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Puner Vivah Episode 04/06/2012 ... with eva

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:34am | IP Logged


Hello friends I was busy with some personal work and could not write for 5th but I am putting a brief review for 04/06/2012….


Ok the Bidai scene between Dubeys and Aarti was very traditional…  Aarti though had the difference of opinion with these adoptive parents of her but she still honor and respected them and going away from the haven of last 5 years was very heart breaking for her.  She knows that she will hardly see them now and once again she is feeling the pain of separation…

Ansh was cute with his innocent advice to Shobha which brought fresh flood of tears in her eyes…..

At last Shobha makes her sit in the car and her new journey with new people starts..  Oh man Papa Dubey brought  tears to my eyes when he pushed the car as if Dulhan is leaving in the doli…

Pratik and Paridhi sat in the car without much delay happy and excited for each other..

The wicked buva is poisoning the mind of these little girls against Aarti and Yash too..  I would not wonder if they will ask Yash if he still love them…  And the change in behavior of the girls toward Aarati is the gift of this venomous buva who could not stand Aarti getting 2nd chance with the life with a gem of a man and she is going to make sure to bring as much obstacle as her wicked mind can conjur..

In the car little Ansh is happy knowing he finally got his new papa..  His innocent talk and demands did make Yash smile and he lovingly storks Ansh's face that brings tiny smile on Aarti's face…


Ansh goes to sit in the front getting giving a chance to talk to Yash but Yash was preoccupied looking out of the window and Aarti could not draw his attention before Ansh came back to sit with them in the back..

The final destination arrived for new couples…  Gaytri asked Vidhi for all the arrangements.  Vidhi says everything is ready and the rituals can be done…  but Gayatri wanted to make it sure so she sends her for the final round..

Yash and Aarti steps down with Ansh who wanted to go to bathroom..  Aarti looks around but cannot see anything and kind Vidhi steps forward to help but Gayatri reminds her to attend what she was told and keeps Ansh unattended.  Once again Ansh states his problem Aarti looks at Gayatri but she has a plastered smile and she does not budge.  Yash notices all but keeps quite.  Meanwhile his older brother comes and saves the day for him.  Yash smiles at the understanding of his brother.  No wonder all the brothers have great bond as they always lift each other's burden.  So Ansh goes with Punkaj and the ceremony begins. 

Gayatri tells about the Palm print ceremony and calls Vidhi to explain.  Vidhi does her job and Gayatri takes over to tell Aarti that as she has taken the place of Arpita she will put her imprint on top of Arpita's…  Her mother's instruction makes Yash sad.  He feels like his Arpita is being wiped out completely.  Aarti too did not like the idea and she gives a long stare at her MIL did not go unnoticed by Gayatri.  

Aarti was asked to go ahead and complete the ceremony..  She take a step forward and passes by Yash..  Yash is so distraught with the thought of Arpita's palm print being covered that he almost forwards his hand to stop Aarti..  His whole face and body just revolts at that but he keeps quite.  He almost goes forward to stop all these but he stops himself knowing that it is of no use.  Aarti stands there watching him and his reaction.  She knows the feeling of "wiped out"  her heart is tuned with this pain of his…  She glances at Yash and his pain is visible on his face..  She glances at her MIL who has the fake smile on her face but the sternness in her eyes expects her to do as she is told..  She almost puts her palm on the palm of Arpita…  She just could not bring herself to wipe her memory from this wall of honor for the DILs of Schindhia…  Suddenly her palms move and she puts her hand parallel to the imprint of Arpita and prints her palm next to Arpita…  The relief of joy seen on Yash's face was a thing to watch..  His heart as if sang a thousand songs at that moment that Arpita's print stayed intact on the wall.

And Aarti knew that she has disobeyed the direct order from the head of the house so she stood her ground and stared at her MIL right in the eyes…  Everyone who watched her doing that was just blown away by this act of rebellious by the new daughter in law…  Yash definitely knew how big risk Aarti has taken to take care of his sentiment. His tiny smile was clearly visible with this understanding of Aarti…


Yesterday..  Little Ansh came and pleaded his new papa to bring him with them in the new house..  He was pleading telling him that he has packed everything and he will be good boy and Aarti was crying her heart out with the pain of separation from her beloved son.  While Ansh was talking to Yash in his baby talk Aarti stood there sobbing without a word…  One look at her grief stricken face was enough for Yash to understand her situation.  And without a word he got up went to his mom and with couple of sentences he resolved this high strung emotional situation.  Mom Gayatri could not utter a word after that but went to papa Schindhia narrating what happen but He just scolded her off saying it was a wrong decision she took as Yash already made that clear at the time of proposal…

Papa Schindhi has always supported his second son as he knows him well..  His second son is the man of few words but when he speaks People pay attention…

And Today…  Aarti understood the pain of Yash…  She did not think about anyone not even herself but only about Yash that she does not want that pain and sorrow in his deep eyes.  She understood that he wants the memory of Arpita stay on this wall.

