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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

FF :"KYA PYAAR HOGA..??" (PT-12 AT PG-42) (Page 41)

neha3 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2013 at 8:20am | IP Logged
nice part...
cont... soon

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ANN91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2013 at 10:25am | IP Logged
superb update bebo
loved it
super and duper creation
eagerly waiting 4 next part

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sameera_naksh Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Nyccc part Bebo Welldone 
Akshara hi Naitik k pyaar hai 
aur jo Naitik Akshara k liye Mehsoos krta hai woh bhi pyaar hai

plz bebo continue soon

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sona_naksh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged
awesum part sona ...n chocolate scene is just wowww :-$:-$:-$ ...
plzzz aisa precap de ke update ko latkaana nhi ...plzzz update soon madam ...

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The_Fan_Girl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Hi Sonali..
I read all parts of Ur Ff..All parts were so nice..

Different story,excellent character potration..Superb work..

Plz continue asap..
mannukitian Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 7:36am | IP Logged
lovely part sona(i hpe i cn cal u by dis name)..i luved each n every line of it..hpe u vl update d succesive parts soon..

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sonu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
                                                               PART - 12
A very so lovely morning ,cold wheater,after a good rain over night 
Akshara wakes up from her very so unpleasant sleep , as she was missing,angry and very much frustrated with naitiks sudden outdoor trip ,
akshara still lying in the bed was thinking of the moments which naksh spent the previous day 
tring tring..!!!
The tone breaks aksharas glance , askhara look over the screen and it was a out of reigion number ,the code cleared up that it was a singapore number
angry and pissed up akshara just cut down the call out of anger 
naitik: katt diya..??
             afcourse madam itna gussa hogi , main bhi bina baataye achanak say agaya 
              per koi nayi " mujhe pata hai aapka mudd kaisa theek kaarna hai akshara "
akshara leaves the phone in room and goes to the hall , as the wedding date was near by all were busy in preperations , i no time akshara just get 
indulged in work  , as it was sangeet in span of 2 days 
day passed by akshara still angry with naitik was missing naitik

naitik: On the way to airport sleeps into a sleep , were he see the same dream , a girl in white dres running over and naitik trying to chase her .
              suddenly naitik breaks out of dream , thinks " phir sa wahi sapna , kya akshara hi woh laadki hai , joh mera sapna aati hai ..??? aagar nahi
              toh kya main akshara aur meri life ka saat theek kaar raha hu ..??"
Questions left naitik paniced , he got so worried that instead of heading to airport he took the cab back to his hotel 

Akshara was expecting naitik today , as they were going to perform but no were soon her expectation broke when she hears from shaurya that 
naitik is still in singapore 
akshara really gets dishearted ,goes to room , crys out badly saying "naitik aapsa yeh umeed nahi thi mujhe , mujhe sach main laaga aap mujse
pyaar kaarta hai , aap mera liya kuch bhi kaar sakta hai , nahi lekin main galat thi ,aapka liya ek business deal mujse zyada important hai "
akshara crys out for certain time , than wipes up her tears and heads out saying " aapna joh kaarna tha kaarliya per main aapki wajah say 
aapni behen aur sabsa aacha dost ki life ki itni important day ko kharab nahi hona de sakti "

naitik: To himself " Mujhe pata hai akshara aap mujse bohat naraz hogi , lekin main kya kaaru , main aapki life ka saat aapka saat aisa nahi kaar 

day pass by , sangeet ends on a grand note with lots of music and dance on dance floor 

It was day of wedding,option less naitik had to come back to shimla to attend the wedding of which akshara was unaware 
as soon as naitik head up , he sees a girl running down in a white dress down the staircase , "same as the dream" naitik was just running back of her
with no clue , were they were heading , the head  into the garden , the girl just slip down , naitik catch hold of her , but her hair cover up her face 
naitik slowly move her hair apart to see the face .
Which leave him stunned ,he just burst out of anxiety when he discovers that girl is non other than AKSHARA , his akshara 
Akshara : was all shocked to see naitik their , breaking which akshara stands up on her leg
naitik: hugg akshara and say up in her ear "Thank god its U, Yes ,yes ..!! its u "
akshara: pushes naitik apart 
               says , whats wrong with u ..?
naitik: say up whole thing , about his dream and y dint her come for sangeet everything
akshara : what..??
                 how mean of u naitik..?
                 what if i was not the girl..?? kya aap mujhe chod deta..??
                  u are so so very mean MR .singhania, tum sirf aapna aap say pyaar kaar sakta ho aur kisa nahi , meri chodo ,tum toh aapna saaga bhai
                  ka bhi nahi ban paaye , sirf is wajah say ,tumne aapna bahi ki sangeet ceremony miss kaardi..? so so very sick of naitik

naitik: akshara meri baat toh suniya , please
akshara: maargai aajse yeh akshara aapka liya, main abhi ishi waqt hamara beech joh bhi rishta tha usha thod ti hu 
naitik: akshara per ,stops akshara by catching hand
akshara:jerk it out and say dare u touch me ever again and leaves
naitik: breaksdown on knee " im sorry . sorry akshara , main jaanta hu meri gaalti maafi ka layak nahi hai "
akshara:goes to her room , throws the things away in anger , crushes every gift which naitik gifted her , pieces the cards , letters and end up crying 
               badly " I hate u , i so very hate u naitik "
It was evening , naitik try alot to come to akshara and talk , but akshara dosent give a chance , neither listen to him 
wedding , will be end up with all rituals and in a grand manner . 

