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FF :"KYA PYAAR HOGA..??" (PT-12 AT PG-42) (Page 23)

sonu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ANN91

awesome work yaar
what to say more than words can express such a nyc concept and versatile and indifferent hai ...
superb work
naksh rain romance ka intazaar hai ab
loves ur ff very much yaar

thank u Big smileBig smile
ya sure wll try to update soon Big smile

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bebo nice update
i m waiting for nxt partMonkey Icons

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.Mohabbatein. IF-Stunnerz

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comment edited on pg21
agirlhasnoname. IF-Stunnerz

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Hiya shonaa ...!! nyc update
luvd ur work update soon !!!

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sonu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
thank u mahi 
and upasna 
sonu. IF-Sizzlerz

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night 3 oclck ..its raining heavily ..shimla is lookig at its best ..
akshara :complitly wet in rain..forcing naitik to come down ..and join her .
naitik:yet confused ..
akshara :her self go  upstair catch naitik's hand and bring him down ..
naitik:akshara nahi ..akshara nahi ..but the moment he realised akshara his holding his hand ..
        *$*he feels how smooth n delicate hands hold his hands with a tittt grip if thy are feared  tht thy may loose it sumwere*$*
         is cmplitly numb the only feeling he was feeling was touch , grip of akshara's hand .. 
         than later his eyes started starring at akshara's face coverd with her messy wet half curly hairs  
     *$*he was feeling n seeing something which he had never seen ever before he wasnt understanding anything because it was the first time he was feeling something of this sort *$* 
just than 
akshara:shouts naitik..!! app kya soch rahe hai 
naitik :who was trying to discover something was disturbed by akshara 
         hah akshara kaahiya ..
akshara: kaisa laagra hai baarish may bheeg ka..
naitik: kuch khaas nahi ..
akshara :afcourse aapko aisa kisa feel hoga ..baarish ki naarmi ko mehsoos kaarne ka bhi ek taarika hota hai ..saying this she aparts his arms and speard it away frm his body and ask  him to close his eye's and ask him to  feel the smell and drops of rain..
naitik:followed akshara's instructions ..and he was actually loving it ..he never taught tht rain can make him feel sumting of this sort ..he thn opens his eyes ..
 and see's akshara who aparted her arms and was facing sky ..and was feeling it ..
       *$*small small water drops running down frm akshara's face to her delicate neck was actually driving him crazy he was feeling himself sumwere out of this world..sumwere outof himself *$*
akshara:getting mischevious..plans out sumting..
         she starts taking back steps and wantedly slips down in the pool,and act as if she was drawning in the pool of water ..
naitik:seeing this gets worried and without giving a second taught he jumps in water to save akshara 
         he search out for akshara in pool whch was now getting filled by more and more water because of heavy rain 
         naitik deeping his face inside a second and other second coming out and shouting out for akshara 
         he gets paniced on nt founding akshara after his repitative efforts 
         *$* naitik was feeling for a second as if he has lost his own breath his worry his feeling of lost sumting coverd his face*$*
he listens a voice naitik .!! naitik..!! which was coming from outside of soon as he turned around he found akshara laughing ..who was seated at a corner of pool ..
naitik: akshara aap...?? aisa kaise app rukhiya ..may abhi dekhatha hu na ..
         *$* saying this he swim's towards akshara 
akshara :seeing naitik cming towards him she gets out of  thr and starts running naitik running back of akshara ..
                         naksh running 
 naitik:akshara ..rukhiya ..aap ek baar mera haat toh laagiya ..may aapko chodunga nahi 
akshara:hah hah ..pehle pakad ka toh dekhiya 
 they almst coverd atmost area of thr house ..akshara running fast and more fast naitik was trying to catch her repeatdly 
*$*wheater was also playing with thm rain , turned to heavy air*$*
 akshara ran to thr garden and takes a stop under a tree covered with pink cover leafs on it ..
naitik :reaches tht tree ..but his eye catch sumting which make him feel like as if he is in heaven nw ..
 *$* akshara down of tree.moon yet to sleep and sun atmost going to be awake .due to air that tree starts lossing his pink colored flowers as naitik was lossing his heart and breath's,it was akshara down of tree and tree itself impressed by the buety of akshara was ..rewarding her bueaty with its leafs and flower*$*
        *$* when tree itself was rewarding akshara for her bueaty ..naitik has just lost ..he was feeling heaven on earth for the first time ever.*$*
akshara:feeling like a princess started playing with shower on her..and she caught sumting is naitik's eye which was speakin ..shouting to her and saying she is the most beautiful girl           ever borned on earth
naitik:recollects his sense's feeling its sumting wrong ..says to akshara ..that he need to sleep and goes away from thr ..
naitik:who genrally wakes up till 6 ..its headed 8 in clock and is still sleeping 
sahurya:comes to naitik's room to wake him up..reminding him tht its 8 ..
naitik:gets out of shock listning to 8 oclck ..he was atmost irritated as he discoverd that he has a metting at 10 and he still dint get on with presenatation work 
         naitik who always gave his work first priority was lost when he discoverd that he ,.,he dint do the work ..indirectly he started cursing last nite for his incomplit work 
