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Caped_Crusader IF-Sizzlerz

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Krishna made a pledge not to touch Pratigya went on with his normal routine. He met with Chandu and Tunna who told Krishna how Angad was causing problems with GH and in particular Arushi. Krishna decided to teach Angad a lesson for insulting his sasural.

GH decided to have a puja to ensure the evil eye that has entered their family, disappears. They call Pratigya to the puja but Pratigya is unable to attend.

Krishna and Angad are embroiled in fight which K easily wins, not before Angad tries to stab Krishna. Krishna takes Angad and his sidekicks to GH and tells them to apologise to the prof and Arushii. Krishna creates a ruckus where all gather to see the drama unfold. Prof calls Krishna to the house and he sees that a puja is taking place. He asks why he or Pratigya were not invited to it.

Krishna tells Arushi that he will find her a good groom. Arushi speaks ill to Krishna and is slapped by Nainaji. Krishna leaves and says that no matter what he will do for this family, it will never be appreciated.

Krishna reaches home injured and Pratigya attends to him. Krishna refuses to be treated by Pratigya. Prof calls Pratigya and tells her what happened and informs Pratigya that Krishna is not a bad person but his upbringing is to blame.

Krishna becomes ill the following morning. Doctor is called and SS berates Pratigya for not calling the doctor.

SS asks Krishna who caused the injury. Krishna does not reply and Shakti informs SS what happened. SS taunts K.

Pratigya finds out that Kesar is pregnant and is forced to keep it a secret from the rest of the family. Kesar wants rabri which Pratigya goes to make. Amma refuses Pratigy and Krishna overhears. He brings her rabri. Pratigya pleasantly surprised and gives to Kesar.

Shakti gives Krishna cinema tickets in the pretense to take Kesar to the abortion clinic. Krishna and Pratigya go the cinema and Pratigya realises that shakti planned this. She rushes to the clinic. Krishna follows. Shakti stops her but Krishna finds out the truth and overpowers shakti.

SS finds bout the truth about Kesar and is overjoyed with the news that Kesar is pregnant. Krishna thanks Pratigya for what she did. She tells Krishna that the can share the same bed.

Pratigya eats rotten pickle and vomits. All think Pratigya us pregnant. Krishna and Pratigya are in dilemma.

Will the truth come out or will they hide the truth. Find out in the next edition of the newsletter...

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Shakti attempts to kill Krishna in the market but only gets to ruin his rations. Krishna and Chandu bring dinner from Chandu's house. Krishna narrates the incident with Shakti to Pratigya. Samar overhears their conversation and learns that the family has no money. Next day, Komal and Chinky come to meet Sajjan and the family. Menaka is disturbed with Radhe's irritating behaviour. Menaka's mother suggests to her to get the property transferred in her name soon. Chinky and Samar plan to earn money for the family by selling mangoes. They hand over the money to Pratigya that they earn by selling the mangoes. Sajjan is happy with their attempts to help the family.

Seeing Samar and Chinki help the family, Krishna decides to apologise to the waiter. Sajjan plans to kidnap Shakti but Pratigya stops him and tells him to confront Shakti legally. Krishna apologizes to the waiter and requests him to take back his case against him. The waiter instead tells him to pay him fifty thousand rupees if he is to return. Radhe and Menaka continue blackmailing each other and when Shakti questions them, Radhe instead informs Shakti regarding the arrangement of the workers. Krishna narrates the waiter incident with Pratigya and she consoles him. Menaka and her mother manage to get the jewellery out from Thakurain's closet but are stunned to see a woman at the door step.

Menaka and her mother get stunned to see Kesar back to normal. Shakti is happy to see her back. Menaka panics and decides to leave the house. Shakti convinces her to stay back and promises that he won't get close to Kesar. Menaka orders Kesar to stay at Krishna's room to keep an eye on her. Krishna blames himself for not being able to take care of his family. At night, a strong storm hounds Krishna and his family. Kesar gets worried and asks Shakti whether they can bring Samar back home.