And in doing so she also told her part of the story that she is not here to take over her place but she is here as an addition to complete the task Arpita could not complete due to her sudden demise…. She told other family member too that she is here as herself and not a shadow of someone else.  Her this plan of action made every one dumbstruck except Yash who understood what she was trying to convey him through this action and through her eyes….


So without knowing what they were doing they became the strength of each other in their weakest moments.  Yash supported Aarti when she was helpless yesterday and today Aarti helped Yash while he was going through the same helpless situation.  They became a support to each other..  Without a word they communicated with each other and resolved the situation by being strong for each other.

Yesterday Yash fought for Aarti and today Aarti returned the favor by soothing Yash's grieving  heart though she took a big risk to displease her new MIL…

At the Gruha Pravesh..  Once again Ansh demanded her attention.  With so many people around no one took care of him…  Mama Aarti did not wait for anyone as she knows his son was sleepy and would want her…  Without asking for any help she just scoops her son in her arms and carried him on her shoulder a pushed the rice kalash on the threshold and entered the house carrying her beloved son in her arms… 


Mr Schindhia who always is stickler to maintain his image in the public just looks at all these and keeps quite as he simply cannot make any hungama at his own door step.. 

The new and young bride has never been to any wedding so she simply did not see the gruha pravesh in her entire life of may be what 22 years????  So the young bride comes takes position and kicks the rice kalash in her excitement in such a way that Kalash went in to air and the rice was thrown few feet away startling everyone standing around with this powerful football kick…  It was the funniest  thing I have ever watched in Gruha Pravesh ceremony where bride plays the football with Rice Kalash. 

Well Gayatri's guest noticed the behavior with both the brides and could not help but comment on them making Gayatri madder with all these unusual events…


Well Let's see on Monday how Aarti will survive in so much opposition and how she will deal with Ansh and Yash's daughters Payal and Palak..

I am glad Aarti stood her ground and told them in no nonsense way that she is keeping her identity.  But this courage she got by watching the oozing pain in Yash's eyes..  She right away took the matter in her hand and took the action which really made Yash happy but all other her enemies…

Now we will see more venom spitting from Jiji…


So dear ones that's all for today..  love you all eva



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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:41am | IP Logged

Awesome analysis Eva ClapClapClap

I loved the hand-print symbolism yesterday which sort of nailed AarYa relationship EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Aarti puts her hand-mark not only besides Arpita's hand mark but also before the hand-mark of Arpita on the wall  ..that is Aarti's hand-mark is first ...and then second is Arpita's hand-mark besides Aarti's hand mark  which means in future Aarti will make her first position in Yash's heart and will not remain tagged as second wife forever StarStarStarStarStar
Yash too has given a positive verdict with his smile ...Big smileBig smileBig smile
This is one couple who can understand each other's feelings without any use of words but only through eyes Embarrassed...Aarti could read the discomfort and restless feeling in Yash's eyes when Gayatri asked Aarti to put her hand-mark over Arpita's hand-mark Ouch..Aarti could feel that Yash does not want this but is not able to voice it out since there r so many ladies around and its a ritual done by ladies and so a man voicing out there will not look good Ouch
So Aarti silently respects Yash's decision which she can see it in Yash's eyes and puts the hand-mark besides Arpita's hand mark thus leaving everyone stunned but Yash is pleased and happy with Aarti's decision StarStarStarStar ...
Earlier Yash fulfilled his duties of a husband and father by making sure Ansh comes with Aarti and today Aarti fulfills her responsibilities as a wife by making sure Yash's feelings r not hurt in that hard-print scene StarStarStarStar
Woww such a good understanding even before they talk ClapClapClapClap..And somewhere once again its proved that in AarYa's case one's weakness becomes another person's strength ...earlier when Aarti fell weak during Ansh case ,Yash became her strength and solved the case Embarrassed ;Today when Yash was falling weak during this hand-print fiasco and wanted hard to tell plss dont put the hand print over my Arpita but was not able to voice it out , Aarti became Yash's strength by putting the hand-print besides Arpita's hand-print EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Perfect example of an ideal and understanding couple StarStarStarStar