irritated and dipressed naitik immidiatly head on to office to complit his work because house was killing him in tht instant 
sahurya and varsha :headed to office either because it was big big day today 
naitik sahurya and varsha reach office they find stafff and people giglling somthing around when thy were proceding inside the office ..
three of thm was unaware of whts happng 
naitik atmost irritated:went straight away to cabin 
sahurya and varsha:take a pause to understand whts wrong today ..they take over the newspaper 
                     NEWS PAPER 
HEADLINE:MR naitik singhania the business man award winner is no more single..!!
 MR naitik singhania MR busy was first time found doing something other from work ..
           yes MR singhania was found at a air port receiving her girl secretly away frm eyes of media at praking lot yesterday 
 we dnt have any details regarding the gorgeous the sensatonal who undertook mind of the most eligble bachlor of shimla 
PICTURE: naitik in car and akshara geting into his car 
varsha and sahurya:shocked to see ..the shit of paper
varsha :yeh saab kya hogaya sahurya ..tum jaante hona naitik aagar yeh dekhlenga toh kisa react kaarenga 
sahurya :hah hah varsha jaanta hu..woh yeh saab nahi nahi ..humhe abhi kuch kaarna hoga 
varsha :per abb .abhi toh meeting ka time hogaya hai ..
sahurya :fine humhe dekhna hogaya ki aaj ka newspaper naitik taak kishi kimaat pay na pounche..
somehow naitik get on with presentations and meeting goes wll n good 
at the end 
the dealers:congrats MR SINGHANIA ..for two things 
naitik: two things ..??
dealer:yes SINGHANIA firstly for our new deal and secondly read today that ur no more single 
naitik:complitly shocked..wht are speaking ..?? are u in ur senses 
sahurya: stops naitik somehow and  
 to the dealer: ITs a big misunderstanding whcih need to be cleared ..but for nw u need to leave sir ..we wll discuss other deatils later 
dealer:okay mr sahurya anyways congrats mr naitik 
naitiik: yeh kya horaha koi mujhe kuch baatega ..?
varsha :give's naitik the newspaper 
naitik:atmost shocked reading those all ..
       shouts out saying what the hell is wrong with the repoters ..i need to call the editor immidiatly..i wlll sweu his newpaper 
sahurya :kool down let me and varsha handle this 
naitik:sits down on his chair and turn's on the tv ..whch was thn coverd with same newpaper 
        out of anger 
        throws the remote over tv 
        to himdelf:nahi may akshara ko leena air port jaata nahi yeh saab hota ..
        ajj unki baachkani haarkat ki wajah say mera itna importand deal bhi mera haat say chala jaata ..
     akshara ..akshara kyu aayi hai ..hum kyu mila hai 
                        M & S MANSION
akshara unaware of all this keep sleeping till late morning ..!!
its 11 akshara wakes up with a big smile on her face ..goes out of bed have her bath and go to hall to have something ..!!
akshara :goes to hall have her breakfast even dadi wassnt at hosuse ..and when she ask for others she been informed that all others went to office 
         call to nandini and rasmi her frnds ..but thy were busy ..feeling bored aware of circumstances she plans to go to office as she have never gone thr 
akshara :gets down of car and as soon as she enters office ppl right from reception start starring at her 
              she ask a reception who is available at office among three 
receptionist:MR naitik singhania 
akshara :kool can u say me where is his cabin 
employee's:start seeing akshara and keep murmuring akshara was feeling embarrised the way they were starring at her 
akshara :some how manages to reach the floor were naitik's cabin is located 
employee 1:yeh woh hi hai na joh naitik sir ka saat kaal raat thi 
employee 2:hah hah inki photo ajj ki news paper may bhi toh ayyi hai na 
akshara:overhere's it at litreally shout at them wht is this all rubbish and nonscence thy are talking 
        she see's a paper lying thr on table she lifts up that and see's over tht and was cmplitly in shocked postion 
employee's:all employess strat comenting among each other and see akshara from down to up 
just thn naitik come's out of cabin by hearing to so much sound and see's akshara standing in middle so helpless
naitik:loudly will all just shut up 
        what the hell is this ..this is a office not any public place for u all to gossip
        do all have any idea whom u all were commenting at .?
        nahi na mera inka introduction kaarta hu                  *$*saying this he go near akshara catch her hand and bring her at the main corner*$*
        This is akshraa,akshara maheswari the small sister of varsha maheswari 
listning to this all employee's bow down thr head in shame and just thn varsha and sahurya appear thr .akshara run to varsha and hugg her.
naitik:abb kyu aap loog ki naazre sharam say jhuk gayi ..kaariya na ..coment ki jiya hum bhi sunenga 
sahurya:i just cant believe humare office may bhi yeh saab chalta hai 
empolyee's :we are extremly sorry sir 
naitik:humhe kya sorry bol raha hai ..jhis jhis na appna muhh khola na one by one aakara akshara ji say maffi mangiya 
 *$*listning to this akshara got a smile from her heart she was atmost happy by the way naitik handeled the whl situation and protected akshara's respect*$*
saying this four of them proceede towards naitik's cabin 
varsha:thank u naitik ..ajj tumhari wajah say saab kuch theek hoga 
akshara:im atmost thank full to u naitik 
naitik:its okay yeh toh mera faaraz tha 
sahurya:hogaya yeh saab kaab taak chalega ..? 
varsha:kya ..??
sahurya :sorry sorry aur thank u 
all four of them laugh at it ..

akshara: standing in a bathrobe infrnt of her mirror and prasing her self ...
 naitik:down of akshara's bed listning to it 

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Vry nyc part n intrsting too...
update nxt part soon
n thnxx fr d pm...

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