Krishna and his family arrange the house destroyed by the storm. Menaka tries to prevent Kesar from bringing Samar home. Adarsh is informed by his lawyer that the divorce formalities are completed, except for his signature. Shakti tries to comfort Kesar and flirts with her. When Shakti and Kesar come to take back Samar, Pratigya and her whole family try to persuade Kesar to stay away away from Shakti.

Shakti and Kesar insist on taking samar with them. Krishna and Sajjan Singh threaten them. However, Pratigya allows Shakti to take Samar along with him predicting the law on their side. Shakti forcefully takes Samar along with him. Kesar makes an excuse and meet with Pratigya. Pratigya explains to the Thakurs that Kesar is on their side and that Pratigya has sent her to haveli to help them get back the haveli. Sajjan Singh and Dadi are skeptical about Kesar's abilities and fear that she will not be able to do it. Pratigya tells them to have confidence. Menaka is unhappy to see Samar back in the haveli. Menaka informs that Samar is Kesar's responsibility. 

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Samar and chinky are the best characters of the week. These kids Showed the love and affection for the family. When they heard  about the money crisis. They decided to do something for the family. they sold mangoes to earn and contribute some. Clap  Undoubtedly they are the best characters of the week. Kudos kids !! Clap

And also KriYa...Both for being responsible, supporting eachother and protecting the Family all the way ... Tongue

Its Radhey this week...Thumbs Down
Nothing new except blackmailing Menaka for his needs and to settle in TN...
same noutanki going on from soo long...Thumbs Down
Boring Ermm and Irritating Angry

All GHs except Komarsh... Smile

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Scene where Samar and Chinki sells Mangoes to help family... Clap
Samar wanna help his Mom, with Chinki's idea,help both sells Mangoes, earns money and gives to Pratigya... Tongue Pratigya, Komal feel proud of their Kids... Big smile
Whole family feels happy and proud of them...Tongue
Very touchy and the Best Scene... Clap

Onemore..., Krish influenced by Samar and Chinky, He decides to apologize Waiter... He thinks even Kids are doing something for family, then why not He...
He tries his best to convience Waiter to take back the Case, begs him...Ouch , even gets ready to touch his feet just for the sake of family...Ouch But No use, he fails... Ouch
Waiter takes advantage of that situation and demands 50,000 amount for that... There KST scene, warns and threats Waiter...Tongue
Lot of emotions in single scene... Helpless, Compramise, Self respect, Angry...Tongue
Arhaan well potrayed all the emotions and showed Variations... Brilliant Performance... Clap Star

Scene where no food left for Pratigya and Storm attacks... Ouch Cry
Everyone eats, but nothing left for Pratigya... Ouch Krishna notices that, and feels bad gets super angry with himself for couldn't even providing food for his wife...Ouch
Pratigya conviences him, says never feel so... That he is the best husband and it doesn't matter when everyone had food happily, thats enough for her... Krishna don't satisfies... Very touchy and Sad Scene...Cry
Same night, at midnight Storm attacks... Ouch
Krishna protects everyone... But they losts beds and things, at that night time without sleep and shelter... Ouch Cry

SS plans to Kidnap KN...Shocked
Shocking, didn't expect it at all... Shocked Even his intentions are also not clear in kidnapping is own Son...Shocked
Yes KN did a crime and Sin, cheated own family but that doesn't mean father can Kidnap Son, a big crime... Shocked
Pratigya conviences him, thats not a solution, they should go by law and tells him to trust her and Krishna...Smile

Scene where Menaka's Mom tests Kesar thinking still She is Mad...
Menaka's Mom asks her to eat Apple by showing Mango...
But Kesar gives a punch to her LOL, Says No She doesn't wanna eat Mango, but why She is saying it as Apple holding Mango... LOL
Kesar gave a Cool punch to her... Cool LOL