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Jyo Dear thank you so much ..
Oh yes I like the symbolism in Aarti's print first and more prominent.  Also the approval from Yash was beautifully done..
Also loved the silent communication and understanding of each others pain and happiness...
I also loved they way Aarti by herself told Ansh that if he is a good boy his new papa will come to drop him to school...  and in that also Yash gave his approval by caressing Ansh face tenderly..
He than glances at Aarti knowing in his heart that he has made her smile..
Ansh demand for attention will make Yash relax and his father love will flow towards Ansh... and that will relax Aarti and in no time they will understand each other wihout a word.
Yes truly Ansh is the key between them...  I also wondered on the fact that they did not allow the girls ride with them as there was enough space in the front. 
Though I am really amazed at those little girls and the forlorn expressions on their faces...  those girls are really doing a great job with expressions..
I think Gayatri is not a bad peron but a pawn in the hand of her husband and his sister.  I think her stupidity makes life difficult for Papa Schindhia and he loses his temper with her all the time.  On top of that she wants to rule with a forgetful nature.
I think that is why even though she was shown as a mean person but her older DIL has good relationship with her...
She was completely stupid to show  Yash that she loved Arpitaby calling  her twice our beloved DIL Arpita and than in second moment erase her memories from the wall of honor for DIls,,,
between integrity of Aarti and modernness of Paridhi...  Gayatri mata will have more forgetfull days and nights...

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LuvStrk-001 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Awesome analysis Eva!!!
Lovely Post!!!!
Episode was superb and ur analysis to!!!

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Thank you Norrie...  truly appreciate it...

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Awesome analysis Eva,
it truly was one of the best episodes till date where silence between Yash and Arati spoke volumes than words

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adigaag IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Awesome analysisClap. I loved most part of the episode, especially the last part and the AarYa and Ansh scene, but I'm seriously not happy with the dragging which has resurfaced again in yesterdays episode when Aarti was confused in the hand printing ceremony. My mom felt the same about the dragging. I'm worried because TRPs have taken a beating last week which should not have been the case just before the wedding... Yash has not been given many dialogues...Yes he expresses beautifully through his eyes but would love to see him talking as well...His relation with his daughters have not been well-defined...There is seriously no need of unnecassary dragging...This time could have been utilized to show Payal Palak and Yash bonding...Maansi is no longer needed unless she stops her lusty talks...And please stop the teaser precaps...The concept of this serial is really great and so are the actors...But the execution has not been upto the mark...Hopefully things will improve from next week onwards, as I'm eagerly waiting for AarYa love story to start. Going forward, I hope along with promoting the highpoints of the show, CVs and Zee promotes the ongoing track as well coz viewers might as well give the current track a miss. Excuse me for this outburst on you post, just a bit worried about the TRPsUnhappy...I think the TRPs will improve this week but then again it has to be maintained...

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Hey Adigaag.
I truly do not mind as I do not think it is an outburst...
It is the frank opinion not at the performance level but at the potential level.  and do have the valid points..
Yes they wanted to make the palm print of Aarti a dramatic moment and that is why they draged it with high voltage point...
Yes i think every one wants to see Yash bonding with his daughters but they are showing it in few glimpse...
I think the reason is Yash is out almost all the time for business so he only gets time with the girls at bed time and in the morning so they show his care during the bedtime.  Sometimes in shopping sometime with the meals..
Also in Yash's house hold there are three ladies and couple of servants who can take care of his daughters when he is away on business
But Aarti and Shobha both are at home without any hired help so it is Aarti who takes care of every need of Ansh and she does not want Ansh to feel the absence of his dad so she wis trying to cover both the grounds..
Where as Yash a quite and reserved man does not know how to express himself well except with Arpita always try to fulfill both the duties but his mom and bhabhi always steps in to take care of that.  So now he depends upon them to take care of his daughters and sometime they miss...  creating an emotional shock for Yash..
And that was the reason now as his daughters are growing up their needs are more and thus they are being neglected more and that has made Yash upset and he was ready to bring a lady in his life who can be a mother of his daughters as in his absence they would be taken care of..
I also agree with your point that Yash needs more dialogues but his character is such that he has withdrawn himself from life's normal activites...  bu he was not like that...  Now he sees all and only speaks when things needs to be done...  but I think once he will start sharing with Aarti he will speak..
Yes they brought lots of drama during the wedding so it should increase the TRP but let's see how it goes..
Do not worry TRP will be up once Aarya have more interaction..
Now the story is moving to one location and more will be shown...
And Mansi she is a lively character to bring little bit color in Aarti's life but her stupid and lusty talk is totally irritating..  Her gutter mind is just disgusting and why Aarti is listening to those and believing those I have no clue..  but her work is concluded and I think she will not come too much in the picture..
Now the buvaji will take over and do all the wrong instigation to Gayatri...

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