, Nidhi tried running after the balloon, it went a little higher, she got a stool and tried to reach it
, she almost got it, but she needed to inch up a little, "There, got your balloon", said she, but her foot was at the edge of the
stool and she closed her eyes in anticipation of a fall, when a pair of strong arms, caught her before she reached the floor.

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Such a wonderful story and u r saying to end it?Now your ending needs a quick update.Please give the next one.

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heydoc27 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
hmm errm i m a newbiee..so catching up on all d FFs since a week or so..n
definitely waiting for d update..
yaar ending n all..no matter wer d kahaani strts its ashni all d way dat make d heart skip a beat..SmileBig smile
pls do continu its shaping up gudSmile
aarch Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Good going... story is getting interesting. Plz continue. waiting for next part...
sundy9 Newbie

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Posted: 16 April 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
loved it

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