Onemore... Where Kesar and KN comes to adda to take Samar with them, Kesar supports KN...
There for that SS says to Kesar, that She become more mad and Crazy after treatment... ROFL ROFL

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Lucky rocking week we get to see lot of KriYaanimated smileys dancing 11.. Hurrayyy

we are seeing that KriYa together are facing the problems strongly and try to overcome difficulties and their love is making them stronger and stronger. The Unbreakable Bond.marriage kiss smiley


Pratigya sees Krishna  sitting in a corner of d adda n goes n asks him wat happen n he tells her dat inspite of asking forgiveness frm d waiter d waiter isn't ready 2 cum back n is instead asking money…Pratz was nt sad dat their situation was worsening instead she was happy dat Krishna,d guy who never apologises 2 anyone nor bowes down before any1 bpwed down today before a mere waiter…she felt proud n told him dat her respect 4 him has increased even more after dis n she tells him 2 let d matter be n diverts his mind 2 cum wid her 2 d market…n KriYa go walking haatho mein haath….


Its night time n Pratz serves food 2 all…Krish asks her 2 join them all 4 din but she says she'll eat after everyone finishes….. loved the concern of Krishna to invite Pratigya to eat along with whole family but Pratigya knows that there is no more food for her to eat so she said will eat afterwards. Loved Krishna was frustrated when he came to know that Pratigya has not eaten anything and there is no food left too...Poor P she was soo happy 2 c everyone eating wid content dat she din bother whether there was food left 4 herself or no…. Krishna was feeling defeated that he cant take care of basic necessaties of his wife but Pratigya assured him lovingly that she got soo much love from Krishna that these small things does not matter to her.smileys holding hands emoticon


That very night we a storm hits them n Krish takes all his family members 2 one side…he protects everyone by standing before them n faces d raging storm himself…. loved how during the stormy night Krishna make sure that Pratigya and samar are safe he after assuring that went to look for ss and gd. loved the fact that Krishna was trying to face  the storm on himself taking all family around his hands hugging all.hug and kiss emoticon


KriYa despite facing soo much problems have there romance instincts on,we saw a beautiful KriYa scene where Pratigya was kneeding the floor and she asked Krishna some water. he went 2 give it n ee liyo his naughty button got glued 2 Prats hair….it  refused 2 budge until Krish was almost bout 2 kiss Pratz but was resisting himself 2 do so…..Krishna was lovingly and naughtily looking at Pratigya as he got a chance to be near her . Krishna was trying to get closer to Pratigya but she was shy as she was aware of family being around. Pratz understood her bhoothnath's  nautanki n told him 2 release her hair from his button...Krishna took his own sweet time to detach Pratigya's hair from his shirt and we enjoyed a very cute eyelock between KriYasurprised heart emoticon. After releasing her hair from his button Krish let  her go but pulled her back,while d remaining members of d family were conversing KriYa were lost in each others eyes oblivious of their surroundings...483911852.gif image by Jerry128128g

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Kriya Adda scene Krish to Pratigya *
krish : Aab dekho matlab ,Embarrassed Itnaa majboot joad hay tumraa humraa yaar  , itnii ashani sey thodaa hii thodaa chuut jayegaa yaar babu ,Embarrassed koshish purii kar rahey hay ,..Big smile

*Adda scene GD TO SS* 
GD to SS : Yehh SAJJAN !! tum apney aapkaa raja Ram sey ,naa milaao ,woh bhagvaan rahey !Tum pehley admi to ban jaaoo..ROFL
ss: humkoo tohaar betwaa baioo rahoo yehii badii baat hayROFL ...baat naa samjoo ..Tongue
*Adda scene Pratigya to SS , krish , Dadi*
Pratigya : Sabki  ekta aur, aik dusrey kaa vishvaah hee hamey iss musibaat kii ghadi sey bahar nikaal saktaa hay !!

*TN Kesar to Naiki *
Kesar :Tum abhi maa nahi hoo !!.Approve

Best Dress Of The Week Goes To KriYa...They complements each other very well..!!

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