Days pass by 
akshara still upset with naitik ...

A morning , which was same like daily , but a heart attack to dadi , changed up the usual day to atmost unusal 
allwere at hospital , the treatment on time saved up dadi 
naksh,shuarya and varsha go to the room to meet up dadi 
akshara : Go to dadi and cry up badly
dadi: Try to cheer up akshara , and wishes a desire which keep everyone stunned 
           dadi , desires "Akshara to marry up as soon as possible "
agreeing to which akshara say out YES
akshara: Theek hai dadi , aap kisa kahingi main ussa shaadi kaarna ka liya tayar hu 

evening :
naksh were alone at house ,
naitik rushes up in kitchen and push up akshara to wall and hold upon her 
naitik: aap aapna aapko samajti kya hai..? aap aisa kaisa kisi aur say shaadi ka liya hah kaar sakti hai 
akshara: push naitik away and say 
               toh aap chata kya hai..? ki main ek aisa insaan ka saat zidagi betau , joh pata konsa pal mujhe chod kar chala jaayega..??
naitik: i love u akshara , i love u main janat hu aap bhi mujse pyaar kaarti hai please
akshara: main aapsa pyaar kaarti thi naitik , aab nahi aab aap mera liya sirf mera di ka dewar aur mera dost ka bhai hai aur kuch nahi 
naitik:akshara aap abhi gussa main ho isliye kuch bhi kaha jaarahi hai , hum baad main aaram say baat kaarta hai 
akshara:nahi naitik main na maan bana liya hai , aur dadi ka nazar main already ek laadka hai joh kaal shayad mujhe dekhna bhi aarah hai 
naitik:throws the glass down ,n leaves up saying" aap sirf meri hai akshara , main aapko kisi aur ki hona nahi dunga , kabhi nahi "

two days pass
A guy named Samar comes up to see akshara 
dishearted and broken up akshara according to the dadis wish says up yes for the wedding but keeps up a condition that wedding should be in a
simple style , at house with only few familiy members
naitik: just shatters down ,hearing the rishta gets finalised .
as per said , wedding was the very next week 

days passed and it was night before the wedding 
naitik:comes to akshara , akshara aap aisa kyu kaar rahai hai please , aapn jaanti hai hum dono ek dussre say kitna pyaar kaart hai 
akshara:let me correct u , u were my past naitik, aur kaal meri shaadi hona walli hai , meri shaadi say ek raat pehle aakar aap yeh sab baate mujse
              kaare , yeh aapko shobha nahi deta
naitik:toh yeh aapka aakri faisla hai.?/
akshara: hah 
naitik: toh theek hai , kaal main bhi jaa raha hu , yaha sa bohat durr hamesha hameha ka liya and leaves

the night : naksh spent it crying , remembering all the moments they spent together 

As decided , the wedding to bhi simple ,nly both the families were present at the wedding 

Akshara comes up the hall in attire , search for naitik around , when asked was been informed  that naitik left for USA on a project this morning
disheartenly akshara comes up to the mandap , wedding start with all the rituals 
akshara come up near dadi to take the blessing , hears a voice from back which say " Happy married life guys" when akshara turn around she was 
stunned seeing it was samar 
akshara: samar..?? tum phir yeh kaun , when akshara turn the other side , she was shocked to see naitik , under the sehra covered with flowers
dadi: mujhe ushi din shaak ho gaya tha jaab , tumne samar ka liya hah kaardi thi ,per kaal raat jaab main na tumhari aur naitik ki baate suni 
          mujhe tasali hogi thi ki , kya yeh dho tarfa pyaar hai .,naitik toh aaj subah sach main sab kuch chod chad kaar ja raha tha 
akshara: per 
dadi: per wer kuch nahi , main jaanti hu , tum dono main koi anaban chal rahai thi jiska chalata tum dono ka beech maat bhed hai 
naksh take blessing from all 

naksh in naitiks room 
naitik comes close to akshara
akshara: just goes away and say 
               yeh shaadi , main na daadi ka maarzi sa ki 
               trust me MR  naitik singhania , tum puri zindagi pachtaoge , im gona make ur life worse , tum khud mujhe chodkar jaaoge
naitik: comes close to akshara , as naitik start taking a step akshara takes a step back , soon akshara goes and hit the wall , naitik hold on wall 
             lean over akshara and say " Trust miss , no no mrs akshara naitik singhania , aap chakar bhi mujse durr nahi jaa paogi .

precap :
akshara : steps up on a piece of glass piece
naitik lifts up akshara takes her to bed , n try to remove it 
akshara: not allowing naitik to take it 
naitik: moves akshara hand away ,says " Yeh mera haak hai ,aur main jaanta hu ,mujhe haak hai "

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janhavi58 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2013 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
awesome update...
i got a heart attack wen akshi said yes to marry samar...Stern Smile
the second one wen all the wedding rituals were done and then it was Mr. Naitik Singhania whom akshi actually married...this was so amazing..bollywood style...

I loved it...Day Dreaming
waiting for naksh SR, hoga naa??.. pls jaldi update karna next part..waiting

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